The Aoife Cycle

As you may have noticed, two of the recurring characters I use fairly frequently are a fairy named Aoife and a scholar named Sigurd, in a fantasy setting I’ve been starting to flesh out.
As I’ve been beginning to develop a story which is going places, and I would like people to read it more chronologically if they so wish, I decided I should include a page with all of the stories in chronological order.

Captured Sidhe Chapter

Bread and Chocolate

The Stolen Apple

Fae in The Moonlight

End of The Month

Pet Aoife Chapter

First Night Back

Picnic by the Waterfall

Under The Waterfall

Potion Ingredients

Prism Moonlight

Sorcerer Sigurd Chapter

Scholar’s Invitation, King’s Trap

Early Awakening

Price of Apprenticeship
Drinking Flame
Aquatic Mixture

Power Practice