The Trip Back East (Little Beth)

Normally when Beth traveled back east to visit her family every year, Eligor spent some of the vacation time he accrued to come along with her so she wouldn’t be too bored, but this time around his vacation was denied. Unfortunately, work needed him. Azazel would have come along instead, but there was simply no way for him to get the time off. So Beth would have to make the trip on her own, although she and Eligor had gotten in touch with an old lover of hers’ so she would have something – and someone – to do while Eligor was away.

Before leaving, Azazel had given her a special bra and panties to wear that seemed to have a little bit of heft to them for some reason, but when she asked about it, all he did was grin and tell her that it was something that her Daddy commissioned. She had a bit of an idea of just what was going on, so she made sure to put them on for her trip on the train.

Despite planes being faster, Beth had always taken the train when she had the chance; she enjoyed being able to have her own private space and being able to look out the window. Setting her bags down, the young woman laid her head lightly against the glass once the train was in motion and focused on the soft sounds of the train, the slight coolness of the conditioned air, and closed her eyes. It was going to be a long trip of a couple days, so she figured that she could do some sight-seeing later.

Drifting in and out of conciousness, Beth relaxed, letting her senses fade out. While napping, at first she had no dreams, but they were quickly replaced by dreams of Daddy pulling her into her lap and rubbing her pussy. In her dream, Beth struggled and squirmed but couldn’t break free from Daddy’s iron grip, nor could she manage to get him to drive his cock hard into her. She dreamed of Daddy being a cruel tease, rubbing her without penetrating her, kissing her neck and biting softly, pinching her nipples and bringing her close to orgasm without pushing her over the edge…

Beth awoke with a start and a gasp at the feeling of her panties vibrating as hard as a wand against her pussy before they stopped. Putting her hand down on the table in front of her, she shuddered softly and moaned. “Oh, Daddy, this was your-” she sat up straight when the panties pulsed again. Pleasure ran through Beth and softly she whimpered before biting her lower lip and trying to sit up straight.

The panties throbbed and buzzed discreetly but powerfully, teasing her at almost random intervals. Pulling out her phone, she saw a message from Daddy, asking if she was enjoying the trip. She replied to the text, saying Daddy I’m horny.

Without warning, the panties started vibrating, this time a lower vibration but one in more than pulses. Her pussy throbbed at the feeling of the vibration, and soft whimpers escaped her lips as she looked to the side to make sure the door to the little private room was closed before reaching down and slowly starting to rub her pussy.

The feeling of her fingers rubbing her slit and pushing the vibrating sensation in a little deeper sent tingles of delight through her. Soft gasps escaped her lips as she felt herself getting wetter and wetter. The temptation to slide the panties aside and drive a finger into her cunt was growing, made only worse when the vibration spiked for the briefest of moments.

Beth’s chest rose and fell with her ever more intense breathing before she felt a strong vibration against both nipples, sending ripples through her entire body. Gasping, she looked around, whimpering. Locking the door to her train compartment, barely able to stand through the vibration, Beth fumbled with her purse, pulling out a small towel to sit on and her travel dildo, a lovely little clone-a-cock of Daddy.

The vibration against her nipples grew to wand-intensity for a brief moment and her pussy practically twitched as her body pleaded for more sensation. Every instinct in her craved to be penetrated. Fumbling with her phone, she desperately texted More, Daddy before the vibration against her clit grew stronger and stayed stronger.

Beth bit her left hand to keep from screaming as it felt like Daddy was holding a wand to her pussy on medium with only a little bit of cloth between her pussy and the magical toy, the only thing keeping the air being filled with the sound of powerful vibration being her girly whimpers and moans. Just how did Azazel make something so strong yet discrete?

Desperately, Beth pulled just a little bit of the panties aside and shoved the clone of Daddy’s cock deep into her pussy. The feeling of being stretched just slightly and filled up forced her to moan lewdly before she desperately started forcing the cock deep into her. The vibrations on her nipples and on her clit stayed there, pushing her higher and higher. Beth’s back arched and she couldn’t keep a rhythm as she desperately pounded her pussy, moaning and groaning, writhing on the seat, getting the towel under her damp with droplets of her natural lubrication gushing out.

With one last hard shove deep into her, Beth’s entire body seized up and she was forced into sitting up as she forced the dildo to stay deep inside of her wanting cunt while she came all around it, shuddering and shaking, a soundless scream ripped from her chest as the vibration on her clit just got harder and harder, and the vibration on her nipples tormented her relentlessly.

Even without pushing the cock deeper, her pussy clamped down hard and the stimulation from the vibrators overpowered her. Weakly, sitting up on the dildo to keep it inside of her, with her clean hand she desperately fumbled. daddy i came she weakly texted back after a moment, nearly falling off the seat while laying on her side, using the panties to keep the dildo inside of her.

For another few moments she whimpered helplessly as the underwear kept vibrating against her, but after those moments, they stopped. Inhaling and exhaling, Beth groaned. Even so far away, she was still Daddy’s plaything.

Thank you, Daddy, she sent him a text, before deciding to just take a nap right there in the locked train compartment on the now so very comfortable seat.


Power Practice (Aoife Cycle)

Aoife enjoyed watching her Master as he practiced with the new power he had gained from the elves. Sigurd still wasn’t quite done with gaining all of the powers he would need before starting his apprenticeship – that required four transformation potions of four elements – but with fire and water he was able to start practicing.

Under the moonlight by the lakeside, she immersed herself in the sight of her lover snapping his fingers and creating a small flame above his hand, before twisting his fingers and sending the flame to dance. She watched the way that the dancing flame cast shadows over his form; accentuating the firm musculature of his naked body. The way the dancing flames caught his eyes and brought a light to them. The way that he smiled at her when he caught her looking at him, and rolled onto his front.

“Two more,” he said with a small grin. Although Sigurd had decided to take a break in gaining new powers, he still burned with delight. The flames extinguished themselves as he sat up.

“Two more,” Aoife mirrored his words. “Why don’t you show me just what you can do with two?” the small fae teased, before flitting upwards and, with a wink, flying off into the woods, giggling all the while.

Before disappearing into the trees, she glanced back to see him standing up and starting to take chase. With a grin, she darted through the trees, her flight silent as she tried to lose Sigurd. She knew that once he gained the power of earth she would never be able to escape, and while she wanted to not escape…

Well, a fairy like Aoife had to make sure that the human she loved truly could capture her even at a disadvantage.

Flying into the air and landing on a tree branch, she glanced down, using her magic to spy on her lover as he looked around, seeming to have lost her. Aoife pouted. Really, you’re going to be beaten so easily by trees? She knew it wasn’t a fair contest, and she dumped it on him without any warning, but she couldn’t help but be… disappointed. Sigurd was usually so good at making sure that he put people in unwinnable positions; be in the king who wanted to kill him or the fairy who stole his bread. I guess it’s to be expected, she thought to herself with a bit of defeatism in the voice in her head.

The forest got a little brighter, and Aoife glanced above her to see a small teal light burning. A small, shining flame that illuminated her. Looking around, and spying on Sigurd, she saw him chanting silently, illuminating the forest with more and more teal flames.

Pride swelled in Aoife’s chest and she chuckled. I shouldn’t underestimate him. He’s a scholar after all. A quick study. Aoife leaned in and blew out the flame right beside her to stay hidden in darkness. It was a nice effort but Sigurd would need more than that to beat her.

His eyes snapped upwards when he sensed the flame be dispelled and looked in her direction when the flame went out, and he clasped his hands together. Before Aoife could do much, the tree she was on seemed to come to life and bits of new growth spread out and entangled her in soft, vinelike growth. Squealing, Aoife tried to break free, but her wings were pinned to her back and her arms were bound. “How…” she thought to herself. He didn’t have Earth power yet, he couldn’t manipulate plants!

Except… after taking a moment she realized that he used the Water magic he gained to control the water in the tree and force it to grow. Aoife underestimated Sigurd for what felt like the fiftieth time as she was slowly lowered, hanging upside down as she squirmed and struggled while her lover approached her, a smug smile of victory on his face.

“Did you think you could escape, my fairy?” Sigurd asked as she hung helplessly upside down.

Aoife pouted. “I was afraid I could escape,” she answered honestly.

Sigurd chuckled and reached back, spanking her ass once perfectly across both cheeks with his massive hand. Aoife squealed and squirmed, whimpering and jerking away. The pain was both a shock and arousing.

“I’m sorry, Master!” she squealed before Sigurd spanked her again. Aoife cried out, whimpering and starting to moan as Sigurd started spanking her again and again. Being suspended upside down made her feel both weightless and a little lightheaded and weak. Her legs kicked feebly, but that just made him strike harder with each spanking.

The skin which would be so pale in the daylight got redder and redder with each blow. Her fighting and resistance grew weaker and weaker and the fairy started panting weakly. Her hips tried to buck and her pussy throbbed, nice and wet as Sigurd continued to redden her ass more and more. As he did, she saw his cock getting harder and harder, and her mind started to grow fuzzy, the blood rushing to her head and feeling of his spankings starting to get in the way of her ability to think.

Without warning, Sigurd grabbed her, wrapping one arm around her midsection and reaching down to grab her head with the other, pulling her face forward and forcing her to suck his cock upside down. Aoife felt her pussy pulse once with intensity as he forced his cock all the way down her throat, gagging and choking her for a moment before pulling back hard on her head and then pushing down on it, thrusting forward.

Aoife couldn’t breathe through the rough facefucking she was getting. The helpless, tied up sex doll of a fairy whimpered and cried out as she choked and sputtered, spit and precum dribbling not down her face but up her face because she was upside down. Closing her eyes as they watered, Aoife whimpered and moaned on his cock.

Letting her midsection go to grab one of her legs and roughly pull it aside, Sigurd leaned in to kiss her pussy before reaching up and grabbing her ass with both hands. Aoife groaned as pleasure ran through her at the feeling of Sigurd’s tongue forcing it’s way between the lips of her vulva.

Sigurd wasted no time licking and flicking his tongue on the inside of her pussy, sometimes pulling it out to press the tip against her clit and flick it around. The feeling of his tongue on her clit made Aoife practically scream on his cock, digging her nails into her palms as she desperately used the little bit of movement ability she had to devour his cock deeper and deeper. She helplessly took it as his hips thrust and he fucked her face like it was a toy. She helplessly writhed in the bondage made of magically soft tree matter as he ate her out like he was starving.

She felt his cock harden more and the flesh begin to quiver in her mouth as she felt his orgasm coming. His nails dug into her thighs as he pulled her legs apart roughly and leaned in and licked and sucked and kissed her pussy even more aggressively. She felt the vibrations of growls on her cunt and her entire body writhed with pleasure.

Desperately, pleadingly, hungrily Aoife swallowed around Sigurd’s cock. Her tongue craved the taste of his cum, her whole being wanted him to use her like the toy she loved being.

Sigurd let out a sound like a roar as one hand let her thigh go and grabbed the back of her head as he thrust his hips hard forward and forced her head down. Aoife choked, gagged, and sputtered and her entire body seized up with delight at the feeling of Sigurd’s cock forcing itself all the way into her throat as it exploded with cum. She felt every single rope gush down her throat forcefully as his tongue pressed harder and harder against her clit.

The lightheadedness from being choked overcame her as his tongue on her clit tipped her over the edge, causing her slightly numbing body to explode with pleasure; it was deeper, less sharp than usual, more like a building heat which bubbled into a rolling boil of bliss. Aoife’s body shook as she squealed all over the cock that was choking, the feeling of that muscle expanding tipping her over into deeper and deeper pleasure.

As Sigurd’s orgasm subsided, he ripped his cock from her lips and left her trembling, shaking, groaning. Her thighs ground together as she panted hard, whimrpering and moaning. Her eyes felt puffy from tears in them after being brutally facefucked, and as Sigurd softly pet her thigh, she nuzzled her head into his, feeling completely defeated and loving every little bit of it.

They remained that way for a minute until Aoife’s senses were sharply brought back by a blow of his hand against her ass, causing her to squeal as he forced his cock back into her mouth, this time giving her the chance to taste the droplet of cum that was pulled from the head instead of letting it go past her tastebuds.

“You aren’t done with the consequences of running from your Master yet, my pet,” he halfway threatened as he ran his fingers along her post-orgasmic pussy and forced two back into her as she let out a soft cry all over his still-firm cock.

Aoife was going to learn yet again what happened when she wasn’t an obedient pet, but that was okay. She always felt loved when Sigurd disciplined her.

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Witch’s Duel

Diana stared her opponent down. She was a slight girl, and rather inexperienced, having only been a witch for six years, as opposed to… Morgan. Just staring across her in the grass clearing which served as their battlefield made her sweat and gulp, nervousness and hesitation filling her up. The younger woman of barely 22 didn’t really know how she had gotten quite into this mess; as she looked around her, the other witches and wizards had made it clear that this duel was necessary; apparently standing up for her non-magical husband to Morgan was an insult that should have been punished by being stripped of her powers, but Morgan was being merciful by simply challenging her to a duel.
Not that losing would be any better in Diana’s eyes. The terms were simple; a magical duel, anything goes except intentional lethal force, and the loser would be geased to obey the winner for a full year. The way Morgan looked at her was hungry and cruel, the woman two decades her senior towering over her. Morgan was everything that Diana wasn’t; while the younger witch was small, slight, tiny and nimble at 4’11”, Morgan was huge for a woman; a wide, curvy body, 6′ tall, with piercing purple eyes and long red claws.
Still, Diana grasped her staff and tried to come up with a plan. She could attack from various angles, attempt teleportation, try to turn into something… she tried to think of something that would overcome the older woman’s skill and experience.
The druid waved down his flag and started the duel, and immediately Diana waved her staff in determination, staring Morgan in the eyes and trying her hardest to put up a barrier that couldn’t be broken, before her arm stopped midswing. Looking into Morgan’s cocky eyes, she tried to look away but found she couldn’t. Diana couldn’t move, couldn’t cast a spell. When she tried to shift her balance, not a muscle would budge, and when she tried to open her mouth she couldn’t speak.
‘Sorry, little brat, but I’ve already won,’ Morgan’s voice echoed in her head.
‘What are you doing?!’ Diana thought back, howling in terror.
‘Just winning this as easily as possible.’
Diana had been completely overcome; even lookinginto Morgan’s eyes invited the power of a mind and body manipulation spell, and the older woman had forced herself into Diana’s head. Slowly, the younger girl dropped her stance. From there, Morgan could have made her surrender at any time, but instead, Morgan decided to humiliate her.
Diana’s own hands stripped her clothes off. She struggled against it, but couldn’t help but feel Morgan’s smug satisfaction as she tried to humiliate Diana. Diana wasn’t humiliated though as she bared her breasts to the morning air, slowly stripped down and then got naked, exposing her body, completely shaved – by her husband – bar the hair on her head and her eyebrows. Diana didn’t mind being naked, but she heard Morgan laughing at her and insulting her, calling her a slut for getting naked in front of everyone.
That didn’t bother Diana, it just made her fight harder. Diana thought back and hit Morgan’s mind with all sorts of thoughts; feelings of anger, feelings of humiliation of being made fun of in school. That only made Morgan laugh harder. Diana thought back to when she broke both her legs and needed her then-boyfriend to come take care of her until her big sister came to heal her. Morgan laughed at her.
Diana genuflected, bowing again and again. The older, more experienced witches and wizards grinned at Diana, mocking her under their breath as she was humiliated in front of them, bowing down.
Diana felt no humiliation or embarassment personally; that was why Morgan didn’t make her vocally submit and win the match. The fact that Diana was still proud, determined, and unbroken was unforgivable to the older witch, and as Morgan made Diana’s mouth say things that were degrading, making her call herself a useless whore to a magicless nobody…
The fact that this didn’t affect Diana infuriated Morgan more and more.
Diana hit Morgan with more and more of her memories, irritating Morgan, frusturating her. Diana refused to bow down in her heart, even when her body was bent to Morgan’s will. The younger woman hit her with memories of her failing classes in 8thgrade, of singing out of tune. She hit Morgan with memories of being cheated on. She hit Morgan with memories of being insulted for being tiny-titted with very little ass to speak of. Morgan’s face just got redder and redder at the fact that Diana dared to keep fighting.
“How dare-” Morgan started, and was suddenly hit with overwhelming sensation and doubled over, screaming out in sudden and unexpected… bliss. Morgan wobbled back, grabbing her crotch and moaning softly as the shock of being hit with the memory of a powerful orgasm stunned her, her eyes blurring. She remembered, as Diana’s husband told her he loved her tiny breasts and her small bodyDia and picked her up and drove himself so deep into her. Morgan herself felt like she was being fucked, so harder and more deeply than any wizard’s cock ever drove into her.
Morgan looked up and found Diana… missing? The woman had broken the mind-body control by hitting her with memories of pleasure rather than pain, and now Morgan was looking around, trying to find where Diana turned invisible to.
“Hiya.” Morgan turned around, having not expected teleportation. What she didn’t expect next was a tap on her chest and a blast of hurricane force winds surrounding her, knocking her hat off, engulfing her in blades of wind which hit her skin and breaking harmlessly against it – but they hit her skin, shredding her clothes all the while. Rather than defend herself, Morgan shrieked and dropped to her knees, covering her breasts rather than defending herself.
Diana pressed the attack. Unlike Morgan, who primarily channeled magic through the elements, Diana channeled magic through her own body, and the closer she was, the more powerful she was. A small tap on Morgan’s forehead and the middle aged woman’s eyes were forced closed, keeping her from using her eye contact magic. A swish of her hand and a tap from Diana’s foot and Morgan lost her footing, her body no longer affected by gravity.  It only took the slightest slide of Diana’s foot and Morgan tripped, but rather than fall she floated; helpless and immobilized.
Before a counterspell could be cast, one hand forced itself over Morgan’s face as the other snapped it’s fingers; Diana’s hair snapped backwards into a portal as many small portals appeared around Morgan’s prone form, binding her all over as she was hoisted into the air.
“Surrender or know humiliation.” Diana gave a single warning, letting her face go for her response.
“I’ll never surrender you fucking upsta-” Diana clamped her small hand around the older woman’s neck, keeping her from making a single syllable more.  Caught immobilized, blinded and incapable of speaking, Morgan could cast nothing.  Shame, humiliation and fury filled her as her body was shown off completely to everyone in the clearing; incapable of covering herself, her entire flesh was at Diana’s mercy.
There was an ever more apparent difference between Diana and Morgan.  Diana would never achieve a half of Morgan’s sadism.  Morgan would never have even a tenth of Diana’s savagery and will to win.
Diana stood beside Morgan’s bound up form and slid two fingers with nails hewn short deep into Morgan’s pussy.  The woman whimpered and screamed, bucking and trying to thrash in the air as expertly Diana rubbed her g-spot from above.  The witches and wizards whispered among themselves about how shameless and wanton Morgan’s moans were and how brutal and terrifying the 22 year old Diana was.
Almost immediately Morgan came on Diana’s hand, trembling and shuddering, moaning and shaking, having never been made to cum that fast by anyone before.  As Morgan gagged and choked and coughed through being choked, Diana switched hands, forcing her cum covered fingers into Morgan’s mouth and nearly gagging her.  Morgan tried to bite down but her jaw had no power on Diana’s fingers, empowered by magic.
Morgan seized up and cried out as Diana’s clean hand touched her clit once and the feeling like being rubbed by a powerful vibrator was cast on her clit before Diana kept fingering her, using three fingers again.  Morgan cried out, her massive breasts heaving as in shame and humiliation and pleasure she gushed all over Diana’s small fingers, whimpering and shuddering as tears burned in her eyes.
“Unclench your fists as a sign of surrender.” Diana ordered, expressionless beyond the tiniest of dark smirks.  Morgan refused, so Diana pulled her fingers back, before she began spanking Morgan.
Morgan felt like she was being admonished like a child, which only made her lust burn hotter with her anger.  Bucking and struggling, the fingers in her mouth returned to choking her, causing her to gag as the hair rope tightened around her, accentuating her curves and making her breasts stick out and engulfing her in a feeling of tightness.
In all 42 years of life nobody had ever given her such euphoria, and for a moment Morgan almost loosened her fists willingly, but an ounce of defiance remained.  She tried to concentrate on the single incantation she knew that she could perform while choked, blinded and immobilized but her mind was clouded by an overwhelming desire to surrender and be Diana’s slave.
“Understood.  I’ll defeat you utterly now.” Diana warned before very slowly sliding all her fingers into Morgan as she fisted her.  Morgan’s eyes would have bulged if they weren’t sealed by magic.  Stretched out, more full than any man or the toys which she had the courage to use, Morgan was assaulted by pleasure as she screamed out, squirting for the very first time on Diana’s fist.
Diana didn’t need to push in fast and hard, she just slowly pushed her fist deeper into Morgan as far as she could before pulling back lightly and pushing in again.  She rocked Morgan’s body on her fist as the older woman convulsed and came all over again.  Morgan writhed and whimpered and tried to scream, feeling hollowed out, overcome by the sensation of vibration of her clit, the seemingly massive (even if relatively small) fist in her pussy, and the lightheadedness of being choked.
Morgan unballed her fists, and Diana smiled, letting her throat go, deactivating the vibration spell with a smile.
“One more,” Morgan pleaded hoarsely, whimpering.  The wizards and witches all around gasped with shock and scandal as Morgan no longer just gave up due to something as weak as orgasms, but pleaded to be given another in front of them.
Diana, for all her brutality, was merciful though.  Another tap and Morgan was writhing from the vibration returning to her clit as she howled and screamed and moaned wantonly, and a little more movement of the fist Diana hadn’t removed and Morgan’s entire body seized up as a scream of overwhelming pleasure filled the valley, this time no longer cut off by the fist choking her.
Slowly, gently, Diana pulled her fist from the humbled Morgan who whimpered at the feeling of emptiness, and the hair bondage dropped Morgan unceremoniously onto the hand of Diana who caught her as harmlessly as if Morgan weighed the same as a feather.  Diana tapped on Morgan’s forehead, unsealing her eyes that were red from sobbing silently, before Morgan grabbed onto Diana’s body and cried against her chest, sobbing out apologies and thanks as the tiny naked woman held the taller naked woman with confusion on her face from the tears.
Diana gave Morgan a moment to sob it out and pet her, giving her aftercare as if what they were having wasn’t a fight but rather a BDSM scene, before Diana set Morgan down, standing up tall over her, hands on her hips.
“I can do whatever I want with you,” Diana said, to which Morgan looked down, nodding her head in shame.  “But there are things that are unfair to ask of you.  So, Slave Morgan, you have the right to choose.  I order you to either teach me the elemental arts as an apprentice, or be my and my husband’s sex to-”
“Both,” Slave Morgan said, nodding while she was moaning, whimpering, and barely resisting the urge to reach up and squeeze her breasts.
Diana nodded, and the magic which forced obedience immediately created a solid collar of metal around Morgan’s neck, sealing the agreement.  At that, Diana nodded and lifted her hand and snapped.  “Slave Morgan.  Create a privacy screen of earth so these peons who underestimated me aren’t allowed to watch me orgasm, then eat me out.”
Morgan nodded and, without needing the magic compelling her to force her hand, she lifted a tent of pure earth as the scandalized mages watched on before leaning in to kiss Diana’s wet cunt, excited by the fight.

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Armorsmith (Lily Lupine is a Slut Goddess)

“So what item are we talking about?” Caleb asked as he found himself slightly flustered with the situation he was in as he stood across the legendary Slut Goddess in his living room – after they had met at the coffee shop, of course. He was a fairly large man; a bit over six feet, with the slightest bit of stubble, short brown hair, and bright blue eyes. As a hobby, he created armor; usually for SCA meets, but occasionally he found himself with clients who wanted him to make something; usually a chain mail or a scale mail because of how they looked.

“I want you,” Lily said while approaching him as she placed a hand to his chest, looking up at him and giving him a very wry smile, puffing her thoroughly well endowed chest out to be emphasized; not that it wasn’t already, what with the fact that she was openly wearing a corset over the button up blouse, and her pierced nipples visibly peeked through the thin fabric. “To make me a scale mail bra. Rainbow,” she said, looking up at him with a flirty smile, as he swallowed a bit.

Caleb was honored but embarassed to have been approached by the Slut Goddess herself; a minor twitter celebrity who was known for making all sorts of trades for things she wanted, as well as, on occasion, taking an apprentice of sorts. “And you’re serious about your message,” he said as she smiled, before reaching up to wrap her hands around him, one around his waist and one around his head. Nervousness caused him to back up just slightly, and she used that to gently press the larger man against the wall behind her.

Leaning up, she whispered. “Caleb~” she said in a soft tone. His request and paperwork to join her ‘fuck club’ had been received a while ago, and she personally liked the idea of having someone a little more shy in it; while she enjoyed being pinned down and roughed up frequently, sometimes it was a delight to have someone who she could just devour. “Caleb, I want you to take my breasts,” she said, before turning around and pressing her ass hard against him, grinding against him. The feeling of his cock hard in her pants filled Lily with an unspeakable delight and she unbuttoned her shirt and ripped it open, grabbing his hands determinedly and putting them on her breasts. “And cover them.”

He did exactly what she was hoping he would do, and squeezed her breasts, caressing him and teasing them, pinching her nipples lightly between his fingers. Lily shuddered softly as pleasure ran from her breasts up her spine and down to her waist, which resulted in her grinding back against him as her fingernails dug into the back of his head.

“I think I can do that…” he said as he fondled her breasts roughly, his massive hands giving her all sorts of little pleasures. “And what size are they to cover…?” he asked, the slightest hint of hunger in his voice.

Lily grinded her ass back against Caleb before she reached between their bodies to get her hands on the bulge in his pants, giving it a squeeze and a stroke and a soft giggle. “I thought you read my bio… But they’re 32I,” she said with a purr in her voice before turning around in his hands, looking up to him and kissing him on his collarbone, his neck, and then his lips.

Caleb’s shyness melted into the kiss, and aggressively he practically overwhelmed her, pressing his lips hard into hers, his hands reaching around her and holding her close, grabbing her ass and pulling her hips against his. She kissed him in a frenzy, feverishly, berserkly, before pulling away and grabbing him by the shirt, looking him in the eyes.

“Let’s call this an audition. You know how to use that mouth, you join my ‘club’. You don’t, well… I came this far and made you submit your paperwork all to see what your cum feels like in me, I’m gonna try that at least once,” she hungrily demanded, the slut goddess grinning as she reached up to grab him by the hair; he was too quick though; he got a fistful of purple hair and jerked it, causing Lily to scream softly and for her knees to tremble, breaking this high of dominant desires. Instantly, Lily was reminded of their size difference, of their power difference, and her already wet pussy throbbed at the thought.

Lily wanted to take command, but she didn’t need it; what she needed was to let this man keep pulling her hair. Biting her lip, her knees shook. “Please, Sir Armorsmith,” she purred while looking up at him when he jerked back hard on her head. She pressed herself against him, resisting her instincts to drop to her knees. That cock was huge and she already wanted in her mouth, now she needed it. “Let me suck your cock while you eat me out.”

Caleb agreed, and kept a hold onto her hair as he roughly pulled her into the bedroom. A soft cry escaped Lily’s lips as her pussy ached as she followed along, dragged by force, nearly losing her balance in her heels from her weak knees.

The way that Caleb flung her onto his bed caused her to squeal in delight as she rolled over to face him, swallowing as the man undid his pants and showed off his hairy pubic area and massive cock.

“Please, sir,” she said, looking at it hungrily as she grinned confidently. “Let me ride your face while I deepthroat that,” she said. It must have been 9, 10 inches, and a real9 or 10 inches; it had been a while since she deepthroated such a cock and she was hungry for the challenge.

“That’s what I was hoping you would say, Caleb said with a grin as he laid down on the bed beside her.
Lily swung her leg over his head and squatted over her, letting out a soft moan as Caleb grabbed her by the hips harshly, digging his fingers in hard enough that it might bruise, just the way Lily loved it. The feeling of his tongue flicking up and down her vulva. Pleasure ran through her softly as Lily grabbed Caleb’s massive cock and, for a moment, worshipped it with her eyes. It was long and thick, with a massive vein down the middle It practically felt ribbed as she gripped it hard and stroked it. A drop of delicious looking precum at the tip made the girl squirm in anticipation and when she sucked it off, Caleb pushed his face deeper, driving his tongue into her pussy.

The spike of pleasure was enough she needed to go further for a moment before, after a moment she pulled off. “Give these tits some attention, please sir,” she said before she closed her eyes and pushed down as hard as she could, taking that entire cock into her mouth. All 9 inches somehow managed to get down her throat, but she couldn’t breathe. The feeling of a cock throbbign down her mouth was one of her favorite things; it made her feel like a good and proper toy; a toy that didn’t need to worry about the world.

All Lily needed to worry about as a toy was pleasuring this armorsmith. As a toy, she was to be adored, used, treasured, and a source of utter pleasure. The mindset of a toy engulfed Lily as Caleb flicked his tongue along her toy, and soft moans echoed into his massive cock as she barely avoided gagging on it as she swallowed all around his cock. The feeling of him instictively thrusting up did make her gag, and the feeling of fear as she gagged immediately turned into a heart racing with excitement.

Lily aggressively pulled back and thrust her head down, digging her nails into Caleb’s thighs as she sucked the cock while it throbbed. Finally, he listened to her request, letting her hips go; one hand reached down and squeezed and teased her left breast while his tongue flicked her clit. When two fingers forced their way into her pussy, Lily screamed and bucked her hips back instinctively, pulling her head back to suck only on the head of his cock. She was consumed with pleasure already; huge fingers driving into her pussy, a tongue flicking hard against her clit, the cock in her mouth thrusting up by Caleb’s hips.

Gasping, she barely struggled not to make this a facefucking and drove her face forward, whimpering and crying out in pleasure as she felt almost airtight, her mouth and pussy fucked. Her pussy throbbed and twitched, and Lily had to stop sucking to pull back from sucking his cock and scream, her hips pressing back hard against the face she rode while her cunt clamped down on his fingers.

Melting into her orgasm, Lily focused hard on sucking that cock, focused on pleasuring him. The way he fingered her and licked her clit made her twitch and convulse, and if not for the corset she would be thrashing all around, only kept straight by the fact that it was keeping her from squirming like she was boneless. The feeling of an orgasm built in her crotch as her pussy clamped harder and harder, and desperately Lily tried to stop it by focusing on the cock in her mouth.

When she slid her mouth down she couldn’t breathe and she choked, getting hornier and hornier every time breath was stolen from her. She wanted to choke on that cock though, wanted to feel it throbbing harder, tightening in her mouth. She felt his pelvis thrusting aster and harder, even if it was ever so slight, and she wanted to make that cock cum, needed to make it cum. The toy mindset consumed her and Lily devoted herself like a priestess to swallowing Caleb’s cum.

The feeling of his fingers tilting down and his tongue flicking harder tipped Lily over the edge and with another scream all over his cock, she came, shaking and whimpering as she desperately swallowed around him, trying not to pull back. Roughly, chaotically, Caleb’s hips thrust slightly but quicker, again and again, until Lily felt a rush of heat down her throat and that cock expanding and throbbing harder as he filled her mouth with cum.

With the satisfaction of the divine, Lily sucked his cock harder and harder, drinking his cum like ambrosia. It was delicious and sweet, perfect for her as she whimpered and moaned and gasped, sucking that still-firm cock, ordering it with her mouth not to soften up. Caleb laid his head back to pant, and groaned, shuddering as continued to suck his cock, overwhelming him as it was all the more sensitive.

As soon as Caleb’s body relaxed, Lily spread her trap. Without warning, she suddenly regained the confidence of her dominant mindset and pulled off, swinging her legs around and with the skill of an exotic dancer straddled his lap and gracefully drove herself down onto his still-firm cock, the feeling of his head filling her causing a spike of bliss to almost distract Lily before she leaned in to force her lips hard against his, enjoying the taste of their cum mixing in her mouth.

Lily ground hard against Caleb and moaned into the kiss as he reached up to grab her breasts, squeezing them roughly. Caleb was weaker, tired, but that didn’t stop him from thrusting up into her as she ground back; it didn’t stop him from making the head of his cock hit her G-spot. The slut goddess let out tiny whimpers into the kiss, refusing to break it as she grasped onto his shoulders, moaning as he pinched her pierced nipples and squeezed them softly.

Lily fucked him faster and harder, but even her body was weaker, sweaty, exhausted. She felt her tired pussy, so sore and sensitive throbbing and aching and loving every second; she felt her heavy breasts bouncing with every time she grinded up and down, and the feeling of his fingers on her nipples practically pulling them back into place. She felt his cock continuing to throb, and his heartbeat as her moans into the kiss became louder.

And when Lily screamed into his mouth, she shook, trembling, and collapsed, her body falling hard against him as his hands left her breasts and wrapped around her, short nails digging lightly into her back as she shook and whimpered and cried, trembling and breaking the kiss to scream into his shoulder.

Caleb bit into her shoulder and pushed her orgasm even higher, driving her to lift her hips up before slamming back down onto him one more time.

Panting, Lily moaned, enjoying the feeling of a lightly sore, well-fucked throat, a pussy full of a hot, throbbing, firm cock, and the feeling of cum going down her throat. “Congratulations,” Lily said while resting and grinding against Caleb. “You’re welcome to the club.”

Ximena is Ready to be a Mom

Ximena squealed with delight when she saw the ovulation check device and looked at the calendar which she had been looking at. She practically clapped her hands in delight before quickly sending a message over the group messenger to her husbands. “It’s time, boys! I was right, we got the schedule right,” she typed to Beiste and Miles. “It’s time it’s time it’s time it’s time” she typed out, and then copy and pasted it into the message box six or seven times.

“I’m at work X,” was all Beiste replied with.

“I’m excited thooooough!” Ximena typed right back as she practically danced back and forth on the balls of her feet.

“I am too! Come on B this is great!” Miles added.

“We already knew this would be the day why are we getting worked up again?” Beiste was always the coolheaded one of them.

Ximena pouted with a soft huff, sending a pouty faced picture.

Beist only replied with a heart emoji, before saying he had to turn off notifications; he was busy working after all. Miles though worked in an office and could happily talk to Ximena about the plans that they had.


Ximena giggled and caressed her own body, admiring herself. Her tanned, latin skin seemed to shine beautifully. Her wide, child-bearing hips were ready to be, well, childbearing. She had been emotionally married to Beiste and Miles for three years (though her husbands had been together for ten years, and legally married for seven), and had discussed having kids, but the three of them had been focused on saving money, buying a house, getting medical tests done to see which man should be the father of their children, and finding out neither of them had hereditary diseases, they decided they would both just take her.

Then, months ago she had her birth control implant taken out and the three of them scheduled when they would work together. And now was the time.

Whether their first child turned out with Beiste’s beautiful tall, solid, scottish features and bright red hair, or Miles’ lean greek features and olive-hued eyes, she didn’t care; the three of them were ready to be parents together.


That night when they got home at the some time Ximena wore her favorite lingerie to seeing her husbands, but it was almost immediately on the floor. She found herself grabbed by the hair, dragged to their room and thrown to the bed by Miles, her large, bountiful breasts bitten roughly by Beiste, and when she squealed and squirmed, Miles knelt in and bit down on her thigh. Ximena’s pussy throbbed as pain shot up her thigh and turned to pleasure as her cunt quickly got wet. A hand reached down to grasp onto Miles’ head and run fingers through his hair while one fell to hold on desperately to Beist.

After a moment of bites on her thick thighs and large breasts, Beiste pulled away to grab her by the hips and flip her over onto her front before grabbing her by the hair and pulling back, forcing Ximena onto all fours. Whimpering, the woman panted and moaned at the rough treatment.

“Fuck me,” she pleaded to both her husbands, squeaking when one of them gave her ass a hard spank and, after admiring the way it wobbled, gave her another spank. Ximena whimpered, digging nails into the bedsheets and panting, grinding.

“Not until you’re even wetter,” Beiste growled before sliding two fingers facing downwards into her pussy while she was on all fours. Aggressively, he rubbed downwards, immediately finding her G-spot as the woman let out a low groan and looked back at the two of them. Beiste was aggressively fingering her, digging one hand into her hips and pulling back on them as she panted and whimpered. The sight of Miles crawling away momentarily only to move over and hungrily slip his lips around Beiste’s cock only drove her to greater heights of hunger.

Beiste’s hand left her hip and she looked back; seeing Beiste expertly grabbing Miles’ head and forcing down on it only filled her with more desire. Miles seemed to be in a state of bliss, his own cock obviously hard and throbbing as he practically choked on Beiste’s massive cock. When Beiste saw Ximena looking back though, he grinned and pulled his two fingers out only to slip a third into her, forcefully dragging a powerful scream from her as he rubbed her G-spot.

Ximena’s cunt squeezed hard on Beiste’s hand as she gushed, shuddering and whimpering as the huge fingers forced an orgasm from her while she bucked and grinded back, voice sounding tinier after the initial scream.

Miles grabbed Beiste’s hand and pulled it from her cunt before slowly licking it off, enjoying the feeling and moaning softly as Ximena was allowed to collapse onto the bed on her front. Already, her husbands were assaulting her with sensation, getting her pussy ready, preparing her to be bred by them.

The two of them moved between her and pulled her onto her side, Miles at her front to kiss her on her lipstick reddened lips as Beist planted kisses up and down her neck. Ximena put her hands on Miles’ shoulders in front of her, kissing back and moaning as he wrapped his hands around her waist and Beiste’s hands explored her, teasing her and caressing her breasts and her thighs.

“I love you like the sun,” whispered Beiste in her ear.

“I love you like the moon and every star in the sky,” whispered Miles as he squeezed her, gazing into her eyes.

“And I love you both like the earth itself,” Ximena said, turning her head back to kiss Beiste first, then leaning in to kiss Miles.

They did it just as they discussed; Beiste laid back on his back, his fingers idly reaching out to keep contact with his wife. Still high on her orgasm, Ximena rolled over onto him, pressing the weight of her body against her sturdy scottish husband and kissing up and down his neck before slowly sitting up and swinging her legs over to turn away. Biting her lower lip, nervously – nervous for the first time in four years, she grasped his cock and rubbed it against her sensitive pussy before lifting her legs up and slowly sliding that cock down into her pussy. Ximena let out a low moan and reached back, putting her hands on either side of him as she slowly lifted herself up and down, putting her legs on either side of his as Beiste slowly pushed his hips up into hers.

Beiste’s cock was large enough to give her the feeling of being stretched. Every time she lowered herself onto him, she felt the perfect feeling of him hitting just the perfect spots inside of her as she panted softly, groaning out. “Beiste, yes, just like that…” she said as his hands reached up around her and wrapped around her neck very lightly and chest, pulling her back onto him.

From here, she enjoyed the feeling of an arm lightly around her neck and another on one of her breasts, squeezing, teasing, kneading. Ximena grinded back against him, not having as much control in this position facing away as he did, lifting his hips up. Every time he did, the angle changed, to be perfect, and the woman writhed on top of her husband.

Once the two of them got into a rhythm, Miles climbed up and sucked on one of her breasts for the briefest of moments before kissing her. “Soon when we do this there’s gonna be milk in them…” he said, grasping and squeezing and kneading her beautiful, low hanging breasts, before he grabbed his cock.

Beiste stopped thrusting, so he could get in and, rubbing his cock against Beiste’s, Miles slid his own cock deep into Ximena, and her eyes bulged. She had been double penetrated by them, but this was the first time they were both in her pussy. It was huge, and a little bit overly intense as they both thrusted into her. The rhythm was slightly off, so the sensations were varied, intense, and every thrust by one of them made her pussy stretch out the slightest bit as it greedily began to squeeze both of them.

Miles hands found themselves around her as he kissed her passionately; a moan entering that kiss as Beiste’s teeth bit down on her shoulder. Roughly, Beiste’s hands on her breasts squeezed and clawed at them while Miles dug his nails into her waist. The two of them both thrusted into her, getting a rhythm together, thrusting at the time time.

Every thrust let her feel their heartbeats, so similar as they stretched her out. Their cocks practically Their cocks couldn’t be distinguished by her sense of touch, so all she felt was her husbands as they both fucked her, ever rougher.

Ximena’s breath grew more haggard and hungry as Miles broke the kiss and began sucking on her neck, determined to leave a hickey as Beiste sunk his teeth harder into her neck.

“Fuck, yes, yes,” she whimpered, trying to buck back against them but completely overtaken, shaking as her tits rubbed against Miles and her ass ground against Beiste. Reaching forward to hold onto Miles for dear life as Beiste started pounding her harder and harder, she whimpered and moaned, the feeling of their mouths making her toes curl.

“Cum inside of me, both of you cum inside me,” she pleaded, moaning as she felt her orgasm getting closer and closer. Her pussy clamped down even harder as she was tipped over and her pussy clamped down so hard it tried to force both cocks out. That only made them both growl into her neck and shoulder and drive themselves harder, harder into her.

The sound of flesh slapping and sweaty, heaving moans echoed throughout the room as their chaotic movements ripped her mind away from her.

“Breed me,” she groaned out, letting her head roll back against Beiste’s shoulder as she shook and began to cry lightly, eyes burning with tears from being overcome with emotion. “Breed me, fuck me, I’m yours, make me pregnant, make me a mommy, make me a mommy for your sons and daughters,” she groaned, losing herself entirely to desire, to passion, to her want to be knocked up by both of them.

Her moaning, begging, dirty talking turned them on even more; she felt their cocks getting harder, their hearts beating harder. Beiste was nearly drawing blood and Miles broke from sucking on one spot to leave another hickey. Her nails dug into Miles’ back and she held on for dear life, feeling nearly broken in half as she was comply stuffed full.

“Cum inside me, please sirs, please, please, please, I need it, I gotta be a mommy, let me be a mommy for you,” she started nearly sobbing as the two pounded erratically, wildly, viciously.

Miles came first, filling her with hot, thick semen and tipping Ximena into an orgasm which shook her to her very foundation as she let his back go to drive her nails into the bedspread beneath, her body convulsing while squeezing their cocks harder. The two of them pounded her semen-lubed cunt still, Miles groaning and gasping and practically screaming into her neck.

Only four thrusts later, Beiste came, and Ximena’s entire body tensed up as she felt the hot spurts of both their cum in a nearly simultaniously rhythm splattering the inside of her pussy. Threatening growls in her ear drove her to a state of lusty madness as the woman whimpered and shook and collapsed, letting the full weight of her body rest atop Beiste as the two continued to pound into her until both of their cocks were exhausted of every last drop of cum.

Ximena’s vision was blurry. She nearly passed out from the feeling of an orgasm while two men were filling her fertile pussy with hot, thick, virile cum, working together so their semen would compete to determine who would knock her up and force her to be a mommy, just the way she wanted.

When she woke up from her state of being passed out from sensation, it was because Miles was licking some of the cum from her pussy and moaning while being driven forward by Beiste’s still-hard, post-orgasmic cock pounding his ass. When Miles looked up at her, she saw the eyes of submission while he desperately, passionately, hungrily ate her out, flicking his tongue against her clit again and again as Beiste pounded their husband with every ounce of his vicious hunger.


The insatiable trio continued all through the night, and they would with just as much vigor the next few nights, long after they were adding an unneccessary amount of semen to her clearly-pregnant body and working together to suck the milk from her swollen and waiting tits.

Lady Honey’s Sex Education (Lily Lupine is a Slut Goddess)

Mariah, or Miranda as she was known in public, pouted and bowed her head. “Pleaaaaase, Azzy?” she asked, to which the man playing a fighting game opposite to her turned to glare at her. The fact that he still managed to hit her with a special move without even looking just pissed her off even more. Despite the fact that he actually had a day job and she had so much more free time as a camgirl, this was the one game he always beat her at. And so it’s the one she always challenged him at.

“That’s my girlfriend’s word, not yours,” he said before turning back to the game, continuing to fight her. “I’m not letting you tie me up and participating in your and Violet’s kinky sex games.”

An elbow to his ribs made him hiss and rub his side, although out of politeness she waited until he grabbed the arcade stick to continue playing with him. “It’s ‘Mariah’ and ‘Lily’ when we’re doing kinky sex games. Besides, you play along with Eli’s kinky sex games all the time. And you tie up all those boys and girls every weekend!”

“Yes, yes I do,” and Azazel won the round. “But I’m not a sub, and you need a sub, right?”

“Please, Azazel. I trust you,” Miranda pleaded softly. “Lily and I are trying to help a girl out. She’s got these big tits and quite the booty just like you like,” she said, and Azazel rolled his eyes as round two started.

“I know a guy,” he replied. “Real shy. Damn near a virgin. Got a crush on Beth, so if they’re built about the same he’ll be down. But he’s my Dungeon Master and if you break him I’ll steal your fucking router.”

Miranda laughed at the threat. “Oh we’re gonna start this girl soft. Your friend will come away fine.”

“He better,” Azazel mumbled.


‘Honey’, as she was gonna be called was… nervous. The girl was unused to being all dolled up like this. She wasn’t used to having a corset fitted for her, binding up her belly and accentuating her curves. She wasn’t used to having a pair of cute girls fawning over her and helping make her up and finding her some beautiful red panties to wear. She wasn’t used to someone helping her with makeup, find the perfect shades, help her cover up her (mild, Lily assured her) acne.

But when the college freshman shyly sent a message to the Slut Goddess’ twitter asking for help prettying herself up, it started a huge conversational chain. ‘We’ll help you dress your best’, ‘Ooh, do you want to be my apprentice?! That sounds so fun!’ ‘We’ll make you the best slut you can be’ ‘Oh shit I’m so sorry Alice I mean ‘slut’ in the most loving possible way’. The attention was a little too much for her, but it was so… earnest.

When she actually met the Slut Goddess and Slut Titan, Lily and Mariah, in person, she was simply starstruck. The two of them were beautiful, stylish, fashionable, but also down to earth and playful. So when Honey said yes to being their apprentice, she believed them when they both squealed in delight. Ultimately, after talking to two of them about possible scene ideas, they decided on a tied up submissive boy who was blindfolded, to make it less likely for him to reject her.

Honey was broken out of her thoughts by a hand clasping onto her shoulder and squeezing her. “You sure about this? You’re looking kinda unsure…” Lily said with concern.

Honey swallowed, and gave it some thought, her heart racing. “I’m really nervous.”

“Should I call it off? I’ll be the boy’s consolation prize if you don’t feel up to it.”

“I don’t think you would be a consol-”

“Trust me. You’re his type,” Lily said, to which Honey blushed a bit. She didn’t really believe it, but the words gave her a feeling of courage. She had been given every opportunity to back out, and a part of her still wanted to, but the fact that she could stop and leave made her feel like staying, for whatever reason.

“I would rather go on with it,” Honey said, to which Lily grinned and patted her back.

“Push through the fear!” Lily said with a laugh, and Honey nodded before standing up, getting ready to walk through the door to the bedroom. She glanced in the mirror. The red corset and panties looked damn good on her. So did the heels, although unlike Lily she was unsteady and could hardly walk. Slowly, she exhaled, standing up straight as she heard Mariah’s voice through the door to the bedroom, calling her in.

Heading in, Honey swallowed nervously as she saw Mariah standing beside the bed as Lily sat down. On the bed was an unfamiliar boy; a nightmask covering his eyes and acting as a blindfold, dark blue rope binding him down, pinning his legs slightly apart, his arms at his sides, running all over his body. His cock was engorged slightly, firm-but-not hard, as he seemed to fidget slightly in the rope. He was clearly tall, with long arms and legs, but he was also quite thin; those arms had some muscle definition but for the most part it was a very stereotypical ‘geek physique’.

Despite the fact that he wasn’t the traditional kind of sexy, it was actually quite attractive to see him there, quite prone. She wondered, briefly, if she outweighed him, and if she could pin him if she was in the right position.

“Greetings, Honey! Welcome to your first lesson in sluttery, with your hosts…” Mariah and Lily did a synchronized pose. “The Slut Goddess and Titan!” It was disarmingly silly, and stole away Honey’s nervousness a bit; the incongruity of the sight of two well-dressed ladies looking ready to fuck the night away posed like anime characters in front of a slightly gangly nerd tied up to be used as a human sex toy was just too much.

Lily approached, walking in a years-perfected sashay in heels that Honey was unsure she would ever accomplish, pressing a hand to Honey’s back. “We brought you a friend of a friend who comes highly recommended as not-a-creep.”

The boy chose this moment to speak up. “Ah, I’m-” he couldn’t speak after Mariah shoved a gag in his mouth.

“Who gave you permission to speak, boy? You will wait to speak until Lady Honey speaks to you!” Mariah barked, and at that, Honey could see the boy’s cock twitch ever so slightly.

Honey paused for a moment, freezing up until Lily’s hand squeezed her shoulder. “You, uh… Boy! Tell me your name.” It was completely awkward.

Mariah removed the gag, and the boy spoke. “Alfred, Lady Honey.”

Hearing those words not just from some extremely strange ladies who were quickly becoming fast friends, but from a boy she found kind of cute made her heart skip and her pussy throb just a little.

“Well then,” she said with a pause, trying to think of what to do next. It was just gonna be a simple sex scene with him tied down; nothing huge or fancy.

Honey didn’t really say anything like that. Dread filled her as she felt herself awkward, before Lily smiled.

“I think your toy isn’t quite ready. Why don’t you try helping him out with your hand?” Lily’s voice cut through the awkwardness, to which Honey nodded.

“I think that’s a good idea, Lily,” Honey replied before slowly approaching the bed, desperately trying not to stumble, before crawling up onto the bed, over him, looking down at the boy. He was scrawny, but to Honey, he was beautiful in his own way. Gingerly, she reached down, softly caressing his ever firming cock, feeling it softly throb in her hand.

Gently, she caressed his cock, wrapping her fingers around and squeezing him. She was excited in her nervousness, feeling it getting a little bigger in her hand. Those tender touches became braver and more determined, and became a grasp around his cock, her free hand lightly teasing his balls. She could see his chest rise and fall, feel his heart beating faster in her hand, see his breathing grow deeper, hear the tiniest moans from him.

Honey wanted a little more of those moans. She looked at Lily for approval who gave a thumbs up before she smiled, leaning in and wrapping her lips around the boy’s cock. The sound of him gasping as she took the head into her mouth was music to her ears. Honey embraced the feeling of that cock getting bigger in her mouth, loved the knowledge that she was pleasuring him. She tried to take his cock deeper but nearly gagged, so instead she focused on sucking mostly on the head while stroking the cock with her hand.

The feeling of him getting bigger and the feeling of him squirming and moaning was driving her a little more wild, bit by bit. Her inhibitions were being scrubbed away by Alfred’s groans, and the taste of the precum from his cock. Pulling away, she looked down at his cock, still stroking it as it was firm, before looking at the bedstand. Grabbing a black cockring she remembered a video on how to put on, Honey – failingly at first – managed to get the ring around his cock and balls. The sight of the veins popping out delighted her even more.

“I think it’s time for you to be a toy, Alfred. Are you ready to be my toy?” Honey asked confidently.

“I want to be your toy, Lady Honey,” he said, exhaling softly with exhilaration.

Honey reached over, grabbing one of the condoms from the bedside and undoing it. For a moment she paused, letting the blindfolded boy wait in anticipation before leaning in, taking his cock as deep into her mouth as she could for a moment before pulling back, giving the tip a kiss, and placing the head of the condom on his bulging, engorged cock after squeezing the air out of the tip. Slowly, she stroked down, putting the latex a little further with every stroke, until he was fully covered. Then, with only the slightest hesitation, Honey pulled off her panties and straddled his hips.

Honey grabbed that cock and rubbed the head against the slit of her pussy, teasing him slightly before slowly, cautiously lowering herself onto him while trying not crush him.

The feeling of her pussy being filled with Alfred’s hard, throbbing cock was enough to make the woman gasp, before she ground down hard on him. The cock deep inside of her throbbed as Alfred moaned, softly pushing his hips upwards, driving himself deeper into Honey.

Honey dug her nails into Alfred’s shoulders and ground hard under him. She was worried she might be a little bit on the bigger side for him, but the way he thrust up into her without any issue filled her with delight.

The two bucked and ground, erratic and inexperienced, but passionately. Honey let herself drop hard onto Alfred and he desperately thrusted, squirmed, upwards. The two moaned, groaned, covered eachother in one another’s sweat. Honey bounced up and down on his cock, gazing down, moaning and looking down at him. Hungering, wanting more.

Leaning in, Honey pressed a kiss hard against Alfred’s lips and pressed herself against him while groaning, moaning, pressing herself down against him. She felt that cock throbbing harder and harder, wanting more and more. The way he throbbed deep in her made her want more and more.

Without warning, she reached down and ripped off the blindfold, ignoring the sound of Lily falling out of her chair in surprise; Honey had insisted on the blindfold!

Alfred’s eyes adjusted to the light and he looked up, blue eyes meeting her brown.

“You’re gorgeous,” he told her inbetween moaning and groaning and thrusting, before she leaned down and forced a kiss onto him, before in the flurry, both of them were overcome by pleasure; the feeling of Alfred’s thrusts becoming more intense and the condom filling with his cum enough to drive Honey over the edge and give her the first orgasm she had with another person.

Panting, Honey moaned, leaning against him and breathing in and listening to her heart.

“That was… wonder-”

Honey covered his mouth. “Lady Honey didn’t give you permission to speak,” the exhausted girl said wearily, before climbing off of Alfred to take the condom off and clean his cock with her mouth.


Lily was bittersweet when she got the email while laying with Mariah in bed. The downside was that Honey mentioned that she wasn’t really interested in ‘Slut Training’ anymore. The first upside though was that the email mentioned that Honey and Alfred decided that at least for a little while, she they were gonna be monogamous until they figured out if they wanted to have a relationship, a lot of sex, or a relationship where the two of them were also sluts.

The other upside though was that Honey – or rather Jessica – still wanted to spend time with the pair and the two of them wanted some ‘sex ed’ together.

“They’re a nice pair,” Lily said, putting her phone away as Mariah nuzzled into her chest.

“And Azazel was worried we were gonna break him,” Mariah replied with a grin.

Canvas of Violence

Alicia wanted to be a canvas of pain and beauty. She had always enjoyed all sorts of sexual play and exhibitionism, always loved marks changing the color of her pale skin, and loved the feeling of being well used, beaten, and shown off for a crowd. For a moment, she wondered how to fulfill this urge, until a realization struck and, with a smile, she made calls, made appointments, and found several ‘artists’.

It took a month to set up, but once it was, she had chosen seven artists for their variety of talents, and at her favorite club, with her favorite photographer, throughout the night she allowed herself to be a canvas for every once of their desires. Between every artist, pictures would be taken by her favorite photographer, so she would be shown from every angle.

The first artist was a man who wished to see her consumed by sensations. He laid her down blindfolded and with 12 colored candles, dripped wax all along her breasts, her collarbone, her thighs, her belly. Wax streaked along her as she squirmed and moaned at the heat striking her with every drop of wax before it rapidly cooled as it streaked across her body, leaving a mosaic of colors. Before leaving her and moving on, he mixed the heat of this wax into teasing her with ice cubes along her thighs, along her breasts in a spiral from the outside all the way to the tips of her nipples, causing Alicia to whimper and moan, arching her back and bucking softly at the overwhelming sensations of cold.

The second artist was a fan of rope, and doing his best not to damage the beautiful formations of wax on her – an unfortunate impossibility in many cases, he wrapped her up in black rope, binding her arms behind her back, her legs spread wide. He tied her hair up and used that to keep her upright, using a spreader bar to keep her legs spread, leaving Alicia helpless, bound, and beautiful for the artists coming after her. As a final act of cruelty, the second artist tied a wand do her thighs and turned it on with the head against her pussy, nearly making her howl out and double over, held up by the rope when her knees grew weak and incapable of leaning forward by the rope pulling back hard on her scalp, forcing her to stay upright even as her legs shook while pleasure ripped through her.

The third artist was all about leaving his mark through bites, and when he bit her thigh she screamed and squirmed; although she knew what he was doing, she still reflexively kicked, but was rendered helpless by the spreader bar, incapable of moving due to the body rope and the hair rope binding her up. When he bit her other thigh, Alicia whimpered and groaned, shaking a bit as the man savagely bit her thighs, bit her hips, bit her shoulders and of course bit down hard on her breasts. Again and again he sunk his teeth into her, covering her in bite marks, leaving his final marks on her throat. Gasping, moaning, Alicia whimpered, shaking and groaning and shuddering in pain which mixed with pleasure as her pussy vibrated almost beyond her control.

The fourth artist was a vicious man with a cane and a paddle. His left hand swung the paddle, striking her ass with a wide crash. The blows made Alicia melt, and she whimpered softly, her head only held up by the rope as her whimpers stopped. Alicia’s head felt light, and every one-two combo felt less and less painful; instead the thuddy blows were replaced with nothing more than a hint of bliss spiking through her. He paddled her ass readily, and when he paddled her thighs, her eyes opened wide and Alicia screamed, the pain pushing so far over to pleasure mixing with the vibrator it forced an orgasm out of her and the helpless girl bucked and twisted and sobbed. Tears ran down her face, ruining her makeup, causing it to run as she shuddered, whimpering. He struck the bites on her thighs, and on her breasts, every combined strike forcing a pleasure nearing an orgasm out of her as she came all over the wand, dripping her cum on the ground.

The fifth artist was a cruel blue-haired domme who undid the hair rope, gave slack to the rope holding her body up and forced her to her knees in the spreader bar. After that, the woman roughly slapped Alicia again and again, left and right, insulting her before grabbing her hair and forcing Alicia’s face to her own pussy. The woman softly moaned as she called her slaves over to jerk off around Alicia, and as they did she forced Alicia to lick her pussy. Alicia’s pussy throbbed at the taste, and at the knowledge that there were many men jerking off all around her. Nails dug into Alicia’s scalp as she was forced to lick harder and harder, her own pussy aching and craving even more touch, although she was completely helpless, immobilized. The feeling of all the slaves cumming on her as the artist pulled away and kept a fistful of her hair satisfied Alicia in a way she couldn’t describe, embracing the feeling of cum on her face, running down her tits, covering her neck, a shower of semen that made Alicia feel whole in some way.

The sixth artist was literally an artist – a tattoo artist, although this time it wouldn’t be a tattoo. They had discussed the idea of doing a tattoo, but this would be a trial run of what he would eventually do. Still, she sat in excitement and nervousness as he turned the wand off and forced her to remain completely still. Teasingly, using a brush to tease all around her nipples, drawing in a flesh hue five-point stars around each and a dark outline, before calling over another artist to lift her breasts up and tease and squeeze them while he drew a heart between her breasts, and in the underbreast area. It was the plan for the tattoo she would later have.

The final artist turned the wand back on, and left her to cry out before he threw her front onto the ground as she shook and whimpered. Undoing the spreader bar, the final artist – her husband – pinned her down, at first tearing into her back with his nails hard enough to draw blood while forcing his cock into her cunt without mercy or hesitation. When – not out of true resistance but an instinct to protect herself – Alicia reached back, the final artist grabbing her arms and holding them back and fucking her pussy from behind bare. Alicia screamed, and screamed, clamping down hard on her husband’s cock, gushing all over him again and again as she shook, whimpering, bucking her hips and arching her back as she soaked him with cum before finally the feeling of her pussy being filled with hot, thick semen caused her mind to blank out. The final image was created when he ripped his cock from her and let his thick white cum dribble out of her.

Shaking, whimpering, collapsed on the floor on her side, Alicia panted hard, her eyes unfocused. Covered in wax and cum, covered in bite marks and welts from the paddle. Her ass bruised and her back bleeding every so slightly. Her nipples newly pierced and a tattoo right between her breasts. Alicia cried, sobbing, whimpering, and all the while, per her instructions, the photographer took video of the woman, used as a canvas of violence and left to shake and whimper.

Then, per the instructions, the cameraman took pictures and video of her with her head against her husband’s chest, sobbing and wailing, nails digging into his shoulders as every ounce of catharasis was released.

The next pictures were of her being touched, held, caressed by every one of those seven vicious artists.

The final pictures though, were after she was cleaned off, no longer covered in runny makeup, broken up wax and all sorts of cum, resting in a cuddle pile of the artists, naked save for the towel on her hair, eyes closed as she rested, her husband her pillow and every last one of those artists’ hands like blankets of kindness and warmth over her beaten and near-broken flesh.