The Sun on Lily’s Skin (Lily Lupine)

This surprisingly grey April was crushing Violet. She hadn’t seen the sun – the real sun, free of grey – in what felt like months.

It was times like these when she felt a bit hopeless. Despite her successful career, despite a loving wife and people who admired her, everything seemed so bland. Having taken a break at the office for the week, Violet ended up spending most of her time in bed, eating meals that Miranda either made or ordered out.

Finally, on the fifth day of Violet hanging around the house moping, Miranda put her foot down. “We’re going on vacation,” she said, staring down at her wife.

Violet, quite frankly, looked pretty awful. She hadn’t bothered redying her hair in three weeks, showing her black roots; she didn’t bother with makeup or even with showering, and hadn’t in two days. Violet frowned. “What do you mean?”

“You heard me. Vacation. I got one of our playthings to lend us a cabin where it’s good and sunny.”

Violet looked up at Miranda, eyes dull and tired. “Do we gotta?” A fist in her hair ripping a yelp from Violet’s lips answered her question, but just to make certain, Miranda locked eyes and nodded.

“You’re going.”

It took Miranda taking control, making all the plans and getting everything ready for them to go. Still, Miranda at least got Lily to do her self-care; to redye her hair for the trip, shave, and pack her favorite lingerie. Violet still stared into blank space as they travelled by the plane, and although she didn’t react, she appreciated the feeling of Miranda’s hand gently squeezing her thigh every now and then.

Off the plane, Violet couldn’t help but smile softly once she shook off the nap she took on the flight – it had only been an hour in the air, but it was still a plane ride. The weather here was completely different; where at home it was Spring lying about being Winter, here it was Spring lying about being Summer. As Miranda got the rental car, Violet stood outside the airport in the parking lot, setting her bags down on the ground for a moment to stretch out.

Violet smiled softly at the feeling of the warmth on her skin. This is nice, she thought to herself.

Once they arrived, ‘Violet’ and ‘Miranda’ were ‘Lily’ and ‘Mariah’.

By the first few hours in at the cabin, Lily knew she didn’t want to leave. Out in the woods, there was nobody who could see them if they played outside, so the ever industrious Mariah set up what could only be described as a ‘contraption’; what looked slapped together was actually a pair of study pieces of lumber Lily would be placed between with an overhang above her to hold rope on. Mariah tested it by jumping on the top of it, stomping, bouncing and pretending to fall off, scaring the hell out of Lily.

Blindfolded, gagged with one of her favorite dildos and bound to this jury-rigged setup, Lily enjoyed the feeling of the sunlight on her completely skin. It was warm. It made her feel like she was glowing. It was freeing, being bare with nothing but her heels, a rope harness holding a turned-off wand against her pussy, and the warm summer breeze washing over.

Moreover, she enjoyed the feeling of her arms and legs forced apart; feet held in place chained to a bar which went under the arch of her high heels and over her ankles. Her back forced into an arched position by her hair bound and pulled back into a knot incorporated into a body harness, large, round breasts becoming just slightly red from the feeling of the rope squeezing them.

Those sensitive breasts sent a feeling of bliss through her as clamps roughly held onto her nipples with small weights that also vibrated, sending pleasure running up the chain through her like lightning. Those weighs were only a few ounces, but they felt overwhelming and intoxicating.

Her arms were pulled to either side and upwards; bound to the wood at either side. She could squirm but couldn’t pull her arms free.

“I’m glad you came out here,” the voice of Lily’s wife purred in her ear, as Lily felt Mariah’s hair lightly against her shoulder before feeling firm hands on her slightly reddened bosoms. “You look so good like this,” Mariah said nails lightly digging into the younger woman’s sensitive breasts, digging in. Lily moaned and squirmed and writhed, pressing her body back against Mariah’s, feeling the older woman’s bare cock pressed against her ass.

Slowly, those strong but delicate fingers reached down and flicked a switch on the wand incorporated in the harness and it came to life. Vibrations quaked through Lily’s body as her yell was captured by the gag false cock in her mouth, forcing the woman to writhe and buck, groaning as she squirmed helpless, Mariah’s body pressed against hers’.

“Be a good girl now,” Mariah said, reaching up to lightly slap Lily’s left breast. The sensitive skin sent a sharp feeling through her as yells became squeals and hips bucked back. Her pussy was already soaked, begging for Mariah’s cock.

One arm wrapped around the bound woman’s midsection as kisses were planted up and down the side of her neck. Goosebumps prickled and excitement ran through her. The affectionate gesture mixed and swirled with the feeling of an earthquake pleasuring her pussy and the pain as Mariah kept occasionally slapping a breast.

Lily’s whole world became fuzzy and she didn’t need to squirm. The pain from each slap only grew worse, but Lily could take it. Her squeals became low, guttural groans, held back by the cock in her mouth. Her pussy throbbed as she her hips bucked in desperation all on their own, begging for more sensation. Lily obeyed though, letting herself be Mariah’s plaything.

Another strike to her reddened breasts, and another and another. Each slap was just as hard, but hurt a little more than the last. Each slap sent a surge of pain through her tit and of pleasure through her bosom.

The feeling of Mariah’s precum against her ass drove Lily mad. She wanted it. She needed it. If not for the cock down her mouth she would be begging, pleading to be fucked. Mariah just kept holding her tight and slapping each breast in turn.

“I think it’s time, don’t you?” Mariah whispered, and without warning the vacationing woman felt her pussy, shaking from the vibrations of the toy, full of cock. Lily practically screamed in delight as her cunt clamped down on Mariah’s cock. Nails dug into her shoulders and pulled her back onto Mariah.

Her wife was being brutal and ferocious; every thrust, rather than tender or quick was hard. Every thrust felt like it practically bottomed out, and after every thrust Mariah held inside of her, let the wand vibrate both of them, turning her own cock into a lightning rod for the vibrations and taking them deeper into Lily.

Every thrust push Lily higher into heaven. Every thrust made her squirm and yell. Without realizing it, Lily’s cunt clamped down; Mariah’s cock felt so massive it was tearing her in two as Lily shook and every muscle in her tensed; the sheer power of her own cunt nearly forced Mariah out, but that just made her growl like an animal and fuck Lily harder, faster.

Lily let her body go limp and relaxed, surrendering and giving herself utterly to Mariah. The woman dug her nails into Lily’s shoulders, her back, covered her in red marks, reached down to slap her tits again. The pain and brutality made Lily feel used, made Lily feel wanted, made Lily feel wonderful. Her cunt clamped down, begging for more and more, but she couldn’t even arch her back, push back against Mariah, she was too well bound.

Lily just kept moaning, screaming, feeling her skin grow sweaty, Mariah’s movements grow more erratic. That cock inside of her felt like it was getting bigger, harder, tighter, before all of a sudden a rush of pleasure and Lily’s knees grew weak and she shook at the sensation of hot, thick cum hitting the inside of her pussy.

Mariah kept pounding away, kept driving that cock into her all through the older woman’s orgasm. As it ended, Mariah leaned in and kissed the back of Lily’s neck. “Good girl,” she said, smiling and petting Lily’s hair as she panted, whimpering and shuddering.

Mariah gave her a squeeze with one arm, and used the other to turn the wand off. “Now let your Mistress hold you for a while before she lets you go,” Mariah whispered in her ear.

Since Lily couldn’t nod or even speak with the dildo gagging her mouth, she let out a tiny murmur in an obedient affirmative and relaxed, letting her enjoy the strength of Mariah’s arms, and the feeling of Mariah’s cum slowly beginning to drip out of her.

Mariah kept one hand flat on Lily as she untied her. A hand on her shoulder, on her back, on her neck; always caressing her and showing her tender care as she freed her. The hand trailing down her leg as Mariah moved to free her feet from their trap. Always making sure to keep that connection of gentle touch. Finally, as Lily was free, Mariah held her, arms around her midsection and letting Lily rest against her.

“Who’s my favorite little slut?” asked Mariah while kissing Lily, tracing fingertips along the younger woman’s ropemarks as she shuddered and moaned, sensitive skin sending sensations through her.

“I am?” Lily asked gently, breathing deeply, weakly.

“Yes you are,” Mariah said, before letting Lily’s midsection go to grab her hand and give it a squeeze, pulling the blindfold off last. “Come on, Lily. Let’s shower.”


Obedience is Better

Jess had been naughty. Her Master had been away for a week, and she had been instructed to send him videos of her taking cock every night; something that she did every night except the last. She had decided to ‘fail’ at obeying his orders to see how he would handle it; to see if he would just roll his eyes and call her a cheeky girl or if she would be punished.

She didn’t expect this, though.

When Master came home and put his things away, at first he didn’t say anything about it; he had some lunch. Let her know that he had some friends coming over, before hopping in the shower. Truthfully, she had been a little disappointed; she had expected at least a spanking, but the man didn’t even bring up the fact that she hadn’t obeyed him properly.

She wasn’t ready, but she was excited.

She should have taken it as a warning when the friends who came over were the three men who Master had shared her with; the friends who used her like a fucktoy when she called them over. Outside that, they were regular, friendly guys; mostly unremarkable in her life as unlike Master, they didn’t have many hobbies in common. Well, she and Oliver liked the same You tubers, but that was their only connection other than the fact that she loved when he filled her ass with cum.

Jess knew she had to be a good girl.

When Master came out of the shower, he wore his favorite red robe, before sitting down on the couch, as one of the men excused himself. With a small snap, he looked at his friends, and said only two words. “Get her.”

At that, the other two men sprung into action, practically pouncing on Jess. Hands pulled her arms behind her back, others grabbed the front of her shirt and tore it apart. Eyes wide, Jess tried to struggle, but as Master walked over and got his fist in her hair, he slapped her as his friends stripped her roughly. Squealing, struggling, she whimpered. “I’m sorry!” she bellowed out, to which her Master grabbed her face.

“No you aren’t,” he said, a sadistic smile coming over his face.

The third of his friends returned to the room and she tried to look his way but his fist in her hair kept her facing forward. Jess was stripped, brutally and roughly, hands grabbing her breasts and her hips and grabbing and rubbing her pussy as it grew wetter. She whimpered as she had a ball gag forced into her mouth and a blindfold put over her eyes.

Her feet were put into heels and locked; a metal bar was slipped under the arch of the heels and then chained to her feet with a light chain, keeping her trapped and forcing her to stand up straight in heels. Her hair was pulled into a braid and pulled back into the rope binding her hands behind her back. She felt her breasts pulled outward, pinched lightly as she was forced to stand straight and she felt varnished wood clamp around her breasts as they were put in stocks and rope was bound to the living room’s hard point and she was made to stand straight. The ball gag and blindfold left her helpless as four men’s hands squeezed and teased her breasts.

One hand slapped her left breast, sending sensation rushing through her, before another one slapped her right. Jess whimpered and tried to jerk away, but between the stocks, rope, and the heels keeping her standing up straight she was helpless. Shaking, Jess moaned in her gag as Master’s friends continued to slap her breasts, before teasing them with their nails.

“Now,” Master’s voice said. “You were to take cock seven days in a row. Not six. Seven,” he punctuated, and pain shot and ripped through her ass as a crop hit it, causing her to scream into her gag, knees shaking and pussy throbbing. The pain dulled into pleasure as Jess whimpered and writhed helpless, incapable of even clamping her thighs together. “Seven,” he said, striking the other side of her ass.

It was overwhelming, intense. Just two blows and Jess was apologizing profusely into her gag, begging to be let go or begging to be fucked, pussy soaking from those two little blows.

Master began to strike her ass with the crop, slowly and methodically. She squealed and cried out, tears burning in her blindfolded eyes as her left nipple was pinched and the breast was slapped. Pain shot through her from both directions. Warmth wrapped around her right nipple as one of Master’s friends leaned down to suck on it, and she started moaning as the pleasure contrasted to the pain; every strike hurt more, but the sucking felt so good.

Master landed another blow, carefully avoiding where he struck the last time; welts rose on her ass as heat ran through it. The feeling of that sharp pain began to dull; almost numbing as she felt light-headed, high from the blows. Hands began to run nails along her shoulders and neck, sending shivers through her. Jess’s puss throbbed and ached, desperate for something. The blows had not just made her pussy wet, but soaked it; she clamped her thighs together and groaned, shaking and twisting with the tiny amount of movement availed to her.

The man on her left breast stopped slapping and began to suck and tease; the feeling of tongues on each nipple, sucking and flicking against her felt blissful. The brutality of Master’s cane felt wonderful; made her feel like she was a bad little beloved slut getting the correction she desperately needed. Moaning, clamping her thighs, in her gagged state she started to repeatedly apologize; not out of fear, but out of wanting to be Master’s good little slut. Not that it mattered; he couldn’t hear what she was saying. All he knew was that she was drooling, her pussy was dribbling, body trembling and knees shaking.

The caning stopped. The hands on her shoulders let them go, before suddenly a hand wrapped itself around her neck and began to squeeze. Desperate, fearful breaths through her nose made her heart race, and she felt that heartbeat throbbing so hard on her pussy. Whimpering, she choked out a sound of pleasure.

Jess wanted it. Jess wanted to be fucked by all these men. She wanted their cum filling her, mixing inside of her, dripping out of her pussy; she wanted the feeling of hot cum deep inside of her ass, filling her with that warmth and thickness.

Without warning, her pussy was filled. She let out a cry as she felt the rush of heat from her Master’s hard cock, throbbing inside of her. She was helpless; all she could do was weakly try to push back against him, but so off-balance she couldn’t do that.

All she could do was accept his cock as he grabbed her hips and dug his nails in hard enough to leave bruises. Pulling her back onto him, the sound of their bodies slamming together overwhelmed the sound of her screaming into the gag. Without warning, she felt energy rush through her and she felt every muscle tense up, going light-headed as she came hard on Master’s cock. Squealing, she whimpered, shuddered, trembled as he used the feeling of her pussy being even tighter to pound her harder and harder. He jerked back brutally on her; her breasts feeling the tightness of the stocks clamping down as they grew slightly numb, the feeling of her scalp being pulled by rope.

Jess was a helpless little fuckdoll and all she could do was cum. Her cunt, greedy for his cum, clamped down and tried to make it hard to thrust into her, and snarling, growling like a monster, he slapped her ass. The feeling of her welts being slapped made Jess scream and her pussy clamp down even harder, milking his massive cock and begging it for cum.

There was a rush and Jess shook, muscles shaking and body shuddering as she felt Master fill her with cum before her pussy sprayed him, squirting all of him. The ground was covered in her cum as she shook, crying out and whimpering. Her body went limp; Jess was worn down, exhausted, a half-broken and entirely satisfied little fucktoy for Master. When he pulled out, Jess whimpered, cold air rushing onto her pussy as soft moans escaped her lips as Master’s warm cum began to slowly dribble down her thigh, cooling on her skin as the hands choking her and mouths teasing her breasts pulled away.

Jess had little warning as she felt a hand press onto her hip. A whimper was muffled by the gag; her pussy was sore, but still craving more cum. There was a moment when she felt the tip of a well-lubed cock press against the pucker of her ass, before it slowly pushed into her. Jess’ body stiffened as a hint of fear of a forceful thrust filled her as the slight stimulation filled her with pleasure.

The man teasing her ass with the tip of his cock pushed in a little further. The feeling of cum dribbling out of her contrasted to the sensation of her ass being filled, slowly. The thrusts were delicate, gentle; this man didn’t want to tear her ass apart. Instead, he slowly pushed into her, forcing her deeper and deeper into subspace. A gentle thrust, and then pulling back. Pushing himself a little deeper into her. Her hips pushed back against him, craving even more of his cock.

Finally, the man got his cock all the way inside of her and put both his hands on her hips, pulling back on her ass as he thrusted up all the way into her. Jess let out a low, guttural, long moan as she savored the feeling of her ass being full, closing her blindfolded eyes in bliss. The man pulled back and began to truly fuck her ass; rather than gently teasing in, getting her body more used to his cock, he was thrusting, starting to pound her. She squealed and screamed into the gag. Every thrust sent a spike of pure bliss from her. Every thrust made her tight pussy clamp down on nothing.

Someone reached between her legs and put a wand to her cunt and with a single flick of a finger, turning it on, forced an orgasm from her. Pussy clamping down, ass clamping down and squeezing the massive cock in her ass, she heart a guttural growl from behind as she was pounded harder and harder. The cock forcing itself into her as the vibrations drove her to higher and higher bliss, she squealed and gushed, the cock in her throbbing and twitching at the way that her body clamped down on it.

Without warning, the feeling of heat filling her ass, matching her pussy with the thick cum tipped her over an edge, driving her into an overlapping orgasm as she screamed herself hoarse. Shaking, whimpering, Jess began to shake and tremble and whimper. She felt well-used, exhausted, fucked into oblivion.

And when that second cock pulled from her and she felt herself being taken out of the stocks and rope, she knew the night wasn’t over; there weer still two hard cocks, and she knew her Master would want round two, and round three.

When Wolfie Gets Snarky

Wolfie was in a bit of a bind. After having snarked at her Master while his friends were over about three too many times, he had decided that he’d had enough of her being bad, and he got a fist in her hair and, with very little warning, pushed her head down against the couch they were all situated on.

It didn’t take very long after that; he screamed orders and she yelped and squirmed and fought as without warning, she found herself blindfolded and ball-gagged by unknown hands, different hands grabbing at her and pulling at her, ripping her clothes from her body and rendering her nude. The hands of Master’s friends pulled her arms behind her back and forced her to stand, nails digging into her thighs, her wrists. The familiar feeling of her Master’s hands were the ones that bound her hands behind her back, the ones that bound her legs to a spreader bar. The rope-work with her hands incorporated a body harness and her hair was pulled back roughly and tight, the braid being added to the body knot.

It took less than three minutes but Wolfie was tied with her legs spread, back arched, arms behind her back and forced to stand straight, her hair pulled taut. Whimpering, she squirmed, struggling; despite being blindfolded, she could intuit that all eyes were on her breasts, on her ass, on her wet, shaven cunt.

Master got behind her, digging his nails into her hips and pulling her back against him. She squealed, feeling his hard cock in his pants, pressed against her ass while he growled in her ear. “You know better than to make fun of your Master while he has guests over, don’t you?”

Wolfie didn’t react. He gave her a moment before he pulled away, and a sharp pain struck her ass as he spanked her with incredible strength. A sound like a moan mixed with a scream was muffled by her ball-gag; knees going weak, she nearly dropped, but the rope in her hair forced her to stay standing. The taut pulling at her scalp forced a groan from her lips, pussy throbbing and back arching.

“You. Know better. Than to make fun of your Master,” he said slowly, striking the other side of her ass and growling in her ear, digging nails into her hips. “Don’t you?”

Pussy wet, Wolfie nodded, whimpering and moaning. Her hips thrust lightly at nothing as her Master let her hips go, and she heard his footsteps circle around in front of her.

A hand grasped her chin roughly and pulled her head up lightly to face him straight on, before he slapped her. Wolfie whimpered. She tried to apologize, tried to say she was sorry, but that was muffled by the gag.

“But you were a bad girl, and now your Master has to punish you in front of his friends.” That made her stand up straighter, the fact that there were so many people watching her get punished sinking in even further. He slid in close, wrapping one hand gently against her throat and sliding one down her body to gently rub her pussy.

Wolfie moaned as his fingers spread the wet lips of her cunt and found themselves brushing up and down; momentarily brushing her clit before moving down to her entrance.

“That turns you on, doesn’t it?” he asked

She nodded with the little amount of movement she had.

“It turns you on to be disciplined where everyone can see, doesn’t it?”

Wolfie whimpered. Master, please let me cum, she thought to herself.

“It turns you on to be reminded that you’re mine?” he asked, rubbing her clit. His fingers moved quickly, applying just a perfect bit of pressure. Wolfie’s knees shook and she groaned, whimpering under the gag. She nodded vigorously. It was turning her on like crazy. She knew there were eyes on her. She knew that she was being looked at as Master’s fucktoy, and she loved it.

Master’s hand left her neck and her pussy as her cunt craved more. Fingers pinched her left nipple, and a small squeal of delight escaped her lips. A single slap sent a surge of pleasure through that breast, and her scream was captured by the gag. Wolfie’s body shook and her pussy clamped down on nothing. As Master’s fingers grasped her right nipple and squeezed, her entire being shook in anticipation.

The slap to her other breast nearly pushed her over into an orgasm.

“You’re going to take your punishment.” Master’s voice felt so far away, as he grasped her left nipple and slapped her breast again. Then her right.

At first the strikes on her breasts felt sharper and harder as the skin grew more sensitive. They were nearly unbearable, and she jerked away with every blow. Wolfie’s senses grew clouded as everything felt far away. Moans escaped her as her thighs tried to clamp together, held apart by the fact that her legs were bound to a bar. Helpless, Wolfie surrendered to the feeling of submission running through her.

The strikes felt less harsh as heat ran through her body. The sound of her breasts being struck felt muted. Everything began to swirl together in pleasure. Screams, held back by the gag, turned into soft moans and groans. The poor, defenseless girl shook and trembled while her Master beat her tits.

If the gag wasn’t in she would be panting like a bitch in heat. Instead, she simply shook as her pussy throbbed, soaking wet and craving more touch, more sensation.

“It looks like you’re ready to be reminded what you are,” Master said as he grabbed her chin. She knew what she meant and tried to nod vigorously, but could only muster the smallest shake of her head. Even the tugging on her scalp of the rope holding her hair felt like a wondrous pleasure.

He moved behind her and Wolfie relaxed her body as she felt him grab one hip, and felt Master rub his hard cock between the folds of her cunt. Even if she wanted to squirm and struggle and try to get him to hurry up and penetrate her, her strength had been torn from her. All she could do was wait and be his toy.

His cock forcing itself into her wet pussy felt like it tore through her whole being. Wolfie screamed as that very first thrust felt like it pushed her nearly to the edge, and his hands roughly pulled her back onto him. The sound of their bodies colliding, muffled screams, completely filled their home. The feeling of a thick, massive cock throbbing inside of her at the rate of his pulse was everything she wanted. Her body clamped down on his cock obediently, pushing her hips back against him. Her nails dug into her palms, even that pain swirling and mixing and turning into pleasure.

His cock hit the perfect spot and she felt every muscle tense involuntarily, and her pussy squeeze him desperately. Cumming all over him, her voice didn’t work even for the little amount she had while gagged. No whimpers or screams were muffled; the only sign to everyone watching her be a toy was the way her whole body shook.

Master knew though. Her pussy felt tighter to him as his cock felt massive, harder. He pulled her back onto him harder and harder. He growled and snarled and dug nails into her hips. Wolfie writhed and moaned and screamed as her orgasm refused to end, pushing to further and further heights by his brutal fucking.

He pulled up on her as he pushed his cock down into her and another orgasm tore through her before the first was even over. Wolfie then didn’t just scream, but she howled as Master forced orgasm after orgasm on her, making her clamp down harder on his cock than she felt like she ever did.

Wolfie was a toy. She felt like a toy and she loved it. Small, weak, helpless and limp, she gave herself over to the many, many orgasms Master forced on her. She felt his hands leave her hips and one wrap around her waist, the other wrapping around her neck as he pulled her back onto her. Wolfie cried out into the gag as Master pounded her harder, pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her, pulling her whole body back onto him with all his strength.

His growls in her ear forced her orgasms higher and higher. Helplessly she clamped down, gushing all over his cock, moaning as it ripped through her.

Heat exploded inside of her, semen filling her up as he kept thrusting, kept pounding, kept fucking her, snarling into her as he drove himself up into her. Every thrust would have knocked her off her feet if she weren’t both tied and held. Every thrust felt like it was nearly enough to tear her apart. Every thrust made her feel like she was having her own mini-orgasm.

With the last thrust, Master drove himself up into her with the last of his strength, snarling in her ear. Wolfie could do nothing beyond whimper and shake in her gag as he held her, the feeling of his hot cock throbbing, grinding inside of her cum-filled cunt an intoxicating sort of warmth.

They stayed that way for a minute that felt like a week, before Master gave her a kiss on the back of the neck and slowly pulled out of her. Wolfie shook and whimpered, a feeling of coldness on her pussy and emptiness overwhelming her for a moment and nearly causing her to sob, until it was replaced with the blissful feeling of hot cum dribbling out of her.

This time, her being let down was gentle; unlike her brutal stringing up, Wolfie was gently untied, the gag removed, her lips sweetly kissed. Master removed the blindfold, and pulled her onto the couch after her rough punishment, and squeezed her when she clung to him, whimpering, gasping, and moaning.

Her punishment interrupted their game night, but before they continued, he would take care of her. The way his strong arms squeezed her when her nails dug lightly into his shoulders reminded her; Master would take care of Wolfie.

Struggle Of Wills

Lacey had Kenan right where she wanted him; on her bed, spread eagle with his arms and legs bound by under-the-bed restraints, helpless and blindfolded. His firm musculature exposed for her to see. His hard cock sticking straight up, throbbing very slightly, the tip glistening with a single droplet of precum.

Her boyfriend was usually the dominant one, who took her from behind, got a fistful of her hair and pounded her into a beautiful oblivion. This time, though, she asked if she could tie him down, and after stripping him bare, she did. Mischievously, she found herself licking her lips while watching him teasing the restrains slightly, tugging at them as if to test their strength.

Giving his cheek the gentlest of slaps as she straddled him, she leaned in close and whispered in his ear. “Be a good boy and don’t fight,” she said, biting his earlobe. The hitched breath and soft grunt of lust was all the encouragement she needed to keep teasing him.

Tracing his nails softly down his chest, she admired his form, pressing herself down against him. Pressing his body down against his lap, she felt his firm cock throb against her bare pussy, the feeling of his excitement making her want so badly to take him into her pussy. Instead though, she wanted to tease him. She wanted to make Kenan beg.

Standing momentarily to turn and straddle his face, she pressed her pussy down against his lips while she leaned in close to his cock. Obediently without a word, he leaned in slightly to lick the lips of her vulva, sending little bits of pleasure through her. Lacey let out a soft squeal and giggle as she leaned in and with one hand grasped the base of that beautiful cock, gently stroking it. She let her fingers capture the wetness of his precum, then used it to lubricate him while stroking him slowly.

The feeling of his tongue on her pussy sent pleasure through her. Heat swelled in her body as he pressed his tongue against her clit and began to flick it back and forth hard. Lacey gasped, lust running through her like electricity, her pussy clenching on nothing, body begging for cock. Down girl, she said to herself before she lifted her hips up to pull her pussy out of Kenan’s licking range, before slowly beginning to run her tongue up and down his cock.

She enjoyed his cock throbbing in her mouth and against her tongue. She loved the sweet taste of his precum, and enjoyed the feeling of his cock throbbing. The feeling of him straining lightly against the restraints, trying to reach her pussy filled her with cruel delight, and she intentionally let her hips fall just the smallest amount as she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. That tiny spark of pleasure when he kissed her vulva told her to lift her hips and pull that wet pussy away, and to lower her mouth and deep throat him.

Kenan moaned and squirmed, pushing his hips up to force his cock deeper down her throat until she dug her nails into his thighs viciously and pushed down on him, pulling away to admire the nail grooves she left in his skin and the pulsating, throbbing cock.

“Down, boy. You know better,” she playfully admonished, lowering her hips and pressing her cunt to his face for a brief moment before continuing to suck on his cock. The throbbing in her mouth reminded her of the sensation of it throbbing in her pussy. The way he moaned softly, gave tiny growls, squirmed against his restraints delighted her.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” she asked while pulling away, stroking his hard cock.

“Yes, ma’am,” Kenan said, trying his hardest to remain still.

She swung her leg over his body and then moved to straddle his hips again, pinning his cock against his body, grinding her wet pussy, loving the feeling of him almost sliding into her.

“Then beg for me to fuck you,” she ordered, softly leaning in and wrapping one of her hands around his throat, squeezing lightly.

Kenan just smiled in response though, grinding up against her. “Make me,” he said firmly, even through being choked.

“What did you say?” her voice slightly haughty.

“If you want me to beg,” he started. “Make. Me. Beg.”

Lacey paused, and gave a soft giggle. “If that’s what you want… then maybe, just maybe when you do break you won’t get what you want,” she said, before leaning in and pressing herself firmly against Kenan’s body. It was firm and strong; his cock hard, as it pressed up against her wet pussy. The feeling sent tingles up her as she leaned in and traced her fingers around his nipples, leaning in to bite his shoulder softly. Small gasps escaped his lips and Kenan’s nails dug lightly into his palms.

Pressing against Kenan, she once again wrapped her hand around his neck and bit his shoulder, bit the side of his neck, focused on his body as he writhed and moaned underneath her. Kenan pulled against the restraints, squirming and groaning. His lips lifted up and pushed up against her, his hard cock rubbing against her wet pussy. She barely bit back moans of hunger and lust, pressing herself hard against him.

She choked him harder, sitting up and wrapping both of her hands around his neck, squeezing harder. She saw his face change color lightly and his cock twitch as he pressed it against her pussy. She was interrupted from grinding down against him by him pushing up with his hips, seemingly desperately trying to slide his cock into her. The grinding, the rubbing was getting to her. Her wet pussy was practically dripping. The feeling of his hard body against her soft one was making her pant. Lacey couldn’t help but whimper as Kenan grinded against her.

Finally, she decided that she couldn’t take anymore. Lifting herself up, she reached down, grabbing his cock and rubbing it against the lips of her pussy. She would make him beg. “You want it, don’t you… with just one…little…slip, I could be fucking you. I could be taking this cock and making you cum inside of me…. all you have to do is beg like the good boy that you-”

Lacey found out that under-the-bed restraints don’t have the strongest Velcro. She found this out when Kenan used his strength to free himself, and in a flash, grab her, throw her off of him beside her on the bed face down, and get a fistful of her hair.

Pain shot through her ass, echoing into a warm feeling of bliss when his hand struck her ass with all it’s strength. Another blow to the other side. With his left hand, he kept his fist in her hair, having grabbed it firmly and pulled back hard, forcing her up onto her hands and knees, and with his right, he spanked her again and again

Lacey braced her body as Kenan struck her ass harder and harder. Looking back, she saw him; the blindfold ripped off in the chaos of him overthrowing her, the hunger and berserk lust in his eyes, his dominant strength overwhelming, intoxicating.

“Please-” she said as he spanked her again and her pussy clenched down on nothing, forcing her to cry out. “Please, please fuck me,” she said with a whimper.

“What was that?” he asked, before moving beside her, using his hand in her hair to force her closer and force his cock down her throat.

Lacey was breathless, helpless. With his cock so deep down her throat, she couldn’t breathe. Flailing, she grabbed onto Kenan’s hips and held on for dear life as he fucked her face. Eyes burning with tears, she moaned as her pussy clenched tighter. Whimpering, moaning, cunt throbbing, desperate to be fucked, she tried her hardest to obey, forced down the instincts warning her of lack of air and accepted Kenan’s cock.

When she stopped struggling and started enjoying the cock, Kenan fucked her face. He ruined her makeup, brutalized her, made her moan and love it. She loved the taste of that cock, the feel of it throbbing in her mouth. Even on her knees, her hips grinded at nothing but air.

Then, once she was overwhelmed, feeling half-broken, Kenan ripped the cock from her mouth and forced her head against the bed. Moaning, her hips bucked at nothing as he moved behind her, slapping her already reddened ass.

“Please,” she gasped out with little more than a whimper as she felt the head of his cock rub between the lips of her wet pussy that was pleading to be filled.

One thrust and she got her wish. Lacey nearly screamed as that massive cock filled her up and her body clenched down on it, the sensation of heat ripping through her nearly driving her to orgasm by itself. Rough hands grabbed onto her hips and pulled her back onto that cock.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! Please fuck me, please fuck me harder, please fuck me harder!” Lacey howled like a beast as Kenan pounded her. The hands on her hips were rough, almost violent in their brutality as they forced her back onto him. The way that cock twitched in her excited her more and more. Gasping, whimpering, screaming, Lacey’s head went light and her vision blacked out as her pussy clamped down, climax overtaking her.

As she shook, Kenan kept pounding her, forcing her orgasm higher and higher. Her legs seized up and her body trembled as her orgasm was forced to be longer and longer as he hit that right angle. Helpless to do anything, Lacey abandoned thought and let herself be Kenan’s sex toy; let Kenan force her to have another orgasm just as her first one ended. Voice going hoarse from even that small amount of screaming, Lacey collapsed against the bed.

Her world shook, and she felt the cock harden even more. Whimpering, moaning, gasping, she tried to beg him to cum inside of her but let out nothing but nonsense syllables. Her body begged for her, hips pushing back against him when he pulled her, pussy clamping down on his cock and begging for his cum.

When he came inside of her, thrusts becoming absolutely vicious enough to move the bed underneath them, Lacey tipped over into her third orgasm for the night, squealing as her pussy gushed, spraying Kenan down with her cum as he filled her up. Finally, as his orgasm ended, he punctuated it with one last, brutal, powerful thrust, the feeling of being full truly complete.

The feeling of his cock buried inside of her once he stopped pounding her was almost everything she wanted. The feeling of his lips on the back of her neck running down her spine without him pulling away almost made that complete.

What truly completed that ‘everything’ though was when he roughly pulled her onto her side, spooning her without pulling himself out, before kissing the back of her neck. Lacey murmured and leaned into his kiss, allowing herself to be engulfed in his powerful arms, his scent, and his sweet kisses.

Creamy White Pie

Bianca agreed to be dessert.

Her husband Raphael decided to throw a kinky party for a few people from the local swingers’ club. It was a small affair; just five, or six people. But there was a potluck. A potluck she hadn’t yet been allowed to participate in, because she was going to have leftovers. She didn’t mind it, though; she had a role to fulfill, and she would much rather have leftovers than not fulfill her role.

She had been tied to the massage table they usually kept in the garage. Tied around the waist and just under her breasts, with her arms tied underneath the table, and her legs tied up, bent at the knees and forced apart. Beyond that rope, she wore only a collar, and a pair of panties that kept a vibrating toy in her pussy. She was helpless, unable to do anything, rope holding her pulled-back hair taut, and a pretty purple ball gag in her mouth to keep her from screaming.

“You want to have a go?” Raphy offered one of the guests, a domme who lived a few streets down who looked down at Bianca with a dark smile.

“I would love to,” she said, before striking one of Bianca’s breasts. Pain and pleasure danced together as the slapping sound filled the room and a muffled moan escaped Bianca’s mouth. Her hips tried to buck, but she was helpless, bound and immobilized. The domme gave a soft giggle and slapped her breasts again. Bianca moaned and whimpered, moaning as the feeling mixed with the vibration in her pussy. Closing her eyes, she stopped squirming and focused on the feelings, before a firm hand struck her cheek and caused her to whimper, Raphy’s hand grabbing her chin as he looked sternly down at her.

“Keep your eyes on the woman playing with you, Dessert.” he ordered. She nodded weakly, incapable of moving her head more than a couple centimeters with the feeling of her hair being pulled by rope before focusing back on the domme. Bianca whimpered, grinding on nothing. Every blow reddened the struck breast a little more and made her wish for more sensation. The vibrating toy wasn’t enough to make her cum, but already she wanted to. Bianca locked her eyes on those of the domme, pleading with her expression, whimpering. The woman simply pulled on one of Bianca’s nipples gently and pulled on it, causing the submissive girl to whimper before a slap to that breast made her cry out inside the gag.

Her pussy throbbed and she nearly came just from that, and when the domme did it to the other, Bianca squirmed and writhed and cried out, trying her hardest to keep her eyes open.

“I think the girl needs an orgasm,” she said, before leaning in and flicking one of Bianca’s nipples with her tongue. Bianca’s eyes bulged softly and her back arched involuntarily as she writhed and panted under the gag.

“Hm… It does seem like she needs more than she’s been getting,” Raphy said as he reached between her legs and gently rubbed her wet pussy. His fingers found purchase on the toy and he pushed gently on it. Bianca’s legs tried to clamp together as she felt her heart pounding, blood racing.

“Are you gonna cum, Dessert?” he asked, fingering the toy as Bianca’s breast was licked and sucked. “Are you gonna get the toy nice and juicy and get good and flavorful?” Bianca looked up at Raphy and nodded, whimpering, her eyes pleading. It was her begging to cum, begging for him not to stop.

Raphy pushed the toy gently into her, looking over her as the domme continued to suck one breast, teasing the other with her fingers. Bianca groaned and moaned, body twitching and shaking. She felt her orgasm building, the blood rushing between her legs, the pressure building.

“Stop,” Raphy said as he stopped pushing the toy into her and the Domme stopped sucking her breast. Just before she came, the two of them stopped pleasuring her, and Bianca practically screamed in frustration from being brought to the edge, thrashing helplessly in her bondage.

Raphy slapped her and she looked up at him with tears in her eyes. ‘Pretty Please’, she begged with her eyes, leaning in for a kiss she wouldn’t be able to get while gagged, despite the rope in her hair. He leaned in to kiss her forehead.

“I guess you’ve earned yourself a bit of release… Is everyone ready for Dessert?” he asked, looking around as the crowd – as much as you could call five people a crowd – gathered around, in the affirmative.

Raphy grabbed her panties and – with brutish strength and a violent jerk, ripped them apart along the middle exposing her bare pussy and causing the toy to fall out of her. The lack of sensation as she had grown used to it made Bianca whimper as the cool air graced her soaking wet pussy. She didn’t have time to focus on that; instead, she looked down to see her love undo his pants and expose his cock; hard, throbbing, massive and dripping with precum from teasing her.

He grabbed her thighs and forced his bare cock into her with one graceful motion. Her cry was stifled by the ball gag and suddenly all of the frustration turned into bliss, as her wet pussy clamped down onto his cock like it was a lifeline. He pulled her down onto him hard by pulling her thighs, the motion jerking her so hard she felt the rope pull on her scalp, felt her breasts bounce, and felt her entire body shake from the force of his thrusts.

Bianca cried out and her entire body shook and seized as within four thrusts she came on Raphy’s thick, hard, throbbing cock. She couldn’t do anything other than helplessly accept his brutal poundings as his nails dug into her midsection and pulled her onto him. Bianca screamed on her gag and let out a muffled howl of bliss as her pussy squeezed so hard his cock practically felt as hard as steel.

That impossibly hard cock hit her in the perfect spot with every thrust. Bianca came again and again, as a rush of heat escaped her as she covered Raphy’s thighs with her cum, squirting all over him.

“That’s a good little slut. Good little slut. Cum on me, squirt on me,” he snarled, reaching down and wrapping one hand around her collared neck while he pounded her. Bianca cried out and came again and again, feeling his cock getting harder.

She felt light-headed from being choked. As the blood was cut off, she began to feel slightly numb; not able to think properly, full of fear and excitement. She couldn’t feel any one part of her body, all she felt was pleasure. Pleasure, heat, everywhere. Feeling her consciousness weaken, she succumbed and let herself become nothing more than a fucktoy.

Bianca’s nails dug into her own palms as she felt him pull her harder onto him and felt her pussy fill with that familiar hot, thick, sticky cum. His grunts and growls became a bestial roar as she came in time with him and sprayed his cock with more of her cum, the feeling of more and more of his cum filling her up overwhelming her.

Breath was returned to her. Gasping, even with the gag in, breathing hard through her nose, Bianca shuddered and trembled as she felt Raphy’s cum inside of her; hot, warm, and perfect. Her neck hurt and her side hurt from his nails. Her whole body ached and her pussy tingled. Bianca whimpered and moaned, softly groaning and shuddering, letting her body go limp as she remained restrained.

“And now,” Raphy said, his voice still carrying some of the growl from before, still bestial, despite a clear sound of some tiredness. “Your dessert is ready.”

Bianca only had a few moments to rest, before the domme from before got on her knees, spread Bianca’s pussy with the feeling of long nails gently grazing her vulva, and slid her tongue deep in to enjoy the mix of Bianca and Raphael’s flavors.

The Photoshoot

Grace didn’t always have the best body image, but her boyfriend Liam tried to help. There wasn’t too much he could do very often, but one of the things they did enjoy doing was taking some erotic photography together to share online.

She was shy about it at first; not really thinking anyone would appreciate her body. But after a few photoshoots, she had gotten herself a few fans, and was growing more and more daring. The way they emphasized her wide hips made them seem beautiful and feminine; the way they showed her hands against her boyfriend’s chest made her feel dainty and small.

So before the next photoshoot, Liam had dressed her up. He had found her beautiful black stockings, with garters to hold them up; a pair of lacy black crotchless panties, and an underbust corset which showed off her breasts; and because he didn’t put her in a bra, he covered her nipples with pasties. Finally, the heels she wore were 5 inches tall; definitely enough to help her cover half the height difference between her and Liam, but also enough to barely walk in for her. Liam liked it though; he could be a bit mean from time to time and enjoyed grabbing her hair and knocking her off balance to drag her over his lap.

Grace looked in the mirror as Liam wrapped his arms around her from behind. She gave a weak, nervous smile. She liked the look, but she still felt nervous. “I dunno, Liam,” she said with a soft frown. “I don’t really feel all that hot…” she said. Her makeup was definitely some of the best she’d done; her eyeshadow was perfect, the bright red lipstick contrasted perfectly to her skin. Her hair was pulled straight back into a single braid. She looked perfect, from Liam’s perspective, but she noticed the things he didn’t.

She noticed little imperfections in her skin. She noticed that there was a little bit of muffintop at the bottom of the corset. She noticed that she wasn’t as tiny as she always was. Grace didn’t really like the vision in the mirror by herself.

Liam squeezed her, causing her to nuzzle into his body as he looked at her in the mirror. He saw beauty. “I do think something is missing…” he said, letting her go, before reaching up and grabbing her braid and pulling her down.

Grace let out a startled yelp, squirming and dropping to her knees, incapable of keeping her balance with those heels. Without any warning, Liam pulled roughly on her hair and, in a motion so smooth it was impressive, got his pants down and forced his already hard cock down her throat. Grace gagged and choked on his cock, the breathlessness causing her heart to race as he pulled roughly down on her head before pulling back.

Grace grasped onto Liam’s hips and held on for dear life, her pussy throbbing as he fucked her face. She loved how hard his cock got, how viciously he used it to fuck her. Looking up, the hunger and lust in her eyes reminded her of how wanted she was, and Grace’s pussy throbbed.

Relaxing, giving herself to him, Grace reached down to touch herself. Fingers caressing her bare pussy, Grace felt heat spark through her and moans escape her lips, vibrating on Liam’s cock. The man only fucked her face harder, growling and moaning softly as she felt his cock getting harder and harder. Even relaxing, she could barely breathe; if she breathed at the wrong time his cock kept her from getting any air and instead sent a spike of adrenaline through her, terror and excitement making her pussy throb all the harder.

Her eyes burned with tears as she gagged, whimpering as she tried her hardest to relax her body. She wasn’t sucking his cock, she was being used as a toy, and she loved it.

Knowing that orgasm would come, she rubbed her clit faster and faster. Pleasure spread from between her legs and her thighs tried to clamp together but she forced them to stay apart. Whimpering, moaning, Grace masturbated harder and harder as she felt Liam come closer to orgasm.

“Don’t swallow,” he ordered with a growl. “Don’t you dare fucking swallow,” he said while fucking her face as she forced herself to relax not to choke.

As she felt the heat fill her throat and mouth, the taste of his delicious cum, Grace brought herself completely to orgasm and she let out a howling moan as she shook and trembled, crying out, helpless to do anything but convulse as Liam fucked her face like it was his toy.

After a little more thrusting, Liam pulled his cock from her face and forced her to look up at him, gently slapping one cheek, then the other. “Come on, slut. Spit it out. Cover your tits in my cum so we can show the world what a good little slut you are.”

Without hesitation Grace leaned down and obeyed, letting his cum dribble out of her mouth, the mix of cum and spit running down her chin and covering her breasts.

Without warning, Liam grabbed her hair and pulled up on it. Grace cried out and barely forced herself to stand, scrambling desperately to her feet as her boyfriend turned her around to face the mirror again, putting his arm around her and giving her a gentle squeeze.

Her eyes were bright red and puffy from the tears of being choked on cock. Her hair, now a frayed mess. Eyeliner ran down the side of her face, and there was a mess of lipstick and cum all around her lips. She looked like a well used whore.

“What do you think? Is this better?” Liam asked, and Grace nodded, leaning back against him with a smile.

“This is how I want my pictures taken, Sir,” she said, as he reached up and began to pet her hair gently. “Except…”

“Yes, my kitten?” Liam said when she trailed off, as she gave him a shy, wry smile.

“Will you put my tail in, Sir?” she asked wryly, asking him to insert the kitty tail buttplug that they kept around. The grin on Liam’s face told her everything she needed to know of how wanted she really was.

Claire and the Demon

The world had been changed by the development of a programming language which could alter reality. The development of ‘spellcode’ had ushered in a new world where all sorts of effects could be created with the use of a simple smartphone app. At first, it was a wild west, but five years later, there were regulations.

When for her 30th birthday, Claire was given an illegal app, she almost found herself turning it down, but couldn’t help but keep it. Why was it illegal? The purpose of this one-use app was to summon a very powerful creature made of human thoughts and given sentience and physical form; a ‘demon’, as they were called. This app would summon a demon from the wellspring of emotions inside of her and fulfill a wish of hers’. The demon which would be called wasn’t one that she would know what it was; after all, it would be based off of what she was feeling.

However, about a month after her birthday, she decided she wanted her wish.

Claire had an exhausting day. Tired of dealing with assholes and idiots at the home office, she was tired, frustrated. Exhausted with making decisions and being responsible for others’ fuckups. She just wanted to be able to turn her brain off and enjoy herself and relax. Messing around on her grey, cartoon cat-decorated smartphone, she did her best to concentrate on that idea of wanting to relax. She knew that she would probably summon some weird-as-hell red-skinned butler thing, and after doing so she would wish for a massage.

The weary woman tapped the ‘summon’ button on her phone as she laid back in her sofa, and watched her phone work, before the front screen came to life. The illicit code lit up inside her phone, and drew on her emotions, dug into the wellspring of the collective unconcious, and in a dazzling display of arcane runs and morbid light, her living room was bathed in a dreadful energy.

What stood in front of her wasn’t some inhuman butler or mass of tentacles. What she found was, instead, a man; a man whose body was covered in runic tattoos, with tan skin of a man of mixed race, black and white. He rose from his knees, from where he appeared, showing off his full 6 feet of height, opening his crimson eyes and locking them on the tiny office worker who he would tower over even if she stood. Looking her up and down, the devilish creature couldn’t help but smile and show his fangs as Claire took him in with jaw dropped, before looking down and noticing his bare form, cock there for her eyes to take in.

Claire blushed and looked away, nervously, covering her eyes. The sight of such a man, muscular – but not overly so – nude, tall, towering made her beet red and nervous. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting you to be so…” hot, she thought. “Naked.” she said.

The Demon shrugged and grinned. “That’s the difficulty of the summoning app. It always gives you what you want, never what you expect……Claire.”

The sound of her name caused her eyes to bulge as she looked at him, slightly afraid. She saw those eyes. Hungry. Vicious. Beastial. Suddenly, she felt scared, and excited all at once. “You know my name?”

“When we decide to answer a summons, we know a lot of things. If it’s your wish, I can tell you. But I’m sure you would prefer something more pleasurable?” He responded.

Claire gave it a bit of thought. She did want a massage. Looking at the creatures, she saw how massive those hands were, the taut muscles on his arms. She imagined that, because he was the demon who was summoned, she could get one hell of an illegal massage. That was why she finally decided to press the button, after all.

But what kind of massage would she ask for? There were so many kinds, and the thought of this creature straddling her, his bare body against hers as he caressed her back… Even the thought made her instinctively clamp her thighs together and let them rub together slightly. It was an exciting – and terrifying – thought, having him on top of her.

“Yes,” she replied. “I would.”

“Well then… what is your wish?”

That was the question that, to some small extent, she actually dreaded; Claire had been making decisions all day, been having to yell at men who worked under her but didn’t want to listen to her. To some extent, Claire’s true wish was to not make any fucking decisions. Honestly, part of what took her so long to use the app was because even though she had plenty she wanted, she really was kinda done telling people what to do because she had to do that every damn day, even on the weekends when her half-incompetent weekend support called her up.

“I wish to not have to think. To feel good without thinking,” Claire said, looking up at the Demon, who chuckled and approached her. Without warning, he reached out and grabbed her hair, forcing surprise on her as he pulled up. Part of Claire wanted to scream, but she couldn’t help but just let out a squeak as pain and pleasure mingled in her scalp and she was dragged up to her feet, standing just inches away from this Demonic creature. Even still, he had maybe a foot of height on her.

“That’s a dangerous wish, Claire,” he warned her, reverberating baritone echoing through her body. For a moment, Claire trembled. He pulled back hard on her hair and couldn’t hide his joy when she let out a tiny sound, looking up at him with a bit of hunger.

For her part, she felt her chest pound, her pussy throb. She felt herself getting damp and her knees shaking, ever so slightly. Overriding fear was excitement.

“How about a contest, and a contract?” he asked, giving a grin. “If I can give you pleasure – overwhelming pleasure,” he said, reaching one hand out to stroke her cheek, a gentle feeling as he traced it down the side of her neck, brushing down between her breasts and stopping. “Three times in one hour, you will be my toy? If I can’t, though, instead of giving you one wish before I return to the Collective Unconscious, I give you three? You can even fight, if you want.”

Claire swallowed. She knew the euphemism he was saying. If he could make her orgasm three times she would be a toy? A plaything? The idea terrified her – but also exhilarated her. But if he couldn’t, she got three wishes. Claire… wanted those wishes. A small smile creeped onto her face as she was forced to look up into those smoldering red eyes. Most men she was with couldn’t get her to climax once. A mere hour of being manhandled by this monster would get her three wishes – and although she was thinking of a massage before, three wishes from a demon of this level would be delightful.

With a mix of trepidation and competitiveness, Claire nodded. The sight of the monster’s face twisting into a cruel smile was the signal gun, and with a jerk she pulled away, feeling strands of hair tug from her scalp as she tried to get away from the demon; she only had to hold out for an hour, and she was gonna make him fight to even get a single second.

Claire didn’t go far as the demon grabbed her arm; she tried to jerk it away but he pulled back on her, dragging her body against his. A fist returned to her hair as he sat down, jerking her along with over his lap. “Let go!” she snarled, trying to pull away, trying to get up, but his hand pushed down hard on the back of her head, forcing her down. She tried to pull herself off his lap but he held her down as well with his other hand. Snarling, squirming, struggling, Claire failed to escape the grasp of this monster, and when he lifted up her long skirt, she gasped. A large, powerful hand laid flat and hard against her ass, sending pain through her.

Claire screamed and fought, kept trying to get up off of him but every time she sat up he jerked her head forward, throwing her off balance, forcing her flat across his lap again. Blow after blow came, leaving her screaming and whimpering, snarling and crying out. Her hips bucked unconciously as her body jerked, and Claire whimpered, gasping, growling, moaning.

“Let go you bastard!” she snarled, half-demanding, half-pleading. The demon just grinned at her; he was intended to win this contest. He pulled her hair hard and turned her slightly, forcing her to look at him.

“Do you surrender then? Are you ready to be my toy and abandon your wishes?”

Claire spat at him, and in turn his hand struck her cheek. Dazed, stunned, and aroused, Claire lost her balance as the Demon once again moved her so her ass was up, and with a powerful jerk and twist of his hand tore her panties apart.

Suddenly, Claire felt vulnerable – vulnerable, and aroused. Her wet cunt, exposed to the open air felt a bit of coolness, and as his fingers stroked it, she stiffened up. For a moment, she didn’t resist as long, strong fingers spread the lips of her pussy lightly, dotting her with pleasure as they traced up and down her slit. The way his fingertips touched her clit made her pussy clamp down and her body thank him for the pleasure with a low moan.

Claire remembered where she was and snarled. She squirmed and fought, and tried again to get up, but this time the Demon hoisted her up bodily and threw her down onto her couch. The breath knocked out of her, Claire grabbed at the demon and fought, clamping her thighs together and trying not to let him in. Without mercy, he slipped a hand between her thighs, made a fist, then turned his fist, forcing them apart before prying her thighs apart with both hands.

Claire’s eyes bulged as she looked up and down at the demon before her. His body powerful, muscles like metal cords that gave no quarter and didn’t budge no matter how hard she fought. Sitting up, she pushed against his chest and couldn’t help but admire how taut it was. Heart racing, skin sweating, pussy throbbing, she whimpered and fought desperately as the Demon just waited there, enjoying the sight of her fighting, enjoying her resistance as she weakly, pathetically tried to escape his hands, escape the pleasure his nails in her thighs were forcing on her.

Parting her legs like it was effortless, the Demon crawled on the couch, and she felt the head of that hot, thick, throbbing massive cock against her bare pussy. Without warning, the Demon thrust into her, and Claire’s eyes bulged.

The feeling of having the Demon force his way into her was overwhelming. She was already so wet, so aroused; her body wanted so badly for him to win that as soon as he was inside of her, her cunt clamped around him. Clawing, pushing, trying to get him off, she struggled with all of her strength, but as he towered over her, driving himself into her, the helpless woman moaned, shameless sounds escaping her lips.

“Stop, please, I, fuck,” she gasped as she felt his cock throbbing inside of her. Looking into those devilish eyes, seeing his hunger, she was too weak to pull her thighs away. Her cunt clamped down on him as she felt heat rising higher and higher. The Demon started fucking her shamelessly, soft growls escaping his lips as the sound of their bodies colliding filled her living room. Gasping, whimpering, shuddering and writhing, her hips pressed against his.

Claire tried to hold back. She tried not to cum as she weakly struggled. She tried to escape, but he just kept hold of her legs and ignored her arms. As she gasped, moaned, and trembled, Claire’s eyes watered.

“Stop, stop, oh god, don’t…don’t…!” she screamed as she was helpless to find anything other than her nails digging into his shoulders as her senses were overwhelmed and his massive cock felt even bigger as it clamped down hard on the summoned devil’s cock, covering it in her cum; the throbbing only driving him to growl and laugh and stop just holding her thighs apart but lift her legs up onto his shoulders, grab her thighs and start pulling her back onto him with every thrust.

Helpless, weak, pathetic, all Claire could do was shake as her entire body seized up and trembled and covered the demon violating her with her cum, her first orgasm being pushed even higher and higher.

The feeling of him practically folding her in half made Claire feel tiny. This demon had over a foot of height on her, over 60 pounds on her. The way he pushed her legs up and pushed his cock down into her made small moans escape her lips as her hips pushed back against him. Her nails dug into the couch for a moment, before she tried to pull away.

Grabbing the cushions of the couch, Claire tried to push off, tried to escape the Demon that was fucking her. Her body seemed to refused, drained the strength from her arms as it accepted his cock. The way that he pushed her legs forward a little bit and drove himself deeper into her forced Claire’s chest to raise up, her heart racing.

Letting her thighs go, the demon grabbed the front of her shirt and looked down at her after thrusting one last time, a spike of pleasure nearly tipping her over the edge. Weakly, she grabbed his wrists and tried to pry them off of her shirt. “No, no, stop, please,” she said, desperate to keep him from doing more to her. As his hands pulled her shirt apart, exposing her big, perky breasts and pierced nipples, Claire whimpered. Her hands pulled and jerked and she tried to push away but he grabbed her wrists and pinned her to the couch, leaning over her.

Claire refused to look at him, refused to look into those eyes as she strained, pushed away. She struggled, whimpered, bucked, cried out as he dug his nails into her wrists and fucked her deeper. Claire pushed off with all of her strength as pleasure tore through her.

Claire screamed, but no words came out. Her entire body shook as her pussy clamped down and gushed, soaking the demon that was violating her. Eyes burning with tears, throat unable to make a sound. Weak, pathetic, mewling, Claire weakly pushed off, but gave as much resistance as a mannequin.

The demon pulled himself out of her, and Claire looked at him with eyes clouded by pleasure. Her entire body felt warm. Something inside of her knew that she was in danger, knew that she was about to be used and then turned into a toy, but Claire couldn’t resist. Fighting, struggling, part of her wanted to escape, but if he ordered her to stop struggling she would obey.

So much more of her wanted to obey.

He didn’t order her though. He grabbed her, dragging her by the hair as she grabbed his wrists and struggled almost instinctively around the back of her couch, before he bent her over it.

“Please…” she whimpered hoarsely. Claire didn’t know if she was begging for his cock or begging him to let her go.

The way he reached around and wrapped his arm around her neck from behind while driving himself into her gave her no option though. Claire cried out as she squirmed, trying to kick and struggle with the tiny bit of strength left. Her pussy, no longer obeying her, clamped onto the Demon, it already knowing it’s role as her toy.

Claire tried to fight, but all she could do was moan and say the word ‘please’. She couldn’t fight; her body refused. She couldn’t escape, her body wasn’t strong enough. All she could do was enjoy the way that his cock felt like it got hotter and hotter, harder and harder even. Her hips ground back against his as he growled and pulled his arm around her neck harder and harder.

Claire couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t escape, and the only thing she heard was his infernal growling and the sound of their bodies colliding. His cock felt like it was getting bigger and bigger, before the hard, thick shaft finally exploded and she felt her pussy filled with hot, thick cum.

The feeling of him thrusting into her semen-lubricated pussy made Claire go from moaning to squeaking to screaming. A part of her still resisted, a part of her still fought, tried not to, but even without climaxing, the feeling of his cock filling her up was the best thing, even better than her previous orgasms.

Claire felt like she was in heaven. Her pussy gushed as heat flowed through her body and all sound escaped. Every muscle tensed and relaxed at the same time, and she shook, dousing the Demon in cum while her legs collapsed and she was held up only by the fact that the Demon was holding he up, growling, thrusting into her althroughout his orgasm.

Claire, a middle manager at some talent hiring firm, had lost. With her cunt full of demon cum, breasts exposed, and body forced to cum again and again, she slowly began to collapse onto the ground.

The Demon wrapped his arms around her waist as she fell, and as he pulled her out and left her pussy feeling cold and empty, he pulled her to face him. She stood slack, like a doll with the strings cut, eyes glazed as she looked up at him. Without a word, he leaned in and pressed his lips to hers, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close, and safe.

She was the property of a Demon, of a Monster. But in that kiss, somehow she also knew this Monster would keep her safe.