The Traveler and The Sleeping Wife; An instant in eroticism

The Traveler returned to his home.

He played with her wind. He took her earth. He fed her flame. He danced with her water. And now, when he touched his wife’s cheek, it was no longer cold. Her body held life, her body held energy, though she was asleep.

The Traveler abandoned his cloak, and slowly climbed into bed with his wife, and he pressed his lips to her breast. Though she did not make noise, he felt her stir. He ran his lips all up and down her body. He pressed his lips between her legs, to her pussy, and tasted her sexuality and felt heat, warmth, wetness. He heard a small moan pull itself from her sleeping lips, before he slowly climbed atop her body.

Grabbing his hard cock, he slowly slipped it between the lips of her pussy and began to push into her. Though she slept, as he began to make love to her, her eyes fluttered. As he thrust into her, Her pussy clenched around him and her whole body come to life. As he lifted her legs and began to drive himself deep into her, her body thrust back against his.

Even as she slept, she knew the body of her husband, yearning for his flesh and desire. She ground hard against him, body beckoning him for more. He gave her body what it wished for, thrusting deeper, harder, faster into her as his cock throbbed and pulsed, shuddering, coming ever closer to release.

And as he let out a cry, as he felt himself fill his wife’s body, he felt nails in his back and her chest pressed against hers’ as she screamed in orgasm, shattering the magic sleep which seperated them for so long.


Early Wake Up; An instant in eroticism

I can hear your breath.

I can feel your chest rise and fall with the hand that lay just above your crotch, my other slipped under your neck and onto your bare breast.

I hold you. My arms are your towers. My legs are your moat. On our sides, I hold you, the soft sound of my breath reminding you with every moment that I’m here, and I’m here for you.

Our bodies stick together, just barely, slick and sticky from the exertion of our lovemaking, the feeling of my seed having dried on your thigh and on mine reminding me, with a shudder, as my eyes flutter.

I’m awake, still half an hour before the alarm we set. Half an hour before we need to get up and get ready for work. Slowly, I untangle our legs, pulling my legs from over yours. You whimper and squirm, but I pull the hand on your chest so your back presses tight against mine, and you find comfort in my strength.

One traces down your tummy to your sleeping but wet pussy, running all the way down your leg before I lift it up.

I kiss the back of your neck, and you do not stir. It’s still half an hour before you have to get up.

That said, as I slide into you and awaken you with a moan-drawing rush of surprising pleasure, we both know that one more time making love is worth losing that half-hour of sleep.