Three date rule; an instant of eroticism

He caught her off guard when his lips pressed against hers, as he bid her goodnight at her front door.  A soft moan escaped her lips as she fell back, supporting herself against the wood. Rather than pull away, he pressed in, pushing his lips against hers, his torso against hers, his hands falling to her waist, as if to pull her even closer.
She pushed back.  Pushed her lips against his, flicked her tongue to his lips as she felt his desire, the heat of his body, the taste of his mouth on hers. Pushing her hips into his, she ground hard against him as one of her hands came up, sliding her fingers into his hair, gripping as if to pull him tighter to her.
As their bodies pressed together, their kiss became feverish, wild; she used her lips to tell him that she wanted him, and he grasped her free hand, pinning it to the door, holding her body to the door as his hips pressed against hers. She could feel the heat of his cock emanating from inside his pants, feel the energy that flowed through him with the passion of his kisses, feel safety in the strength of his body against hers.
They broke the kiss after a minute, both gasping for air as their eyes met, looking into each other. To her, he looked primal…animalistic…like he could devour her. To him, she looked lusty, passionate…like she wanted to be pulled inside and taken in a thousand ways.
But despite that bestial desire, he pulled away.  As if unable to break away completely, though, he stopped and slowly leaned in to give her a very small kiss on the lips, lingering for the briefest of moments. This one was softer, filled with affection, the hunger of the first kiss being purposely restrained, if only for the moment.
“Goodnight,” he said, finally pulling completely away, depriving her of the feeling of his weight atop her and his hard cock pressing to her core. She wanted to pull him inside, but she would be breaking her own rule. He saw that look in her eyes, and gave a playful grin.
“Hey…your rules, not mine,” he said, leaning in to give her another kiss on the neck, sending a quake of lust through her body. “Two more dates, and then…”
“And then you’re going to fuck me as hard as you want?”, she asked, almost pleading. He just smiled.

Hesitant Fox

So, this was to be a scene from a novel idea I had that I’m still toying with, but I don’t know if I’m going to finish and release.  Regardless, I feel sorta bad about not posting anything for a few days, so I tidied it up, and here you go.


My entire body tensed up as Joshua began to prepare his rope. His brow was furrowed in intense concentration as I stood, shifting.

I’m nervous.

Terrified and excited. Impatient and calm. I wanted to run away, and I wanted to remain rooted to the ground. But where would I run? Joshua’s piercing eyes meet mind. “Do you want to run away?” he asks, looking me square in the eyes.

Even through my mask, he can see deep into my very being, see what a scared little rabbit I felt like instead of the unflappable vixen I was trying to show him. “A little,” I responded in a voice that was far smaller than expected, and he gave a small, wry smile.

“Are you going to run away?”

That was the question, wasn’t it? Not if I wanted to run, but if I would run. Gathering myself, I stood as tall as my shaky legs would let me. “No.” My voice was still small, but rather than the voice of a terrified rabbit, it was the voice of a hesitating but brave fox.

“Good girl,” he praised as a beastial grin washed over his features.  That grin reminded me that despite his gentle demeanor, Joshua is a beast on the inside.  As if I could forget. “Now. Take off your clothes,” he ordered, and within an instant I went rigid with fright and nerves.

I looked around. The club was full of people having their own scenes, sitting on the couch talking, getting refreshments, and in one corner, having sex. “Remember,” I said, looking Joshua square in the eye as I slowly peeled myself out of my dress. His eyes trailed down without shame, admiring my body, hungering for my flesh. I couldn’t help but have a little, wry smile behind my mask as I reached behind my back, undoing the bra that held my breasts and hid them from the hungry animal that was about to tie me up. “No removing my mask, and no fucking me tonight,” I finished.

“No fucking you tonight,” he repeated, giving that a thought. An odd expression of contemplation flickered across his face, before the face of the man preparing to bind me flashed with an evil smile.

I almost ran away just then, rather than take my panties off.


Joshua’s hands are graceful and adept. In an instant, I feel the soft but firm compression of rope around my chest, and my head feels like it’s floating. He slips the ropes under and over my breasts, never giving them a squeeze or feeling them while focusing on binding my body. His focus is admirable, but something inside me feels neglected, longs for the beastly feeling of his eyes on me and his desire for my flesh.

A growl from behind me in my ear conveyed all of those feelings of lust, of desire, of barely-restrained passion. I nearly turn to face him, but his strong hand forced my face forward through a grip on my hair, sending a surge of pain through my scalp that transformed itself into pleasure. 

After letting out a tiny moan, I grinned behind my mask and turn to face him again, but he just jerked my face forward a second time. The third time, though, he pulled back hard on my hair.  Our eyes met, and my grin faded as his coy smile was mixed with annoyance.

“If you’re going to be a brat, I won’t tie you up,” he warned threateningly.

I growl. Bastard. You’re supposed to force me into it. You’re supposed to spank me and make me cry and whimper until I stop moving, then tie me up. That’s how it’s supposed to work.
After my head is forced back up, I hear his whispered voice in my ear. “Don’t forget which one of us is in control here.”

I almost snarled back, but I stop. If I did that then he wouldn’t tie me up and I needed to be tied up! How dare he…


He outmaneuvered me. Completely and utterly. I demanded force and violence, but he instead defeated me through the strength of his mind.  The realization left me confused, nervous, and soaking wet between my legs. I underestimated Joshua, and I may have just been out of my depth. So why did I want to dive even further, no matter how dark and terrifying the waters proved themselves to be?

His ministrations continued, and slowly my head began to feel like it was swimming as my body was bound. Desire burned between my legs as my body was wrapped in more and more rope. “Okay, now we’re going to put you in the air, Fox,” he warned “You ready?” Amusement flashes onto his face when I nod.

My arms were behind my back. I could still move quite a bit, but I running away wasn’t an option. I was already tied to the ceiling, even if my feet were on the ground. I didn’t want to run away anymore, anyways. My fear was gone, and every time it threatened to return, it was replaced by the sound of Joshua’s voice. I wanted this.

The feeling of being lifted into the air, supported mostly by the weight of rope on my torso was surreal, new, intense and exciting. I could feel the beat of my life traced in lines all across my skin under the rope. The feeling of the pressure running in lines was blissful, pulling the tiniest of moans from my lips.

“How is it? Are you comfortable?”

I nodded.

A moment passed, and I felt a sting against my ass as he strikes me. A sting which scattered into a mix of pain, pleasure, and a cloudy feeling which just filled my head with even more lightness – lightness and joy; it was like floating and swimming all at once. “I want to spank you twenty times. Can you take it?”

“Yes.” To please Joshua, I would let him spank me a thousand times.

Blow after blow rained down, and each time more pain runs through me more intense than the last time, as does bliss. With each blow I felt his desire, his hunger, and his primal need tearing through me, filling my body.  With every single blow, I felt my pussy burn hotter and grow wetter than ever, pulsing, longing to feel him fill me with that desire.

When he stopped, I nearly cried. I wanted more!  I wanted more than this pain! I wanted to feel him inside of me while he spanks me.  I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted him to hurt me, I wanted him to fill me. “Please…” I whispered.

“Please what? More spankings?”

“Please…!” The thought of asking for sex made my cheeks burn in shame and embarrassment.  I was always taught that good girls don’t ask to be fucked like wild animals, so I couldn’t say more.  After waiting for me to ask for something specific for a moment, I felt his hand on my ass again. He spanked me harder and harder, pulling the sounds from heaven and hell out of my lips.

“Please!” I begged harder, and he stopped.

“Oh? That’s not what you wanted?” he asked, moving around to the front of me, wearing the same evil smile he wore before, but this time I wasn’t afraid. I wanted this man’s evil, I wanted his good, I wished for him to fuck me whether he was a god or a devil. “How about this?” he asked me before leaning in to kiss me on the forehead of my mask.

“Please…” I tried to speak, but it my voice was the lustful moans of a bitch in heat. “Take it off and kiss me,” I begged, before he looked at me funny, shaking his head. His lips met the lips of my mask, but they wouldn’t touch my own.

“You told me that I’m not allowed to take your mask off before we started,” he told me. I whimpered and kick my legs, struggling and thrashing, trying to get my hands free, trying to take the damn mask off so he could fucking kiss me properly!

Strong hands held me in place in the air, binding even my struggles. Soft lips ran down my neck, down my collarbone, skipping the rope and leading him to plant his lips on my breasts, but not my nipples.

He wouldn’t kiss my nipples, even though that’s what I wanted, what I was howling and practically begging for.  His lips trailed further down. Each kiss leaves a trace of heat and pleasure and passion as he explored my skin with his lips. Down to my hips. Onto my legs.

Strong hands pried my legs apart.

The tip of his tongue ran up my leg, up my thigh.  It didn’t take him long to find the cooling trail of juice dribbling down my thigh, and as he let out an approving moan, I felt the tip of that hot tongue run up along the river of my juice. I nearly came just from feeling his tongue so close to my pussy as she pulsed and throbs, screaming at me that she needs this man inside of her, and she needed him right now!

“Please!” I moaned. I couldn’t say anything else anymore.  I tried to scream for him to eat me out, to lick me, but I couldn’t even find the words.

His tongue trailed up my thigh before jumping over to the other thigh, sending the same needing feeling through me as I barely bite back a scream. I felt him pull away, and as I looked down, I could see that his eyes were focused on mine as his hands held strong onto my hips. I was dripping wet. Take me, I wanted to beg as he leaned in to kiss my pussy.

An instant before he did so, he stopped, so very close that I could feel his breath on my vulva.

“Wait,” he said with a pause, looking up at me. “If I eat you out, that’s oral sex, isn’t it?” he asked. Who cares?! Please, release me from this torment! “We agreed on no sex,” he mentioned with a frown that was a little too theatrical. No, no, we can have sex, I tried to say to him but the words only came out as moaning and groaning. Really, fuck me, fuck me!

“I guess we can’t go back on that this time,” he said with a shrug, standing up and standing over me.

“Please…!” I cry. It’s so hard to say. It’s so hard to ask for. I couldn’t ask for it, I was scared, I don’t want to be a slut, I want to be a good girl, but I needed to say it, I needed to have it! “Please, fuck me!”

Joshua tries to frown, but the corners of his mouth are giving that same cruel, evil smile they had when he started, showing the truth behind that fake expression of disappointment. “I can’t. It’d be breaking consent.  It isn’t what we agreed to.”

“Please, please,” I practically am screaming as I’m struggling. “Take me, please,” I’m begging, pleading, sobbing, trying to hump the air as Joshua’s cruel grin became as plain as day.

“I can’t,” he said with a shrug. His gaze was impassive, as if it didn’t bother him either way. Didn’t he want to fuck me? Didn’t he think I was beautiful?  Couldn’t he see how wet and dropping and sopping I was?!  I was consenting!  I was begging!

I couldn’t stop begging him to fuck me, and I couldn’t stop humping the air, no matter how badly I tried to hold still.

“Alright, I think… that may be enough,” he said over my lustful sobbing, seemingly surprised with how intensely I was begging to be taken. “I’m going to let you down, now.”

As he lowered me, my feelings of lust mixed with feelings of disappointment, of being unwanted. He wouldn’t take me. Even if I begged, he wouldn’t fuck me. I didn’t understand. I had never met a man who found me attractive who wouldn’t fuck me if I begged them hard enough.  I’d never met a man who didn’t at least find me attractive to put his dick in me if I asked, even if he didn’t really care about me.

As soon as my feet touched the ground, I wobbled a little. And when the rope no longer supported my weight my body slumped.

My eyes closed and the world went dark as the ground rose to meet me.

I stopped. My body stopped falling, and it felt like strong, herculean arms were wrapped around me.

A body, hard yet lithe held me. Arms kept me from falling. A cock as hard as a steel beam pressed against my thigh, barely contained by thin fabric. When I opened my eyes and allowed them to focus, it was Joshua.

Joshua’s strong arms. Joshua’s concerned eyes. Joshua’s steel beam of a cock. One arm held my weight as another worked on the rope. Even with one arm, he supported me without the slightest hint of strain.

Joshua helped me stand.

Joshua undid the rope around me.

Without letting me go, he grabbed a sheet and wrapped me up to cover me, pressing his body against mine as he walked me over to one couch off to the side.  He pulled me into his lap, letting me feel exactly how hard his cock was; so hard I could feel every beat of his heart in the blood that flowed through it, even though the fabric of his jeans and the sheet that wrapped me up.  Just how much willpower did this man have to not fuck me with a cock this violently hard?

His arms held me close, and pulled me into his scent.  In my bliss, I gazed up at this man’s eyes, and wanted more, I wanted him to see me, I didn’t want this mask separating us anymore.

I wanted him to kiss me.  A real, lips-to-lips kiss between a man and a woman, not a man and a plastic protective cover.  I wanted it more than anything in the world other than that pulsing mass of steel-made-flesh under my tender butt to fill one of my holes, or maybe all of them in turn.

His hand reached up and grabbed mine before I could pull the mask from my face. “Not tonight,” he whispered in my ear, kissing my earlobe afterwards.  His hand fell on the back of my head which gently pulled me in closer, to which I obliged by pressing my head to his chest and letting his entire self wrap me up.

Wrapped in a sheet and in his muscles, in a world consisting of nothing but Joshua, I felt safe enough to doze off as my crotch against him, knowing that this man wouldn’t take me against my will, no matter how beautiful he found me.


Tell me that you’re gorgeous

“Tell me that you’re gorgeous.”


As she lay on her side, one leg lifted to make it easy for me to see my cock driving into her pussy, her curves quaked as our bodies collided. Small ripples ran along the skin of her breasts as each impact drove her body to shake and filled her with more beauty. Her eyes, holding a hazel hue that heralded harmony to my whole held closed. That pale skin, dotted with freckles, contrasted with my own darker skin, the only mark of where her body ended and mine began.


Her eyes opened as she looked up at me, staring into my eyes after my order. Her body resonated with mine and her breath was broken with sounds of lust, sounds of passion, sounds that drove me to pull up on her strong leg and spread her pussy so I could fuck her deeper. As she turned her head to bite into my pillow, muffling the screams that rose from her chest, I demanded that she acknowledge what I’d known from the very instant I laid my eyes on her.


“Tell me that you’re gorgeous!”


Sounds of pleasure broke free from her luscious lips as she briefly opened her eyes once more to meet the ferocity of my gaze, the sheer desire which overwhelmed my senses. Meeting her eyes only made me pull harder, putting my hands on her lower back and on her belly, digging my fingers in and use it as a handle to bring us all the closer, to fill her more deeply than I ever had.


“I can’t,” she whispered as her eyes met mine and her body trembled, her mind resisting the command; resisting and straining against the concept that was as clear to me as the blue of the sky, the wetness of the ocean, the rapturous feeling of her body wrapped around mine, and the brilliance of her kisses.


“Tell me that you’re gorgeous!” I demanded again as her body squeezed me, throbbed around me, filled me with a pleasure which was beautiful in and of itself, even disregarding the sight before me. Not that disregarding such a sight was possible.


“I can’t say something I don’t believe,” she said, looking into my eyes and smiling. There was the tiniest bit of sadness mixed with that pleasure, a wish that she could say the words I demanded. The smallest hint of an apology for being incapable of fulfilling my demand. It was a smile that was filled with the honest bliss of the joy that our coming together brought, but also tinted with a hint of pain of wishing that she could believe those words, but couldn’t bring herself to.


I kissed her. I kissed those beautiful lips and sucked on that delicious tongue. I drove myself into that amazing feeling and that intense warmth and moaned into that welcoming mouth. I held down that feminine body and filled it with my strength and shook the world around us.



You can’t say those words to me because you don’t believe them? Alright. I’ll take some time and make you believe them. If what you’ve been told is that you aren’t astonishing and breathtaking, I’ll make sure to teach you the truth and blow away the lies.

Thank You For Giving Me What’s Mine

“I can’t breathe…”

I know it’s a lie. I know you can breathe just fine as I look at you, grabbing you by the scalp and pulling back, grinning as you scream, bending down to your knees and look at me, trembling. Lips the color of blood, your body held tight in a corset the shade of rose-pedals, beautiful blue-green eyes filled with fear, excitement, confusion.

You want to run away and you want to stop. You shudder as you look at me before I slap you, causing you to look away as I release your hair.

“Stand up,” I say as you slowly raise yourself. Your breath is hitched, quick. I look down at you.

The rose-colored corset is almost tied. I pull the laces tighter as you let out a soft yelp, quivering as I tie the laces before stepping back to take a look at you, smiling at your beauty.

Clipped near the top of the single braid of your long, auburn hair is a rose whose white pedals have been dyed black. Your slender, pale neck has a heavy, black, locked collar which you can’t remove without a key.

Your curves show beautifully, from your large bust that calls for lips and a tongue, to your waist, held in tight by your garb. Leading down to thick, wide, gorgeous, feminine hips, down to a pair of panties without the crotch, the lips of your labia spreading out from the slit like the pedals of a flower. From your corset come a pair of garters which trail down your beautiful, strong thighs to a pair of thigh-high socks, striped in black and red, leading all the way down to your shining, black heels.

I smile, brushing your hair as you look at me, quivering.

“How is your new corset?” I ask, looking at you as you shiver at my gaze. I can tell you’re nervous, but you also bloom at my attention. Just looking at you can tell me how your heart races.

“Your doll…” you swallow, gathering your courage. “Your doll thanks you for dressing it up,” you say.

I approach you, slipping a hand behind you, bending you down. You yelp slightly, losing your balance. Your body shakes under me, but you do not fall. I will not let you fall. I have you, and I support your weight with one hand, and I lean in, giving you a kiss on the forehead. “Good girl,” I say, before I lift you back onto your feet, circling around you.

You can hear nothing for a moment. You try to glance back. “Don’t turn,” calls my voice. You face forward, swallowing, feeling the weight of my collar on your neck as your heart races.

Before an instant passes, you feel soft blows to the back of your calves and drop to your knees with only a whimper, facing downwards. “Good girl,” I say. You feel my hand on your head, patting you in praise.

Your arms are jerked back, and suddenly you feel rope begin to slip around your wrists. When you try to turn back to see what I’m doing, your entire world is shaken as my open hand strikes your cheek, sending your world into a startled spiral.

Your head goes numb as you feel your arms bound, and your head is jerked back by your hair. You shake your head, whimper. “Please,” you whisper in lustful desperation. I don’t know if you’re begging me to please stop or please keep going, and neither do you as I slip the braid of your hair into the rope that binds your hands, forcing you to keep your back arched, to keep your head back or to suffer. Grabbing you by the rope that binds your hands I force you to stand or tear your own hair out as you whimper, shuddering.

“Please,” you whisper. For mercy, or for more? You won’t say. You can’t say because you’re asking for both. The scared little girl in you wants to run away. The strong woman inside of you wants to be pleasured sexually. The animal wants to be taken and fucked and filled.

When I bend you over my bed and you squirm, I growl, slapping you on the thighs. “Spread,” I say.

You shift, clenching your thighs tight for a minute as you fight yourself, before spreading them. You feel a pause, before suddenly an electrical feeling of pleasure comes through you as you feel me kiss your pussy.

“Aaa…” you moan as I begin to lick the inside of your cunt, as I wrap my tongue in your taste. Before long I stop licking the inside of your pussy and begin to tease your clit with just the tip of my tongue as you moan.

“Please…” you say, quivering. I know you’re afraid of oral, you’re afraid you don’t taste good, but again you don’t want me to stop. You can’t want me to stop. You shudder and squirm, trying to look back farther for a moment before letting out a yelp as you feel your own scalp cry out in punishment for trying to move your head.

“Oh gods… Oh gods,” You feel my finger slip deep into your pussy as my tongue licks your clit, as the nerves your sexual organs send messages of pleasure, of heat, energy and light running all through your body. You pant hard, your thoughts going numb. You want it. You want more.

You want to feel yourself full of hot, sticky cum, and you grind hard against my finger, moaning.

“That’s it,” I say, moaning as I lick your clit, feeling your pussy spasm and tighten around my finger. “You know what I want,” you hear me say.

I want your cum, is what my voice in your head says, you know the message I’m telling you. Your body clenches, spasming, as your breath is caught in the corset and in your throat and you open your mouth to scream while your pussy explodes, tightening and soaking my finger and my face.

No sound comes out as you scream silently, breathlessly, your head going light as your vision fades, leaving only desire and animal lust.

Your entire body, all of your senses are numb before you feel flesh, hot and pulsing slide into your exposed pussy, sliding between the lips of your labia and you let out a groan and a cry as your still shuddering pussy clenches around my cock desperately while you feel my hands on your shoulders, my nails digging into your flesh.

“Oh god,” you mumble as your pussy begins to pulse even harder, clench even tighter against my bare flesh, as the room is filled with our flesh colliding. You can’t breathe, choked by the tight corset, by the tight collar, by the pleasure that runs through you as your head feels light. My nails in your shoulders only pull you harder onto me.

You try to struggle with your hands, try to grab something for mercy, but there is no mercy. You can’t escape, you can’t even hold on or push away as your nails dig into their opposite hand and you let out more and more cries as your pussy clenches me like a vice, as more explosions of pleasure rip through you, as your body glistens with sweat and your cum lubricates and soaks me.

“Yes, that’s it, cum all over my cock. That’s right,” I growl and command. Not that I need to command. I just need to fuck you senseless, and you’re already almost senseless, helpless and loving every moment. The little girl that wants to run has been silenced, as has the strong woman who wants to be pleasured.

All you are now is an animal, being taken violently, roughly, and completely dominated by her mate as he pounds away inside of you, and fills you up.

Yes, yes, please, yes, is what you want to say, but you can’t. You can’t even make any words as you struggle. Bound. Underneath me. Feeling my cock grow hotter, harder, as I pound you harder and faster, as your heart in your chest aches and beats and

Your pussy suddenly feels so much more full and you let out a scream as I fill you with cum. I drive myself harder, faster, more viciously into your flesh I fill your pussy to the very brim with hot, sticky, white seed as you let out a scream, your body clenching tight, squeezing and milking me without asking you if you want it.

Because you do.

Every part of you wants this right now.

You don’t know how long it lasts. Your senses fade in and out, but after a few minutes, or maybe hours, or maybe days, or maybe months, or maybe years, you feel my hands wrapped around you. My torso resting on your back, or rather on your hands, your hair pulled from the bondage but your hands still bound behind your back as I cuddle up to you, my cock still filling you, still holding my cum inside of you without letting it escape.

We remain that way, nearly breathless and bent over my bed for longer than you can contemplate before I start grinding inside of you again.

Just that is enough to make your sated desire stir and shudder, and I feel you grind back against me. Slowly, I stand up and reach down, beginning to undo the rope binding your hands before pulling them up, pulling you up into a standing position while I start beginning to thrust rather than merely grinding.

Your pussy is full, wet, soaked, and tired, but it twitches, sending a feeling of both sore contentment and desire, of wanting, wanting even more seed if I can give it to you.

You want it all. Your body wants all my seed, and I can feel it from the way you squeeze me, trying to milk me for more.

So I thrust inside of you, more and more while taking your hands, wrapping my fingers in you as I pound you. While I fuck you, and use you, and while your body takes from me.

Our bodies know. Our bodies know, and our instincts know that you belong to me, that you are my toy, but at the same time, my seed is yours. My cum, my genes belong to you, and they belong to your body, and your body knows what to do with it as you stand up and begin to grind into me, pressing your hips and ass into me, using me to support your weight as your legs are exhausted, sore from cumming and your balance is weakened by the heels.

Holding your hands up, forcing you to stand straight, I hold your hands as if I were a tender, sweeter lover as I continue to fuck you, pulling some of our cum out of you and splattering it all over your ass and my thighs, covering us in our own juices, covering us in sweat and semen and all sorts of other symbols of our rough, violent, animal lust and love.

You turn back while I take you from behind, and our lips meet. Our lips meet and our breath crosses, mixes, twirls as your lips pull eachother in and press against eachother, our tongues teasing and twirling. I keep fucking you, keep pounding you, my tired cock wanting more and more from your body, wanting more from the body that belongs to me.

Before long, I push you down again, but lift your legs, pulling you onto the bed, taking you from behind. My hands dig into your hips, fingertips gripping hard, almost violently as I use your curves as a handle, pulling your ass back into me as you let out another cry.

This rough treatment sends desire through you as you feel the beast that I’ve become, letting your body do exactly as it desires, squeezing my cock and as it throbs inside of you. It’s exhaustion fades as you feel me throbbing and pulsing harder and harder, building up more and more heat in your body. But you want more. So in desperation you reach down, beginning to finger your own clit, fingering yourself.

You feel pleasure run through you which spikes every time I take you to the hilt, every time your soft fingers stroke your nub, spikes of desire and pleasure completely overwhelming your mind.

You cum, covering me in more of your juices.

You cum again, exploding all over me, clenching my cock and forcing it to become even harder and hotter in your pussy.

You cum again, demanding my flesh for even more of my seed, demanding that I give it all to you and demanding that I fuck you harder.

So when you feel my hands gripping you harder, hard enough to bruise and I begin to fuck you with reckless abandon like a sex toy, you scream, you let out a cry, ripping through the breathless silence and overtaking the violent sounds of our bodies slamming eachother as you feel my body tighten and hear me growling in your ear.

When you feel me explode inside of you again, send another surge of semen running through you, you let out a scream. Your world goes white. There is no breath, no air, only this feeling of me filling you up, this feeling of me leaving absolute heat and a piece of myself inside of you as your body goes numb.

You’re overwhelmed. All of your senses go white as you begin to sob in joy, rapture, desire, in every emotion as your mind is completely consumed by the satisfaction of a beast which got everything that it wanted, your head falling forward.

“Ahhhnnn…” you let out a moan as my hands grasp yours softly, gently, and our fingers interlace themselves and you groan, your tired pussy still squeezing my cock as I rest inside of you, drape myself over you and protect you.

Feeling the warmth of my cum, you try to make a sound. “Nnn…” you can’t make even a single syllable, but I know what you said.

Thank you, Master, for giving me your seed. Thank you for giving me what is mine.

Brittle, Strong, and Sweet

Avalon let out a scream. Her nails dug into Julius’ back as an orgasm stronger than any she had ever experienced ripped through her, the sound of her voice tearing apart the night and overcoming even the sound of her lover’s powerful, violent thrusts driving into her sore pussy as his orgasm shook his body and made his cock twitch and pulse violently inside of her just seconds after she reached climax.

As he buried himself to the hilt inside of her, they both panted, their breath synchronized as her head and all of her senses filled with light. Their bodies felt right. They felt wonderful together, feeling his cock pulsing inside of her. Leaning up, she met his lips and they kissed.

One minute and discarded condom later, he spooned her, his large, muscular arms wrapped around her tiny frame as they cuddled into eachother, their sweaty and sticky bodies clinging to eachother.

As her postcoital bliss faded, though, her entire body felt numb. The feeling of her sweat cooling made her shudder as he embraced her tiny figure tighter, causing her to shudder and pull away, climbing out of bed.

To his credit, Julius just rolled over and snored as she crawled out of bed.

Promise me you’ll have fun, she remembered Tonya’s voice echoing in her head, trying to reassure herself, but her own doubts ripped through her mind. Tonya. Her closest friend, and more importantly at this moment, Julius’ wife. She tried to focus on her best friend’s words, but her own voice, whispering Homewrecker kept replacing the encouragement.

Slowly, she moved to the kitchen. She would have moved faster, but Julius was a terribly aggressive lover, and her body reacted so vicerally that she ached and her legs quivered. Even thinking about the aching made her pussy spasm and start self-lubricating again, and made her legs wobble even harder.

Thanks to Avalon’s growing mix of shame and arousal, the distracted young woman bumped into Tonya as she prepared herself some coffee.

“Hey, watch where-” Tonya looked up and saw the tears and the terror in Avalon’s eyes. “Oh, honey, what’s wrong?” she asked, reaching up and stroking her closest friend’s cheek, ignoring that her other hand was horribly scalded when Avalon bumped her.


They moved to the balcony, after Tonya nursed her hand and poured them some coffee.

“Talk to me,” Tonya said after a few moments passed, taking a puff from her electronic cigarette. Avalon didn’t say anything in the past few minutes, the small girl just trembling and holding her coffee.

“…I’m sorry,” she said, looking up. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get in the way of your marriage I just always really, really,” Avalon tried to speak up but the look in Tonya’s eyes was one she didn’t expect at all.


“You always really liked Julius?” She asked as the wind softly danced with her hair. Avalon nodded. “That’s why I asked you to go on a date with him, and said you could fuck him,” Tonya continued as Avalon looked away, thankful for the darkness hiding her beet-red cheeks.

Why did Tonya have to use such crass words? Why not ‘have sex’ or some…gentler…euphemism?

Avalon and Tonya talked about it for months before Avalon’s first date with Julius, and the smaller, more nervous girl was always asking if things were really okay but Tonya insisted they were.

Now that Avalon had fu-…had sex with Tonya’s husband she was expecting anger or a cold shoulder. Not the same compassionate, tender, loving friend that Tonya had always been. Seeing Tonya act like it wasn’t even a thing was…

Unreal. At the thought of it, she sipped her coffee meaningfully.

“Avalon, quit shaming yourself. I’m happy that you two enjoyed yourself. I’m sure my boyfriend will be happy to hear that Julius is dating again after Teresa,” Tonya said and got covered in Avalon’s surprise spit of coffee.

“Your boyfriend?!” The young woman’s eyes were as wide as apples.

“Julius has been moping for the last few months and hasn’t been interested in dating,” Tonya said with a sigh.

“You have a boyfriend?” Avalon was shocked.

“I honestly like you a lot better than I ever liked Teresa.”

“You have a boyfriend?!” Avalon was a broken record.

“Yes, Avalon. I have a boyfriend and he runs the roleplaying game Julius goes to every Thursday,” Tonya said with some annoyance.

Avalon’s mind was numb, but at least her guilt was fading. So she sipped her coffee. “So there isn’t anything wrong with you two,” she said before Tonya touched her hand.

“No. There isn’t. We’re stable and happy, and we have an open marriage. It’s better this way, anyways,” Tonya said with a smile.

Avalon had only one question. Two, actually. “Why? How?”

“We’ve never had work schedules that aligned perfectly,” she said. “I… need a lot of sex,” she said with a playful smile. “And he was too tired most of the week. It was hell. It was tearing us apart. So one day he suggested I get myself a boyfriend, and…” Tonya’s eyes seemed distant as she let out a small smile and giggle. “Well, here we are,” she said, before standing and stretching. “Are you going to be okay?”

Avalon looked at her coffee. She had so many emotions. A little envy, a little jealousy, but also… curiousity. Curiousity and excitement. Her heart was racing, the beating in her chest drowning out most of the negative, drawing the mixture far towards positive.

“Yes, I will be,” she said. “If it’s okay with you… I think I would like to keep dating Julius,” she said, and Tonya beamed a little.

“Good,” Tonya said, finishing her coffee and flipping her electric nic-fix off before stretching. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to the couch,” she said, causing Avalon to give her best friend a horrified look.

“Oh, no no, I can’t take your bed from you… let me sleep on the couch, please,” she said.

Tonya frowned a little. She wanted to let Avalon have her first night with Julius as a night with him. Then a lightbulb went off and a mischevious smile came to her head.

“Why don’t we both go?” She offered. Avalon considered the idea for a few moments and nodded, giving a soft smile before standing… and falling back down.

“I… can you help me,” Avalon said with embarassment. She could barely walk. Tonya understood and came to the younger girl’s side.

“You can tell him to be gentle if you want, you know,” Tonya teased as Avalon’s pale cheeks flared again.

“I… didn’t want him to be gentle.”


Avalon left the bed where her lover, wrapped his arms around her in fear, shame, and confusion.

But now, snuggled between the woman she considered a big sister and her new lover… maybe even her new boyfriend (the thought making her heart skip a joyous beat), wrapped in two strong but gentle pairs of arms, she felt no fear. She felt no shame. There was some confusion, but that confusion was nothing. It was nothing compared to the love of Tonya’s arms, the passion of Julius’ arms, and the safety of their embrace.

And heck, that was worth a little bit of confusion.


When Kathy got a text message asking her to come to Brian’s house the next day in her nice lingerie cause there was going to be a special surprise, she rose an eyebrow.

She always wore sexy panties underneath when she was going to see him, but that he would specifically request it?  Odd.  But okay.

So when she headed over, she made sure to wear her tallest heels, her favorite thigh-highs, her sexiest lacy red crotchless panties, and a red bra that dipped quite low and pressed her breasts together a little, giving her quite a bit of cleavage.

If Brian was going to give her a special treat, she was going to give him something to look at.

She wondered what was going on, anyways.

When she arrived at Brian’s house, she used the key he gave her and headed in, looking around.  The house was pretty-well lit.  “Brian?” She called out.

“I’m in the library!” She heard him call out and headed to the library, where her older lover was wearing a simple silk robe and reading a book on sex positions.  With a small grin, she stood in the doorway.  “Why Brian, I don’t really see any surprises.  If I came here in my best underwear just so I could read a book with you, then-”

“Oh, that isn’t the surprise,” she heard a farmiliar voice from behind her, turning around.  Instantly, soft lips were pressed to hers, hands finding themselves on her hips.  She let out a soft shudder as the taste of Ethan’s minty kiss enveloped her and leaned back into it, before pulling back softly to look at her younger lover, dressed in a similar silk robe to Brian.

“Ethan, what are you doing here?” She asked before she felt another body slip behind hers’, press lips to her ear, to her neck, send a shiver down her spine.

“Oh, you see,” Brian started.

“Your surprise,” Ethan continued.

“Is both of us tonight,” they said together.

“How long did you two have to practice to get that right?” Kathy asked sarcastically.  For her trouble, Ethan kissed her roughly and swallowed up the yelp as Brian pinched her ass.

From there, they took command.  She didn’t resist, she didn’t want to resist as Ethan pinned her hands above her head and leaned in and kissed her on the neck.  Pleasure and a tickling feeling ran up her body while at the same time Brian undid her pants, exposing her panties.

While Ethan forced her to stand tall, Brian spread her thighs and kissed her pussy through the crotchless lips.  Surprise came over her as she looked at her lovers.  Ethan just grinned as Kathy let out a surprised moan while Brian began to kiss and suckle at the lips of her pussy, his hands stroking and tracing her thighs with finger touches and soft nailscratches.

Together they held her up as Brian teased her with his lips.  She shuddered and looked away with a little embarassment as moans escaped her lips.  Her legs buckled a bit, but whenever they weakened, Brian’s grip grew strong and Ethan’s grew tight and held her up.

“It’s too intense,” she said with a moan as Ethan bit into her earlobe and sucked on it, before removing his hands from hers.  Brian’s ministrations moved to her thigh and he began to kiss and lick and nibble her thighs, barely flicking the tip of his tongue against her vulva once in a while as Ethan pulled off her shirt and pulled her breasts from her bra, beginning to suck on her left nipple.

That almost knocked her down.  One hand placed itself on Ethan’s head, running fingers through his hair and the other fell on Brian’s.  Ethan kneaded her other breast with one hand as Brian teased her.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, running her nails along Brian’s neck.  They kept teasing her with their mouths though.  “Fuck me,” she whimpered, her knees readying themselves to buckle until Ethan’s hands reached her hips and pressed them to the wall of the library, holding her up.  “Fuck me,” she begged as Brian’s tongue flicked against her clit and one of his fingers slid between the lips of her vulva, teasing her entrance.  “Please, fuck me,” she pleaded, sounding like she was about to cry, feeling her pussy throbbing, burning, aching to be pounded.

“Is it time?” Brian asked before suckling on her clit, causing her to moan and double over Ethan a little bit.

Ethan pulled back, looking at their shared lover.  Her eyes glassy and lustful, her body quivering, her skin flushed with need.  “I think we can start,” he said, pulling back.

Brian told her he loved her by squeezing her hand.

Ethan told her he loved her by interlacing his fingers with hers’.

She told them she loved them by squeezing Ethan’s hand and interlacing her fingers with Brian’s, as they held her hands, taking her to Brian’s room.

As they walked, she found her bra had come undone by the agile fingers of… she didn’t know, but she didn’t care.  Taking her hands back for a moment she slid the bra off and left it on the floor.  Before they took her hands back, they each leaned in to steal a kiss from her nipples.

When they reached Brian’s room, Kathy stopped.  “Wait,” she said, taking her hand from Ethan and pinning Brian to the doorframe, pressing a hard, passionate kiss onto him, moaning as she tasted her own taste, the thought reminding her of Brian’s ministrations to her clit.

Pulling away, she gave him a serious look.  “I’m not going to bed with you without getting a real kiss tonight,” she told him.  It was one of her little rules.  Before she could say anything, she felt a spike of pain through her scalp which burned as pleasure as Ethan grabbed her by the hair and threw her on the bed stomach down.

She tried to sit up, but Ethan pushed her head into the bed and opened his robe slightly, gently brushing the head of his cock against the lips of her pussy, instantly drenching them and making them throb.  “Yes, fuck me, please!” She shouted, muffled through the bed as she felt Ethan teasing her, taunting her with his hard cock.

Brian joined in again after Ethan moved his hand, grabbing her by the hair and uncerimoniously slapped her mouth with his cock before trying to push it into her lips.  Playfully she shook her head.  “No,” she said, but it was a tease, a challenge, a way of sayingy Make me, a game she’d played with Brian often enough.

So he pinched her nose and shoved his cock into her mouth as soon as she opened it to breathe.  Then because she wouldn’t take control of the blowjob, he fucked her face aggressively.  Moaning and squirming, whimpering, her pussy twitched and throbbed.  She tried to push back against Brian’s thighs as his cock nearly choked her, but the moment she touched them, she felt Ethan penetrate her from behind, and she screamed on Brian’s cock.

She had to use her hands to stay held up, or Brian would hold her up by her hair.  She had to brace herself, or Ethan would break her, roughly grabbing her by the hips and pulling her back as he thrusted into her.  Her pussy squeezed Ethan, her entire body and mind filling with pleasure as she came almost instantly, gripping Ethan’s cock like a vice as her scream of pleasure vibrated on Brian’s.

Her orgasm only made them grow more aggressive.  Brian’s cock choked her, making breath difficult, making her mind white out a little bit as Ethan’s slammed itself harder and harder into her.  She couldn’t actively feel anything as her body starved for air, but her growing numbness was filled with a warmth and an overwhelming rapturous feeling which nearly broke her.

And it kept growing as her orgasms came before the last one ended, then before the last two ended.

Before she passed out, Brian pulled out of her mouth and she instantly collapsed from her hands, coughing loudly, moaning and shuddering when Ethan pulled out, before she fell on her hands.

She felt so empty.  With them inside of her, she felt full, but now she felt empty, physically.  That is, until an aftershock ripped over her and she let out another orgasmic cry.

“Oh god,” she sobbed.  “Oh gods… oh gods…” her eyes barely focused.  She vaguely noticed as Brian put a full-length mirror on the wall in front of her so she could see herself.  Makeup fucked up.  Hair a mess.  Spit and precum dribbling from her face.  She barely made note of it as Ethan pulled off her crotchless panties.

She looked like a fucktoy.

She felt like a fucktoy.

She wanted to be a fucktoy as long as she got played with a lot, and she was very, very happy that Ethan and Brian were boys that played nice together and shared their toys.

Slowly, Ethan moved her.  Brian laid down and they put her on top of him facing the mirror.  Embarassment – and arousal at the image – both hit her, but Ethan grabbed her head and forced her to look at the mirror.  She closed her eyes and Brian slapped her face.

“Watch this and engrave it in your memory,” Ethan ordered as Brian grabbed his cock and rubbed it against her pussy as Ethan held her up by a couple inches.  Brian found the angle and Ethan pushed her down, sliding her onto Brian and pulling a pleasured cry from her.

She didn’t feel empty anymore as she leaned forward and instantly Brian’s lips were at her nipple, sucking on it as she moaned and gasped as he ground up against her.

Whimpering and shuddering, her entire body tensed as she felt a cold feeling on her ass. Ethan was pouring lube onto and a little bit into her. A tingling and sparkling feeling of confusing and head-numbing pleasure ran through her as he lubricated her by fingering her ass, pushing her forward and onto Brian’s cock.

“What are you…” she tried to say, her mind slightly numb.

Ethan grabbed her fucked up mess of hair and forced her to face straight up at the mirror while he grabbed his cock with the other hand.

Slowly, he penetrated her ass. She didn’t make a sound, all of them caught in her throat as his lubricated cock penetrated her.

She could feel them both. They were so huge when they were both inside of her. It was unbearably tight but she wouldn’t be able to bear it if they stopped. She couldn’t bear it if Brian stopped grinding and pushing his hips up. She couldn’t bear it if Ethan’s uncharacteristically gentle thrusts just stopped. If she couldn’t feel them both rubbing at her inner walls.

“Oh gods, oh gods, ohh, ohh,” she began grunting and growling, losing the power to speak as Ethan began to fuck her harder, put his hands on her hips. As Brian sucked her nipples and thrust upwards into her.

Before she realized, an orgasm ripped through her. Filled her and gushed out of her, completely soaking Brian’s cock and both of their thighs in cum as even her ass twitched and squeezed. She screamed in silence as her lovers pounded her, the experience too intense, too wild, too much, and just enough.

She felt their bodies tense. She felt Brian’s cock pulse and throb. She growled, grunted, screamed, trying to beg, trying to make words happen as his breath grew hitched. But there were no words. She wanted to beg for it, beg for him to cum, but no words came, so she used her pussy, clenched him, demanded it with her body.

“Oh god, I:..” he thrust up and suddenly everything felt a little more right in the universe as she felt his seemingly gigantic cock seem to get even bigger as it filled her pussy up with hot, warm cum, forcing her to orgasm again and push back against Ethan as Brian’s body collapsed onto the bed.

Brian lay there, his still hard cock filling her as Ethan fucked her ass, gave her a different pleasure and forced her body down onto Brian’s, hitting wild spots in her pussy while filling her ass up. Her younger lover’s hard cock twitched and pulsed in her body, begging for release, demanding release, before he pulled back on her hips and began to slam her violently again.

If she hadn’t been warmed up it would have hurt, but her screams that could not be words yet meant “Yes” told him to keep going, to fuck her harder, to-

Pound her in the rhythm of his orgasm, every thust slamming her with enough force it could be heard in other rooms, enough force to make her scream as she once again covered Brian with any more of her cum. Five, six, seven, eight violent thrusts until his hips relaxed, until he was spent, until he was hunched over her, breathing hard.

The three of them were spent. A few beautiful moments passed, their bodies entwined, Brian and Ethan’s cocks both pulsing inside of her at their own rhythms which didn’t quite match the rhythm of her heart.

For a moment, though, for a few brief beats, all their heartbeats matched.

“…I can’t breathe…” Brian said.

Enough time for the trio to take showers (Well, for Ethan to shower and for Brian to take a shower and pull Kathy in with him since she couldn’t stand on her own) to pass. Kathy lay on the couch in Brian’s living room, wrapped up with him with her eyes closed as a movie played in the background.

Wrapping himself in a robe, Ethan smiled at the two. “Well, I should head home. You two enjoy your evening,” he said. Brian smiled back, but the smile had a bit of a sorry-to-see-you-go vibe. “Alright. See you soon?” Brian asked, to which Ethan nodded.

Ethan leaned in to give Kathy a kiss goodbye, but she grabbed him by the hair and with a surprising show of strength for someone in her half-lucid mind, dragged him onto the couch.

Brian smiled and nodded. Ethan seemed confused… but he just pulled Kathy up so she could lean against both of them.

Ethan stayed the night.

What I see and what you see

After a shower, in the mirror, we stand, together.

No clothes. Your body to mine, my arms around you.

You see a face with wrinkles and signs of age.
I see a beautiful face that wears experience.

You see a chubby body which could lose weight.
I see a gorgeous, curvy, feminine form.

You see a short woman who is nothing like the tall models of magazines.
I see a lady who fits just right in my arms.

And when I squeeze your body and pull you close, when you feel my skin against yours, my warm skin against yours, feel my growing erection pressed against your ass, you look again.

Then you see a beautiful face that wears experience.
Then you see a gorgeous, curvy, feminine form.
Then you see a lady who fits just right in my arms.