A Lost Cup

For a long time, Samantha wanted to lose weight. Although she had many admirers who considered her beautiful, friends who admired her hips and ass, and a boyfriend who only grinned when he saw her breasts, she didn’t really feel satisfied. She had an image she wanted, even though Jake, said boyfriend, only frowned when she mentioned losing weight.
Coming home from work one day, though, Jake noticed her moping on the couch. Her tall and lean but muscular lover frowned whenever he saw her in despair, so he sighed. While she stared at the TV in front of you her eyes dead, listless, she was roused from her gloom by a large thump of papers in front of her. Shaken from her thoughts, she saw a rather thick diet book. For a moment, it cut through her; now even Jake thought she was fa-
“You know,” he said, sitting on the couch next to her, one leg crossed over the other, a grin on his face. “I don’t think you need to lose weight,” he said, causing her rage to stop building. “But if it’ll make you happy, I’m in a relationship with you,” he said, leaning in and pressing his lips softly to hers. “Not these,” he said before grabbing her large breasts and giving them a soft squeeze, lightly running his thumb over where one of the nipples was.
An electric spark of desire ran through her body, a squeak rising from her lips as she shuddered. She tried to glare, but it was half grin. “But Jake, I’m always going to be busty,” she said before leaning in to kiss him… and having her hair jerked to the side so Jake could bite down on her neck. She let out a moan, her entire body tensing as her toes curled and he began to play with one of her nipples, even through her blouse and bra. No fair that he could always find them.

Months passed.
Diets passed.
Frusturation mounted. Three pounds down. Three pounds up. Ten pounds down. Twelve pounds up. Nothing seemed to work.
Jake simply shrugged and remained supportive. He didn’t try to get her to stop, nor did he particularly speak words of encouragement. He just listened when she needed to speak. Held her when she cried. Occasionally when she got into too big a rant he cut her off by dropping her to the ground and filling her mouth with his cock.
Five pounds down. Ten pounds down. Another five. Another ten. Bit by bit, the big, beautiful, curvy Samantha of 250 pounds… remained beautiful and curvy, and still large, but certainly smaller. Most people said she looked better. Jake just smiled and said he was proud of her, and told her that she was beautiful.
Ten more pounds down. Five more.
One day over dinner she asked if she looked more sexy, he only gave a coy smile and said “You’re more confident. That’s very sexy.”
Clothes were replaced. Lingerie was replaced. She was happy.
Except for one small, tiny thing.
Her breasts, previously humongus and one are of pride were… Well, they were still really damn big. But less so. After her shower, she pouted as one of her old bras just didn’t fit; when her body shrunk in ways she wanted, her breasts just weren’t as huge. Squeezing them and examining them from various angles in the bathroom mirror, she couldn’t help but frown.
Was it vain to miss being able to count on being the bustiest person in the room? Yes, but everyone was allowed a little vanity.
Facing the mirror, she took in a sigh and a frown as she saw Jake approach her from behind, slipping his hands around her and placing them on her breasts. She inhaled sharply, expecting him to touch her on the nipples like he usually did.
But this time his fingers stayed wide, avoiding her aereola and gave a soft squeeze. “What’s the matter, hun?” he asked in his usual dopey tone as he began to massage her breasts. A little bit of heat rose through her as she inhaled.
“N-nothing,” she said and was rewarded with the pain of a bite on her neck.
“Liar,” he said in a tone which held no anger but threatened punishment. She fidgetted as his fingers lightly ran their nails into the flesh of her bosoms.
“I just noticed my breasts getting smaller,” she said. It was like he had prophesized, and she felt disappointed and embarassed. He didn’t say a thing, he just kissed her on the neck as she tilted her head to stretch it and expose more area to kisses.
“Yeah,” he said, running one of his nails in a circle around her aereola, causing her heart to race. Just touch them, dammit! she thought as she slowly grow more anxiously aroused, feeling the blood pumping in her heart and between her thighs. Her frusturation began to fall away, but she clung to it for some spiteful reason.
“You were right,” she said as he let her breasts go, and felt his hands grasp her hips and turn her around.
“I know,” he said, looking her in the eyes with the same dopey grin, his nails tracing up and down her sides before he leaned in, looking up at her as he slowly let his tongue come out and come closer to her right nipple. She inhaled deeply. Her heart raced in her chest. She wanted to grab his hair and push him in, but she knew what would follow that would be punishment. And Jake liked punishing her.
Slowly, he brought his tongue closer before pulling it in his mouth and blowing on her nipple. She let out a yelp as hot air ran a spike of desire through her and her thighs clenched together. She stomped on the ground a little bit, hands resting on her boyfriend’s shoulders as he blew on the other nipple and then began to fondle them, grope them.
He kissed her breasts above the aereola, suckling on the wide flesh and making it clear there was plenty of surface area for him to touch, kiss, scratch. Her hands slipped around his neck and fingers interlaced themselves in his curly hair for support as she tried to hold onto her frusturation.
She tried to lament that her breasts were getting smaller, but Jake was happily making both his admiration of them and the area he had to admire clear. And he wasn’t even pressing the instant win button of her nipples the way he often did! She wished he would, though.
“A-ahh,” she moaned as he sucked on her underbreast, feeling her pussy clench. “Jake,” she moaned his name. “Jake, Jake,” she said before whining. “Please, Jake, kiss my nipples. Please, please, please sir,” she moaned, becoming vocal as he ignored her request and kept teasing them. Nails on the underbreasts, lips on the side. Teethmarks that would fade quickly surrounded her nipples but never touched them. Her knees went weak and she found herself holding tighter to him for support.
When one of his fingernails lightly scratched against her aereola she screamed and clenched, holding tight to her lover as he suddenly sucked on one nipple while squeezing the other.
She screamed as Jake sucked on her nipple and she clung to him like he was a liferaft, moans escaping her lips as he squeezed the other nipple, twisting just slightly and applying a little bit of pleasure as her pussy burned for more.
Within an instant, he had her bent over the bathroom counter. Just moments later pain and pleasure united inside her as he clamped both of her nipples, putting the long cord that connected them behind her and putting it between his teeth and tugging, sending spikes of pleasure. Then she came for a second time the moment he pulled back hard on it with his mouth while penetrating her.
Jake fucked her mercilessly. He pounded her pussy like it was everything she needed in order to stay alive. He pulled back on her hips while she watched the body she worked so hard to achieve get fucked like an animal and watched her still large breasts swing and sway. She came all over his cock many times, clamping down on it like a vice, only making the normally dopey-smiled man grow more and more primal and ferocious, jerking back on her hips to pull her onto his cock as he filled her up with it and jerked back on the cord. Every time he pulled back, he pulled back with his whole body. Her nipples sent spikes of joy through her, then her cunt was filled to the bottom with his flesh. Lust and warmth came from all over her body and consumed her mind.
She felt his cock twitching and pulsing, harder and harder. She felt him feeling close, and she awaited his release. She wanted to be filled with his cum.
Before she was, though, she felt him pull out, leaving her pussy feeling empty before he grabbed her hair and threw her down. Grabbing her by the hair and forcing her to her knees, after ripping her nipple clamps off roughly he thrust his cock into her mouth and began to throatfuck her. Hard, fast, violent, she felt his cock twitch as she got ready.
“Don’t swallow,” he ordered. “Don’t fucking swallow,” he growled before he pulled thrust into her mouth for one last time before she tasted him, tasted the salty and sweet flavor of his semen and came one more time from just the taste. Though her pussy was empty it twitched just like he had been fucking it and her scream vibrated his cock and made it pulse even harder, shoot even thicker cum into her mouth.
“Don’t swallow,” he ordered, so she didn’t swallow, just letting his delicious cum mix with her saliva. “Look down and open your mouth,” She obeyed his command, without spitting letting his thick cum dribble out of her mouth, down her chin. She shuddered, feeling it’s warmth run down her neck and her chest, run down her breasts. She shuddered as the stream touched her abused right nipple.
“Look up,” he ordered and she looked up, seeing their favorite camera. Her pussy pulsed at the sight of it if not the thought; right now she was incapable of thinking. A few picturesnaps and he put his hand on her head and let her lean into his leg and moan softly before he knelt down and picked her up, carrying her to bed without effort for aftercare. She could take another shower later.

The next day, she had to admit that she had gained an appreciation for her old body that she didn’t have before learning that losing weight meant losing a cup size. But she also had an appreciation for her new body; she gained it through hard work and she was proud of it. Jake could pick her up more easily. And even one cup down, the wallpaper on her phone, showing her with disheavaled hair, a look of lust in her eyes and cum dribbling out of her mouth, and huge tits covered in semen, bite marks, and clamp marks told her that her breasts were still hot and she could be proud of every part of her body.

Keep Balance; An instant in eroticism

“Here I go!” I let out with a shout, popping my skateboard up onto the rail and sliding down the long stairway in the park.

For a moment, everyone was impressed.  You were impressed.  My friends were impressed.  I was impressed with myself.

A single miscorrection and sickening crunch later, I was impressed with the level of pain I was in.

“Man, you really messed up…” You teased, smiling at me in your lingerie.  “Shut up,” I said without conviction, looking up and down at your pierced and tattooed body.  It was going to be our date night, but with my broken leg and arms…

“Well, if you want me to shut up, I should just fill my mouth,” you said coyly, undoing my pants and slipping your mouth around my cock.  I let out a moan, shuddering as it hardens in your mouth.  I want to press you down harder, but with my arms immobilized you tease me viciously for seconds that feel like minutes, minutes that feel like hours…

I don’t even notice as you slip off the lingerie and climb on top of me, careful to not touch my bad leg even as you press your hot pussy to my flesh, a grin on your face.  Normally I would be on top, fucking you, but…

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” you say, grabbing my cock and flicking it against your flick before lifting your hips and slowly lowering yourself on me, watching my face and hearing me moan as I feel your wet, hot, tight flesh…

Then you pull off of me, grinning.  “Oh no, I’m going to play with you for a while longer…” you say, an animalistic hunger in your eyes as my beautiful torment begins.

Deep Hesitation; An instant in eroticism

“Are you sure?” you ask.

“Yes.” I’m quivering with nervousness and excitement. I’ve never done this… My blood is racing; I definitely feel it in my own cock. I lower to my knees, gazing up at you. Your hand rests on my head as I undo your pants.

There’s a bit of fear, but I lean in, pressing my lips to your half-flaccid cock, watching it pulse.

I begin to kiss, run my tongue along it, having never done this in my life. It slowly hardens until it stands erect. My chest is an echo chamber, sending my heart’s vibrations through my body.

Slowly, I slide the head into my mouth and moan. It’s decadent. My mind says this is wrong, but my body and my heart say this is more right than anything I’ve ever put in my mouth.

I slide my mouth deeper around your cock, filling it up. The feeling is surreal but exciting, so I keep going. Deeper, and deeper, and deepe-

Suddenly, I can’t breathe. Too deep. Quickly I pull out, coughing and looking away, I clutching my chest, my face burning with humiliation as a line of precum and saliva dribble from my lip.

I can’t look at you. I’m ashamed that I couldn’t hold on, couldn’t take you deeper.

But you grab me by the chin and make me look up at you. My eyes meet yours. Your kind eyes. “It’s okay. Here… Let me show you,” you say, urging me to rise as you drop to your knees.

You undo my pants and place your lips to my cock, giving it a kiss, looking up. Your stubble tickles a little, but I like it. “Watch, and I’ll show you how to take it,” you say before slipping my cock down your throat.

Don’t tease me too long; An instant in eroticism

All through the night you’ve teased me, with feathers and soft bits of cloth. Kisses all over my flesh, nails running down my thighs. Even as you began to suck my cock, you kept pulling away, shaking your finger at me before kissing the head. Over and over again, every time I come close to cumming, every time my lust reaches it’s peak you pull away, giving me a smile and shaking your head.

For the fifth time you pull your lips from my cock, giving it some of your hot, soft breath before pulling away to do something else, to tease me even further and drive me even more mad.

Of course you stop when I grab a fistfull of your hair.

Your shock is only momentary, giving you time to let out a yelp before I’m pushing your face back down onto me as you struggle feebly, using your hair as a handle and beginning to pump your head up and down, face-fucking you, using you as a toy. Passionate, lustful moans escape your lips as I buck up hard, violently fucking your throat as my cock pulses and throbs harder. You try to pull away, but you really don’t want to, moaning loudly from this rough treatment as my sex twitches and throbs harder and harder…

Until I cum, groaning and pushing your head down as far as I can and thrusting my hips upwards, shooting my hot, warm seed deep down your throat, holding you there through the rising and falling waves of my orgasm before letting you go.

Slowly, you pull your mouth off of me and smile. “Thank you, Master,” you say in unmasked satisfaction.

Our game; An instant in eroticism

Ours is a clash of souls, willpower, skill, and Xbox controllers. I lead with Chun-Li, you with Ryu. Smirks flash across our eyes, and the battle begins. You fall, and swear, but off comes your shirt. I give you the coyest of smiles. The tempo is set, the rhythm has begun, and my heart races like it’s filled with fire, under my heaving bosom.


One by one, our clashes end with one victor, and one piece of clothing being shed.


In three battles, I’m distracted by your bare chest.


But by the fifth battle, the sight of my ample breasts has your cock hard, and your falls even harder.


By the seventh battle, only four things remain.


A pair of too-tight boxers that don’t hide a goddamn thing

A white piece of string which only counts as panties on a tax form.

And two unyielding souls which refuse to be beaten.


But every battle has a winner, and every story has a loser.


And when I win, I grab you by the curly hair and shove your face in my pussy so fast that you don’t even have time to take a breath. And you obey. Your tongue slides along the lips, between them, as you suck and lick and nibble me, as my hand pulls you harder and harder between my legs, even as you squirm.


I moan, reveling in my victory, letting waves of pleasure run up and down my spine just as you do that thing with your tongue where you run it up and down my slit.


I like winning.

Suck me before you go; An instant of eroticism


She hadn’t been expecting him to grab her hair as she climbed out of bed.


His hand ran through her hair, gripping it as he pulled her down onto his cock. The sounds of her pleasure and surprise were muffled, unable to escape as his flesh held them in her mouth, only the softest and slightest moans escaping her.


At first she struggled, gagged, choked from the sudden assault, but before long they fell into a rhythm, as her mouth squeezed and sucked and pleasured his flesh, and her own sex grew wet from the feeling of him pulsing in her mouth.


As the pulsing grew and grew, she sucked harder, before a surge of heat ran through his body and he gripped her head, pulling hard onto it, driving his cock deep into her mouth as hot, sticky juice flooded her mouth.


But she did not swallow.


As he pulled out, nothing happened before she opened her mouth. Afterward, slowly white, sticky, vibrant cum that had mixed with her saliva began to dribble from her chin. It dribbled down her chin before dripping and falling right onto her breasts, a shiver as slowly her left nipple became covered in sticky cum.


Normally, after climaxing his body would have relaxed. But this time, seeing the image, his lover covered in his fluid, he did not relax, weaken, or soften. Instead, he reached down, and with her moans to egg him on, he rubbed his cum into her breasts like lotion.


Then his strong hands picked her up and placed her on the bed. His soft lips kissed her soaked pussy to draw out a single convulsion, before he moved above her and slid his body deep into hers’.

Succubus, Incubus; An instant of eroticism.

Your heel struck me before I knew what to do. My back felt cold ground, wind escaped my lungs, and the sting of a heel pressed into my throat. Even swallowing made it’s presence more oppressive as slowly, it was pulled away. I could only gaze upwards, hands bound and pressed against my helpless back as you lowered yourself on my face.


My world went dark as all I could see was darkness, all I could smell was the sweet scent of your sex, all I could taste was the nectar of your sex, paralyzed and forced by your will, your weight, and my instinct. All I heard was a dull moan, and the feeling of your weight was distracted by the feeling of your lips, wrapped around me.


And as you sucked on my flesh, the pressure grew, my body pulsed, and your sex throbbed in my mouth, like an apple with a heartbeat that I feasted on with my tongue, daring not to use my teeth. The tension grew more and more, and my apple grew juicier, and small pains lanced through my hips as nails dug in, giving me a command.


At that command, I came, you drank me just like a succubus would, moaning, and writhing, and reaching your own peak.


And at that peak, I drank you just like an incubus would.