My biggest lament as a dominant

As someone who leans heavy towards domination, I have one thing which is a huge lament. The one weakness of being a D-type.

I feel really tended to and appreciated when I’m cooked for… but I like cooking for other people I like so I don’t call on s-types in my life to cook for me.




A belated introduction

Many blogs start with an introduction. Mine did start with something of an introduction, but the prodding of a lovely muse drove me to burn with a desire to get some of my art out there and not waste writing introductions. Art now, window dressing later.

Well, I have some art uploaded, I have my next IoE written and ready to be uploaded tomorrow morning, and I’ve got some windows just waiting and cooing in the bedroom for me to tart up.

My name (for the purposes of this blog) is Elijah. Among other talents, I’m a Seattle-based writer looking to make my name known and eventually, with any luck, become a published professional author of fine tales of romance, of passion, of lust, and of smut. Among other things to be an author of.

I live a polyamorous lifestyle, believing in limiting neither myself or my partners, and while that will not be obvious in all of my writing. There will be tales of couples who are connected in a way in which they desire no other man or woman, and there will also be tales of men and women with multiple lovers. I have no interest in cheating, so I will not write a tale of adultery, however I may write one of cuckoldry; I’m not interested in doing so at the moment, but I will not close myself off to it.

I am also somewhat involved in the local BDSM community, less so than I have been in the past, but increasingly so once again. I identify as a dominant-switch, and this will be reflected in my writing; there will be many dominant, aggressive, assertive men who take command of their lovers.

Of course when the stars align, the moon is in the right position and all my solar mirrors are properly focused I have been known to switch and become a submissive. This side of me is also reflected in my writing, as is my love and affection for my domme friends, regardless of where their riding crops land and whose ass they’re humbling with embarrassing Hello Kitty panties.

Every day, Monday through Sunday, rain, sleet, shine, or rainsleetshine I will be uploading a new Instant of Eroticism, a very short tale meant to whet the appetite and lend a spark awaken to desire in the mornings. Once a week, at a point which is currently undecided but will likely be Fridays, I will release a longer tale, of which the content, length, and timing of it’s upload shall be decided primarily based on wind direction, a dart board, and whim.

Of course, that’s not to say that I won’t weave more than one decently sized yarn every week, but if I do, that too is up to whim. But rather than adding in wind direction and a dart board to my decision making methods there I think I’ll use a deck of cards and the discounts in the cheese aisle of the grocery to help me choose how many tales I’ll post a week.

Feel free and comment to introduce yourself if you so like. I take emails at, and I’m interested in taking requests for stories and Instants based on specific themes or words.

The Realm of Crimson Desire

Flame.  Passion.  Desire.  Sexuality.  Blood.

All words that can be associated with crimson.  The hot red color that burns inside of us, that represents our basest wants and our hottest desires.

My name is Elijah W. Bradley.  I’m a simple man.  I’m a writer with desires, with passions, whose lusts and whose lascivious desires burn as hot as the sun, who seeks to both sate and fan the flames in his chest by bringing them to pen and paper, to share with the world the fantasies which drive me onward, day by day.

Here you will find my writing.  My fantasies and my fiction.  It is my wish that I may entertain you, that I may inspire you, that I may educate you and in my stories I can be a muse and fan your flames, that you may find the pleasure and the release of lust in all of your own lives.

So welcome to my realm.  It is dark and it is light.  It is wicked and it is divine.  It is an expression of the animal inside me, and because of that it is an expression of my humanity.