Order a Sweet Apple

Avalon’s heart raced nervously as she noticed all the beautiful servers in their resturaunt.


Julius had become her lover, yes. She had something that few other women had, but… few, not ‘only her’. Her eyes fell on a woman with more beautiful curves, a larger chest.

“Hey, Avalon…?”

She knew that Julius liked her for more than just physical appearances, but how much? When would she-

Suddenly her face was grabbed, turned, and lips pressed against hers. Julius’ kiss that tasted of oranges and of mint entranced her, bound her senses. After a moment of shock, she kissed back before he pulled away slowly, reaching out and grasping her hand.

She smiled.

Even if Julius wasn’t monogamous with her, that kiss carried warmth, affection. One day it might even evolve into love.

“Are you ready to order, Avalon?” he teased, before she looked at their own server who she had been ignoring for half a minute in the middle of her own thoughts.

“Oh! I would like to have the…”


Brittle, Strong, and Sweet

Avalon let out a scream. Her nails dug into Julius’ back as an orgasm stronger than any she had ever experienced ripped through her, the sound of her voice tearing apart the night and overcoming even the sound of her lover’s powerful, violent thrusts driving into her sore pussy as his orgasm shook his body and made his cock twitch and pulse violently inside of her just seconds after she reached climax.

As he buried himself to the hilt inside of her, they both panted, their breath synchronized as her head and all of her senses filled with light. Their bodies felt right. They felt wonderful together, feeling his cock pulsing inside of her. Leaning up, she met his lips and they kissed.

One minute and discarded condom later, he spooned her, his large, muscular arms wrapped around her tiny frame as they cuddled into eachother, their sweaty and sticky bodies clinging to eachother.

As her postcoital bliss faded, though, her entire body felt numb. The feeling of her sweat cooling made her shudder as he embraced her tiny figure tighter, causing her to shudder and pull away, climbing out of bed.

To his credit, Julius just rolled over and snored as she crawled out of bed.

Promise me you’ll have fun, she remembered Tonya’s voice echoing in her head, trying to reassure herself, but her own doubts ripped through her mind. Tonya. Her closest friend, and more importantly at this moment, Julius’ wife. She tried to focus on her best friend’s words, but her own voice, whispering Homewrecker kept replacing the encouragement.

Slowly, she moved to the kitchen. She would have moved faster, but Julius was a terribly aggressive lover, and her body reacted so vicerally that she ached and her legs quivered. Even thinking about the aching made her pussy spasm and start self-lubricating again, and made her legs wobble even harder.

Thanks to Avalon’s growing mix of shame and arousal, the distracted young woman bumped into Tonya as she prepared herself some coffee.

“Hey, watch where-” Tonya looked up and saw the tears and the terror in Avalon’s eyes. “Oh, honey, what’s wrong?” she asked, reaching up and stroking her closest friend’s cheek, ignoring that her other hand was horribly scalded when Avalon bumped her.


They moved to the balcony, after Tonya nursed her hand and poured them some coffee.

“Talk to me,” Tonya said after a few moments passed, taking a puff from her electronic cigarette. Avalon didn’t say anything in the past few minutes, the small girl just trembling and holding her coffee.

“…I’m sorry,” she said, looking up. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get in the way of your marriage I just always really, really,” Avalon tried to speak up but the look in Tonya’s eyes was one she didn’t expect at all.


“You always really liked Julius?” She asked as the wind softly danced with her hair. Avalon nodded. “That’s why I asked you to go on a date with him, and said you could fuck him,” Tonya continued as Avalon looked away, thankful for the darkness hiding her beet-red cheeks.

Why did Tonya have to use such crass words? Why not ‘have sex’ or some…gentler…euphemism?

Avalon and Tonya talked about it for months before Avalon’s first date with Julius, and the smaller, more nervous girl was always asking if things were really okay but Tonya insisted they were.

Now that Avalon had fu-…had sex with Tonya’s husband she was expecting anger or a cold shoulder. Not the same compassionate, tender, loving friend that Tonya had always been. Seeing Tonya act like it wasn’t even a thing was…

Unreal. At the thought of it, she sipped her coffee meaningfully.

“Avalon, quit shaming yourself. I’m happy that you two enjoyed yourself. I’m sure my boyfriend will be happy to hear that Julius is dating again after Teresa,” Tonya said and got covered in Avalon’s surprise spit of coffee.

“Your boyfriend?!” The young woman’s eyes were as wide as apples.

“Julius has been moping for the last few months and hasn’t been interested in dating,” Tonya said with a sigh.

“You have a boyfriend?” Avalon was shocked.

“I honestly like you a lot better than I ever liked Teresa.”

“You have a boyfriend?!” Avalon was a broken record.

“Yes, Avalon. I have a boyfriend and he runs the roleplaying game Julius goes to every Thursday,” Tonya said with some annoyance.

Avalon’s mind was numb, but at least her guilt was fading. So she sipped her coffee. “So there isn’t anything wrong with you two,” she said before Tonya touched her hand.

“No. There isn’t. We’re stable and happy, and we have an open marriage. It’s better this way, anyways,” Tonya said with a smile.

Avalon had only one question. Two, actually. “Why? How?”

“We’ve never had work schedules that aligned perfectly,” she said. “I… need a lot of sex,” she said with a playful smile. “And he was too tired most of the week. It was hell. It was tearing us apart. So one day he suggested I get myself a boyfriend, and…” Tonya’s eyes seemed distant as she let out a small smile and giggle. “Well, here we are,” she said, before standing and stretching. “Are you going to be okay?”

Avalon looked at her coffee. She had so many emotions. A little envy, a little jealousy, but also… curiousity. Curiousity and excitement. Her heart was racing, the beating in her chest drowning out most of the negative, drawing the mixture far towards positive.

“Yes, I will be,” she said. “If it’s okay with you… I think I would like to keep dating Julius,” she said, and Tonya beamed a little.

“Good,” Tonya said, finishing her coffee and flipping her electric nic-fix off before stretching. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to the couch,” she said, causing Avalon to give her best friend a horrified look.

“Oh, no no, I can’t take your bed from you… let me sleep on the couch, please,” she said.

Tonya frowned a little. She wanted to let Avalon have her first night with Julius as a night with him. Then a lightbulb went off and a mischevious smile came to her head.

“Why don’t we both go?” She offered. Avalon considered the idea for a few moments and nodded, giving a soft smile before standing… and falling back down.

“I… can you help me,” Avalon said with embarassment. She could barely walk. Tonya understood and came to the younger girl’s side.

“You can tell him to be gentle if you want, you know,” Tonya teased as Avalon’s pale cheeks flared again.

“I… didn’t want him to be gentle.”


Avalon left the bed where her lover, wrapped his arms around her in fear, shame, and confusion.

But now, snuggled between the woman she considered a big sister and her new lover… maybe even her new boyfriend (the thought making her heart skip a joyous beat), wrapped in two strong but gentle pairs of arms, she felt no fear. She felt no shame. There was some confusion, but that confusion was nothing. It was nothing compared to the love of Tonya’s arms, the passion of Julius’ arms, and the safety of their embrace.

And heck, that was worth a little bit of confusion.

Toothpaste; An instant of eroticism

Her legs quivered and she shuddered, closing the door behind her. Leaning against it, she allowed herself one last moan as she felt the sweat stick to her skin, the bruises on her hips from where her lover was a bit too rough, her own fluid dribbling down her inner thigh, the taste of semen on her tongue, and the smile plastered across her face.

She just hoped she wouldn’t wake her boyfriend.

Even though her legs shuddered, she made her way up the stairs before a rush of pleasure ran up her body and she squeeked, dropping to her knees and gripping the handrail as her pussy shuddered and throbbed.

Weakly she struggled up the stairs to their bedroom, where to her surprise her boyfriend was reading, waiting up for her. Looking at her, he smiled. “Did you have fun going out?” He asked. “I did,” she said nervously as he left his bed, wrapping his arms around her form, pressing his body to her guilty, sweaty form and giving her a kiss.

The kiss shook her body for but a moment.

He paused, frowned, and pulled away, a displeased look on his face.

“Honey, you know if you let him cum in your mouth you need to brush your teeth after,” he glowered as she pouted.

“Sorry,” she said, before turning to leave the room, pausing only when he grabbed her hand to keep her from leaving. “…Yes?” She asked.

He gave her a kiss on the forehead. “I love you,” he softly said with a smile before letting her go to brush her teeth and come to bed.