Deep Hesitation; An instant in eroticism

“Are you sure?” you ask.

“Yes.” I’m quivering with nervousness and excitement. I’ve never done this… My blood is racing; I definitely feel it in my own cock. I lower to my knees, gazing up at you. Your hand rests on my head as I undo your pants.

There’s a bit of fear, but I lean in, pressing my lips to your half-flaccid cock, watching it pulse.

I begin to kiss, run my tongue along it, having never done this in my life. It slowly hardens until it stands erect. My chest is an echo chamber, sending my heart’s vibrations through my body.

Slowly, I slide the head into my mouth and moan. It’s decadent. My mind says this is wrong, but my body and my heart say this is more right than anything I’ve ever put in my mouth.

I slide my mouth deeper around your cock, filling it up. The feeling is surreal but exciting, so I keep going. Deeper, and deeper, and deepe-

Suddenly, I can’t breathe. Too deep. Quickly I pull out, coughing and looking away, I clutching my chest, my face burning with humiliation as a line of precum and saliva dribble from my lip.

I can’t look at you. I’m ashamed that I couldn’t hold on, couldn’t take you deeper.

But you grab me by the chin and make me look up at you. My eyes meet yours. Your kind eyes. “It’s okay. Here… Let me show you,” you say, urging me to rise as you drop to your knees.

You undo my pants and place your lips to my cock, giving it a kiss, looking up. Your stubble tickles a little, but I like it. “Watch, and I’ll show you how to take it,” you say before slipping my cock down your throat.