Bitten, Bleeding; An Instant in Eroticism

My nails bite at my palms as I suck down a gasp of pain.

I don’t ignore the feeling of your teeth in my neck, the pain of you sinking into me like some hungry animal.  I don’t ignore the feeling of your arms wrapping themselves around me, of nails digging into my skin and tearing away at flesh.  My instincts command me to resist, to fight, to run from the pain.

Your teeth just grow harder, more violent as my body quivers and my blood burns.  Blood flows between my legs and I clamp down.  The pain grows ever more intense, ever harder to resist, as it gives way to another feeling, a swimming feeling; the feeling of your hunger begins to fill my head and cloud my thoughts.

My palms bleed as my trembling fists clench tighter than they ever have.

Your nails tear skin and spread flecks of blood around us.  The power of your fangs and nails, the power of you begins to overwhelm me.

“Nn…ah~” a moan escapes my lips as your teeth sink in so deep that the iron taste of my blood fills your mouth.  Surrendering to the pain, to the passion of sensation, my body stirs and my hips buck softly, my eyes fluttering closed

My fists break into open hands, gentle and calm.  Instinctually, automatically, naturally, my arms fall around your shoulders, and pull you ever closer.

As I’m enveloped by your hunger, I wrap you in acceptance.

I accept this pain, because it is born of passion and hunger.


Hot Shower

The hot water runs down my body, massaging my sore muscles, pulling gasps and moans from my body.

I touch myself, running the cloth along my form, between my breasts, down my arms, along my body down-

The pressure shifts, and strong arms wrap around me.  One hand places itself upon my navel, the other steals my cloth and washes me as the hot water runs over me.

Your touch is sensual, like fire and candy all at once, turning this shower into a sauna!  The way one hand strokes me while the other washes me causes me to shiver and moan.

The way one hand begins to gently finger my clit while the other washes me forces me to groan and lean back against you, arcing my back and giving the water angle to strike my breasts.

I feel light-headed, like I’m swimming in your clean scent, the force and heat of the water giving me awareness of every muscle in my body to my clamped eyelids to my quivering calves to my unsteady toes.

The way you grab the showerhead and focus the massager on my pussy makes me squeak and squirm and give a false struggle, but you hold me close, pin me to you as I’m wrapped in the hot, wet intensity of the shower.

I feel like I’m melting in your passion, like my shaking body is melting all away, leaving only steam and light in the wake of my tired body.

When the heat overtakes me and my entire body loses all sight, all sound, leaving behind only pleasure and the beating rhythms of the massager and of my heart, you gently lower me to my knees so I don’t fall.

Then you begin to shampoo my hair.

Bite Me; An instant in eroticism

“What was that?” you asked, raising an eyebrow at me while I smirked.

“My skin is too dark,” I said, referring to my olive complexion. “You can’t mark me,” I gloated as you crossed your arms.

“Is that so…?”

Stepping forward and tilting my head to expose my neck, I made my challenge.

That was all it took for you to lean up and sink your teeth into my neck’s flesh.

“Nn…” a sound escapes my lips as my eyes close. The pain is sharp, but not too bad. I feel your teeth sink in deeper as your jaw constricts the side of my neck, sending surges of pain through my body.

As the seconds pass, my entire body trembles as I fight the urge to struggle or pull away. The pain rips through me, flooding my senses and making me more aware of my heartbeat, raising something primal in me.

The pain is unbearable. It pushes past my limit and I start to quiver, my hands reaching up and holding your hips, trying to find a focus for my pain. I almost jerk away. But that would be to give up on this challange. Slowly I calm myself.

My mind clears. The pleasurable pain flows through me. There are no sounds around me. There’s nothing around me but this sensation, this pain which grows deeper, but I flow into the pain rather than enduring it.

When your mouth leave my necks, my eyes open, primal and wild, matching your own gaze.


The next day I send you a picture message from my phone, showing my unmarked neck. I laugh when you respond with “Son of a bitch!”

Then, I tie my scarf and head to work. After all, the ‘rotate picture’ function isn’t going to fool my co-workers.

The Heat’s Out; An instant in eroticism

It’s so cold. The main heater is out. I can feel goosebumps trailing all over my skin, as I let out a deep breath, wrapping the blanket harder around me, as I reach out to the space heater, warming my hands. I consider coming closer, but I don’t want to burn myself like an idiot.

Before I realize what’s happening, I feel arms wrap around me. Warm arms. “A-Ah,” I jump a little as I feel your lips hot on my neck, letting out a soft shudder as slowly the blanket is pulled away, before it’s wrapped around both of us as you wrap around me.

“I’m back from the store,” you say; your body is warm from the heater from the car, and I can feel every inch of your skin against mine. Slowly, you trace the handwarmers you had in your pocket along my body, causing me to shudder, before you begin to lightly use them to touch my cock, filling it with an intense heat and beginning to get it hard. I let out a soft moan.

“Now… why don’t we get warm?” you suggest, before sinking your teeth into my neck as I let out a cry.

Shaking In Chain; An instant in eroticism

The cold of the chains can be felt over your arms, over your legs, over your stomach, over your breasts, contrasting with the warmth of the summer night. Eyes held shut by a blindfold, you wait in anticipation…

Your breath hitches in excitement as a feeling of cold traces down your body, as an ice cube is run down between your breasts. Your body shudders, sensations alighting all through your skin as your pussy pulses and throbs and aches, growing wetter, the heat of your juices cooling against the air, warm as it is.

Suddenly, you no longer feel simple warm air, but a vibrator touches your clit. You try to let out a scream, but the moment that you open your mouth a cloth is shoved inside. You squirm, the intensity of the feeling overwhelming. Your body tries to escape, but it can’t move as the vibrator rubs against your clit.

Moans are swallowed up by the cloth, twitches and spasms held down by the chain, your body trying and failing to buck, held against the bed. You’re helpless. You can’t even move a little, you can’t escape the pleasure that is building and shaking inside of you, can’t escape that vibrator pounding your clit…

And as your scream is swallowed up by cloth and by night, you know that this is just a warmup.

And A Cherry On Top; An instant in eroticism

You squirm as I lick up the cherry from your right nipple. My hand rises and pressed up against your upper chest, grinning. “Not yet,” I say.

You grit your teeth and nod, looking down at me. “As you wish,” you say, your cock standing full at attention. I admire your naked body. I admire the soft trails of chocolate that run in a spiral along your chest, running my tongue along them as you give a shudder. My eyes look up and focus on yours, my hand softly brushing along your hard sex, enjoying the soft feeling of precum dripping onto my fingers.

Reaching up, I kiss your juice from my fingers before I lick the cherry off of your left nipple, watching your face contort in all sorts of shapes of desire.

Moving down, I lightly kiss your thigh, getting whipped cream on my face which I lick off my lips with a grin.

I move back and forth between your thighs, cleaning one side then the other as I can detect the throbbing of your flesh, the desire in your eyes, the almost violent squirming as I tease you horribly, before I finish cleaning the whipped cream from your flesh.

“And now… for dessert,” I say, before I lean up to lightly lick the head of your cock, but I discover that you can’t take it anymore as I feel a hand press on the back of my head and I yelp, having to adjust quickly to avoid gagging on your cock as it’s pushed all the way into my throat.

But despite your impatience, I’m smiling, and I take every last inch of the savory dessert you prepared for me down my throat.

Breathless; An instant in eroticism

My hand lashes out. Your entire body shudders, the wind fleeing your lungs as your back hits the wall. Your shadowed eyes face upwards and lock with mine, defiance filling them as I slip my knee between your legs, grinding between your legs.

My hand on your throat tightens, as a tiny gasp escapes your lips, fear flashing in your eyes before willpower returns as you stare me down. My hand clenches hard as I grind against you, your face flickering through a hundred expressions.

As I replace my knee with my other hand, fingering your clit while holding you up, you try your hardest not to groan, your eyes fading from determination to pain, to nervousness, to submission. You bite your lip. Your fists clench and unclench, your body shudders, your eyes lose focus.

You squirm and fight and your eyes lose their focus as you lose all breath, your entire body fading, shuddering, buckling as an orgasm builds in your body, your hands weakly reaching out and grasping me.

When you lose control, when you hit your climax, as you let out a silent scream and dig your nails hard into my naked flesh, you fall, and I move my hand from your neck to hold you up, to keep you from collapsing, as you cling to me in desperation, in passion, in pleasure.