Three date rule; an instant of eroticism

He caught her off guard when his lips pressed against hers, as he bid her goodnight at her front door.  A soft moan escaped her lips as she fell back, supporting herself against the wood. Rather than pull away, he pressed in, pushing his lips against hers, his torso against hers, his hands falling to her waist, as if to pull her even closer.
She pushed back.  Pushed her lips against his, flicked her tongue to his lips as she felt his desire, the heat of his body, the taste of his mouth on hers. Pushing her hips into his, she ground hard against him as one of her hands came up, sliding her fingers into his hair, gripping as if to pull him tighter to her.
As their bodies pressed together, their kiss became feverish, wild; she used her lips to tell him that she wanted him, and he grasped her free hand, pinning it to the door, holding her body to the door as his hips pressed against hers. She could feel the heat of his cock emanating from inside his pants, feel the energy that flowed through him with the passion of his kisses, feel safety in the strength of his body against hers.
They broke the kiss after a minute, both gasping for air as their eyes met, looking into each other. To her, he looked primal…animalistic…like he could devour her. To him, she looked lusty, passionate…like she wanted to be pulled inside and taken in a thousand ways.
But despite that bestial desire, he pulled away.  As if unable to break away completely, though, he stopped and slowly leaned in to give her a very small kiss on the lips, lingering for the briefest of moments. This one was softer, filled with affection, the hunger of the first kiss being purposely restrained, if only for the moment.
“Goodnight,” he said, finally pulling completely away, depriving her of the feeling of his weight atop her and his hard cock pressing to her core. She wanted to pull him inside, but she would be breaking her own rule. He saw that look in her eyes, and gave a playful grin.
“Hey…your rules, not mine,” he said, leaning in to give her another kiss on the neck, sending a quake of lust through her body. “Two more dates, and then…”
“And then you’re going to fuck me as hard as you want?”, she asked, almost pleading. He just smiled.

The Library; An instant in eroticism

I see you at the library when I come to check out a book.

Reading some steamy tale that I know not of, in your glasses and a skirt that’s just a little too short to be prim and proper, and your long hair in a tight bun that hints at something held back. Your legs in stockings that start with rather tall heels for a trip to the library and end just before where your skirt begins. Your thighs quiver and your breath grows hitched as you turn the page.

For the briefest of moments a small sound draws your attention and our eyes meet. You pause, and the blue of your eyes refuses to leave the lock of my eyes, and for a minute, it’s as if no time passes.

I gesture, and you rise, approaching me. There are no words. Libraries are supposed to be quiet, after all. The only sound is the click of your heels.

I lead us farther into the library, to an area that is rarely used this time of day.

Once in the secluded section, I pull you onto my lap and whisper in your ear. “Read.”

You go back to your steamy, kinky novel. And my hand finds itself between your legs. You pause and look back at me for the briefest of moments, but I can see that your lust. You keep reading.

I pull your panties aside and slowly slide a finger inside of you, kissing your neck. I feel a shudder run up your spine as you glance around. I can tell your heart is racing, you’re terrified of being caught, but part of you wants to be caught, wants to be seen being fingered.

So you keep reading, and your breasts rise and fall softly as you almost moan. So I pull your panties off. “What are you,” you almost whisper but I ball them up and push your damp panties into your mouth, causing you to let out a muffled sound of surprise and arousal.

“No talking in the library.”

You read, and I finger you. Your body leans back against mine as moans are muffled and your grip on the book becomes tenuous. As I finger your clit you practically pant while reading, the tension in your body grows until I feel your entire body seize up and hear your panties hold back a tiny scream.

You shudder and shake in my lap as you drop the book and grab onto my thighs as I finger your clit with a firm rhythm, your orgasm growing more and more intense as every muscle shudders.

Then when I feel you lean against me, moaning softly and looking up at me, I smile and kiss you on the forehead.

“Ready to check out and finish this in a more private place?” I ask.

You only nod in response.

Hesitation; An instant in eroticism

He hesitated.

Looking down at her, beautiful bare ass red and raised to the air, he hesitated when he saw the wince in her eyes, the pain in her expression. He paused as he saw the tears stained across her cheeks, burning with pain. In that moment, his hand was still.

And in that moment she sprung. Her body, small but strong, took him to the floor and pinned his nude form. Her hands pinned his wrists as she looked down at him. Her beautiful, teary cheeks were strong and fierce, and her body lifted, preparing to envelop him, to turn the tables and to take him.

In a show of strength and flexibility, he knocked her off balance before turning the tables again, pressing a foot to her back as he pinned her onto the floor, reaching down and grabbing her hair as she let out a pained cry and he responded only with a growl.

Lifting her up and throwing her over his lap, he pulled back on her hair, leaning in to whisper in her ear. “I won’t underestimate you again,” he said before jerking her hair to force her to face him as he kissed her with hunger, ferocity, forcing his lips on hers and tearing the gasps and the moans from her mouth, sucking the air from her and drinking in the hunger of her body. He bit at the very lust that made her body quiver and made her pussy throb, and only drove that lust to burn hotter.

After that one kiss that felt like a buffet, he forced her head down and kept spanking her. He wouldn’t hold back any longer. He knew she could take it.

The Traveler and The Sleeping Wife; An instant in eroticism

The Traveler returned to his home.

He played with her wind. He took her earth. He fed her flame. He danced with her water. And now, when he touched his wife’s cheek, it was no longer cold. Her body held life, her body held energy, though she was asleep.

The Traveler abandoned his cloak, and slowly climbed into bed with his wife, and he pressed his lips to her breast. Though she did not make noise, he felt her stir. He ran his lips all up and down her body. He pressed his lips between her legs, to her pussy, and tasted her sexuality and felt heat, warmth, wetness. He heard a small moan pull itself from her sleeping lips, before he slowly climbed atop her body.

Grabbing his hard cock, he slowly slipped it between the lips of her pussy and began to push into her. Though she slept, as he began to make love to her, her eyes fluttered. As he thrust into her, Her pussy clenched around him and her whole body come to life. As he lifted her legs and began to drive himself deep into her, her body thrust back against his.

Even as she slept, she knew the body of her husband, yearning for his flesh and desire. She ground hard against him, body beckoning him for more. He gave her body what it wished for, thrusting deeper, harder, faster into her as his cock throbbed and pulsed, shuddering, coming ever closer to release.

And as he let out a cry, as he felt himself fill his wife’s body, he felt nails in his back and her chest pressed against hers’ as she screamed in orgasm, shattering the magic sleep which seperated them for so long.

Undine; An instant of eroticism

Wrapped in the morning dew and soft sea mist, the Traveler found her in a secluded cove.

She seemed to be relaxing, humming softly as the sounds of the cove resonated into a natural music. Eyes fluttering open to meet his, her lips made only three words. “Dance with me.”

At his approach, she stood. As his hands met her hand and her hip, they began to dance. Their bodies pressed together, their movements resonated with the song that echoed through her home, and resonated with the rhythms beating in their chests.

As they flowed together, as their hands broke from the form of a ballroom and began to touch eachother, their eyes locked and unlocked as they moved, as they twisted. Her fingers ran along his chest. His fingers ran between her small breasts. She touched his cheek before he twirled her. His leg slipped between hers’.

Their bodies intertwined, slowly at first, but with each movement they became more and more entangled. His leg ground between hers’, and as he dipped her, a moan escaped her lips before her face snapped up and she pressed her lips to his, slowly flicking his lips with her tongue.

Then, she led the dance. She moved in a circle, pulling him with him. There was no resistance, just a flow. They flowed into eachother like they were one being, and with a playful smile she fell backwards onto her bed of soft moss, pulling him on top of her to continue their dance in a more intimate way.

All that night, The Traveler made love to the sea.

Salamander; An instant in eroticism

Wrapped in the skintone of those kissed by the sun, The Traveler found her resting at an oasis.

She grinned, slipping her arms around his body and pressing her lips to his without a hint of hesitation, a fire burning bright in her eyes. “Feed me,” she whispered into his ear before thrusting him down onto the soft grass.

She was not gentle. The Traveler was not gentle either. Her nails clawed at his flesh and left dark trails of scarlet, her lips ripped the breath from his chest. He rolled her onto her back and she only growled in delight, sinking her teeth into his neck. Pain and pleasure arched through his body as she rolled him back over, pinning him and sinking his flesh deep into her body.

She ground hard against him, driving him deeper into her without any mercy. She didn’t care for foreplay. She only wanted to consume him, to burn him in her desire. Growling, she slapped him hard on the face to awaken him from his surprise.

Without warning, the Traveler slammed his body up into hers’, ripping a cry from her lips as he began to thrust upwards into her with the same violence and fire she rode him with. When his body began to pulse, his desire began to peak, her lips crashed against his, wrapping him in heat, wrapping him in desire as he filled her flesh with his desire.

She did not stop. She wouldn’t stop grinding, she didn’t stop riding him. She was still hungry, and the Traveler understood; she didn’t forget foreplay. Sex itself was her foreplay! She was still getting warmed up.

For three full days, the Traveler made love to flame.

Gnome; An instant of eroticism

Wrapped in the red dirt of nature, The Traveler met her deep in the mountains.

She smiled at him, drawing him closer with a motion of her hand.  “Take me,” she said, letting her voice fill the mountain range.

When he reached her, she grasped him, pushing him down onto the hard ground.  He wrestled with her, pushing and pulling, before being thrown hard onto the ground.  She smiled, amused, her curvy form cocked in challenge.

He would have to overcome her if he wanted to take her.

Standing, he grasped her.  His movements were rough, forceful, strong.  She struggled, her body resisting and demanding to be let go, but her eyes and mind wanting his strength, for him to overcome the hands that pushed and the legs that held away.

He pushed a kiss onto her lips forcefully, almost violently.  She tried to pull away but his hand held onto her back as he dipped her like a dancer, stole her dance.  He pushed all of his will and desire into that kiss.

Her strong body’s tense muscles squirmed and shook under his desire, under his willpower to hold her.

Slowly, she melted into him, slipping her tongue into his mouth and sucking his into her mouth, her stone will shifting into sand as she pulled him on top of her, pulled him into her, gripping his ass and pulling his flesh into her body with hard, violent, strong thrusts.

That day and night, The Traveler made love to the earth.