Hypnoteyes; An instant in eroticism.

My reception job was mostly unremarkable, but I remember but a single man who came to our company.


When I locked eyes with him, I couldn’t move. Those eyes looked brown at first, but in them I saw all colors. Brown, Blue, Green, Gold, Gray, Red… eyes beyond description. Softly, he raised a hand to urge me forward. Eyes that stared into my soul.


I stood from my desk and followed him to a conference room, closing the door behind me. With catlike speed he pressed into me, pinned me to the wall, staring into my eyes. My heart beat hard, resonating through my chest, down to my gut, into my limbs and echoing all through my body and refracting off my clit.


When he leaned close, I shuddered, words failing to escape my lips. “Shhh. Don’t breathe,” he whispered in my ear.


I didn’t breathe, I bound up my air in my chest and held it.


Leaning in, he kissed my neck, and my knees nearly gave out, but he held me up, held me against the door.


“Now. Silently. Orgasm,” the mysterious man whispered.


Heat, fire, intensity, desire all tore through my body as my sex gushed in my panties right there, as I struggled and failed to remain standing, as I fell to my knees, unable to moan, unable to scream, the scream returning and pounding on my body as I curled on the floor in bliss.


The man knelt down, touching his hand to my cheek, and kissed me on my neck. My breath restarted, as I gasped in lungfuls of air before he gave me one last smile, gazing into my soul with eyes that could melt ice, before leaving the conference room, and me on the floor.