Stacy’s Alarm Cock

Thomas couldn’t believe his dormmate, Stacy.

After he’d come home from his evening job, rather than seeing her in bed, he saw her curled up on the couch, heavy-lidded eyes locked on some stupid movie on Netflix. He reminded her that they had a test in their one shared class, but she nodded, barely acknowledging him.

This was no surprise.

What was annoying was the fact though that their test was in an hour, and here she was, curled up in bed under the thickest comforter in the apartment, arms around that silly stuffed giraffe of hers like it was keeping her alive. A cursory glance around the room let him take note of her phone across the room, popped open with the battery out, the result of being tossed across the room. The night owl’s snooze button.

“Stacy, get up,” he barked, grabbing the top cover and tugging, which she pulled back groggily, unconciously denying the chill of the morning. “Stacy!” he barked this time, jerking the covers off, exposing her bare body to the morning air. In an instant, she whimpered, curling deeper into her bed, clinging to her stuffed giraffe.

“Nooooooo,” she whimpered. Thomas rolled his eyes. “Get the fuck up,” he said, putting his hand on a goosebump covered thigh and pushing, to which she rolled over. “Mmfhgh..” she grumbled,hiding her face in her pillow.
Thomas rolled his eyes and knew he would have to wake her up the way she always asked him to. He would just have to make it quick.

She wouldn’t hear anything more than the rufling of cloth, and the softest of grumbling. She shivered, rolling over, reaching out for the comforter that he removed from her, before she felt hard hands grab onto her hips and jerk them up into the air, forcing her up onto her knees.

What shocked her awake though was the feeling of her pussy being forced open by a hard, throbbing , lubricated cock. Her entire body stiffened and she nearly screamed, but a large, familiar hand clamped over her mouth. Rather than pull back, the owner of that cock held himself deep inside her, grinding against her inner walls. She softly moaned and sucked on one of the fingers which found it’s way between her lips, feeling her pussy quickly grow wet as Thomas pressed deep against her G-spot.

Slowly, he pulled back, his cock sliding halfway out of her before he pushed himself into her, slowly picking up a rhythm. Small moans began to escape her lips as the hand moved from her mouth to her hair, getting a tight grip and pulling back hard, forcing her to arch her back.

“Oh, god, yes, thank you sir,” she nearly yelled as she began to buck on his cock with her hips, leaning into her bed, clinging to her stuffed toy while he pounded her viciously.

“When I tell you to get up you fucking get up!” he growled between panting. Pleasure and pain intertwined as her cunt throbbed and her body ached for more, so she squirmed and fought, struggling against his strength; when she tried to pull to the side, the hand on her hair moved to her cheek and forced the side of her head against the bed, forcing two fingers into her mouth. Instead, she moaned and practically fellated his fingers.

The softer, almost massaging thrusts were replace by powerful, forceful driving motions, his cock nearly hitting bottom as the sound of his hips slamming into her , feeling her cunt gripping him tighter as he forced his way through. She felt herself burn hotter and hotter, almost to a tipping point, feeling his cock pulse harder and harder.

The sound of his guttural growl, the feeling of his cock exploding and filling her with cum took her over the edge. Nails dug into her giraffe, her back arched as she nearly screamed on his fingers, and she felt her soaking pussy practically gush as she drenched his cock and his thighs. Shuddering, she felt nothing but pleasure, her head feeling light before he pulled out of her, leaving her pussy warm and dripping with his hot, sticky cum.

While she would have loved to lay there, cuddle up to her brutal dominating roomate, there wasn’t time. Thomas once again wrapped his fist around her hair and forced her onto her side. Weakly, she looked up at him with idle eyes, soft moans escaping her chest. Her breasts rose and fell with every ragged breath, and her cunt twitched with aftershocks. Rather than just let her lay there in bliss, he used the fist in her hair to force her mouth down on his cock, nearly choking her as he fucked her face.

“Suck it, get my cock clean right now,” Thomas ordered as she reveled in the taste of their cum combined, before he pulled the cock out of her mouth, before slapping her hard.

Reeling, dizzy, she knew nothing but her own lightheadedness and joy, before a hand on her neck forced her close, and she was interrupted from her thoughts by the feel of his rough, aggressive lips, a kiss which was nearly as violent and aggressive as it was passionate and intense.

“Get up, we have class,” he ordered her, before grabbing her hair and putting an arm around her waist, forcing her to stand and marching her straight toward the shower. When she wobbled, he supported her, so she leaned her weight back onto his body, letting herself rest on his strength and enjoying the feeling of his still-hard cock pressed against her ass.

As vicious and impatient as he was, it was mornings like these that were glad she picked Thomas as her roommate.


Without sight

She knocked on his door. He’d had a special surprise for her, but had refused to tell her; every time she texted him to ask what they would be getting up to, he would just send a :3, which of course she responded to with a smug prick.

But he didn’t answer the door. Instead, the vibration of her phone told her Door’s open. This only fanned the flames of her curiosity; why didn’t he come to the door? After entering his apartment, she was met with a sign and a bin, instructing her to remove all of her clothes – all of them – and put on the blindfold hanging on a hook before coming to his room. “Okay, what’s his game…?” she asked, curious, a bit nervous, and a bit excited. After a moment of deliberating with herself, she stripped, sliding the blindfold onto her eyes.

Fortunately, his room was close to the entryway, so she didn’t have to bumble about his house without being able to see. Gingerly placing her hand on the doorknob and pushing through, she slowly walked in, cautious not to run into anything in her blinded state. Her breath seized up just a little, heart racing as her nipples hardened with delight at the thoughts of what he would do to her while she was blindfolded, helpless, incapable of escape….

As soon as she stepped in, she felt him pull her close to him from the front. She jumped slightly, feeling his body pressing against hers’, his strong, firm muscles wrapping around her. The skin on his chest touched hers, and she felt his legs, slightly hairy but by no means uncomfortably, brush against her legs. A hand fell to her hair as she slowly reached out, placing a hand on his back and one around her waist. The feeling of his naked skin against hers’ was like a spark of fire or lightning, and relaxed her nerves while her heart raced ever faster.

“How do I look?” she asked, self-conciously. Although he’d seen her naked before, this was a new circumstance. She felt his shoulders raise slightly, as if he shrugged.

“I wouldn’t know. I can’t see shit,” he playfully grasped one of her hands and, after giving her fingers a tender squeeze of affection, brought her hand up. Her fingertips touched soft velvet across his eyes before his fingers interlaced with hers and she felt his body over hers, pressing his lips to hers. Moaning into the lips of her tall lover, her body bristled with goosebumps as she felt heat between her legs with just a single kiss.

The nervousness of being blinded caused her legs to tremble and weakened her balance, but he held her strong; an arm around her waist keeping her standing strong as his skin pressed against hers. She felt his cock, growing from being firm to a hard, pulsing mass the more he kissed her. She tasted his lips, the minty aftertaste of toothpaste on his breath. She felt his arms, with taut muscles pulling her in and embracing him in his scent, an almost indescribable savory that made her melt like chocolate between the lips.

Reaching down for this pulsing member, just before she touched his cock, he grasped her hand. “No,” he said, kissing her neck softly under her ear, causing pleasure to run through her body starting at the top of her spine. “Not yet,” he said, slowly pulling away, before sliding next to her and lifting her into the air.

She let out a squeal as she was separated from the ground, and clung to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. She normally didn’t like being lifted off the ground, nervous that she would be dropped, and now, having been separated from the ground while blindfolded, she was terrified, but exhilarated with the ease at which he hoisted her into the air. Her heart raced as he carried her, before he gently knelt down, placing her on his bed and crawling in after her, slipping his arms around her.

From there, he felt his hands begin to explore. Fingertips, grazing over her skin, slowly running along her arms. A single fingertip ran down her spine, sending a shiver through her body as the lightest of touches sent a hungry feeling through her and pulled a gasp from her lips. She pulled in close, feeling her pussy begin to pulse softly as his hand ran down the curve of her ass, noot squeezing, not digging in, just touching her.

Her hand wrapped around him, squeezing the back of his neck and running down his shoulders. While his long arms let him trace fingertips along the back of her legs, her hands squeezed the musculature of his shoulders, feel the strong but relaxed form of his back. Softly, she ran her nails up his hips, and felt the way he reacted, acutely aware of the slight trembling and the slightest of hitches in his breath as his cock throbbed firmly against her crotch.

Abandoning sight, she embraced his scent and explored his body. Leaning up, she kissed him, biting his lower lip before his tongue slipped against hers. His arms pulled her against him, and she grew intimately familiar with the shape of his form, focusing on every inch of him and exploring him without sight.

His lips pressed to her neck, before sucking and even sinking his teeth softly into her neck, and her nails dug deeper into him. “Just a little more,” she asked and his teeth sunk in just barely deeper; an almost imperceptible amount, but enough to make her hips buck softly and grind against him. Leaning in, she kissed his lips hard, before rolling over on top of him, slowly pulling her arms from under his weight.

Her hands rested on his shoulders as his hands fell on her waist and squeezed her, pressing her body down, her pussy grinding hard against his cock without letting it slide in. She felt weightless, his hands falling to her waist and lifting her just barely; not even all the way off his body, but negating her weight. Leaning in, she kissed him with an understated hunger, a need and a lust without any sense of vulgarity, slipping her tongue into his mouth, pushing back once his tongue pressed against hers, feeling his hard flesh throbbing in time with his accelerating heart between the lips of her slit, driving her crazy.

She could have grabbed his cock and pulled her into him in an instant, but instead in the brief moment where she considered taking her lover, he rolled over, softly pinning her to the bed. His hands pressed against her wrists, holding her to the bed, before she felt his hands softly rise up her wrists. Back arching, she felt his skin sliding against hers’ as his fingers interlaced with hers and held her down.

One moment later, he leaned in and kissed her chest. Between her breasts. She anticipated him sucking on her nipple, nibbling it, blowing on it, but he kept kissing her chest while his cock throbbed against her thigh. She pushed back, but could not budge him, she couldn’t move him as she saw nothing, but felt his strength completely, restraining her helplessly without hurting her even a little.

Incapable of fighting, incapable of forcing more, she bucked her hips as he kissed her breasts, slowly kissing in a circle around each nipple. Teasing, he slowly kept building her up, higher and higher, exploring her body more as she gasped, listening to his breath, feeling a pleasurable flame burn through her, feeling his weight holding her down without crushing her.

Eventually, she stopped squirming, she stopped shaking, she stopped trying to get his cock into her, and she listened to his body, listened to her body, and gave herself to a feeling of overwhelming passion as she began to quiver.

She felt him let go of one hand, which she then placed on the back of his neck, and then the next feeling was the lips of her pussy being spread by the firm head of his cock, her precum soaking it and dribbling down between her legs for the briefest of moments.

 She let out a scream of bliss as he slid into her without resistance.


She shuddered, softly moaning as she her body ached.

He ruined her. He grabbed her, slapped her, spanked her, fucked her. Tore her apart, and left her shuddering, naked save for a leather collar. Gazing into the mirror by his bed, she looked upon her body.

Her bright red left cheek and the makeup that ran all over her face reminded her of when he grabbed a fistful of her hair and slapped her over and over again when she tried to escape.

The mix of cum and spit dribbling from her mouth, running down her chest reminded her of when he pinned her down and fucked her face as hard as he could before forcing her to spit his cum out all over her body.

Rolling over, she looked at her chest; her tits, glazed with cum were red and aching, tiny pinch marks showing when he put clothespins on her nipples and all over her breasts, an already-bruising bite mark was evidence of the bite he gave her when she pulled away.

Her eyes traced down her body, to her cunt, swollen and throbbing and still aching, though each throbbing sent small surges of pleasure through her whole self, reminding her of when he fucked her, after using a huge toy on her for what felt like hours, seeing his seed dribbling out of her shaven pussy, complimenting those red swollen lips.

“Nnng…” she moaned, a shock of irresistible bliss running through her flesh as she rolled onto her front, showing her cherry-red ass that practically glowed from being spanked until she swore to be a good girl. After forcing the promise of obedience, he had continued spanking her until she started crying, to impress upon her how truly sadistic he could be if she didn’t keep to her word.

But now, she was ruined. Stained with cum. Covered in runny mascara. For the briefest of moments, she was alone.

That moment ended when he came back to the room and leaned down, softly running a finger along the chaotic mess of previously perfect hair which he destroyed, before planting a kiss on her forehead. “You were a good girl,” he softly whispered in her ear, almost lovingly, before slowly bringing a cup of water to her lips and tipping it. Slowly, the silent girl sipped the water, before he climbed into bed by her side, turning her with his arms and pulling her head against his chest.

One hand wrapped around her back, the other on her head. Her world was wrapped in darkness, the light blocked by his form, and all she heard was the sound of his breath. Curling into his arms, she felt him squeeze her protectively, and in turn she surrendered to his embrace.


Three date rule; an instant of eroticism

He caught her off guard when his lips pressed against hers, as he bid her goodnight at her front door.  A soft moan escaped her lips as she fell back, supporting herself against the wood. Rather than pull away, he pressed in, pushing his lips against hers, his torso against hers, his hands falling to her waist, as if to pull her even closer.
She pushed back.  Pushed her lips against his, flicked her tongue to his lips as she felt his desire, the heat of his body, the taste of his mouth on hers. Pushing her hips into his, she ground hard against him as one of her hands came up, sliding her fingers into his hair, gripping as if to pull him tighter to her.
As their bodies pressed together, their kiss became feverish, wild; she used her lips to tell him that she wanted him, and he grasped her free hand, pinning it to the door, holding her body to the door as his hips pressed against hers. She could feel the heat of his cock emanating from inside his pants, feel the energy that flowed through him with the passion of his kisses, feel safety in the strength of his body against hers.
They broke the kiss after a minute, both gasping for air as their eyes met, looking into each other. To her, he looked primal…animalistic…like he could devour her. To him, she looked lusty, passionate…like she wanted to be pulled inside and taken in a thousand ways.
But despite that bestial desire, he pulled away.  As if unable to break away completely, though, he stopped and slowly leaned in to give her a very small kiss on the lips, lingering for the briefest of moments. This one was softer, filled with affection, the hunger of the first kiss being purposely restrained, if only for the moment.
“Goodnight,” he said, finally pulling completely away, depriving her of the feeling of his weight atop her and his hard cock pressing to her core. She wanted to pull him inside, but she would be breaking her own rule. He saw that look in her eyes, and gave a playful grin.
“Hey…your rules, not mine,” he said, leaning in to give her another kiss on the neck, sending a quake of lust through her body. “Two more dates, and then…”
“And then you’re going to fuck me as hard as you want?”, she asked, almost pleading. He just smiled.

Hesitant Fox

So, this was to be a scene from a novel idea I had that I’m still toying with, but I don’t know if I’m going to finish and release.  Regardless, I feel sorta bad about not posting anything for a few days, so I tidied it up, and here you go.


My entire body tensed up as Joshua began to prepare his rope. His brow was furrowed in intense concentration as I stood, shifting.

I’m nervous.

Terrified and excited. Impatient and calm. I wanted to run away, and I wanted to remain rooted to the ground. But where would I run? Joshua’s piercing eyes meet mind. “Do you want to run away?” he asks, looking me square in the eyes.

Even through my mask, he can see deep into my very being, see what a scared little rabbit I felt like instead of the unflappable vixen I was trying to show him. “A little,” I responded in a voice that was far smaller than expected, and he gave a small, wry smile.

“Are you going to run away?”

That was the question, wasn’t it? Not if I wanted to run, but if I would run. Gathering myself, I stood as tall as my shaky legs would let me. “No.” My voice was still small, but rather than the voice of a terrified rabbit, it was the voice of a hesitating but brave fox.

“Good girl,” he praised as a beastial grin washed over his features.  That grin reminded me that despite his gentle demeanor, Joshua is a beast on the inside.  As if I could forget. “Now. Take off your clothes,” he ordered, and within an instant I went rigid with fright and nerves.

I looked around. The club was full of people having their own scenes, sitting on the couch talking, getting refreshments, and in one corner, having sex. “Remember,” I said, looking Joshua square in the eye as I slowly peeled myself out of my dress. His eyes trailed down without shame, admiring my body, hungering for my flesh. I couldn’t help but have a little, wry smile behind my mask as I reached behind my back, undoing the bra that held my breasts and hid them from the hungry animal that was about to tie me up. “No removing my mask, and no fucking me tonight,” I finished.

“No fucking you tonight,” he repeated, giving that a thought. An odd expression of contemplation flickered across his face, before the face of the man preparing to bind me flashed with an evil smile.

I almost ran away just then, rather than take my panties off.


Joshua’s hands are graceful and adept. In an instant, I feel the soft but firm compression of rope around my chest, and my head feels like it’s floating. He slips the ropes under and over my breasts, never giving them a squeeze or feeling them while focusing on binding my body. His focus is admirable, but something inside me feels neglected, longs for the beastly feeling of his eyes on me and his desire for my flesh.

A growl from behind me in my ear conveyed all of those feelings of lust, of desire, of barely-restrained passion. I nearly turn to face him, but his strong hand forced my face forward through a grip on my hair, sending a surge of pain through my scalp that transformed itself into pleasure. 

After letting out a tiny moan, I grinned behind my mask and turn to face him again, but he just jerked my face forward a second time. The third time, though, he pulled back hard on my hair.  Our eyes met, and my grin faded as his coy smile was mixed with annoyance.

“If you’re going to be a brat, I won’t tie you up,” he warned threateningly.

I growl. Bastard. You’re supposed to force me into it. You’re supposed to spank me and make me cry and whimper until I stop moving, then tie me up. That’s how it’s supposed to work.
After my head is forced back up, I hear his whispered voice in my ear. “Don’t forget which one of us is in control here.”

I almost snarled back, but I stop. If I did that then he wouldn’t tie me up and I needed to be tied up! How dare he…


He outmaneuvered me. Completely and utterly. I demanded force and violence, but he instead defeated me through the strength of his mind.  The realization left me confused, nervous, and soaking wet between my legs. I underestimated Joshua, and I may have just been out of my depth. So why did I want to dive even further, no matter how dark and terrifying the waters proved themselves to be?

His ministrations continued, and slowly my head began to feel like it was swimming as my body was bound. Desire burned between my legs as my body was wrapped in more and more rope. “Okay, now we’re going to put you in the air, Fox,” he warned “You ready?” Amusement flashes onto his face when I nod.

My arms were behind my back. I could still move quite a bit, but I running away wasn’t an option. I was already tied to the ceiling, even if my feet were on the ground. I didn’t want to run away anymore, anyways. My fear was gone, and every time it threatened to return, it was replaced by the sound of Joshua’s voice. I wanted this.

The feeling of being lifted into the air, supported mostly by the weight of rope on my torso was surreal, new, intense and exciting. I could feel the beat of my life traced in lines all across my skin under the rope. The feeling of the pressure running in lines was blissful, pulling the tiniest of moans from my lips.

“How is it? Are you comfortable?”

I nodded.

A moment passed, and I felt a sting against my ass as he strikes me. A sting which scattered into a mix of pain, pleasure, and a cloudy feeling which just filled my head with even more lightness – lightness and joy; it was like floating and swimming all at once. “I want to spank you twenty times. Can you take it?”

“Yes.” To please Joshua, I would let him spank me a thousand times.

Blow after blow rained down, and each time more pain runs through me more intense than the last time, as does bliss. With each blow I felt his desire, his hunger, and his primal need tearing through me, filling my body.  With every single blow, I felt my pussy burn hotter and grow wetter than ever, pulsing, longing to feel him fill me with that desire.

When he stopped, I nearly cried. I wanted more!  I wanted more than this pain! I wanted to feel him inside of me while he spanks me.  I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted him to hurt me, I wanted him to fill me. “Please…” I whispered.

“Please what? More spankings?”

“Please…!” The thought of asking for sex made my cheeks burn in shame and embarrassment.  I was always taught that good girls don’t ask to be fucked like wild animals, so I couldn’t say more.  After waiting for me to ask for something specific for a moment, I felt his hand on my ass again. He spanked me harder and harder, pulling the sounds from heaven and hell out of my lips.

“Please!” I begged harder, and he stopped.

“Oh? That’s not what you wanted?” he asked, moving around to the front of me, wearing the same evil smile he wore before, but this time I wasn’t afraid. I wanted this man’s evil, I wanted his good, I wished for him to fuck me whether he was a god or a devil. “How about this?” he asked me before leaning in to kiss me on the forehead of my mask.

“Please…” I tried to speak, but it my voice was the lustful moans of a bitch in heat. “Take it off and kiss me,” I begged, before he looked at me funny, shaking his head. His lips met the lips of my mask, but they wouldn’t touch my own.

“You told me that I’m not allowed to take your mask off before we started,” he told me. I whimpered and kick my legs, struggling and thrashing, trying to get my hands free, trying to take the damn mask off so he could fucking kiss me properly!

Strong hands held me in place in the air, binding even my struggles. Soft lips ran down my neck, down my collarbone, skipping the rope and leading him to plant his lips on my breasts, but not my nipples.

He wouldn’t kiss my nipples, even though that’s what I wanted, what I was howling and practically begging for.  His lips trailed further down. Each kiss leaves a trace of heat and pleasure and passion as he explored my skin with his lips. Down to my hips. Onto my legs.

Strong hands pried my legs apart.

The tip of his tongue ran up my leg, up my thigh.  It didn’t take him long to find the cooling trail of juice dribbling down my thigh, and as he let out an approving moan, I felt the tip of that hot tongue run up along the river of my juice. I nearly came just from feeling his tongue so close to my pussy as she pulsed and throbs, screaming at me that she needs this man inside of her, and she needed him right now!

“Please!” I moaned. I couldn’t say anything else anymore.  I tried to scream for him to eat me out, to lick me, but I couldn’t even find the words.

His tongue trailed up my thigh before jumping over to the other thigh, sending the same needing feeling through me as I barely bite back a scream. I felt him pull away, and as I looked down, I could see that his eyes were focused on mine as his hands held strong onto my hips. I was dripping wet. Take me, I wanted to beg as he leaned in to kiss my pussy.

An instant before he did so, he stopped, so very close that I could feel his breath on my vulva.

“Wait,” he said with a pause, looking up at me. “If I eat you out, that’s oral sex, isn’t it?” he asked. Who cares?! Please, release me from this torment! “We agreed on no sex,” he mentioned with a frown that was a little too theatrical. No, no, we can have sex, I tried to say to him but the words only came out as moaning and groaning. Really, fuck me, fuck me!

“I guess we can’t go back on that this time,” he said with a shrug, standing up and standing over me.

“Please…!” I cry. It’s so hard to say. It’s so hard to ask for. I couldn’t ask for it, I was scared, I don’t want to be a slut, I want to be a good girl, but I needed to say it, I needed to have it! “Please, fuck me!”

Joshua tries to frown, but the corners of his mouth are giving that same cruel, evil smile they had when he started, showing the truth behind that fake expression of disappointment. “I can’t. It’d be breaking consent.  It isn’t what we agreed to.”

“Please, please,” I practically am screaming as I’m struggling. “Take me, please,” I’m begging, pleading, sobbing, trying to hump the air as Joshua’s cruel grin became as plain as day.

“I can’t,” he said with a shrug. His gaze was impassive, as if it didn’t bother him either way. Didn’t he want to fuck me? Didn’t he think I was beautiful?  Couldn’t he see how wet and dropping and sopping I was?!  I was consenting!  I was begging!

I couldn’t stop begging him to fuck me, and I couldn’t stop humping the air, no matter how badly I tried to hold still.

“Alright, I think… that may be enough,” he said over my lustful sobbing, seemingly surprised with how intensely I was begging to be taken. “I’m going to let you down, now.”

As he lowered me, my feelings of lust mixed with feelings of disappointment, of being unwanted. He wouldn’t take me. Even if I begged, he wouldn’t fuck me. I didn’t understand. I had never met a man who found me attractive who wouldn’t fuck me if I begged them hard enough.  I’d never met a man who didn’t at least find me attractive to put his dick in me if I asked, even if he didn’t really care about me.

As soon as my feet touched the ground, I wobbled a little. And when the rope no longer supported my weight my body slumped.

My eyes closed and the world went dark as the ground rose to meet me.

I stopped. My body stopped falling, and it felt like strong, herculean arms were wrapped around me.

A body, hard yet lithe held me. Arms kept me from falling. A cock as hard as a steel beam pressed against my thigh, barely contained by thin fabric. When I opened my eyes and allowed them to focus, it was Joshua.

Joshua’s strong arms. Joshua’s concerned eyes. Joshua’s steel beam of a cock. One arm held my weight as another worked on the rope. Even with one arm, he supported me without the slightest hint of strain.

Joshua helped me stand.

Joshua undid the rope around me.

Without letting me go, he grabbed a sheet and wrapped me up to cover me, pressing his body against mine as he walked me over to one couch off to the side.  He pulled me into his lap, letting me feel exactly how hard his cock was; so hard I could feel every beat of his heart in the blood that flowed through it, even though the fabric of his jeans and the sheet that wrapped me up.  Just how much willpower did this man have to not fuck me with a cock this violently hard?

His arms held me close, and pulled me into his scent.  In my bliss, I gazed up at this man’s eyes, and wanted more, I wanted him to see me, I didn’t want this mask separating us anymore.

I wanted him to kiss me.  A real, lips-to-lips kiss between a man and a woman, not a man and a plastic protective cover.  I wanted it more than anything in the world other than that pulsing mass of steel-made-flesh under my tender butt to fill one of my holes, or maybe all of them in turn.

His hand reached up and grabbed mine before I could pull the mask from my face. “Not tonight,” he whispered in my ear, kissing my earlobe afterwards.  His hand fell on the back of my head which gently pulled me in closer, to which I obliged by pressing my head to his chest and letting his entire self wrap me up.

Wrapped in a sheet and in his muscles, in a world consisting of nothing but Joshua, I felt safe enough to doze off as my crotch against him, knowing that this man wouldn’t take me against my will, no matter how beautiful he found me.


Not Yet (Scrap)

This is a scrap; it’s an incomplete story which I heavily doubt I will finish.  Still, it has some fun foreplay elements, and some nice D/s.  If you don’t mind something that may be a little rougher around the edges and is incomplete (so you’ll need to fill in the ending with your own imagination), please enjoy.

Your back strikes the wall.  Pressure comes over your body as I pin you to the wall, your wrists pressed firmly down at your sides as your gaze meets mine.

Despite looking into the eyes of someone who want to devour you, you keep your will resolved and your expression resolute.

Glaring, you fill yourself with defiance and struggle, trying to pull your wrists free, but my hands hold fast, unrelenting in their restraint without squeezing.  You growl and hiss, trying to pull away, but my hands don’t budge, and a small smile begins to come over my face.

Your arms are lifted upward.  Now, you resist as best you can, try to struggle, lock your arms, do something, but my strength overcomes yours like you were just a child.  “No,” is all I say as I lift your arms high, so high you almost need to stand tiptoed, pulling your body up as my hips press into yours.  Your breath quickens as I lean in, setting my face inches from your ear.

“Now be a good girl and stop struggling,” I whisper, sliding one leg between yours and grinding my thigh against your crotch as teeth sink hard into the place where your shoulder meets your neck.

A sharp intake of breath tells me that you want to moan, want to yell, but don’t want to give me the satisfaction.  The way your hips grind just barely against me as my thigh presses into your still-covered pussy tells me that you’re turned on.  The quivering of your body tells me of your breaking resistance, and the now-pathetic attempts to break my grasp tell me you can’t just surrender.

So I bite you again on the neck, and kiss you on the earlobe.  I press my thig inbetween your legs and press my hard chest into your soft breasts.  I pull my teeth from your neck to see you trying to avoid my gaze.

“Look at me.”

You refuse to obey the command, and for a moment one of your wrists is free before a shock of pain reels through your face from my slap and your knees almost buckle, if not for the fact that my thigh is supporting you, holding you up by the cunt.

“Look at me.”  My orders are obeyed, and you try to hide the lust in your eyes as I hold both of your small wrists with one large hand; A symbolic binding compared to the previous one, but you know what will happen if you break that binding.

You know I’ll reduce you to tears if you break that binding.

My gaze doesn’t break from yours, as I soak in every expression as my free hand traces fingers down your arm, along your neck, making you pleasantly shudder when it reaches your bite mark.

When it touches your breast, a soft, lustful sound escapes your lips and a smile, darker, crueler, more dangerous and more beastial replaces the previous one.

“Fuck me,” you whisper, breaking and surrendering.

“What was that?” I ask, teasing your nipple through your shirt and pushing up against your crotch with my leg when your legs weaken.

“Please, fuck me,” you whimper, your eyes beginning to beg.

“I can’t hear you,” I smile darkly.

“I need you to fuck me!” You almost scream, leaning forward a bit as I move in.  Our bodies are enveloped in heat as our lips touch.  I kiss you like I want to devour you, like I want to eat you alive and drink up all of your pleasure like an incubus, peaking your soul only to devour it.

I kiss you with hunger, fire, need, and when I pull back I smile cruelly, letting your wrists go as I grasp the front of your shirt with both hands, tearing it open and exposing your hard nipples to the cool air outside your chest.

“Not yet,” I say, sadism and rapture etching itself hard into my voice as I keep you from falling to your knees by grabbing a fistful of your hair to hold you up before I lean in to wrap my lips around one of your nipples.

Tell me that you’re gorgeous

“Tell me that you’re gorgeous.”


As she lay on her side, one leg lifted to make it easy for me to see my cock driving into her pussy, her curves quaked as our bodies collided. Small ripples ran along the skin of her breasts as each impact drove her body to shake and filled her with more beauty. Her eyes, holding a hazel hue that heralded harmony to my whole held closed. That pale skin, dotted with freckles, contrasted with my own darker skin, the only mark of where her body ended and mine began.


Her eyes opened as she looked up at me, staring into my eyes after my order. Her body resonated with mine and her breath was broken with sounds of lust, sounds of passion, sounds that drove me to pull up on her strong leg and spread her pussy so I could fuck her deeper. As she turned her head to bite into my pillow, muffling the screams that rose from her chest, I demanded that she acknowledge what I’d known from the very instant I laid my eyes on her.


“Tell me that you’re gorgeous!”


Sounds of pleasure broke free from her luscious lips as she briefly opened her eyes once more to meet the ferocity of my gaze, the sheer desire which overwhelmed my senses. Meeting her eyes only made me pull harder, putting my hands on her lower back and on her belly, digging my fingers in and use it as a handle to bring us all the closer, to fill her more deeply than I ever had.


“I can’t,” she whispered as her eyes met mine and her body trembled, her mind resisting the command; resisting and straining against the concept that was as clear to me as the blue of the sky, the wetness of the ocean, the rapturous feeling of her body wrapped around mine, and the brilliance of her kisses.


“Tell me that you’re gorgeous!” I demanded again as her body squeezed me, throbbed around me, filled me with a pleasure which was beautiful in and of itself, even disregarding the sight before me. Not that disregarding such a sight was possible.


“I can’t say something I don’t believe,” she said, looking into my eyes and smiling. There was the tiniest bit of sadness mixed with that pleasure, a wish that she could say the words I demanded. The smallest hint of an apology for being incapable of fulfilling my demand. It was a smile that was filled with the honest bliss of the joy that our coming together brought, but also tinted with a hint of pain of wishing that she could believe those words, but couldn’t bring herself to.


I kissed her. I kissed those beautiful lips and sucked on that delicious tongue. I drove myself into that amazing feeling and that intense warmth and moaned into that welcoming mouth. I held down that feminine body and filled it with my strength and shook the world around us.



You can’t say those words to me because you don’t believe them? Alright. I’ll take some time and make you believe them. If what you’ve been told is that you aren’t astonishing and breathtaking, I’ll make sure to teach you the truth and blow away the lies.