Hesitant Fox

So, this was to be a scene from a novel idea I had that I’m still toying with, but I don’t know if I’m going to finish and release.  Regardless, I feel sorta bad about not posting anything for a few days, so I tidied it up, and here you go.


My entire body tensed up as Joshua began to prepare his rope. His brow was furrowed in intense concentration as I stood, shifting.

I’m nervous.

Terrified and excited. Impatient and calm. I wanted to run away, and I wanted to remain rooted to the ground. But where would I run? Joshua’s piercing eyes meet mind. “Do you want to run away?” he asks, looking me square in the eyes.

Even through my mask, he can see deep into my very being, see what a scared little rabbit I felt like instead of the unflappable vixen I was trying to show him. “A little,” I responded in a voice that was far smaller than expected, and he gave a small, wry smile.

“Are you going to run away?”

That was the question, wasn’t it? Not if I wanted to run, but if I would run. Gathering myself, I stood as tall as my shaky legs would let me. “No.” My voice was still small, but rather than the voice of a terrified rabbit, it was the voice of a hesitating but brave fox.

“Good girl,” he praised as a beastial grin washed over his features.  That grin reminded me that despite his gentle demeanor, Joshua is a beast on the inside.  As if I could forget. “Now. Take off your clothes,” he ordered, and within an instant I went rigid with fright and nerves.

I looked around. The club was full of people having their own scenes, sitting on the couch talking, getting refreshments, and in one corner, having sex. “Remember,” I said, looking Joshua square in the eye as I slowly peeled myself out of my dress. His eyes trailed down without shame, admiring my body, hungering for my flesh. I couldn’t help but have a little, wry smile behind my mask as I reached behind my back, undoing the bra that held my breasts and hid them from the hungry animal that was about to tie me up. “No removing my mask, and no fucking me tonight,” I finished.

“No fucking you tonight,” he repeated, giving that a thought. An odd expression of contemplation flickered across his face, before the face of the man preparing to bind me flashed with an evil smile.

I almost ran away just then, rather than take my panties off.


Joshua’s hands are graceful and adept. In an instant, I feel the soft but firm compression of rope around my chest, and my head feels like it’s floating. He slips the ropes under and over my breasts, never giving them a squeeze or feeling them while focusing on binding my body. His focus is admirable, but something inside me feels neglected, longs for the beastly feeling of his eyes on me and his desire for my flesh.

A growl from behind me in my ear conveyed all of those feelings of lust, of desire, of barely-restrained passion. I nearly turn to face him, but his strong hand forced my face forward through a grip on my hair, sending a surge of pain through my scalp that transformed itself into pleasure. 

After letting out a tiny moan, I grinned behind my mask and turn to face him again, but he just jerked my face forward a second time. The third time, though, he pulled back hard on my hair.  Our eyes met, and my grin faded as his coy smile was mixed with annoyance.

“If you’re going to be a brat, I won’t tie you up,” he warned threateningly.

I growl. Bastard. You’re supposed to force me into it. You’re supposed to spank me and make me cry and whimper until I stop moving, then tie me up. That’s how it’s supposed to work.
After my head is forced back up, I hear his whispered voice in my ear. “Don’t forget which one of us is in control here.”

I almost snarled back, but I stop. If I did that then he wouldn’t tie me up and I needed to be tied up! How dare he…


He outmaneuvered me. Completely and utterly. I demanded force and violence, but he instead defeated me through the strength of his mind.  The realization left me confused, nervous, and soaking wet between my legs. I underestimated Joshua, and I may have just been out of my depth. So why did I want to dive even further, no matter how dark and terrifying the waters proved themselves to be?

His ministrations continued, and slowly my head began to feel like it was swimming as my body was bound. Desire burned between my legs as my body was wrapped in more and more rope. “Okay, now we’re going to put you in the air, Fox,” he warned “You ready?” Amusement flashes onto his face when I nod.

My arms were behind my back. I could still move quite a bit, but I running away wasn’t an option. I was already tied to the ceiling, even if my feet were on the ground. I didn’t want to run away anymore, anyways. My fear was gone, and every time it threatened to return, it was replaced by the sound of Joshua’s voice. I wanted this.

The feeling of being lifted into the air, supported mostly by the weight of rope on my torso was surreal, new, intense and exciting. I could feel the beat of my life traced in lines all across my skin under the rope. The feeling of the pressure running in lines was blissful, pulling the tiniest of moans from my lips.

“How is it? Are you comfortable?”

I nodded.

A moment passed, and I felt a sting against my ass as he strikes me. A sting which scattered into a mix of pain, pleasure, and a cloudy feeling which just filled my head with even more lightness – lightness and joy; it was like floating and swimming all at once. “I want to spank you twenty times. Can you take it?”

“Yes.” To please Joshua, I would let him spank me a thousand times.

Blow after blow rained down, and each time more pain runs through me more intense than the last time, as does bliss. With each blow I felt his desire, his hunger, and his primal need tearing through me, filling my body.  With every single blow, I felt my pussy burn hotter and grow wetter than ever, pulsing, longing to feel him fill me with that desire.

When he stopped, I nearly cried. I wanted more!  I wanted more than this pain! I wanted to feel him inside of me while he spanks me.  I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted him to hurt me, I wanted him to fill me. “Please…” I whispered.

“Please what? More spankings?”

“Please…!” The thought of asking for sex made my cheeks burn in shame and embarrassment.  I was always taught that good girls don’t ask to be fucked like wild animals, so I couldn’t say more.  After waiting for me to ask for something specific for a moment, I felt his hand on my ass again. He spanked me harder and harder, pulling the sounds from heaven and hell out of my lips.

“Please!” I begged harder, and he stopped.

“Oh? That’s not what you wanted?” he asked, moving around to the front of me, wearing the same evil smile he wore before, but this time I wasn’t afraid. I wanted this man’s evil, I wanted his good, I wished for him to fuck me whether he was a god or a devil. “How about this?” he asked me before leaning in to kiss me on the forehead of my mask.

“Please…” I tried to speak, but it my voice was the lustful moans of a bitch in heat. “Take it off and kiss me,” I begged, before he looked at me funny, shaking his head. His lips met the lips of my mask, but they wouldn’t touch my own.

“You told me that I’m not allowed to take your mask off before we started,” he told me. I whimpered and kick my legs, struggling and thrashing, trying to get my hands free, trying to take the damn mask off so he could fucking kiss me properly!

Strong hands held me in place in the air, binding even my struggles. Soft lips ran down my neck, down my collarbone, skipping the rope and leading him to plant his lips on my breasts, but not my nipples.

He wouldn’t kiss my nipples, even though that’s what I wanted, what I was howling and practically begging for.  His lips trailed further down. Each kiss leaves a trace of heat and pleasure and passion as he explored my skin with his lips. Down to my hips. Onto my legs.

Strong hands pried my legs apart.

The tip of his tongue ran up my leg, up my thigh.  It didn’t take him long to find the cooling trail of juice dribbling down my thigh, and as he let out an approving moan, I felt the tip of that hot tongue run up along the river of my juice. I nearly came just from feeling his tongue so close to my pussy as she pulsed and throbs, screaming at me that she needs this man inside of her, and she needed him right now!

“Please!” I moaned. I couldn’t say anything else anymore.  I tried to scream for him to eat me out, to lick me, but I couldn’t even find the words.

His tongue trailed up my thigh before jumping over to the other thigh, sending the same needing feeling through me as I barely bite back a scream. I felt him pull away, and as I looked down, I could see that his eyes were focused on mine as his hands held strong onto my hips. I was dripping wet. Take me, I wanted to beg as he leaned in to kiss my pussy.

An instant before he did so, he stopped, so very close that I could feel his breath on my vulva.

“Wait,” he said with a pause, looking up at me. “If I eat you out, that’s oral sex, isn’t it?” he asked. Who cares?! Please, release me from this torment! “We agreed on no sex,” he mentioned with a frown that was a little too theatrical. No, no, we can have sex, I tried to say to him but the words only came out as moaning and groaning. Really, fuck me, fuck me!

“I guess we can’t go back on that this time,” he said with a shrug, standing up and standing over me.

“Please…!” I cry. It’s so hard to say. It’s so hard to ask for. I couldn’t ask for it, I was scared, I don’t want to be a slut, I want to be a good girl, but I needed to say it, I needed to have it! “Please, fuck me!”

Joshua tries to frown, but the corners of his mouth are giving that same cruel, evil smile they had when he started, showing the truth behind that fake expression of disappointment. “I can’t. It’d be breaking consent.  It isn’t what we agreed to.”

“Please, please,” I practically am screaming as I’m struggling. “Take me, please,” I’m begging, pleading, sobbing, trying to hump the air as Joshua’s cruel grin became as plain as day.

“I can’t,” he said with a shrug. His gaze was impassive, as if it didn’t bother him either way. Didn’t he want to fuck me? Didn’t he think I was beautiful?  Couldn’t he see how wet and dropping and sopping I was?!  I was consenting!  I was begging!

I couldn’t stop begging him to fuck me, and I couldn’t stop humping the air, no matter how badly I tried to hold still.

“Alright, I think… that may be enough,” he said over my lustful sobbing, seemingly surprised with how intensely I was begging to be taken. “I’m going to let you down, now.”

As he lowered me, my feelings of lust mixed with feelings of disappointment, of being unwanted. He wouldn’t take me. Even if I begged, he wouldn’t fuck me. I didn’t understand. I had never met a man who found me attractive who wouldn’t fuck me if I begged them hard enough.  I’d never met a man who didn’t at least find me attractive to put his dick in me if I asked, even if he didn’t really care about me.

As soon as my feet touched the ground, I wobbled a little. And when the rope no longer supported my weight my body slumped.

My eyes closed and the world went dark as the ground rose to meet me.

I stopped. My body stopped falling, and it felt like strong, herculean arms were wrapped around me.

A body, hard yet lithe held me. Arms kept me from falling. A cock as hard as a steel beam pressed against my thigh, barely contained by thin fabric. When I opened my eyes and allowed them to focus, it was Joshua.

Joshua’s strong arms. Joshua’s concerned eyes. Joshua’s steel beam of a cock. One arm held my weight as another worked on the rope. Even with one arm, he supported me without the slightest hint of strain.

Joshua helped me stand.

Joshua undid the rope around me.

Without letting me go, he grabbed a sheet and wrapped me up to cover me, pressing his body against mine as he walked me over to one couch off to the side.  He pulled me into his lap, letting me feel exactly how hard his cock was; so hard I could feel every beat of his heart in the blood that flowed through it, even though the fabric of his jeans and the sheet that wrapped me up.  Just how much willpower did this man have to not fuck me with a cock this violently hard?

His arms held me close, and pulled me into his scent.  In my bliss, I gazed up at this man’s eyes, and wanted more, I wanted him to see me, I didn’t want this mask separating us anymore.

I wanted him to kiss me.  A real, lips-to-lips kiss between a man and a woman, not a man and a plastic protective cover.  I wanted it more than anything in the world other than that pulsing mass of steel-made-flesh under my tender butt to fill one of my holes, or maybe all of them in turn.

His hand reached up and grabbed mine before I could pull the mask from my face. “Not tonight,” he whispered in my ear, kissing my earlobe afterwards.  His hand fell on the back of my head which gently pulled me in closer, to which I obliged by pressing my head to his chest and letting his entire self wrap me up.

Wrapped in a sheet and in his muscles, in a world consisting of nothing but Joshua, I felt safe enough to doze off as my crotch against him, knowing that this man wouldn’t take me against my will, no matter how beautiful he found me.


Punishment at the Party

I smile at you as I stroke your cheek, admiring the maid outfit we picked out, especially noting the fishnets and tall red heels that complimented your vivid red collar.

Every Monday I have guests over, and you’re expected the cater to their needs – well, their needs for beverages.  “Everyone’s going to be here in half an hour.  Do you have everyones’ drinks ready?” I ask, smiling, to which you nod.

“Yes, I’m ready, Master,” you respond happily, as you start preparing tea.  I could see my offer to get you a pony doll if you prepared everyone’s drinks flawlessly was motivating.

I shook my head with amusement as I finished preparing the games.  It amused me, but I adored it about you that you could maintain childlike innocence as you grew into the beautiful woman you are.

The guests came in, mostly men but a couple women and one couple.  Overall there were about eighteen people in our home having drinks, playing games, chatting over all sorts of little and big things.  And through it all was my corsetted and collared little maid, flitting about, making sure to keep the entire social occasion a well-lubricated wheel.

However, I found myself frowning a bit as I noticed one of my guests getting a bit… rowdy.  Now, we had fun here, but it was important to maintain a high standard of elegance and proper conduct.  What’s more, I knew this man only became so rowdy after drinking.

I sighed.  Giving it a bit of thought, I headed into the kitchen to see you steeping some tea.  You looked back, smiling.  “Hey Master, how am I,” you started before seeing disappointment on my face.  Your expression instantly shifted to one of ‘I’m in so much trouble,’

You tried to turn, but my hand lashed out and I instantly had a fistful of hair.  “Master, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” you whimpered, trying to struggle away.  Ignoring it, I slowly walked you into the main room where everyone was chatting amongst themselves.

“Everyone, may I have your attention!” I bellowed out as you whimpered ‘Please, no,’ before everyone stopped talking.

The room was dead silent.  The tension here was enough to stop your struggling.  Using the opportunity, I lightly tapped you on the back of the knee with one foot, signalling you to your knees as terror overcame your expression.

“Mr. Curtis,” I said, glaring at my rather rowdy friend who was instantly cowed.  “Your behavior has been… inelegant,” I say.  A bit of an understatement, but understatement is a handy tool.  “I’m well aware of the fact that you are quite smashed out of your wits, and I would appreciate it if you would sit down and have some coffee for a bit before I have to eject you for undesired advances,”

The man had the sense to look ashamed and sit down without complaint after a sharp glare.  “However, my maid will be unable to procure it for some time, because she has committed an error.  Now.  What do you feel you have done?” I say, looking at you, forcing you to look at me with a sharp jerk on your hair.

All around, all eyes are on you.  You try to focus on me, but your eyes glance around, seeing voyeuristic, grinning faces that seem to be filled with amusement or excitement.  All around you, everyone is looking forward to what happens.

Paralyzed by hesitation, you’re brought back to the real world with a sharp slap across the face and your head being forced down.  “She was given very explicit instructions to neither serve strong drinks, nor to serve alchohol to anybody becoming rowdy.  Because I have needed to reprimand and humiliate my dear friend, clearly this instruction was broken.  So.  What did you do?” I asked, my gaze focused on you.

You knew that I rewarded obedience, but I punished disobedience without hesitation.  You also knew that if you did not answer, your punishment would dip into cruelty.

“I made him a long island iced tea,” you asked, trying to shield your face.  “Please, Master, don’t slap me,” you begged, while ignoring the gazes around you.

“I won’t” I said, and slowly you lowered your hands, cautiously.

A blur of sharp pain as I pulled you by your hair, dragged you to your feet momentarily then threw you over my knee as I lifted up the skirt of your outfit, showing everyone your black thong and black garters.  “No, please, stop, Master,” you cried out before you felt my hand strike your ass, sending a surge of pain through your body.

More than the pain, though, you feel their eyes.  Watching you.  Admiring your ass.  Listening to you cry out as each and every blow impacts you.  You see their lecherous gazes and their envious expressions, wishing they could have you bent over their knee.

You can see that everyone in this room, even (if not especially) the women wants to fuck you.

Not that you can think about it.  Before you can, my hand strikes you again and sends more pain through you.  Over and over again, brutally my hand assaults your ass, sends pain running through you, fills the room with an even more lustful feeling.  A feeling which begins to overtake you.

“Please…” you don’t say it ‘stop’ in the end of that anymore, even though you try to mean it.  But you’re overwhelmed.  Your mind is going slightly numb, the spikes of pain filling your senses and turning into a twisted pleasure.  Looking around you see yourself being watched, see yourself being the center of attention.

And you want them to keep staring.

After thirty blows on each side, you feel your thong pulled aside and a spike of fear runs through you as your head rises.  “No, Mas-” your head is pushed down as fingers run against your vulva.  Your pussy aches a little, throbbing, wanting to be filled.

You feel a finger slide into you and your body grips it as you let out a whimper.  You make eye contact with a tall woman who focuses on your eyes, eying you like a wolf watching the pack’s alpha eat.  Wanting, but unable to approach, hoping there will be something for her.

Your focus on her breaks when you feel that finger pumping in and out of you, fucking you.  It violently drives itself into you, fucking you, pleasuring you and making your entire body sing and scream in desire.  Your breath grows hitched as you feel moans pulling themselves from your lips.

“God!” You moan as your hips grind back against your hand, feeling your entire body grow hotter and wetter, heart racing.  You feel tension running through you, something growing louder and louder inside of you.  Heat builds in your loins as you buck back against my hand, feeling your orgasm approaching.

Just as your toes try to curl in your heels and you explode with pleasure, I pull my hand out of your pussy.

“No!” You nearly scream, grinding back into me, whimpering like I’m a cruel thief before you realize what just happened.

Before you realize that everyone is smiling even more.

Before you’re thrown bent over the coffee table while I pin your face to the table and you hear the sound of pants unzipping and you realize you’re about to be fucked.

In front of everyone.

So you try to struggle, but it’s a pitiful struggle.  Even for you it’s pitiful.  Your pussy is too hot, burning too hot to resist as I slap it with the head of my cock.  You want it too bad to fight it.

So I slide my cock into you as you let out a cry.  It’s huge, giant compared to your tight little pussy and it hurts to take all the way, but it hurts so good you wouldn’t dare ask for the pain to stop.

“Oh god, oh god,” you moan as I begin to drive my cock into you, hips slamming into yours, one hand digging so hard into your hip it hurts.  Pleasure and pain rip through you as you feel every eye on us, watching you be violently taken atop the coffee table.

It hurts and it’s humilating and you want it.  Your hands grip the sides of the table for stability as I drive you into the table, almost crushing your body with my strength.

You feel it building up again, even hotter, even harder.  Your body is under pressure and there’s heat inside of you.  You want to hold back but it escapes like steam, a scream ripped from your body as my cock feels bigger as you squeeze it tighter.

“Yes, yes, yes!” You scream as your body explodes into pleasure.  You tense up all over, arching your back against me pushing you down, screaming in front of everyone in the room as your pussy clenches and squeezes me, growing tighter and more resistant.

You hear me growl and fuck you harder and harder, grabbing your hips with both hands and driving myself into you like an animal, feeling my cock grow harder and hotter, pulse stronger.

You feel my cock spasm violently and fill you with cum, and you scream as it makes you have another orgasm before the first is over. The pleasure cascades and tears through your entire body like a tidal force as your senses white out…

Your head rises as conciousness returns. Over you, a soft blanket and a chattering of voices. Your eyes are blurry for a moment as you blink, reaching up and rubbing them. I’m sitting on the table, chatting with my guests. You’re sore, sweaty, you feel my cum inside of you and our mixed fluids cooling against your thigh. A soft sound is pulled from your lips.

“Oh, good. You’re up,” I say with a smile, noticing as you rise slowly. I reach out, standing up and help you to your feet. Your pussy throbs, sending pleasure through you as you moan softly, leaning into me, pressing your chest to mine.

You were already punished, shown off, violated in front of these party guests… but you were also covered with a blanket, and now my arms are wrapped around you, protecting you now that your punishment is over.

“Come on,” I say, giving you a kiss on the forehead. “You have work to do, but I’ll make sure we can slow down a little,” I say, letting you remove your heels before sending you back to work freshly fucked and full of cum.

A couple hours passed, and the party tapered off after a while. Heading into the kitchen, you let out a sigh before you feel my strong hands on your shoulders, massaging them. “Mmm…” your body aches, but the ache isn’t all bad; your pussy is still throbbing and reminding you of your ‘punishment.

“You haven’t even noticed what’s in front of you, have you?” I ask, causing you to open your eyes, widening them in shock.

A sparkling, shimmering white toy pony with a beautiful rainbow mane sits on the counter. You look back at me, then at the toy, then back at me, then at the toy.

“But… I… but…why?” You say, unable to properly form the sentence needed to ask the question.

“Well, I intended to give it to you if you did tonight perfectly,” I explained as you walked over, stroking the toy’s mane. “But I already bought it. I figure you can just do it right next time,” I said with a small smile, placing my faith in your ability to improve.

At that, you smile. “Thank you, Master,” you say, walking over and leaning up to give me a kiss. “May I….?”

“You may.”

And then squealing like a little girl, you run upstairs with your new doll.

Sunshine; An instant in eroticism

Basking in the golden sun I flip through my novel from my balcony, letting the feel of the radiant sun envelop me in an early summer.  Relaxing, I turn the page as the wind blows, the chimes ring, and a feminine moan echoes through the-

Wait, a feminine moan?  I glance down off the balcony to the next yard, where you lay atop a blanket, wearing only the golden rays of the sun.  You lay splayed out.  Long, luxurious hair fanned underneath you.  Pale, freckled skin glistening with sunblock and sunshine.  Your heavy bosom rises and falls as your moan is echoed, breath caught as your fingers glide in and out of your sex.

I would leave, but I’m glued to the spot.  I watch your hand traces your thigh, as jolts of bliss tear through your body, echoing themselves in the pulsing of my own flesh.

Your hand reaches your nipple, where you tease yourself cruelly.  Restrained moans become animalistic.  Caught in your thrashing, I’m so mesmerized that I didn’t even notice when I grabbed my cock to try to sate it’s own need.

My breath catches as your back arches and you bite into your own hand to stifle a scream, the audible wet sound of your pussy telling me how slick you are.  The sound just drives me to pump my own cock harder and faster, feeling my balls tighten and ache, the muscles in my cock tighten as-

Our eyes meet, and my hand is frozen instantly, paralyzed an instant before my climax.

A pause.  A hesitation.

Your lips curve up into a smile.

Your dripping fingers rise from your pussy and beckon me to come to you.

And I go downstairs for a neighborly visit.