Bitten, Bleeding; An Instant in Eroticism

My nails bite at my palms as I suck down a gasp of pain.

I don’t ignore the feeling of your teeth in my neck, the pain of you sinking into me like some hungry animal.  I don’t ignore the feeling of your arms wrapping themselves around me, of nails digging into my skin and tearing away at flesh.  My instincts command me to resist, to fight, to run from the pain.

Your teeth just grow harder, more violent as my body quivers and my blood burns.  Blood flows between my legs and I clamp down.  The pain grows ever more intense, ever harder to resist, as it gives way to another feeling, a swimming feeling; the feeling of your hunger begins to fill my head and cloud my thoughts.

My palms bleed as my trembling fists clench tighter than they ever have.

Your nails tear skin and spread flecks of blood around us.  The power of your fangs and nails, the power of you begins to overwhelm me.

“Nn…ah~” a moan escapes my lips as your teeth sink in so deep that the iron taste of my blood fills your mouth.  Surrendering to the pain, to the passion of sensation, my body stirs and my hips buck softly, my eyes fluttering closed

My fists break into open hands, gentle and calm.  Instinctually, automatically, naturally, my arms fall around your shoulders, and pull you ever closer.

As I’m enveloped by your hunger, I wrap you in acceptance.

I accept this pain, because it is born of passion and hunger.


Shaving Around Vampires Is Kinda Tricky; An instant in eroticism

A missed lunge and the wind is ripped from my lungs as you coolly twist me in the air before pressing your heel to my chest.

You always put me in my place.  Whimpering, I look up at the small nick on your cheek.  The crimson life that dribbles out is so appetizing.  I can smell it, smell you in that life, and I want you so bad.

You take notice of my need and glance in the mirror.  “Dammit, I hate shaving,” you mumble.  You grab a bit of toilet paper to wipe the blood, but you stop when I whine.


“No,” you say, your expression showing exasperation… but amusement flickers in your eyes.

“I want it, Master,” I whine, before you roll your eyes.  After a moment you let your heel up.  Jumping up I squeal with delight, wrapping you in a hug that nearly crushes your bones.

Ignoring your protests, I lick the cut… and moan at your taste.  Instantly my body shudders, and I press my lips to your cheek.  You taste like candy and like the finest meat all in one.  Wrapped in your your taste, my knees buckle.

The energy flows through my body and as it runs down between my legs my pussy pulses with life as I begin to suck harder, my nails digging into your back.  I hear you moan quietly.

But a cheek cut doesn’t bleed for long, and my lips pull away and I look into your eyes.  “Please…” ‘fuck me’ are the next words, but I’m too shy to say them out loud.

You look down at me and smile, patting my head… before getting a fistful of my hair as I squeal joyously.

Just A Taste?; An instant of eroticism

She finally cornered him, after twenty minutes of this game of cat and mouse.  He panted, soaked with sweat as she growled, sharp nails ready and fangs bared.

She lunged at him.  She was the perfect hunter, faster and stronger than him by leagues.

She was indeed faster!  But she hit the wall when he sidestepped her lunging grab for his neck, leaving cracks in the plaster.

She was indeed stronger!  But he reversed her movement and pinned her to the wall when she tried to overcome him.

She was indee-


Handcuffed and thrown to the ground.  She growled as the human gave a smug grin.  Her anger-filled snarl faded, and she began to pout.

“Please….?” She asked.

“Not right now, honey, I’m getting ready to head out,” he said, grabbing his coat.

“Pleaaaaase,” she begged pitifully.


“Please,” she whispered desperately.

He paused, looking into her eyes and sighed, tilting his head.  She arose with the energy of a young girl rather than an immortal mistress of the night thrice his age.  “Thank you, Master!” She said before wrapping her arms around him (after shattering her bonds) and sinking her teeth into his neck.

Instantly he let out a moan, and she shuddered with pleasure.  Feeling his lifeblood flow into her body was like drinking an orgasm, and she moaned all the while into his neck while he shared his vital force with her.

After a minute, she pulled back, and he gave her a kiss on the forehead as she smiled.  “Thank you, Master.  See you tonight,” she said as she ground her thighs together, lust-filled from her feeding.

He smiled, feeling light-headed as he headed to the door.  “Love you,” he said before heading out to his car… and deciding it best to call a taxi.