Fingers; An instant in eroticism

I shiver in fear and anticipation, looking up at you, my whole body exposed to the air and to your eyes.  “I’m scared, Mistress,” I whimper hesitantly, but you do not acknowledge my fear.  “Lean back,” you command.  I obey.  “Further,” you say.  Terror wells up in me again, but I do, spreading my legs and giving you access to my body.

Suddenly, something pushes into my anus.  The sensation is hot, almost burning, but not with heat.  It quakes through my body and pulls a whimper and a shudder from me as you slowly slip one finger into my anus.  I bite my lower lip, moaning and panting, my fingernails digging into the bed.  “It’s so intense, Mistress…”

“Does it feel good?”

“Yes,” I reply with a hesitant moan after a moment.  I writhe, the sensation too intense to stand but too wonderful.  My body feels hot and numb all over but also every sensation is magnified.  Before long my head feels full of helium, and every touch of your other hand sends ripples of pleasure up to my confused brain.

When I feel your lips on my cock I don’t know what to think, a pleasure unlike anything I’ve ever experienced ripping through me as I let out a cry.  I try to look down to your eyes, but I’m trembling and can’t focus.  My whole body is trembling and pulsing in time with my cock.  So I try to watch you as pleasure runs through my whole being, as I come closer and closer to the most unique orgasm I’m sure to have ever had in my life…

Before you pull your mouth off, your fingers from my ass, and slowly get ready to mount me, while this surreal and floaty bliss still fills my head.