She shuddered, softly moaning as she her body ached.

He ruined her. He grabbed her, slapped her, spanked her, fucked her. Tore her apart, and left her shuddering, naked save for a leather collar. Gazing into the mirror by his bed, she looked upon her body.

Her bright red left cheek and the makeup that ran all over her face reminded her of when he grabbed a fistful of her hair and slapped her over and over again when she tried to escape.

The mix of cum and spit dribbling from her mouth, running down her chest reminded her of when he pinned her down and fucked her face as hard as he could before forcing her to spit his cum out all over her body.

Rolling over, she looked at her chest; her tits, glazed with cum were red and aching, tiny pinch marks showing when he put clothespins on her nipples and all over her breasts, an already-bruising bite mark was evidence of the bite he gave her when she pulled away.

Her eyes traced down her body, to her cunt, swollen and throbbing and still aching, though each throbbing sent small surges of pleasure through her whole self, reminding her of when he fucked her, after using a huge toy on her for what felt like hours, seeing his seed dribbling out of her shaven pussy, complimenting those red swollen lips.

“Nnng…” she moaned, a shock of irresistible bliss running through her flesh as she rolled onto her front, showing her cherry-red ass that practically glowed from being spanked until she swore to be a good girl. After forcing the promise of obedience, he had continued spanking her until she started crying, to impress upon her how truly sadistic he could be if she didn’t keep to her word.

But now, she was ruined. Stained with cum. Covered in runny mascara. For the briefest of moments, she was alone.

That moment ended when he came back to the room and leaned down, softly running a finger along the chaotic mess of previously perfect hair which he destroyed, before planting a kiss on her forehead. “You were a good girl,” he softly whispered in her ear, almost lovingly, before slowly bringing a cup of water to her lips and tipping it. Slowly, the silent girl sipped the water, before he climbed into bed by her side, turning her with his arms and pulling her head against his chest.

One hand wrapped around her back, the other on her head. Her world was wrapped in darkness, the light blocked by his form, and all she heard was the sound of his breath. Curling into his arms, she felt him squeeze her protectively, and in turn she surrendered to his embrace.