About Elijah

I’m Elijah W Bradley, a wordsmith of tales of passion, of fire, and occasionally of just plain dirty lust.

I update my Instants of Eroticism project, a less-than-300-word erotica project, daily, sometime between Midnight and Midnight, Pacific Standard Time.

I also, occasionally, upload other erotic tales on a strict timescale of “Whenever a fey mood leads me to do so”.

It’s worth noting that many of my stories have BDSM elements.  I’m into Dominance and Submission play myself, typically as a Dominant, but also as a Submissive on the rare, fey mood.  Huh… Lots of things happen when I’m in a fey mood, don’t they?  I must be one of the fair folk.  Anyways.

There will also be, occasionally, polyamory and swinging elements; you’re not as likely to see these in my Instants of Eroticism, simply because it’s hard to put multipartner sex scenes or scenarios into under 300 words, but dammit I’m a writer and part of this project’s goal is to help me surpass my weaknesses as a writer, so…maybe I should do a few more of those…



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