Hands of the Night (Aoife Cycle)

Fire, Water, and Earth. Aoife’s Master had imbued himself with all these elements by consuming the essences of a dragon, a naga, and a werewolf. Furthermore, he had shown frightful ability with these powers; sometimes she thought of someone able to do what he could, and the slightest hint of fear filled her.

She wasn’t scared of him, just of someone who could do what he could. For one thing, even before consuming earth he manipulated a tree by playing with the water inside of it, stretching his powers to the limit.

For the other thing, with the powers he inherited from momentarily being a werewolf, Aoife found herself once again helpless, pinned down. She squirmed and struggled, chest down against the ground with her cheek against the floor as a black hand reached out of the shadow beside her, getting a fistful of her hair and keeping her pinned to the ground by it.

Sigurd had decided to play with his powers. Just seconds ago she teased him, planning to run away, but rather than let her escape, her Master did nothing but give a dark smile before reaching into the shadow beside him and grab her ankle, tripping her up before pinning her.

Slowly, in the treehouse the elves had given them, Sigurd set his book down and approached her. Looking over, there was a hand made of nothing but solidified darkness reaching out of a shadow, holding onto her hair, and another held tight onto her ankle. She tried to push the hands off, tried to break free but when she did the hand in her hair just pulled harder and tighter, ferociously refusing to let her go.

Sigurd stood before Aoife, reaching down and grabbing her hair free of the shadow with his own real hand before jerking back hard, making the tiny fairy cry out and look up at him. The gaze of pain and lust in her eyes was all too familiar with him, and with a soft smile he grinned. “Why don’t we see just what these hands can do?”

Without warning, hands burst from the shadows near her and pulled back hard, jerking her arms behind her back and pulling her up onto her knees while holding her up. Hands grabbing her legs jerked them apart slightly, causing her to cry out as she felt like she was being held with her arms and legs in place and apart. Roughly Sigurd pulled her face forward and pulled her lips over his cock, refusing to give her a chance to protest.

The tiny fairy whimpered and moaned as she was forced to deepthroat her Master’s cock, tears burning in her eyes. She closed those eyes and focused on the sensations. Hands caressed her back, like she was being pet by Master. Hands squeezed and teased her breasts, causing her to exhale through her nose in excitement as lust built and burned inside of her, low moans vibrating Sigurd’s cock. Fingers ran up her thighs and teased her, caressing her, running up one thigh, gently brushing against her damp vulva, before brushing down the other.

It was like there were four or five men teasing her, squeezing her, playing with her and they were all Sigurd, as he fucked her face. The way he touched her expertly made her shudder, knees trembling all the while.

Sigurd pulled her down on his cock and thrust his hips forward, nearly gagging her as his hands squeezed her breasts. They gave them a squeeze and she squeaked as the sensation spiked, before she couldn’t help but nearly cry out as the air was filled with the sound of her ass being struck. Weakly, the fairy wiggled her quickly pinkening ass as more and more blows came. Whimpering, groaning, she shuddered and writhed as she was spanked again and again.

As a slap struck her left breast, then her right, Aoife bucked her hips and whimpered, her body begging for cock, her pussy begging for sensation. Another slap on her breast and she tried to pull back to ask Sigurd to fuck her, but the moment his cock was almost free of her mouth he forced her to take it all as roughly as he could, fucking her face wrathfully as she gagged and sputtered, shaking and unable to breathe.

More spankings, more blows and she found herself shaking and whimpering, legs trying to spread out and tense up but hands kept them in place. She tried to pull her hands away and reach under herself to finger her clit but when she tried the hands grabbing her wrists just jerked her arms back harder, digging their nails into her wrists.

Aoife felt Sigurd’s cock getting harder and harder in her mouth and throat and she whimpered all around it, continuing to fight and squirm and struggle, trying to steal her arms free so she could pleasure herself.

All it earned her was harder and harder spankings. The brutality of the blows made Aoife cry out, whimper, and groan, overwhelming her with pain and pleasure, demanding she surrender. Her struggling grew weaker and weaker and she allowed herself to become more of a toy.

When the struggling stopped, she was rewarded; slowly, a hand slid three fingers deep into her tight cunt, the fingers facing downward towards the front of her pussy, and pushed down very slightly, curving and rubbing. Aoife’s cunt reacted almost instantly and clamped down on Sigurd’s fingers. She squealed and shuddered, grinding back against them.

Hands stroked her back, slapped her tits, held her hands back while Sigurd fucked her face. His fingers expertly rubbed the inside of her pussy and targetted her G-spot, forcing her pussy to clamp down harder and harder as bliss ripped through her.

The orgasm that tore into Aoife made her entire body stiffen up and drove her to lean forward and suck harder and harder on the cock in her mouth as Sigurd roared and growled, thrusting deep into her mouth with all his strength one last time, cock exploding in a powerful orgasm that filled her mouth with cum as she delighted in the taste before hungrily swallowing every last burst of semen. As he came, his fingers rubbed her G-spot harder and harder, driving her deeper into the throes of pleasure.

Aoife’s second orgasm left her shaking and crying out on his cock, not even able to control her movement well enough to swallow the ever increasing spurts of cum in her mouth, letting the delicious taste linger on her tongue for the briefest of moments.

Sigurd slowly pulled his cock from her mouth and Aoife gasped, leaning down and panting hard as the hands holding her wrists let go and let her brace herself on the ground. Gently, her Maste rknelt down and caressed her back with both his physical hands and two more, gently petting her back and running fingers through her hair. When he pulled his shadowy hand from her pussy, the sensation gave her a surge of pleasure before a feeling of emptiness filled her as she watched her Master hungrily lick the cum off his ebony fingers.

Then, caressing her cheek and holding onto her hair, he pressed his lips to hers, and Aoife marveled in how damn good the two of them tasted together.


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