Earthly Elixir (Aoife Cycle)

The elven village was thrown into a small amount of chaos by the redheaded blur that seemed to be dashing all throughout it in a mix of terror and delight. Aoife was running, jumping, flying as fast as she could through houses, atop trees, everywhere she could, all to escape a mass of black shadows that darted after her, melding into the shadows and disappearing before reappearing from a shadow just a couple breaths closer to her.

Aoife panted, breathing, her chest rising and falling as her pale skin seemed just the slightest bit reddened from the deep breaths she took as she leapt from one branch to another, using her wings to flitter; she had tried to use her ability to ‘steal’ some space, but just the presence of the shadows locked that down somehow. She tried to become a tiny fairy instead of a human sized one so she could fly properly but again, some property of those shadows locked her down. Glancing back in terror, she let out a yelp as from the branch a shadow jumped off and nearly hit her, slamming into the tree in front of her and melting into a mass of darkness which swarmed around the trunk before fading into the shadows.

Landing on the branch, Aoife put her hand to her chest and gathered her breath as the shadows pooled and massed around the bottom of the tree, their forms becoming slightly more solid, like wolves made of pure darkness which melted into the shape of men as they started climbing up the tree with the vigor of an expert climber.


Just ten minutes ago, this redheaded blur had been sitting in in a tree as her Master, Sigurd, sat in front of her nude, taking a swig of a grainy brown potion. The man rolled his eyes as Aoife refused to leave him, so he just accepted the fact that she quite literally wanted to be held down and forced to take the cock, or cocks, of whatever delightful, new, monsterous form he would take.

Sigurd seemed to ignore the fact that the transformation was horrifyingly painful, and when it took him over, he simply embraced the pain and sensation and threw his head back, howling. Face twisting into a snout, legs changing shape. His body was covered in fur, and his ears became beastial as his fangs seemed to grin as he looked at Aoife, hungry and salivating. When she looked down and saw now that his cock was wonderfully huge, a nice nearly foot long with a humongus bulge near the bottom, she shuddered at the thought of taking that knotted cock.

Okay, time to run, she thought to herself and hopped off the branch, turning away and spanking her ass once and grinning at him. “Come take me if you can, Mas…” she paused when she noticed he wasn’t following her. Sigurd was grabbing at his head, focusing his power, trying to control the transformation like he had already done twice.

She reckognized his rapid transformation without instability or just turning into a magical wolf should have meant that he had control of the transformation. Then her eyes opened wide when she realized that he didn’t just have full control over the transformation; he was messing with it.

Her Master wasn’t content to just turn into a magical earth-aligned creature and take in the power, he wanted to fuck with it, see how far he could take it. For all Sigurd was doing, he was focused on the concept of a werewolf. The concept of a wolf, a pack creature, of being more than one being. Of being a being of the night, of darkness.

Aoife watched as Sigurd’s fur turned as black as pitch and the fur stopped having the texture of fur and started just being a silouette. For the first moment in a long time, she felt fear, looking at Sigurd, and took a step back. She was overwhelmed by the thought that he was taking his transformation to a conceptual level, as the shadow melted and twisted, becoming a blur and blob before spreading out into two beastial werewolves on the ground, shifting and squirming and writhing.

When those two became three, and those blobs took a solid form as wolves, Aoife knew it was time to run.


Wolves became shadows became men. As she glided from one tree to another, one of the Sigurd shadowbeasts lunged at her through the air, missing her once again when she dodged, before all of a sudden a powerful force hit her in the chest, tackling her out of the air. Aoife screamed as she was tackled seemingly by a wolf which transformed into a werewolf part of the way into the air, pinning her arms behind her back and grabbing her as it twisted in the air.

The wind was knocked out of Aoife as she struck the ground hard, cushioned and kept safe by the shadow which burst and twisted and writhed when it hit the ground. Climbing up to her feet, Aoife swallowed and looked around to the sight of 7 wolves made of shadow surrounding her. An involuntary step back and a shadow in the shape of a man grabbed her arm, and before she had any warning she was pinned to the ground, a clawed fist in her hair.

Aoife tried to scream but before she could, her hair was jerked back hard on her and she felt an absolutely massive cock force it’s way into her mouth. Aoife tried to buck and fight, tried to press against the werewolf made of pitch facefucking her, but she was completely helpless. Whimpering, her eyes burned with tears as clawed hands grabbed her arms and pulled them away, holding them away so she couldn’t do a thing.

Clawed hands dug into her hips, drawing the slightest amount of blood before, without any warning or mercy, a massive cock drove itself deep into her pussy. Aoife screamed as her already wet cunt felt like it was being forced apart by a monster as Sigurd fucked both her face and her pussy at the same time. Choking, gagging, whimpering, Aoife shook and cried and sobbed, tears burning in her eyes as pleasure forced it’s way into her.

Obediently, the girly fairy relaxed her body and let herself be used. The werewolf Sigurds just fucked her harder, pulling her hair forward roughly to make her take the entire gigantic cock in her throat. All she could do was accept his violence and swallow around his cock. Meanwhile, the one behind her didn’t pull all the way out, the knot in his cock making him feel even more massive as his cock didn’t want to leave her; instead it was small grinding deep into her while pulling back hard on her. The grinding made his cock rub against her cervix while the knot made it feel like she was taking the biggest dildo in the world at the same time.

Screaming on the cock in her mouth, Aoife came all over the Sigurd in her pussy and moaned, swallowing around the cock in her throat, licking against it with her tongue. Her desperate body craved to pleasure Sigurd, and the werewolf Sigurd in front of her pulled her head down harder and harder before suddenly she felt the cock get harder and huger before exploding deep in her throat. A bliss and the satisfaction of a good sex slave filled her and her entire mind was filled momentarily with pride in doing a good job as the werewolf emptied his cock into her mouth before almost melting into shadow.

With her face freed, she screamed out when the cock in her pussy hit her cervix again and her cunt gushed, spraying the Sigurd behind her with her own fairy cum, drenching his thighs and moaning and crying out.

The orgasms were so intense that she couldn’t handle it, the cock was so big she started crying, cathartic emotion washing over and filling her with a relief she didn’t know how to describe. Just as Aoife started sobbing uncontrollably, she looked up to notice that there were several werewolves that were jerking off, and without understanding why she started sobbing even harder, tears of pure happiness.

When the werewolf in her pussy came, Aoife screamed and ground back against him, wailing and sobbing and cumming all over him, her tight pussy squeezing and sucking every drop of cum out of him while his thrusts hit even harder, every one of them like a hammer of pure pleasure right against her cervix. When that werewolf melted into nothing but shadows, Aoife’s sobbing began to lessen as the joy of having that massive, knotted cock deep in her started to fade softly. She did have the feeling of the thickest, weightiest, stickiest cum she had ever experienced hanging in her cunt and slowly crawling down her throat. That cum was the most fulfilling she ever experienced, like Sigurd when he had been pent up for a week and hadn’t cum, only three times as thick. Arching her back softly, she could barely even feel it dribble out of her pussy.

When the werewolves jerking off around her covered her in cum, Aoife looked up and opened her mouth. The taste when some of it hit her tongue was syrupy, and the feeling of it covering her face, her back, her neck and breasts as well as her wings gave her a delight. How much of a mess she must be right now.

Without giving her any warning or chance to recover, one of the last two werewolves grabbed her and picked her up, hoisting her up into the air while spreading her thighs wide for the other one. She squirmed and whimpered out of habit, although she didn’t really try. Her eyes were puffy and red from crying. Her throat hurt softly and she coughed lightly. Full of and covered in cum, Aoife felt utterly satisfied.

The shadow being in front of her was more Sigurd’s shape than that of a werewolf, and he casually slid two fingers into her pussy and tilted them upwards. Aoife cried out and shuddered as he rubbed her G-spot perfectly, quickly with the slightest amount of force. Panting, she groaned and tried to squirm to reach down and rub her clit, grab onto something, do anything as she was held up helplessly.

The Shadow Sigurd in front of her tipped her over the edge and Aoife shook, screaming wordlessly with her hoarse voice as her pussy gushed. Leaning back against the Werewolf Shadow Sigurd, Aoife closed her eyes and abandoned her blurry vision, accepting her fate as the one in front of her slowly fingered her ass, using their mixed cum as a lubricant. Normally that wouldn’t work, especially given how sticky this was, but the Shadowy forms were magical.

As that first huge, knotted cock slowly pushed into her ass, one inch at a time while it’s owner held her up in the air, Aoife forced herself to relax her body and accept the cock. Her head felt light as her whole body felt taken, and her toes curled and nails dug into her palms. Moans and whimpers were the only sounds she made as every inch made her feel more owned and more pleasure. The knot near the base of the cock was the hardest part though, and slowly the werewolf cock pushed deeper, deeper, stretching her out more for a moment before finally she could take that last little bulge like a flared toy and her ass hungrily grasped onto Werewolf Sigurd’s cock.

Shadow Sigurd reached up and squeezed her breasts as Werewolf-Sigurd bounced her ass on his cock, sending waves of pleasure through her which were slightly muffled by her lightheadedness. The feeling of hands on her breasts made Aoife writhe though and let out a soft sobbing sound. With her eyes closed, all she could do was focus on the sensation of feeling.

Two more hands from the malleable form of Shadow Sigurd in addition to the ones on her breasts grabbed onto her hips and pulled her in as Shadow Sigurd slid his cock into Aoife’s pussy. Opening her eyes, she screamed and looked into Sigurd’s own eyes, the only thing on any of their form with any color. His eyes burned gold with hunger as he looked at her and pulled her forward.

It was too tight, too much; one gigantic werewolf cock in her ass and a human cock in her pussy. The two ground together and pressed the flesh between them, and when one of them thrust, she felt the other cock twitching in response to having the whole thing made tighter. Desperately, Aoife reached forward and clung to Shadow Sigurd for dear life as Werewolf Sigurd bounced her up and down. Every bounce forced her harder and harder into a headspace of subservience and made her feel sleepy and lightheaded.

Sigurd fucked her subspaced body and pounded her roughly, holding onto her, squeezing her breasts and kneading her breasts, driving his cock into her harder and harder. Aoife shook weakly, her body too exhausted even to tremble properly. She just focused on those golden eyes, on the feeling of Sigurd’s massive cock, on the feeling of the werewolf cock quivering in her ass. She focused on everything, the feeling of it getting harder as her cum-filled cunt and cum-lubricated ass took more and more cock.

As the rich, creamy, ultra-thick cum from both Sigurds filled her at once, Aoife felt a burst of sensation. It felt like an orgasm, but instead of coming from her pussy, it felt like every single inch of her skin was cumming at once. Her hoarse voice screamed as her weak body shook and collapsed against the werewolf pumping her ass full of cum. Aoife couldn’t see or hear anything, as her entire body felt like one huge nerve sending nothing but the sensation of heavenly joy, weightless and free.

As Werewolf Sigurd melted into shadow, Shadow Sigurd put the hands on her breasts around her back, pulling her weight against him, the hands on her hips reaching down to pull her in close and lean her forward, before he slowly collapsed against the ground.

No longer was Sigurd a beast of shadow, but now he was a man, exhausted and worn, his skin completely covered in sweat as he moaned, panting and pulling Aoife against him as they laid together on the ground, focusing on the feeling of her semen-soaked breasts against his chest, her skin against his, and the feeling of his still-hard cock resting in her pussy, so completely full of cum that every single motion made a little bit of it gush out and forced the tiniest of moans from Aoife’s tired lips.

Sigurd didn’t dare move, though. After he laid back on the cool night ground, Aoife, overwhelmed from the sensation, passed out atop him, her tired cunt still squeezing his cock in an unconscious desperation for even more cum as she immediately started to, ever so adorably, snore on her Master’s shoulder.


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