Divine Punishment

Natalie was to be punished. A former paladin, now a thief – a petty thief at that – since the angels descended to take over the world more directly than their previous behind-the-scenes influence. Like many in the clergy, she was out of a job once the angels stepped in to show their true nature.

Her punishment was of course, one that she had to choose of several. The woman could have decided to take some time in jail, or pay some reparations, but after a moment of hesitation she opted instead to accept having her dignity stripped away and to be used as an example. She felt she deserved the punishment after all; she was an addict.

Stripped down naked and bound in rope with her arms behind her, the woman bit down hard on her cloth gag as she was led into the public square. It was the middle of this small town, barely too large to call a village as she looked around, whimpering softly. On either side of her were the two angels who would punish her – Cassiel and Dina – dressed in robes of white and red respectively, with blindfolds in the color of the other angel’s garb. They were both supernaturally beautiful; with skin that shone with a light silver light, and radiant blonde hair.

“We come here today,” Cassiel began, speaking in a voice which sounded less like that of a man and more like a small crowd. “To come bear witness to the repentance of the thief, Natalie,” he finished as Dina grabbed her hair and pulled back hard.

Pain ran through Natalie’s scalp and she whimpered, knees quivering slightly in some pain and pleasure. She looked around, her pussy throbbing and nerves and excitement running through her as all around here were men and women, come to watch this foul woman receive the punishment of the angels.

“We come here today,” Dina repeated. “To show what happens to those who disregard the words of the Almighty. To strip away the pride of a thief who would sin,” he said as he spread his wings, hanging a hard point in midair as Cassiel leaned down and placed a small stone against her pussy, binding it with rope.

Natalie tried to close her eyes and focus on just the feelings, but a powerful blow hit her cheek from Cassiel, who growled. “You will not avert your eyes, sinner. You will gaze upon those who will know you for the whore you are.”

Natalie’s eyes burned with tears but she nodded softly, swallowing. ‘Yes sir’ escaped her muffled mouth just barely as she was lifted up by the rope which bound her body and lightly squeezed her breasts, being hoisted in the air by divine power until the rope linked with the hard point placed in the air.

Nervousness, terror, excitement filled Natalie’s body as she resisted the urge to struggle or squirm. She knew that if she didn’t fight, her punishment would be a lot less cruel. Keeping her eyes open to look at the crowd, she embraced the feeling of all those eyes on her; some hungry, some disappointed, all witnessing her having her pride stripped from her. Biting down on the cloth gag, she let out a muffled cry of surprise and pain as a thuddy impact struck her ass.

Trying her hardest not to glance back and face forward so the crowd could see her expression, she squirmed as Dina flogged her. Blow after blow of heavy, thuddy strikes hit her ass and caused her to wiggle. Soft moans were muffled by her gag as her toes curled and her chest heaved, the blows reddening her ass bit by bit. Nails dug into her palms as her heart raced as the blows grew faster and faster and the sting and impact of the falls of the flogger were felt more sharply. Her pussy growing wet, Natalie bucked her hips in midair and moaned and whimpered, the shameful lust on her face growing. Slowly, in front of her Cassiel floated up to reach her before he conjured up a pair of nipple clamps, and slowly grabbed her left breast. Natalie let out an exhale of excited terror and shook her head unconsciously before the angel placed the clamp on her nipple. The sensation of the pinch was momentarily overwhelming and she let out a low, wanton moan as her hips bucked. Natalie gasped and whimpered as Cassiel grabbed her right breast then and pinched it with a second clamp.

Her eyes closed as the sensation overwhelmed her and forced her to just feel her pussy clenching down, until Cassiel roughly slapped her face, first on the left side and then again. Screaming and bucking and struggling, she squirmed and bucked and looked away, fighting, which only got her harder treatment.

The crowd watched as Natalie was too aroused to not fight, and the angels responded by stopping the flogging to break out a paddle and beat her ass hard, the reddened supple flesh taking a powerful stingy strike. They watched as Dina slapped her face again and again, the makeup she wore starting to run from the tears escaping her lips. They listened as instead of screaming in pain, Natalie was moaning, writhing, nearly cumming just from the brutal treatment. The crowd watched as Dina stopped slapping her face and started slapping her tits as her runny makeup made her look like a complete whore and her tits were getting reddened by slap after slap.

Natalie, for all she was doing was trying not to fight, trying to take her punishment, but the pain was overwhelmingly pleasurable; she couldn’t help but struggle, she couldn’t help but fight. With Cassiel’s nails roughly grasping her hair and jerking back forced her eyes wide open as under his blindfold, Dina glared at her.

“We see that you will need to be stripped of even more dignity than this,” he said, before the angels snapped in unison and she saw Dina’s robes burst into white and gold holy flame before disappearing in a flash of heat, leaving nothing but his shining, nude body, showing off a large, thick, radiant cock. Widening her eyes, she whimpered and shook her head, begging him and Cassiel not to continue all while internally pleading that they would.

Dina rose up slightly so his cock was at face level and aggressively Cassiel grabbed her hair and forced her face forward, forcing her to deep throat and choke on Dina’s cock. Squirming, bucking, crying out she looked up in desperation, her pussy throbbing as she couldn’t breathe.

“We refuse your human cunt our cum,” Cassiel said, before using some of his divine power to fill her ass with lube. Whimpering, she tried to shake her head while deepthroating Dina, but that only got Cassiel to force her head forward a little more, and Natalie gagged, her pussy throbbing.

When Cassiel’s angelic cock forced it’s way into Natalie’s ass, her pussy throbbed and she cried out, legs trying to straighten themselves heat and pleasure filled her.

Suddenly, the struggling paladin-turned-thief wasn’t struggling. Softly, she stopped fighting as Dina’s nails took over for holding her scalp and dug into her upper back while Cassiel grabbed her hips and pulled back hard on her while Dina facefucked her. The feeling of the cock spreading her ass was overwhelming, the feeling of being facefucked and gagged weakening her. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t think. Lightheaded, she loosened her body and let herself be used as a fucktoy by the angels.

It was the punishment she deserved. The feeling of clamps weighing down lightly on her nipples as her breasts swayed was a pinch of pleasure every second. The feeling of a hard, divine cock pounding her ass and stretching her out was making her squirm. Her pussy twitched and throbbed, craving sensation.

Instantly, the small stone that was tied to her pussy activated; taking a softer, rubbery texture and vibrating like a toy, that sensation she craved came to her and she screamed on Dina’s cock. Pussy clamping down on nothing, the woman shook as lust overcame her and her pussy squirted, some of her cum covering Cassiel’s thighs as more of it dripped all over the ground.

Natalie screamed out all over Dina’s hardening, throbbing cock as she was helplessly pounded from both ends. Her eyes rolled back as her quivering, shaking, helpless body was used like a fucktoy by two merciless angels. The cock in her ass felt bigger and bigger as it throbbed and her ass squeezed it, and she was too helpless even to suck around Dina’s cock.

The feeling of them both cumming at once was enough to blank out her senses. She only knew she felt weightless and full as the vibrating ‘stone’ on her cunt made her cum again and she felt heat being pumped into her ass, filling her up, and heat running down her throat as she let herself be a cum dump for her correctional officers.

After the two were done cumming in her, they left her hanging in the air from the rope for a while, whimpering and quivering.

“See now the fate of this filthy whore!” announced Dina.

“See now the destiny of this disobedient slut!” declared Cassiel.

“Those who defy the Almighty will be shown for what they really are, and this thief is truly nothing but a fucktoy.”

“Those who defy the Almighty will be shown for what they are, and used for what they’re good for.”

Natalie, for her part moaned and whimpered, trembling and shaking as she quivered, overwhelmed by the joy of having an ass full of divine cum. Quivering, she whimpered as the hard point suspended in air slowly lowered her onto the ground, letting her collapse against the rope while her knees pressed against the dais and her whole body shook.

The angels made their declarations, but beyond this she didn’t care. She would accept her punishment, as they lifted her up and tied her to a rack and began to slap her tits and make her cry out in pain, whimpering and shaking. They wouldn’t be done with her all day, and she didn’t mind at all. She became a thief because she was an addict, and wouldn’t stop stealing and wouldn’t stop taking her punishment.

She just knew she could never tell them that her addiction wasn’t to any drug, or even the act of theft; her addiction was to the way they brutalized her again and again and showed her off to the world and made her feel like the slut she always craved to be.


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