The Angel Stained With Sin

People believed that angels and demons were the source of good and evil in this world. As the fallen angel Zephyr found out, it was a bit more complicated than that. The war of heaven against hell had gone on for millennia, and although she once stood alongside her fellow angels, their increasing brutality and cold nature, abandoning all emotion for the sole purpose of demanding obedience bothered her.

So she defected. Taking her flaming sword, she turned against the archangels and did everything she could to defend humanity, although she was defeated, nearly killed, and cast down.

This was all years ago, though. Since, she had accepted her place on the mortal realm among a community of demons, having been adopted by a great devil and embracing her role as his little girl, although she never really understood it all. When her new family tried to leave to return to their home, though, she was to stay back in the human world; angels couldn’t survive in hell.

This wasn’t acceptable, so she pleaded with her new Daddy to take her with, to do as happened to him centuries ago and make her a fallen angel.

To do so, though, she would need to embrace and let herself consume one of the seven sins to it’s utmost, transforming her body.

Zephyr chose lust.

She made this choice two weeks ago, and she walked forward, somewhat nervously. In the small village that the demons, angels, and humans made their home, everyone came to watch this ceremony; the tiny, 5′ tall angel with ginger hair halfway down to her waist walked with her pale skin exposed, dressed for desire. She wore very little, a pentagram rope which squeezed and accentuated and showed off her breasts, a black corset which showed off her waist and hips even better than they naturally were shown beforehand. A pair of black heels which led up to thigh-high stockings held up by garters, although the lack of panties meant that anyone looking could admire her bubble butt or her shaved, exposed pussy.

On her back her wings contrasted the black of her outfit, with feathers as white as freshly fallen snow, even more white than her pale body. Dressed for desire, she felt the eyes of everyone in her life all on her, admiring her body, lusting quietly after her. The angel did her best to swallow and ignore those eyes, focusing only on the 6′ tall man sitting on a makeshift throne, with skin as black as soot with red arcane scratches all over him and humongous large horns on his head, covered only with a loincloth.

“Da-… Lord Belial,” she said to her adoptive daddy, bowing softly before him.

“You may call me what you usually do,” he said, which for a moment caused her to burn with slight embarrassment. Even though she was ‘adopted’ as an adult angel, the thought of calling him Daddy while doing this was embarrassing.

“Y-yes, Daddy,” she said, suddenly feeling all the more aware of what she was doing. She had been going almost through auto-pilot through preparing for this ritual, and now she was all the more aware of the angels with their eyes on her breasts, trying their hardest not to feel that righteous indignation that came so natural with their kind, and the mix of desire and shame in their eyes. The demons, hungrily leering at her ass, including one of her friends who had a tentacle that seemed a little longer as it flicked at her. The humans, who admired her angelic beauty and enjoyed the debauchery of this ritual in almost equal measure. “Daddy, I seek to become a demon, like you,” she said, standing up and approaching the throne, her heart racing. “I seek to become a being of lust.”

Belial smiled and chuckled, his demonic voice low and powerful as he slowly pulled his loincloth aside and showed off a long, hard, veiny cock which seemed to have a slightly red glow as it twitched slightly. “Are you sure, my girl? You can remain an angel, or you can be like me…”

Swallowing, she bit her lower lip, the sight of that cock exciting her and filling her with shame and humiliation at the shame. Her pussy seemed to throb very slightly. “Yes, Daddy. I want you to fill me with lust.”

Belial grinned viciously. “No.”

At that, Zephyr paused, slightly taken aback. “Wh-what?” This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. Was he denying her? Had he started to take his role as her adopter too seriously.

“You should fill yourself with lust. Pleasure your Daddy. Pleasure this demon and take your own future.”

Zephyr whimpered softly at the thought; she figured that she was going to say the magic words and Belial was going to grab her and fuck her and she could just relax and not do much, but now she was being ordered to pleasure him. She didn’t know what to do. “Yes, sir,” she said obediently, bowing to him before glancing back.

Approaching the throne, Belial reached out and softly caressed her cheek, tenderly. “It’s okay if you want to turn back,” he spoke in a softer, gentler voice. Demons were, by their nature, vicious, brutal, and powerful, but many of them could also be kindhearted at times. Looking down at that cock, she focused on the excitement she felt when she saw it quiver.

“I want to,” she said, inhaling before getting down on her knees. Focusing on the idea of taking lust for herself, instead of keeping a rather conservative pose on her knees she propped her hips up as much as possible while resting her weight on one hand on Belial’s thigh, showing off her perky ass and shaved pussy to everyone around the two of them.

With her free hand, she began to stroke Belial’s cock and focused on the sound of him softly grunting. She liked that sound. The feeling of his cock, burning with heat pulsing in her hand filled her with a mysterious pride that she didn’t know how to describe. Squeezing, she enjoyed the sight of his cock seemingly getting even harder, even bigger. Particularly, that drop of precum that she squeezed from the head of her cock made her nearly squeal with excitement. She had never rubbed a cock quite like this.

As she did, the demon who sat on his throne reached down and roughly grabbed her right breast.  There was a soft pain from the nails, but it felt wonderful;  pleasure that was slightly uncomfortable.  “Daddy, stop,” she whimpered before the demon slapped her.

Rather than cry out or get angry, Zephyr moaned.  Being slapped hurt in a way that felt wonderful, that ripped some of her anxiety away and made her pussy throb.  After moaning, the angel couldn’t help but be aware of what she was doing, reflexively covering her ass with a wing – for a moment, before forcing herself to show herself off again.

Zephyr made herself look up into Belial’s eyes, seeing their dark brown smolder with a hunger that he had been restraining for years.  Swallowing, she forced herself to speak.  “Please hit me again, Daddy.”

The vicious demon grinned victoriously and grabbed Zephyr by the hair before pulling her up over his lap. Yelling, the angelic warrior instinctively pushed away before Belial’s huge, powerful hand struck her ass.  Pleasure and pain rung through her like a bell as her alabaster skin was stained with a bright red hand print.

A second blow and her pussy throbbed.  A third and Zephyr dug her nails into Belial’s ebony skin and whimpered, her back arching.  She felt his hard cock against her thigh, desired to feel her Daddy inside of her, wanted to know what that was like.

A fourth blow and Zephyr let out a guttural groan and thrusted her hips down.  “That’s enough, Daddy,” she said pleadingly. She wanted to ride that cock already.

‘That’s enough’ wasn’t a safe word though.  A fifth blow and Zephyr screamed loud enough for everyone to hear.  Sixth, seventh, eighth and her body started shaking.  She was idly aware of all the eyes on her, how shameful it was for an angel to associate with a demon – much less ask to be adopted by said demon and then years later fucked by that demon, but she found herself loving how fucking filthy it was.

A ninth blow and Zephyr’s pussy was pleading.  Ten and she started shaking as tears burned in her eyes.  She bucked her hips, showing off her hungry, wanting cunt to the world.

Grabbing her, Belial practically threw her on the ground, massive cock throbbing, covered in his sticky precum. “Take your lust,” Belial ordered as Zephyr stood up.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said, standing up and glancing back.  As was required for the ritual, the whole village was watching, and as demanded for those who would help, those who were turned on were touching themselves or their partners; she saw so many people gazing at her body, loving the sight, cocks in hands, one woman leaning against a house while softly reaching down her panties.

Zephyr pushed through her nervousness to turn away and arch her back to really show off her reddened ass and reached back to spread her cheeks so everyone could see her shaved glistening pussy before she crawled back up to Belial, grabbing his hips.

This time instead of stroking, she looked up and made eye contact before wrapping her lips around the head of her Daddy’s massive cock.  The taste was more like ambrosia than anything earthly and she hungrily sucked it all up. She felt Belial reach down and grab her tits, roughly squeezing and playing with them, pinching her nipples and forcing her to moan on his cock. Desperately she forced herself to take it down as deep as she could, nearly gagging on his cock as she did.

The demon growled and thrusted up softly, barely able to restrain himself from fucking her face. Moaning, Zephyr focused on sucking fast and hard, holding onto his hips for dear life as she used her face like a toy to try to make Belial cum.

“I’m going to cum,” Belial growled in her ear, a set of words that was like velvet in her ears. Her pussy throbbed and ached and in response she took a deep breath in through her nose before forcing herself all the way down, deepthroating Belial.

The feeling of him being sent over her edge and filling her throat with a load of his cum filled her with satisfaction and warmth, his demonic seed draining down her. It was magical, a feeling like a drug, causing her to feel high as the heat spread through her body, warming her and intoxicating her. Belial’s cock kept filling her throat with cum; after five or six spurts though, hands roughly jerked back on her hair and forced her to pull off his cock and sprayed her face, covering her face and her breasts with cum as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being filled with her demonic Daddy’s hot cum, the feeling of being covered with it too. Reaching down, Zephyr touched her pussy for the first time today and practically jerked just from the tiny pleasure of rubbing her clit as Belial covered her with cum.

His demonic cock could produce so much, she felt her entire breasts get sprayed down it felt like. If it was mortal men, they would have given her half the cum down her throat or a tenth of it on her face and breasts. Once Belial stopped growling and spurting though, Zephyr looked up at him and grinned, licking his cum off her lips. It tasted so good that she wanted more.

Without waiting, she gently grabbed his wrist with the fist in her hair and pulled him of, making sure not to use her strength so he wouldn’t see it as a challenge and overpower her, and she crawled up into his lap, leaning in and kissing him with semen-soaked lips.
Rather than ride him facing him, Zephyr wanted to show off, wanted to show that she would be a being of lust and Belial’s plaything, so she turned to face away from him, squatting over his still-hard cock and grabbing it, rubbing it against the slit of her pussy.

Zephyr shuddered just from feeling that hot, thick, juicy cock rubbing her pussy, much less entering her. Biting her lower lip, she relaxed herself and slid herself down on Belial’s cock, letting out a cry.

There was a feeling which wasn’t painful, but was a cousin of pain as she felt her pussy stretch out to accommodate Belial’s length and girth. Biting her lower lip, she grinded on the demon cock, feeling pleasure force it’s way into her mind at the sensation of having the inside of her cunt rubbed by the gigantic cock. Whimpering, digging her nails into his hips, she breathed in and out and looked up, moaning softly at the sight of one man taking another from behind as both their eyes were on the place where Belial’s massive black cock forced it’s way into Zephyr’s tiny, pale pink pussy.

A massive arm around her midsection and the other reaching around her, roughly grabbing her breast were the only warnings Zephyr had to relax. She did, and with no more warning a powerful thrust upwards drove Belial’s massive cock into her.

Zephyr screamed, feeling like she was being fucked nearly in half with that single thrust, her cunt clamping down hard on Belial. He lifted her up slightly on him and jerked her down hard, slamming her into his body and driving her to arch her back and cry out, whimpering and moaning, her cum-soaked body trembling and shaking.

A breast roughly grabbed her breast, digging nails into it and leaving red trails in her pale skin as she was bounced up and down on Belial like a toy. Shaking, shuddering, writhing, crying out, Zephyr grinded and whimpered and groaned, her body now obeying Belial’s wish to have her pussy clamp down on him.

Only one more thrust and a feeling unlike any Zephyr had experienced overtook her. When she screamed, no sound came out. Her muscles tensed and shook as pure bliss ran through her, ripping apart all her hesitation and making her cunt clamp down. She felt a release of heat and wetness as she completely gushed all over Belial and the horned beast of a man growled in her air and roughly switched which hand was around her midsection so he could pull her down harder on him.

Without giving her time to work through her orgasm, Belial fucked her harder and harder, slapped one of her breasts, dug nails into her midsection and forced orgasm after orgasm into her. When one was ending she was forced into another, the way her clamping pussy squeezed down on Belial making him drive himself into her harder and harder.

Zephyr stopped grinding, stopped trying to be in control and accepted where she was. She accepted all eyes on her in the sluttiest dress they could make. She loved the way the demon she called Daddy was fucking her like a toy. Her entire body writhed, wings twitching as her pussy came on him time after time. She tried to beg for him to fuck her harder, tried to call him Daddy again, but when she opened her mouth to make sound, only guttural groans fell out.

Finally, Belial pulled her nearly all the way off him, leaving only the tip of his cock left inside of her before pulling her down hard on him, practically impaling her on that cock before a massive surge of semen filled her up. The spurts were huge, more like a deluge of cum that lubricated her pussy even more and forced orgasm after orgasm into her as he kept slamming himself up into her.

He filled her so much with cum that it seemingly spilled out, lewdly forced out of her cunt by the force of his thrusts as he kept cumming inside of her. The sensation of being full of cum was filled with a sensation of almost overwhelming heat, like being covered in an electric blanket on a cold day, but from the inside.

Energy welled up inside of her, and suddenly Zephyr felt alive. She had always seen in color, but the world was more vibrant. Everything was more wonderful. Emotion ripped through what felt like a veil of apathy she hadn’t known she was wearing. And as her beautiful white wings found themselves stained in red and black, the shame had fallen from Zephyr’s mind.

The feeling of cum inside of her was what she wanted. The way that Belial looked at her not just with a protective gaze and pride but with hunger was what she was craving. She didn’t want the sterility of heaven.

Pulling off of Belial’s cock by force before his orgasm ended and turning around to slam back onto it and hear a roar of surprise and overwhelming pleasure from him, the mix of sensations intoxicated her. Grabbing him by the horn and jerking his head forward so he would wrap his lips around her nipple and bite down was enough to make her shriek and writhe and her newly black-and-red wings twitch.

The way that he continued thrusting up until his orgasm finally finished and he stopped, grinding inside of her and continuing to suck her breast as she moaned was everything she craved.

And as she looked down, she gently pulled up on his horn and leaned in to kiss him softly as she grinded, feeling his warmth, love, and pride burning in her heart as she felt his cock throbbing in her cunt.

“Thank you, Daddy. Thank you for remaking me as the dark angel of desire,” Zephyr purred out before Belial leaned up to give his little girl another soft, passionate, loving and lustful kiss.

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