Beth’s Old Professor (Little Beth)

Beth was a little nervous to be staying with her old professor. It wasn’t that she didn’t like him; really, when she was sitting in on their lectures, there was always a… tension between them. He didn’t leer at her, or touch her, or try to get her alone, but she always admired the older man. He taught her well when they were in school, and afterwards, she remembered the couple times they got together to have coffee. It was just meant to be a student chatting with her teacher, until accidentally she admitted that she always had a crush on him.

It was only once, because she was moving out west with her husband Eligor, but that night she learned just how skilled he was at eating pussy.
The Professor was a tall, older man with tanned skin from his mixed heritage, a face shaved clear bar a well-kept mustache, and straight silver hair which, when she first knew him was black but graying; it seemed he had decided to lean into the fact that he was aging and he had dyed his hair silver. Beyond that, he was a surprisingly old-styled man, who met her at the bowler hat, dress shirt with tie, and a pair of dress pants. There were quirks, though; the dress pants were a somewhat flashy plaid, the vest was bright red, and the tie was tied in some arcane, eldritch knot instead of a simple half-Windsor.

When he walked her back to his place, the Professor gave her his arm, and she clung to it childishly, admiring the way that he was so much taller than her, towering over his former student.

“I had to thank Eligor for reaching out to ask if I could take care of you,” he mentioned to her, to which she gave a smile.

“Daddy trusts you,” she said, to which he smiled. He didn’t quite get this DD/lg thing that they talked about, but he knew that Beth always liked older men. All the better for him, he supposed.

On the way to his place, Beth gasped a bit as the vibrator in her panties went off and she clung harder to the Professor, who looked down at her and saw a familiar – even after all this time – look of lust. “Are you alright, Beth?” he asked.

“Y-yeah,” she said with a soft grin. The feeling of her panties vibrating made her quiver with pleasure and frustration. Daddy, you’re being mean, she thought to herself, pressing her thighs hard together as they looked around. “P-professor, can you help me when we get back to your place?”

The Professor gave a soft, wise little smile. “Of course. I wouldn’t be a good professor if I didn’t help my students, after all,” he said before pulling her arm slightly hard against her.

He led her more assertively, more commandingly back to his place, a small house near the train station. Once they got in, Beth smiled, remembering the sight of this home. It smelled clean, and was well-lit with a skylight and bright, open windows. Looking up was the Professor’s wife, a matronly figure who had helped take care of her, and beside her was an old border collie with a gray face who glanced up and beat her tail happily but decided against getting up, the laziness of an old dog showing.

“Beth! It’s so lovely to see you again!” exclaimed the wife, a decade younger than the Professor, but easily two decades her senior. She got up and the two of them embraced in a tight hug, before with seemingly perfect timing, the vibrators in her nipples went off and pulled a squeal from her, causing the Professor’s wife to jerk back in startled surprise before giving off a soft laugh.

“S-sorry,” Beth said as pleasure ran through her, distracting her. “Daddy is being…” her pussy vibrator turned on higher and she leaned against the Professor, openly moaning sensually, hungrily as her pussy throbbed and ached at the sensation. “Daddy is being naughty,” she said, to which the Professor’s wife laughed and leaned in to give Beth a kiss on each cheek.

“Honey, why don’t you take care of our guest while I get some dinner going?” she suggested.
“Of course, my love,” the Professor said and kissed his wife on the lips before gently taking one of Beth’s hands and gingerly leading her up the stairs, the shaky girl softly squeaking and moaning as her pussy throbbed.

He led her to the guest room she would be staying in; normally a rather plain room, but in this case, the Professor and his wife made sure to decorate it the way that she loved; purple sheets, purple curtains, with pastel unicorn stuffed animals all around. Squealing with delight, she dashed in, diving onto the bed and grabbing the unicorn stuffie, to which the Professor chuckled softly.

“You were always an adorable girl,” he said with some pride as Beth wiggled her ass at him.

“Thank you, Professor!” she said with a squeal, burying her face in the fur. “Thank you sooo much! If you want a reward, then you can take me!” she said with delight, wiggling her ass and lifting her skirt.

The Professor didn’t need any more invitation; he chuckled a bit anyways. “Now your Daddy was very specific in his instructions to me,” he said, putting his hands on his hips, which filled Beth with dread. What sort of awful teasing did he tell her temporary ‘babysitter’ to do to her?! “You are to be provided with cock or pussy twice a day. It’s not really a reward if it’s part of my role as a caretaker,” the silver-haired man replied with, to which she giggled.

“I kn-ohhhhh,” her hips thrust involuntarily when the vibrator off. “Please, Professor. Remind me what it’s like to be a good schoolgirl for you,” she said, wiggling her round ass.

The Professor slid her panties down off and she was simultaneously thankful to be rid of the cruel contraption and longing for it and it’s sensation again, but she didn’t have to wait for more. Expertly, he slid his tongue in between the folds of her wet pussy and nimbly slipped the tip up and down. He was a master of eating her out; almost immediately he pushed his tongue into her and found the perfect place to quickly flick his tongue back and forth over, forcing moans from her lips, before he quickly began to tease her clit with his tongue.

Beth inhaled and exhaled, groaning and arching her back and whimpering as he teased her clit with his tongue. “Professor, that’s too much, Professor, I’m gonna…gonna…” she squealed and grabbed onto the huge unicorn stuffed animal as she came, pussy convulsing and twitching as she gushed, covering his mustache with her cum. The girl shook and shuddered, her entire body tightening up and relaxing as she helplessly fell against the stuffed unicorn.

Without giving her time to recover, he quickly climbed up onto the bed and got his pants off. Looking up to a vanity mirror, she saw the professor, still in tie and vest grabbing onto her wide hips before her thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of her pussy being completely filled with cock.

Beth cried out, arching her back and moaning, holding hard onto the unicorn as he thrust into her. He didn’t pound her as hard or as fast as Daddy ever did, but he was precise. Every thrust took a moment between them, let her enjoy the feeling of him expertly getting a grasp on her hips and pulling back as he pushed forward. The angle changed a little. He explored her pussy with his cock and filled her head with feelings of bliss, pulling moans from her lips.

“Please, Professor,” she groaned out, pushing back against her, grinding. She was used to being fucked like a rag-doll, and as much as she loved this, it was new to her. “Fuck me harder. Fuck me like I’m your toy, use me, please Professor…”

“Now now, student…” he said before thrusting into Beth with a little more strength, finding her G-spot and nearly making her scream as her arms shook. “Let an old man show you how he pleasures a girl like you.”

After that, every thrust was at that same angle, striking her G-spot. He relentlessly pounded her G-spot with the precision of machine, no matter how hard she writhed. After four thrusts her pussy was clamping down on his bare cock, desperately pleading for cum. After five, she felt like there was an explosion in her as her pussy clamped down so hard it nearly forced him out through her orgasm. He thrusted harder, forcing his way into her youthful, strong cunt.

Beth came again, melting under the power and precision of her professor. She grinded back, trying to make him cum, trying to fuck him back, but she felt completely helpless to his skill and precision, the way he fucked her.

As she came again, the Professor started to fuck her harder, started to pull back on her. She looked up weakly through teary, watery eyes and saw hunger in his face, lust in his expression as he forced another orgasm to rip through her. Slapping the bed, shaking too hard, too overcome by pleasure even to grasp on, her voice was stolen from her.
“Beth, I’m going to cum,” he warned her, to which the sound of her being warned made her heart race. “Please, Professor! Teach this little girl what your cum feels like! Teach me, teach me!” she squealed out as he pounded her harder and harder. Gasping, writhing, crying out, when he let out a growl and punctuated his hard breaths with three, four, five hard thrusts, each matched to the feeling of a spurt of cum filling her, fulfillment washed over the chubby little as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she collapsed into the unicorn she laid on.

Soft hands pet her hair, and she nuzzled the Professor. “I’m sorry that I don’t have as much stamina as I used to,” he said, to which she let out a small purr.

“It’s good,” she insisted. Her legs ached. Her body was glistening with sweat and her pussy was aching, mixed with the feeling of fullness from the cum dribbling out of her. Softly, the Professor leaned in to kiss her forehead.

“I’m gonna let the wife know that it’s her turn, alright, Beth?” Beth whimpered and her pussy throbbed at the thought of more attention. “Her turn?” she asked, excitement and fear mixing in her voice.  The Professor chuckled, softly petting her hair again. “She’s been looking forward to having you here and breaking out the 10 inch strapon, after all.”

Beth bit her lip, then nodded. “Oki. I wanna play with her. Just… gimme a few minutes,” she said, nuzzling the unicorn.

The professor chuckled, leaning in to kiss the seemingly back-in-school girl on the back of the neck before leaving to give her 15 more minutes.

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