Mine To Share

“You’re mine.”

When I tell you those words, that you hear me say so often, they’re the sort of words that more possessive men would wield more like chains. More possessive men would tell you that you’re theirs and expect you to give them all your attention. They would chain you up. But when I kiss you and whisper in your ear that you’re mine, you know it isn’t the case.

The collar around your neck is there because you’re mine, but it’s there to keep you freer than you otherwise would be. That collar around your neck is there to pull out the succubus inside of you, to help you be free to give yourself to me and let me keep you safe.

I put that collar around you tonight for our favorite game; the one where, instead of keeping you locked away in monogamy like a vault, I was going to share you like the slut you are and show you off like you’re my treasure. I put that collar on you and put a pentagram on you with my own two hands, teasing you and squeezing and playing with your breasts as I did, making sure to pay extra attention when I caught you moaning.

And when you were ready, collared, dressed, I made sure to pull you into my lap and tease you while you could see how long it would be before our guests would arrive. I rubbed your breasts, kissed your neck. I fingered your cunt and listened to you moan and enjoyed the feeling of your fingers clamping down on me. I fingered you until you were writhing in my lap, pleasure running through you, cunt clamping down on me, before I knew it was time to throw you down on the floor, get a fist in your hair and let you feel my bare cock.

Normally I took my time, I teased you, edged myself, but this time I fucked you roughly, brutally, mercilessly. I pounded you, digging nails harshly into your hips, leaving red streaks while driving myself into you, harder and faster, forcing your tight cunt to clamp down on me. I pulled up on your hips and lifted my own to strike your pussy at a deep angle and I forced my cock deep into you, hitting your G-spot. I made your obey obey me and cum all over me as I drowned you in pleasure while pounding you like the toy you are before finally filling you with hot, thick cum, growling in your ear, driving myself deeper into you, harder into you before pulling out, leaving you moaning, whimpering, shuddering in the aftershocks of an orgasm.

Our first guest came, and I invited him to the room and pulled you onto my lap, petting you lightly. You could see the way he was enjoying the site of you, freshly fucked just before he showed up at her home, and when I told him he could have a touch, you couldn’t resist as his large hands reached out to squeeze and touch your breasts. His hands were somewhat rough but not terribly aggressive, squeezing and kneading, pinching your nipples and forcing moans from your lips.

Upon seeing that he was hard, you felt my hand on your shoulder, squeezing lightly. “You know what to do,” I ordered without detail, and the man pulled his pants off before I got a fistful of your hair. Whimpers escaped your lips and you opened your mouth obediently before I pushed your head forward.

I used your mouth to fuck his cock, forcing you down on him. The man groaned and growled your shoulders, enjoying the way that you were being manhandled. You couldn’t breathe, you couldn’t struggle. Your mouth was full of cock, as was your throat, as the feeling of cum dribbling out of your pussy and swiftly cooling on your thighs made your pussy ache for more cock.

The man growled and thrust with his hips, and before you were able to think I thrusted your head forward and kept you from pulling back even as you gagged and choked. Weakly, you put your hands on his hips and tried to push away, but I overpowered you, making you take that cock a little further. I could tell that fear was rising in you, the instinct of terror from being unable to breathe, and after giving you one more second I pulled your head back and continued to make you thrust your face all over his cock.

Your pussy throbbed, your breasts ached from the rough treatment, your scalp ached from my pulling, and your head felt light from being choked. Whimpers escaped your lips and passively you softly rest your hands on his hips, closing your eyes and losing yourself completely. The sensation of him finally thrusting hard and growling, that cock tightening and exploding, cum firing down your throat was overwhelming, pleasurable, fulfilling.

When he let you go, I gently let your hair go for a moment so I could pull back on your head, softly tilting your chin up so I could lean in and plant my lips against yours.

No matter how much cum is on your lips.

No matter how much of a slut you are.

I won’t stop kissing you.

Our second guest came, and when he I picked you up and put you down on your back, grabbing your legs and spreading them for him. I watched him to make sure he put a condom on, and as he climbed on the bed I watched him drive his cock into you hard.

I enjoyed the look in your eyes as your cum-filled cunt was filled with another cock, made even more sensitive by the lubrication of my semen. The sensation of him driving himself deep and hard into you was overwhelming. His hands, gripping your hips brushed against the scratches I left and reminded you of the feeling of those scratches before he pulled you onto him.

The sensations were intense. My hands on your legs, his hands on your hips, his huge cock thrusting deep into you, spreading the lips of your cunt, forcing my cum both deeper into you and pulling it out of you. Those hard, erratic thrusts filled you with more and more pleasure every time. The feeling of him driving himself into you through my cum made your pussy clamp down while you writhed and gasped and whimpered and shook all over the bed, digging your nails in.

Heat, pleasure, warmth forced it’s way into your mind as you came uncontrollably, clamping down on his cock as a scream was dragged from your throat. The man thrust even harder into you, pounding your pussy while it clamped down and pushed on him. Growls filled the air, mixing with your own screams, before almost without warning he gave you the hardest thrust he could, slamming you in the G-spot and forcing your entire body to quiver and tremble and shake as you felt his cock practically explode in his condom while he thrust again and again and again through his orgasm, grinding after each thrust.

Panting, moaning, shaking, you felt your skin completely sweaty. Your heart was pounding in your chest and your pussy was not just full of my cum, but aching, in the best way. Reaching up, you desperately scratched at his back and pulled him in close to pull him in for a kiss; a kiss of affection, and a message to me to invite this man back to use you like the toy you are again.

After the second man was done, I pulled the dress off and let you rest your head in my lap as I pet you. The feeling of being pet after being fucked, facefucked, then pounded again was overwhelmingly soft. I cooed for you, praising you.

“You’re doing so well, my little slut. You’ve gotten so much more outgoing since we started doing this. I’m proud of you, and I love you,” I praised and cooed softly as you nuzzled my thigh.

Our third guest arrived and you obediently got on all fours, facing me. Gently, I pet your head before pulling your hair up to lean in and give you a kiss as the man got behind you, grabbing your hips and rubbing the head of his cock up and down the lips of your vulva.

When a hard thrust stretched you out, our kiss broke.

The man’s thrusts were brutal, hard, and perfectly executed. He pulled his cock back and thrust forward with all his strength, pulling back on you like you were a fleshlight. Every time he thrust, it filled you with a stretching sensation, the slightest touch of pain, and a surge of overwhelming bliss.

As your moans grew louder and louder, I grabbed your hair again and forced my cock in your mouth. The taste of your own pussy and my semen mixed on your tongue while you took that powerful cock from behind.

Every thrust pushed you forward and I pulled forward on your hair to choke you on my cock for a moment before letting you go. Together, we executed a well timed brutalization of you, stretching you with cock and choking you with cock. Every thrust was a rhythm which stole more and more of your ability to think, leaving you with a lightheaded pleasure. The feeling of his cock throbbing inside of you, seemingly getting bigger made you dig your nails into the bed sheets. The feeling of my hard cock throbbing, tightening made you begin to swallow around my cock and suck harder, swirling your tongue around the head of my cock.

The man behind you started thrusting faster, more aggressively, less meticulously. Hungry, vicious growls escaped his lips as he pounded your pussy. As he pounded you harder, an orgasm ripped through you almost out of nowhere and the scream that would have filled the air was interrupted by my cock in your throat as I pulled you down harder on me.

I choked you with my cock all through your orgasm, as you shook helplessly and were fucked like you were a toy I was sharing. You felt like a toy that was being shared; a prized possession that was too loved to keep hidden away, that had to be shared with the men of the world.

Your pussy clamped down, and as you felt his cock fill the condom with cum all while he slammed himself into you, you came all over him again, feeling fulfilled in the role of being the perfect toy to be shared while sucking my cock, getting another load of your husband’s cum inside of you, this time in your mouth.

Instead of swallowing because you were forced to like with the first man you sucked off, you enjoyed the taste of my cum, savored it, swallowed some but treasured it like your favorite candy, and when I let your head go, you looked up at me and leaned in, whimpering.

Accepting your silent pleading, I leaned in and pressed my lips to yours and wrapped my arms around you, leaning back on the bed and pulling you on top of me as the man who was fucking you let you go be held and squeezed, shaking and moaning on top of the man who collared you with a mouthful of his cum.

When our kiss broke, I felt you collapse completely against me and I felt your breath grow slow and soft. Gently, I stroked your hair and enjoyed the feeling of you nuzzling into me, purring and moaning as your body, soaked in sweat and cum, shook and ached in your favorite way.


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