Hands of the Night (Aoife Cycle)

Fire, Water, and Earth. Aoife’s Master had imbued himself with all these elements by consuming the essences of a dragon, a naga, and a werewolf. Furthermore, he had shown frightful ability with these powers; sometimes she thought of someone able to do what he could, and the slightest hint of fear filled her.

She wasn’t scared of him, just of someone who could do what he could. For one thing, even before consuming earth he manipulated a tree by playing with the water inside of it, stretching his powers to the limit.

For the other thing, with the powers he inherited from momentarily being a werewolf, Aoife found herself once again helpless, pinned down. She squirmed and struggled, chest down against the ground with her cheek against the floor as a black hand reached out of the shadow beside her, getting a fistful of her hair and keeping her pinned to the ground by it.

Sigurd had decided to play with his powers. Just seconds ago she teased him, planning to run away, but rather than let her escape, her Master did nothing but give a dark smile before reaching into the shadow beside him and grab her ankle, tripping her up before pinning her.

Slowly, in the treehouse the elves had given them, Sigurd set his book down and approached her. Looking over, there was a hand made of nothing but solidified darkness reaching out of a shadow, holding onto her hair, and another held tight onto her ankle. She tried to push the hands off, tried to break free but when she did the hand in her hair just pulled harder and tighter, ferociously refusing to let her go.

Sigurd stood before Aoife, reaching down and grabbing her hair free of the shadow with his own real hand before jerking back hard, making the tiny fairy cry out and look up at him. The gaze of pain and lust in her eyes was all too familiar with him, and with a soft smile he grinned. “Why don’t we see just what these hands can do?”

Without warning, hands burst from the shadows near her and pulled back hard, jerking her arms behind her back and pulling her up onto her knees while holding her up. Hands grabbing her legs jerked them apart slightly, causing her to cry out as she felt like she was being held with her arms and legs in place and apart. Roughly Sigurd pulled her face forward and pulled her lips over his cock, refusing to give her a chance to protest.

The tiny fairy whimpered and moaned as she was forced to deepthroat her Master’s cock, tears burning in her eyes. She closed those eyes and focused on the sensations. Hands caressed her back, like she was being pet by Master. Hands squeezed and teased her breasts, causing her to exhale through her nose in excitement as lust built and burned inside of her, low moans vibrating Sigurd’s cock. Fingers ran up her thighs and teased her, caressing her, running up one thigh, gently brushing against her damp vulva, before brushing down the other.

It was like there were four or five men teasing her, squeezing her, playing with her and they were all Sigurd, as he fucked her face. The way he touched her expertly made her shudder, knees trembling all the while.

Sigurd pulled her down on his cock and thrust his hips forward, nearly gagging her as his hands squeezed her breasts. They gave them a squeeze and she squeaked as the sensation spiked, before she couldn’t help but nearly cry out as the air was filled with the sound of her ass being struck. Weakly, the fairy wiggled her quickly pinkening ass as more and more blows came. Whimpering, groaning, she shuddered and writhed as she was spanked again and again.

As a slap struck her left breast, then her right, Aoife bucked her hips and whimpered, her body begging for cock, her pussy begging for sensation. Another slap on her breast and she tried to pull back to ask Sigurd to fuck her, but the moment his cock was almost free of her mouth he forced her to take it all as roughly as he could, fucking her face wrathfully as she gagged and sputtered, shaking and unable to breathe.

More spankings, more blows and she found herself shaking and whimpering, legs trying to spread out and tense up but hands kept them in place. She tried to pull her hands away and reach under herself to finger her clit but when she tried the hands grabbing her wrists just jerked her arms back harder, digging their nails into her wrists.

Aoife felt Sigurd’s cock getting harder and harder in her mouth and throat and she whimpered all around it, continuing to fight and squirm and struggle, trying to steal her arms free so she could pleasure herself.

All it earned her was harder and harder spankings. The brutality of the blows made Aoife cry out, whimper, and groan, overwhelming her with pain and pleasure, demanding she surrender. Her struggling grew weaker and weaker and she allowed herself to become more of a toy.

When the struggling stopped, she was rewarded; slowly, a hand slid three fingers deep into her tight cunt, the fingers facing downward towards the front of her pussy, and pushed down very slightly, curving and rubbing. Aoife’s cunt reacted almost instantly and clamped down on Sigurd’s fingers. She squealed and shuddered, grinding back against them.

Hands stroked her back, slapped her tits, held her hands back while Sigurd fucked her face. His fingers expertly rubbed the inside of her pussy and targetted her G-spot, forcing her pussy to clamp down harder and harder as bliss ripped through her.

The orgasm that tore into Aoife made her entire body stiffen up and drove her to lean forward and suck harder and harder on the cock in her mouth as Sigurd roared and growled, thrusting deep into her mouth with all his strength one last time, cock exploding in a powerful orgasm that filled her mouth with cum as she delighted in the taste before hungrily swallowing every last burst of semen. As he came, his fingers rubbed her G-spot harder and harder, driving her deeper into the throes of pleasure.

Aoife’s second orgasm left her shaking and crying out on his cock, not even able to control her movement well enough to swallow the ever increasing spurts of cum in her mouth, letting the delicious taste linger on her tongue for the briefest of moments.

Sigurd slowly pulled his cock from her mouth and Aoife gasped, leaning down and panting hard as the hands holding her wrists let go and let her brace herself on the ground. Gently, her Maste rknelt down and caressed her back with both his physical hands and two more, gently petting her back and running fingers through her hair. When he pulled his shadowy hand from her pussy, the sensation gave her a surge of pleasure before a feeling of emptiness filled her as she watched her Master hungrily lick the cum off his ebony fingers.

Then, caressing her cheek and holding onto her hair, he pressed his lips to hers, and Aoife marveled in how damn good the two of them tasted together.


Earthly Elixir (Aoife Cycle)

The elven village was thrown into a small amount of chaos by the redheaded blur that seemed to be dashing all throughout it in a mix of terror and delight. Aoife was running, jumping, flying as fast as she could through houses, atop trees, everywhere she could, all to escape a mass of black shadows that darted after her, melding into the shadows and disappearing before reappearing from a shadow just a couple breaths closer to her.

Aoife panted, breathing, her chest rising and falling as her pale skin seemed just the slightest bit reddened from the deep breaths she took as she leapt from one branch to another, using her wings to flitter; she had tried to use her ability to ‘steal’ some space, but just the presence of the shadows locked that down somehow. She tried to become a tiny fairy instead of a human sized one so she could fly properly but again, some property of those shadows locked her down. Glancing back in terror, she let out a yelp as from the branch a shadow jumped off and nearly hit her, slamming into the tree in front of her and melting into a mass of darkness which swarmed around the trunk before fading into the shadows.

Landing on the branch, Aoife put her hand to her chest and gathered her breath as the shadows pooled and massed around the bottom of the tree, their forms becoming slightly more solid, like wolves made of pure darkness which melted into the shape of men as they started climbing up the tree with the vigor of an expert climber.


Just ten minutes ago, this redheaded blur had been sitting in in a tree as her Master, Sigurd, sat in front of her nude, taking a swig of a grainy brown potion. The man rolled his eyes as Aoife refused to leave him, so he just accepted the fact that she quite literally wanted to be held down and forced to take the cock, or cocks, of whatever delightful, new, monsterous form he would take.

Sigurd seemed to ignore the fact that the transformation was horrifyingly painful, and when it took him over, he simply embraced the pain and sensation and threw his head back, howling. Face twisting into a snout, legs changing shape. His body was covered in fur, and his ears became beastial as his fangs seemed to grin as he looked at Aoife, hungry and salivating. When she looked down and saw now that his cock was wonderfully huge, a nice nearly foot long with a humongus bulge near the bottom, she shuddered at the thought of taking that knotted cock.

Okay, time to run, she thought to herself and hopped off the branch, turning away and spanking her ass once and grinning at him. “Come take me if you can, Mas…” she paused when she noticed he wasn’t following her. Sigurd was grabbing at his head, focusing his power, trying to control the transformation like he had already done twice.

She reckognized his rapid transformation without instability or just turning into a magical wolf should have meant that he had control of the transformation. Then her eyes opened wide when she realized that he didn’t just have full control over the transformation; he was messing with it.

Her Master wasn’t content to just turn into a magical earth-aligned creature and take in the power, he wanted to fuck with it, see how far he could take it. For all Sigurd was doing, he was focused on the concept of a werewolf. The concept of a wolf, a pack creature, of being more than one being. Of being a being of the night, of darkness.

Aoife watched as Sigurd’s fur turned as black as pitch and the fur stopped having the texture of fur and started just being a silouette. For the first moment in a long time, she felt fear, looking at Sigurd, and took a step back. She was overwhelmed by the thought that he was taking his transformation to a conceptual level, as the shadow melted and twisted, becoming a blur and blob before spreading out into two beastial werewolves on the ground, shifting and squirming and writhing.

When those two became three, and those blobs took a solid form as wolves, Aoife knew it was time to run.


Wolves became shadows became men. As she glided from one tree to another, one of the Sigurd shadowbeasts lunged at her through the air, missing her once again when she dodged, before all of a sudden a powerful force hit her in the chest, tackling her out of the air. Aoife screamed as she was tackled seemingly by a wolf which transformed into a werewolf part of the way into the air, pinning her arms behind her back and grabbing her as it twisted in the air.

The wind was knocked out of Aoife as she struck the ground hard, cushioned and kept safe by the shadow which burst and twisted and writhed when it hit the ground. Climbing up to her feet, Aoife swallowed and looked around to the sight of 7 wolves made of shadow surrounding her. An involuntary step back and a shadow in the shape of a man grabbed her arm, and before she had any warning she was pinned to the ground, a clawed fist in her hair.

Aoife tried to scream but before she could, her hair was jerked back hard on her and she felt an absolutely massive cock force it’s way into her mouth. Aoife tried to buck and fight, tried to press against the werewolf made of pitch facefucking her, but she was completely helpless. Whimpering, her eyes burned with tears as clawed hands grabbed her arms and pulled them away, holding them away so she couldn’t do a thing.

Clawed hands dug into her hips, drawing the slightest amount of blood before, without any warning or mercy, a massive cock drove itself deep into her pussy. Aoife screamed as her already wet cunt felt like it was being forced apart by a monster as Sigurd fucked both her face and her pussy at the same time. Choking, gagging, whimpering, Aoife shook and cried and sobbed, tears burning in her eyes as pleasure forced it’s way into her.

Obediently, the girly fairy relaxed her body and let herself be used. The werewolf Sigurds just fucked her harder, pulling her hair forward roughly to make her take the entire gigantic cock in her throat. All she could do was accept his violence and swallow around his cock. Meanwhile, the one behind her didn’t pull all the way out, the knot in his cock making him feel even more massive as his cock didn’t want to leave her; instead it was small grinding deep into her while pulling back hard on her. The grinding made his cock rub against her cervix while the knot made it feel like she was taking the biggest dildo in the world at the same time.

Screaming on the cock in her mouth, Aoife came all over the Sigurd in her pussy and moaned, swallowing around the cock in her throat, licking against it with her tongue. Her desperate body craved to pleasure Sigurd, and the werewolf Sigurd in front of her pulled her head down harder and harder before suddenly she felt the cock get harder and huger before exploding deep in her throat. A bliss and the satisfaction of a good sex slave filled her and her entire mind was filled momentarily with pride in doing a good job as the werewolf emptied his cock into her mouth before almost melting into shadow.

With her face freed, she screamed out when the cock in her pussy hit her cervix again and her cunt gushed, spraying the Sigurd behind her with her own fairy cum, drenching his thighs and moaning and crying out.

The orgasms were so intense that she couldn’t handle it, the cock was so big she started crying, cathartic emotion washing over and filling her with a relief she didn’t know how to describe. Just as Aoife started sobbing uncontrollably, she looked up to notice that there were several werewolves that were jerking off, and without understanding why she started sobbing even harder, tears of pure happiness.

When the werewolf in her pussy came, Aoife screamed and ground back against him, wailing and sobbing and cumming all over him, her tight pussy squeezing and sucking every drop of cum out of him while his thrusts hit even harder, every one of them like a hammer of pure pleasure right against her cervix. When that werewolf melted into nothing but shadows, Aoife’s sobbing began to lessen as the joy of having that massive, knotted cock deep in her started to fade softly. She did have the feeling of the thickest, weightiest, stickiest cum she had ever experienced hanging in her cunt and slowly crawling down her throat. That cum was the most fulfilling she ever experienced, like Sigurd when he had been pent up for a week and hadn’t cum, only three times as thick. Arching her back softly, she could barely even feel it dribble out of her pussy.

When the werewolves jerking off around her covered her in cum, Aoife looked up and opened her mouth. The taste when some of it hit her tongue was syrupy, and the feeling of it covering her face, her back, her neck and breasts as well as her wings gave her a delight. How much of a mess she must be right now.

Without giving her any warning or chance to recover, one of the last two werewolves grabbed her and picked her up, hoisting her up into the air while spreading her thighs wide for the other one. She squirmed and whimpered out of habit, although she didn’t really try. Her eyes were puffy and red from crying. Her throat hurt softly and she coughed lightly. Full of and covered in cum, Aoife felt utterly satisfied.

The shadow being in front of her was more Sigurd’s shape than that of a werewolf, and he casually slid two fingers into her pussy and tilted them upwards. Aoife cried out and shuddered as he rubbed her G-spot perfectly, quickly with the slightest amount of force. Panting, she groaned and tried to squirm to reach down and rub her clit, grab onto something, do anything as she was held up helplessly.

The Shadow Sigurd in front of her tipped her over the edge and Aoife shook, screaming wordlessly with her hoarse voice as her pussy gushed. Leaning back against the Werewolf Shadow Sigurd, Aoife closed her eyes and abandoned her blurry vision, accepting her fate as the one in front of her slowly fingered her ass, using their mixed cum as a lubricant. Normally that wouldn’t work, especially given how sticky this was, but the Shadowy forms were magical.

As that first huge, knotted cock slowly pushed into her ass, one inch at a time while it’s owner held her up in the air, Aoife forced herself to relax her body and accept the cock. Her head felt light as her whole body felt taken, and her toes curled and nails dug into her palms. Moans and whimpers were the only sounds she made as every inch made her feel more owned and more pleasure. The knot near the base of the cock was the hardest part though, and slowly the werewolf cock pushed deeper, deeper, stretching her out more for a moment before finally she could take that last little bulge like a flared toy and her ass hungrily grasped onto Werewolf Sigurd’s cock.

Shadow Sigurd reached up and squeezed her breasts as Werewolf-Sigurd bounced her ass on his cock, sending waves of pleasure through her which were slightly muffled by her lightheadedness. The feeling of hands on her breasts made Aoife writhe though and let out a soft sobbing sound. With her eyes closed, all she could do was focus on the sensation of feeling.

Two more hands from the malleable form of Shadow Sigurd in addition to the ones on her breasts grabbed onto her hips and pulled her in as Shadow Sigurd slid his cock into Aoife’s pussy. Opening her eyes, she screamed and looked into Sigurd’s own eyes, the only thing on any of their form with any color. His eyes burned gold with hunger as he looked at her and pulled her forward.

It was too tight, too much; one gigantic werewolf cock in her ass and a human cock in her pussy. The two ground together and pressed the flesh between them, and when one of them thrust, she felt the other cock twitching in response to having the whole thing made tighter. Desperately, Aoife reached forward and clung to Shadow Sigurd for dear life as Werewolf Sigurd bounced her up and down. Every bounce forced her harder and harder into a headspace of subservience and made her feel sleepy and lightheaded.

Sigurd fucked her subspaced body and pounded her roughly, holding onto her, squeezing her breasts and kneading her breasts, driving his cock into her harder and harder. Aoife shook weakly, her body too exhausted even to tremble properly. She just focused on those golden eyes, on the feeling of Sigurd’s massive cock, on the feeling of the werewolf cock quivering in her ass. She focused on everything, the feeling of it getting harder as her cum-filled cunt and cum-lubricated ass took more and more cock.

As the rich, creamy, ultra-thick cum from both Sigurds filled her at once, Aoife felt a burst of sensation. It felt like an orgasm, but instead of coming from her pussy, it felt like every single inch of her skin was cumming at once. Her hoarse voice screamed as her weak body shook and collapsed against the werewolf pumping her ass full of cum. Aoife couldn’t see or hear anything, as her entire body felt like one huge nerve sending nothing but the sensation of heavenly joy, weightless and free.

As Werewolf Sigurd melted into shadow, Shadow Sigurd put the hands on her breasts around her back, pulling her weight against him, the hands on her hips reaching down to pull her in close and lean her forward, before he slowly collapsed against the ground.

No longer was Sigurd a beast of shadow, but now he was a man, exhausted and worn, his skin completely covered in sweat as he moaned, panting and pulling Aoife against him as they laid together on the ground, focusing on the feeling of her semen-soaked breasts against his chest, her skin against his, and the feeling of his still-hard cock resting in her pussy, so completely full of cum that every single motion made a little bit of it gush out and forced the tiniest of moans from Aoife’s tired lips.

Sigurd didn’t dare move, though. After he laid back on the cool night ground, Aoife, overwhelmed from the sensation, passed out atop him, her tired cunt still squeezing his cock in an unconscious desperation for even more cum as she immediately started to, ever so adorably, snore on her Master’s shoulder.

Divine Punishment

Natalie was to be punished. A former paladin, now a thief – a petty thief at that – since the angels descended to take over the world more directly than their previous behind-the-scenes influence. Like many in the clergy, she was out of a job once the angels stepped in to show their true nature.

Her punishment was of course, one that she had to choose of several. The woman could have decided to take some time in jail, or pay some reparations, but after a moment of hesitation she opted instead to accept having her dignity stripped away and to be used as an example. She felt she deserved the punishment after all; she was an addict.

Stripped down naked and bound in rope with her arms behind her, the woman bit down hard on her cloth gag as she was led into the public square. It was the middle of this small town, barely too large to call a village as she looked around, whimpering softly. On either side of her were the two angels who would punish her – Cassiel and Dina – dressed in robes of white and red respectively, with blindfolds in the color of the other angel’s garb. They were both supernaturally beautiful; with skin that shone with a light silver light, and radiant blonde hair.

“We come here today,” Cassiel began, speaking in a voice which sounded less like that of a man and more like a small crowd. “To come bear witness to the repentance of the thief, Natalie,” he finished as Dina grabbed her hair and pulled back hard.

Pain ran through Natalie’s scalp and she whimpered, knees quivering slightly in some pain and pleasure. She looked around, her pussy throbbing and nerves and excitement running through her as all around here were men and women, come to watch this foul woman receive the punishment of the angels.

“We come here today,” Dina repeated. “To show what happens to those who disregard the words of the Almighty. To strip away the pride of a thief who would sin,” he said as he spread his wings, hanging a hard point in midair as Cassiel leaned down and placed a small stone against her pussy, binding it with rope.

Natalie tried to close her eyes and focus on just the feelings, but a powerful blow hit her cheek from Cassiel, who growled. “You will not avert your eyes, sinner. You will gaze upon those who will know you for the whore you are.”

Natalie’s eyes burned with tears but she nodded softly, swallowing. ‘Yes sir’ escaped her muffled mouth just barely as she was lifted up by the rope which bound her body and lightly squeezed her breasts, being hoisted in the air by divine power until the rope linked with the hard point placed in the air.

Nervousness, terror, excitement filled Natalie’s body as she resisted the urge to struggle or squirm. She knew that if she didn’t fight, her punishment would be a lot less cruel. Keeping her eyes open to look at the crowd, she embraced the feeling of all those eyes on her; some hungry, some disappointed, all witnessing her having her pride stripped from her. Biting down on the cloth gag, she let out a muffled cry of surprise and pain as a thuddy impact struck her ass.

Trying her hardest not to glance back and face forward so the crowd could see her expression, she squirmed as Dina flogged her. Blow after blow of heavy, thuddy strikes hit her ass and caused her to wiggle. Soft moans were muffled by her gag as her toes curled and her chest heaved, the blows reddening her ass bit by bit. Nails dug into her palms as her heart raced as the blows grew faster and faster and the sting and impact of the falls of the flogger were felt more sharply. Her pussy growing wet, Natalie bucked her hips in midair and moaned and whimpered, the shameful lust on her face growing. Slowly, in front of her Cassiel floated up to reach her before he conjured up a pair of nipple clamps, and slowly grabbed her left breast. Natalie let out an exhale of excited terror and shook her head unconsciously before the angel placed the clamp on her nipple. The sensation of the pinch was momentarily overwhelming and she let out a low, wanton moan as her hips bucked. Natalie gasped and whimpered as Cassiel grabbed her right breast then and pinched it with a second clamp.

Her eyes closed as the sensation overwhelmed her and forced her to just feel her pussy clenching down, until Cassiel roughly slapped her face, first on the left side and then again. Screaming and bucking and struggling, she squirmed and bucked and looked away, fighting, which only got her harder treatment.

The crowd watched as Natalie was too aroused to not fight, and the angels responded by stopping the flogging to break out a paddle and beat her ass hard, the reddened supple flesh taking a powerful stingy strike. They watched as Dina slapped her face again and again, the makeup she wore starting to run from the tears escaping her lips. They listened as instead of screaming in pain, Natalie was moaning, writhing, nearly cumming just from the brutal treatment. The crowd watched as Dina stopped slapping her face and started slapping her tits as her runny makeup made her look like a complete whore and her tits were getting reddened by slap after slap.

Natalie, for all she was doing was trying not to fight, trying to take her punishment, but the pain was overwhelmingly pleasurable; she couldn’t help but struggle, she couldn’t help but fight. With Cassiel’s nails roughly grasping her hair and jerking back forced her eyes wide open as under his blindfold, Dina glared at her.

“We see that you will need to be stripped of even more dignity than this,” he said, before the angels snapped in unison and she saw Dina’s robes burst into white and gold holy flame before disappearing in a flash of heat, leaving nothing but his shining, nude body, showing off a large, thick, radiant cock. Widening her eyes, she whimpered and shook her head, begging him and Cassiel not to continue all while internally pleading that they would.

Dina rose up slightly so his cock was at face level and aggressively Cassiel grabbed her hair and forced her face forward, forcing her to deep throat and choke on Dina’s cock. Squirming, bucking, crying out she looked up in desperation, her pussy throbbing as she couldn’t breathe.

“We refuse your human cunt our cum,” Cassiel said, before using some of his divine power to fill her ass with lube. Whimpering, she tried to shake her head while deepthroating Dina, but that only got Cassiel to force her head forward a little more, and Natalie gagged, her pussy throbbing.

When Cassiel’s angelic cock forced it’s way into Natalie’s ass, her pussy throbbed and she cried out, legs trying to straighten themselves heat and pleasure filled her.

Suddenly, the struggling paladin-turned-thief wasn’t struggling. Softly, she stopped fighting as Dina’s nails took over for holding her scalp and dug into her upper back while Cassiel grabbed her hips and pulled back hard on her while Dina facefucked her. The feeling of the cock spreading her ass was overwhelming, the feeling of being facefucked and gagged weakening her. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t think. Lightheaded, she loosened her body and let herself be used as a fucktoy by the angels.

It was the punishment she deserved. The feeling of clamps weighing down lightly on her nipples as her breasts swayed was a pinch of pleasure every second. The feeling of a hard, divine cock pounding her ass and stretching her out was making her squirm. Her pussy twitched and throbbed, craving sensation.

Instantly, the small stone that was tied to her pussy activated; taking a softer, rubbery texture and vibrating like a toy, that sensation she craved came to her and she screamed on Dina’s cock. Pussy clamping down on nothing, the woman shook as lust overcame her and her pussy squirted, some of her cum covering Cassiel’s thighs as more of it dripped all over the ground.

Natalie screamed out all over Dina’s hardening, throbbing cock as she was helplessly pounded from both ends. Her eyes rolled back as her quivering, shaking, helpless body was used like a fucktoy by two merciless angels. The cock in her ass felt bigger and bigger as it throbbed and her ass squeezed it, and she was too helpless even to suck around Dina’s cock.

The feeling of them both cumming at once was enough to blank out her senses. She only knew she felt weightless and full as the vibrating ‘stone’ on her cunt made her cum again and she felt heat being pumped into her ass, filling her up, and heat running down her throat as she let herself be a cum dump for her correctional officers.

After the two were done cumming in her, they left her hanging in the air from the rope for a while, whimpering and quivering.

“See now the fate of this filthy whore!” announced Dina.

“See now the destiny of this disobedient slut!” declared Cassiel.

“Those who defy the Almighty will be shown for what they really are, and this thief is truly nothing but a fucktoy.”

“Those who defy the Almighty will be shown for what they are, and used for what they’re good for.”

Natalie, for her part moaned and whimpered, trembling and shaking as she quivered, overwhelmed by the joy of having an ass full of divine cum. Quivering, she whimpered as the hard point suspended in air slowly lowered her onto the ground, letting her collapse against the rope while her knees pressed against the dais and her whole body shook.

The angels made their declarations, but beyond this she didn’t care. She would accept her punishment, as they lifted her up and tied her to a rack and began to slap her tits and make her cry out in pain, whimpering and shaking. They wouldn’t be done with her all day, and she didn’t mind at all. She became a thief because she was an addict, and wouldn’t stop stealing and wouldn’t stop taking her punishment.

She just knew she could never tell them that her addiction wasn’t to any drug, or even the act of theft; her addiction was to the way they brutalized her again and again and showed her off to the world and made her feel like the slut she always craved to be.

The Angel Stained With Sin

People believed that angels and demons were the source of good and evil in this world. As the fallen angel Zephyr found out, it was a bit more complicated than that. The war of heaven against hell had gone on for millennia, and although she once stood alongside her fellow angels, their increasing brutality and cold nature, abandoning all emotion for the sole purpose of demanding obedience bothered her.

So she defected. Taking her flaming sword, she turned against the archangels and did everything she could to defend humanity, although she was defeated, nearly killed, and cast down.

This was all years ago, though. Since, she had accepted her place on the mortal realm among a community of demons, having been adopted by a great devil and embracing her role as his little girl, although she never really understood it all. When her new family tried to leave to return to their home, though, she was to stay back in the human world; angels couldn’t survive in hell.

This wasn’t acceptable, so she pleaded with her new Daddy to take her with, to do as happened to him centuries ago and make her a fallen angel.

To do so, though, she would need to embrace and let herself consume one of the seven sins to it’s utmost, transforming her body.

Zephyr chose lust.

She made this choice two weeks ago, and she walked forward, somewhat nervously. In the small village that the demons, angels, and humans made their home, everyone came to watch this ceremony; the tiny, 5′ tall angel with ginger hair halfway down to her waist walked with her pale skin exposed, dressed for desire. She wore very little, a pentagram rope which squeezed and accentuated and showed off her breasts, a black corset which showed off her waist and hips even better than they naturally were shown beforehand. A pair of black heels which led up to thigh-high stockings held up by garters, although the lack of panties meant that anyone looking could admire her bubble butt or her shaved, exposed pussy.

On her back her wings contrasted the black of her outfit, with feathers as white as freshly fallen snow, even more white than her pale body. Dressed for desire, she felt the eyes of everyone in her life all on her, admiring her body, lusting quietly after her. The angel did her best to swallow and ignore those eyes, focusing only on the 6′ tall man sitting on a makeshift throne, with skin as black as soot with red arcane scratches all over him and humongous large horns on his head, covered only with a loincloth.

“Da-… Lord Belial,” she said to her adoptive daddy, bowing softly before him.

“You may call me what you usually do,” he said, which for a moment caused her to burn with slight embarrassment. Even though she was ‘adopted’ as an adult angel, the thought of calling him Daddy while doing this was embarrassing.

“Y-yes, Daddy,” she said, suddenly feeling all the more aware of what she was doing. She had been going almost through auto-pilot through preparing for this ritual, and now she was all the more aware of the angels with their eyes on her breasts, trying their hardest not to feel that righteous indignation that came so natural with their kind, and the mix of desire and shame in their eyes. The demons, hungrily leering at her ass, including one of her friends who had a tentacle that seemed a little longer as it flicked at her. The humans, who admired her angelic beauty and enjoyed the debauchery of this ritual in almost equal measure. “Daddy, I seek to become a demon, like you,” she said, standing up and approaching the throne, her heart racing. “I seek to become a being of lust.”

Belial smiled and chuckled, his demonic voice low and powerful as he slowly pulled his loincloth aside and showed off a long, hard, veiny cock which seemed to have a slightly red glow as it twitched slightly. “Are you sure, my girl? You can remain an angel, or you can be like me…”

Swallowing, she bit her lower lip, the sight of that cock exciting her and filling her with shame and humiliation at the shame. Her pussy seemed to throb very slightly. “Yes, Daddy. I want you to fill me with lust.”

Belial grinned viciously. “No.”

At that, Zephyr paused, slightly taken aback. “Wh-what?” This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. Was he denying her? Had he started to take his role as her adopter too seriously.

“You should fill yourself with lust. Pleasure your Daddy. Pleasure this demon and take your own future.”

Zephyr whimpered softly at the thought; she figured that she was going to say the magic words and Belial was going to grab her and fuck her and she could just relax and not do much, but now she was being ordered to pleasure him. She didn’t know what to do. “Yes, sir,” she said obediently, bowing to him before glancing back.

Approaching the throne, Belial reached out and softly caressed her cheek, tenderly. “It’s okay if you want to turn back,” he spoke in a softer, gentler voice. Demons were, by their nature, vicious, brutal, and powerful, but many of them could also be kindhearted at times. Looking down at that cock, she focused on the excitement she felt when she saw it quiver.

“I want to,” she said, inhaling before getting down on her knees. Focusing on the idea of taking lust for herself, instead of keeping a rather conservative pose on her knees she propped her hips up as much as possible while resting her weight on one hand on Belial’s thigh, showing off her perky ass and shaved pussy to everyone around the two of them.

With her free hand, she began to stroke Belial’s cock and focused on the sound of him softly grunting. She liked that sound. The feeling of his cock, burning with heat pulsing in her hand filled her with a mysterious pride that she didn’t know how to describe. Squeezing, she enjoyed the sight of his cock seemingly getting even harder, even bigger. Particularly, that drop of precum that she squeezed from the head of her cock made her nearly squeal with excitement. She had never rubbed a cock quite like this.

As she did, the demon who sat on his throne reached down and roughly grabbed her right breast.  There was a soft pain from the nails, but it felt wonderful;  pleasure that was slightly uncomfortable.  “Daddy, stop,” she whimpered before the demon slapped her.

Rather than cry out or get angry, Zephyr moaned.  Being slapped hurt in a way that felt wonderful, that ripped some of her anxiety away and made her pussy throb.  After moaning, the angel couldn’t help but be aware of what she was doing, reflexively covering her ass with a wing – for a moment, before forcing herself to show herself off again.

Zephyr made herself look up into Belial’s eyes, seeing their dark brown smolder with a hunger that he had been restraining for years.  Swallowing, she forced herself to speak.  “Please hit me again, Daddy.”

The vicious demon grinned victoriously and grabbed Zephyr by the hair before pulling her up over his lap. Yelling, the angelic warrior instinctively pushed away before Belial’s huge, powerful hand struck her ass.  Pleasure and pain rung through her like a bell as her alabaster skin was stained with a bright red hand print.

A second blow and her pussy throbbed.  A third and Zephyr dug her nails into Belial’s ebony skin and whimpered, her back arching.  She felt his hard cock against her thigh, desired to feel her Daddy inside of her, wanted to know what that was like.

A fourth blow and Zephyr let out a guttural groan and thrusted her hips down.  “That’s enough, Daddy,” she said pleadingly. She wanted to ride that cock already.

‘That’s enough’ wasn’t a safe word though.  A fifth blow and Zephyr screamed loud enough for everyone to hear.  Sixth, seventh, eighth and her body started shaking.  She was idly aware of all the eyes on her, how shameful it was for an angel to associate with a demon – much less ask to be adopted by said demon and then years later fucked by that demon, but she found herself loving how fucking filthy it was.

A ninth blow and Zephyr’s pussy was pleading.  Ten and she started shaking as tears burned in her eyes.  She bucked her hips, showing off her hungry, wanting cunt to the world.

Grabbing her, Belial practically threw her on the ground, massive cock throbbing, covered in his sticky precum. “Take your lust,” Belial ordered as Zephyr stood up.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said, standing up and glancing back.  As was required for the ritual, the whole village was watching, and as demanded for those who would help, those who were turned on were touching themselves or their partners; she saw so many people gazing at her body, loving the sight, cocks in hands, one woman leaning against a house while softly reaching down her panties.

Zephyr pushed through her nervousness to turn away and arch her back to really show off her reddened ass and reached back to spread her cheeks so everyone could see her shaved glistening pussy before she crawled back up to Belial, grabbing his hips.

This time instead of stroking, she looked up and made eye contact before wrapping her lips around the head of her Daddy’s massive cock.  The taste was more like ambrosia than anything earthly and she hungrily sucked it all up. She felt Belial reach down and grab her tits, roughly squeezing and playing with them, pinching her nipples and forcing her to moan on his cock. Desperately she forced herself to take it down as deep as she could, nearly gagging on his cock as she did.

The demon growled and thrusted up softly, barely able to restrain himself from fucking her face. Moaning, Zephyr focused on sucking fast and hard, holding onto his hips for dear life as she used her face like a toy to try to make Belial cum.

“I’m going to cum,” Belial growled in her ear, a set of words that was like velvet in her ears. Her pussy throbbed and ached and in response she took a deep breath in through her nose before forcing herself all the way down, deepthroating Belial.

The feeling of him being sent over her edge and filling her throat with a load of his cum filled her with satisfaction and warmth, his demonic seed draining down her. It was magical, a feeling like a drug, causing her to feel high as the heat spread through her body, warming her and intoxicating her. Belial’s cock kept filling her throat with cum; after five or six spurts though, hands roughly jerked back on her hair and forced her to pull off his cock and sprayed her face, covering her face and her breasts with cum as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being filled with her demonic Daddy’s hot cum, the feeling of being covered with it too. Reaching down, Zephyr touched her pussy for the first time today and practically jerked just from the tiny pleasure of rubbing her clit as Belial covered her with cum.

His demonic cock could produce so much, she felt her entire breasts get sprayed down it felt like. If it was mortal men, they would have given her half the cum down her throat or a tenth of it on her face and breasts. Once Belial stopped growling and spurting though, Zephyr looked up at him and grinned, licking his cum off her lips. It tasted so good that she wanted more.

Without waiting, she gently grabbed his wrist with the fist in her hair and pulled him of, making sure not to use her strength so he wouldn’t see it as a challenge and overpower her, and she crawled up into his lap, leaning in and kissing him with semen-soaked lips.
Rather than ride him facing him, Zephyr wanted to show off, wanted to show that she would be a being of lust and Belial’s plaything, so she turned to face away from him, squatting over his still-hard cock and grabbing it, rubbing it against the slit of her pussy.

Zephyr shuddered just from feeling that hot, thick, juicy cock rubbing her pussy, much less entering her. Biting her lower lip, she relaxed herself and slid herself down on Belial’s cock, letting out a cry.

There was a feeling which wasn’t painful, but was a cousin of pain as she felt her pussy stretch out to accommodate Belial’s length and girth. Biting her lower lip, she grinded on the demon cock, feeling pleasure force it’s way into her mind at the sensation of having the inside of her cunt rubbed by the gigantic cock. Whimpering, digging her nails into his hips, she breathed in and out and looked up, moaning softly at the sight of one man taking another from behind as both their eyes were on the place where Belial’s massive black cock forced it’s way into Zephyr’s tiny, pale pink pussy.

A massive arm around her midsection and the other reaching around her, roughly grabbing her breast were the only warnings Zephyr had to relax. She did, and with no more warning a powerful thrust upwards drove Belial’s massive cock into her.

Zephyr screamed, feeling like she was being fucked nearly in half with that single thrust, her cunt clamping down hard on Belial. He lifted her up slightly on him and jerked her down hard, slamming her into his body and driving her to arch her back and cry out, whimpering and moaning, her cum-soaked body trembling and shaking.

A breast roughly grabbed her breast, digging nails into it and leaving red trails in her pale skin as she was bounced up and down on Belial like a toy. Shaking, shuddering, writhing, crying out, Zephyr grinded and whimpered and groaned, her body now obeying Belial’s wish to have her pussy clamp down on him.

Only one more thrust and a feeling unlike any Zephyr had experienced overtook her. When she screamed, no sound came out. Her muscles tensed and shook as pure bliss ran through her, ripping apart all her hesitation and making her cunt clamp down. She felt a release of heat and wetness as she completely gushed all over Belial and the horned beast of a man growled in her air and roughly switched which hand was around her midsection so he could pull her down harder on him.

Without giving her time to work through her orgasm, Belial fucked her harder and harder, slapped one of her breasts, dug nails into her midsection and forced orgasm after orgasm into her. When one was ending she was forced into another, the way her clamping pussy squeezed down on Belial making him drive himself into her harder and harder.

Zephyr stopped grinding, stopped trying to be in control and accepted where she was. She accepted all eyes on her in the sluttiest dress they could make. She loved the way the demon she called Daddy was fucking her like a toy. Her entire body writhed, wings twitching as her pussy came on him time after time. She tried to beg for him to fuck her harder, tried to call him Daddy again, but when she opened her mouth to make sound, only guttural groans fell out.

Finally, Belial pulled her nearly all the way off him, leaving only the tip of his cock left inside of her before pulling her down hard on him, practically impaling her on that cock before a massive surge of semen filled her up. The spurts were huge, more like a deluge of cum that lubricated her pussy even more and forced orgasm after orgasm into her as he kept slamming himself up into her.

He filled her so much with cum that it seemingly spilled out, lewdly forced out of her cunt by the force of his thrusts as he kept cumming inside of her. The sensation of being full of cum was filled with a sensation of almost overwhelming heat, like being covered in an electric blanket on a cold day, but from the inside.

Energy welled up inside of her, and suddenly Zephyr felt alive. She had always seen in color, but the world was more vibrant. Everything was more wonderful. Emotion ripped through what felt like a veil of apathy she hadn’t known she was wearing. And as her beautiful white wings found themselves stained in red and black, the shame had fallen from Zephyr’s mind.

The feeling of cum inside of her was what she wanted. The way that Belial looked at her not just with a protective gaze and pride but with hunger was what she was craving. She didn’t want the sterility of heaven.

Pulling off of Belial’s cock by force before his orgasm ended and turning around to slam back onto it and hear a roar of surprise and overwhelming pleasure from him, the mix of sensations intoxicated her. Grabbing him by the horn and jerking his head forward so he would wrap his lips around her nipple and bite down was enough to make her shriek and writhe and her newly black-and-red wings twitch.

The way that he continued thrusting up until his orgasm finally finished and he stopped, grinding inside of her and continuing to suck her breast as she moaned was everything she craved.

And as she looked down, she gently pulled up on his horn and leaned in to kiss him softly as she grinded, feeling his warmth, love, and pride burning in her heart as she felt his cock throbbing in her cunt.

“Thank you, Daddy. Thank you for remaking me as the dark angel of desire,” Zephyr purred out before Belial leaned up to give his little girl another soft, passionate, loving and lustful kiss.

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Beth’s Old Professor (Little Beth)

Beth was a little nervous to be staying with her old professor. It wasn’t that she didn’t like him; really, when she was sitting in on their lectures, there was always a… tension between them. He didn’t leer at her, or touch her, or try to get her alone, but she always admired the older man. He taught her well when they were in school, and afterwards, she remembered the couple times they got together to have coffee. It was just meant to be a student chatting with her teacher, until accidentally she admitted that she always had a crush on him.

It was only once, because she was moving out west with her husband Eligor, but that night she learned just how skilled he was at eating pussy.
The Professor was a tall, older man with tanned skin from his mixed heritage, a face shaved clear bar a well-kept mustache, and straight silver hair which, when she first knew him was black but graying; it seemed he had decided to lean into the fact that he was aging and he had dyed his hair silver. Beyond that, he was a surprisingly old-styled man, who met her at the bowler hat, dress shirt with tie, and a pair of dress pants. There were quirks, though; the dress pants were a somewhat flashy plaid, the vest was bright red, and the tie was tied in some arcane, eldritch knot instead of a simple half-Windsor.

When he walked her back to his place, the Professor gave her his arm, and she clung to it childishly, admiring the way that he was so much taller than her, towering over his former student.

“I had to thank Eligor for reaching out to ask if I could take care of you,” he mentioned to her, to which she gave a smile.

“Daddy trusts you,” she said, to which he smiled. He didn’t quite get this DD/lg thing that they talked about, but he knew that Beth always liked older men. All the better for him, he supposed.

On the way to his place, Beth gasped a bit as the vibrator in her panties went off and she clung harder to the Professor, who looked down at her and saw a familiar – even after all this time – look of lust. “Are you alright, Beth?” he asked.

“Y-yeah,” she said with a soft grin. The feeling of her panties vibrating made her quiver with pleasure and frustration. Daddy, you’re being mean, she thought to herself, pressing her thighs hard together as they looked around. “P-professor, can you help me when we get back to your place?”

The Professor gave a soft, wise little smile. “Of course. I wouldn’t be a good professor if I didn’t help my students, after all,” he said before pulling her arm slightly hard against her.

He led her more assertively, more commandingly back to his place, a small house near the train station. Once they got in, Beth smiled, remembering the sight of this home. It smelled clean, and was well-lit with a skylight and bright, open windows. Looking up was the Professor’s wife, a matronly figure who had helped take care of her, and beside her was an old border collie with a gray face who glanced up and beat her tail happily but decided against getting up, the laziness of an old dog showing.

“Beth! It’s so lovely to see you again!” exclaimed the wife, a decade younger than the Professor, but easily two decades her senior. She got up and the two of them embraced in a tight hug, before with seemingly perfect timing, the vibrators in her nipples went off and pulled a squeal from her, causing the Professor’s wife to jerk back in startled surprise before giving off a soft laugh.

“S-sorry,” Beth said as pleasure ran through her, distracting her. “Daddy is being…” her pussy vibrator turned on higher and she leaned against the Professor, openly moaning sensually, hungrily as her pussy throbbed and ached at the sensation. “Daddy is being naughty,” she said, to which the Professor’s wife laughed and leaned in to give Beth a kiss on each cheek.

“Honey, why don’t you take care of our guest while I get some dinner going?” she suggested.
“Of course, my love,” the Professor said and kissed his wife on the lips before gently taking one of Beth’s hands and gingerly leading her up the stairs, the shaky girl softly squeaking and moaning as her pussy throbbed.

He led her to the guest room she would be staying in; normally a rather plain room, but in this case, the Professor and his wife made sure to decorate it the way that she loved; purple sheets, purple curtains, with pastel unicorn stuffed animals all around. Squealing with delight, she dashed in, diving onto the bed and grabbing the unicorn stuffie, to which the Professor chuckled softly.

“You were always an adorable girl,” he said with some pride as Beth wiggled her ass at him.

“Thank you, Professor!” she said with a squeal, burying her face in the fur. “Thank you sooo much! If you want a reward, then you can take me!” she said with delight, wiggling her ass and lifting her skirt.

The Professor didn’t need any more invitation; he chuckled a bit anyways. “Now your Daddy was very specific in his instructions to me,” he said, putting his hands on his hips, which filled Beth with dread. What sort of awful teasing did he tell her temporary ‘babysitter’ to do to her?! “You are to be provided with cock or pussy twice a day. It’s not really a reward if it’s part of my role as a caretaker,” the silver-haired man replied with, to which she giggled.

“I kn-ohhhhh,” her hips thrust involuntarily when the vibrator off. “Please, Professor. Remind me what it’s like to be a good schoolgirl for you,” she said, wiggling her round ass.

The Professor slid her panties down off and she was simultaneously thankful to be rid of the cruel contraption and longing for it and it’s sensation again, but she didn’t have to wait for more. Expertly, he slid his tongue in between the folds of her wet pussy and nimbly slipped the tip up and down. He was a master of eating her out; almost immediately he pushed his tongue into her and found the perfect place to quickly flick his tongue back and forth over, forcing moans from her lips, before he quickly began to tease her clit with his tongue.

Beth inhaled and exhaled, groaning and arching her back and whimpering as he teased her clit with his tongue. “Professor, that’s too much, Professor, I’m gonna…gonna…” she squealed and grabbed onto the huge unicorn stuffed animal as she came, pussy convulsing and twitching as she gushed, covering his mustache with her cum. The girl shook and shuddered, her entire body tightening up and relaxing as she helplessly fell against the stuffed unicorn.

Without giving her time to recover, he quickly climbed up onto the bed and got his pants off. Looking up to a vanity mirror, she saw the professor, still in tie and vest grabbing onto her wide hips before her thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of her pussy being completely filled with cock.

Beth cried out, arching her back and moaning, holding hard onto the unicorn as he thrust into her. He didn’t pound her as hard or as fast as Daddy ever did, but he was precise. Every thrust took a moment between them, let her enjoy the feeling of him expertly getting a grasp on her hips and pulling back as he pushed forward. The angle changed a little. He explored her pussy with his cock and filled her head with feelings of bliss, pulling moans from her lips.

“Please, Professor,” she groaned out, pushing back against her, grinding. She was used to being fucked like a rag-doll, and as much as she loved this, it was new to her. “Fuck me harder. Fuck me like I’m your toy, use me, please Professor…”

“Now now, student…” he said before thrusting into Beth with a little more strength, finding her G-spot and nearly making her scream as her arms shook. “Let an old man show you how he pleasures a girl like you.”

After that, every thrust was at that same angle, striking her G-spot. He relentlessly pounded her G-spot with the precision of machine, no matter how hard she writhed. After four thrusts her pussy was clamping down on his bare cock, desperately pleading for cum. After five, she felt like there was an explosion in her as her pussy clamped down so hard it nearly forced him out through her orgasm. He thrusted harder, forcing his way into her youthful, strong cunt.

Beth came again, melting under the power and precision of her professor. She grinded back, trying to make him cum, trying to fuck him back, but she felt completely helpless to his skill and precision, the way he fucked her.

As she came again, the Professor started to fuck her harder, started to pull back on her. She looked up weakly through teary, watery eyes and saw hunger in his face, lust in his expression as he forced another orgasm to rip through her. Slapping the bed, shaking too hard, too overcome by pleasure even to grasp on, her voice was stolen from her.
“Beth, I’m going to cum,” he warned her, to which the sound of her being warned made her heart race. “Please, Professor! Teach this little girl what your cum feels like! Teach me, teach me!” she squealed out as he pounded her harder and harder. Gasping, writhing, crying out, when he let out a growl and punctuated his hard breaths with three, four, five hard thrusts, each matched to the feeling of a spurt of cum filling her, fulfillment washed over the chubby little as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she collapsed into the unicorn she laid on.

Soft hands pet her hair, and she nuzzled the Professor. “I’m sorry that I don’t have as much stamina as I used to,” he said, to which she let out a small purr.

“It’s good,” she insisted. Her legs ached. Her body was glistening with sweat and her pussy was aching, mixed with the feeling of fullness from the cum dribbling out of her. Softly, the Professor leaned in to kiss her forehead.

“I’m gonna let the wife know that it’s her turn, alright, Beth?” Beth whimpered and her pussy throbbed at the thought of more attention. “Her turn?” she asked, excitement and fear mixing in her voice.  The Professor chuckled, softly petting her hair again. “She’s been looking forward to having you here and breaking out the 10 inch strapon, after all.”

Beth bit her lip, then nodded. “Oki. I wanna play with her. Just… gimme a few minutes,” she said, nuzzling the unicorn.

The professor chuckled, leaning in to kiss the seemingly back-in-school girl on the back of the neck before leaving to give her 15 more minutes.

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Mine To Share

“You’re mine.”

When I tell you those words, that you hear me say so often, they’re the sort of words that more possessive men would wield more like chains. More possessive men would tell you that you’re theirs and expect you to give them all your attention. They would chain you up. But when I kiss you and whisper in your ear that you’re mine, you know it isn’t the case.

The collar around your neck is there because you’re mine, but it’s there to keep you freer than you otherwise would be. That collar around your neck is there to pull out the succubus inside of you, to help you be free to give yourself to me and let me keep you safe.

I put that collar around you tonight for our favorite game; the one where, instead of keeping you locked away in monogamy like a vault, I was going to share you like the slut you are and show you off like you’re my treasure. I put that collar on you and put a pentagram on you with my own two hands, teasing you and squeezing and playing with your breasts as I did, making sure to pay extra attention when I caught you moaning.

And when you were ready, collared, dressed, I made sure to pull you into my lap and tease you while you could see how long it would be before our guests would arrive. I rubbed your breasts, kissed your neck. I fingered your cunt and listened to you moan and enjoyed the feeling of your fingers clamping down on me. I fingered you until you were writhing in my lap, pleasure running through you, cunt clamping down on me, before I knew it was time to throw you down on the floor, get a fist in your hair and let you feel my bare cock.

Normally I took my time, I teased you, edged myself, but this time I fucked you roughly, brutally, mercilessly. I pounded you, digging nails harshly into your hips, leaving red streaks while driving myself into you, harder and faster, forcing your tight cunt to clamp down on me. I pulled up on your hips and lifted my own to strike your pussy at a deep angle and I forced my cock deep into you, hitting your G-spot. I made your obey obey me and cum all over me as I drowned you in pleasure while pounding you like the toy you are before finally filling you with hot, thick cum, growling in your ear, driving myself deeper into you, harder into you before pulling out, leaving you moaning, whimpering, shuddering in the aftershocks of an orgasm.

Our first guest came, and I invited him to the room and pulled you onto my lap, petting you lightly. You could see the way he was enjoying the site of you, freshly fucked just before he showed up at her home, and when I told him he could have a touch, you couldn’t resist as his large hands reached out to squeeze and touch your breasts. His hands were somewhat rough but not terribly aggressive, squeezing and kneading, pinching your nipples and forcing moans from your lips.

Upon seeing that he was hard, you felt my hand on your shoulder, squeezing lightly. “You know what to do,” I ordered without detail, and the man pulled his pants off before I got a fistful of your hair. Whimpers escaped your lips and you opened your mouth obediently before I pushed your head forward.

I used your mouth to fuck his cock, forcing you down on him. The man groaned and growled your shoulders, enjoying the way that you were being manhandled. You couldn’t breathe, you couldn’t struggle. Your mouth was full of cock, as was your throat, as the feeling of cum dribbling out of your pussy and swiftly cooling on your thighs made your pussy ache for more cock.

The man growled and thrust with his hips, and before you were able to think I thrusted your head forward and kept you from pulling back even as you gagged and choked. Weakly, you put your hands on his hips and tried to push away, but I overpowered you, making you take that cock a little further. I could tell that fear was rising in you, the instinct of terror from being unable to breathe, and after giving you one more second I pulled your head back and continued to make you thrust your face all over his cock.

Your pussy throbbed, your breasts ached from the rough treatment, your scalp ached from my pulling, and your head felt light from being choked. Whimpers escaped your lips and passively you softly rest your hands on his hips, closing your eyes and losing yourself completely. The sensation of him finally thrusting hard and growling, that cock tightening and exploding, cum firing down your throat was overwhelming, pleasurable, fulfilling.

When he let you go, I gently let your hair go for a moment so I could pull back on your head, softly tilting your chin up so I could lean in and plant my lips against yours.

No matter how much cum is on your lips.

No matter how much of a slut you are.

I won’t stop kissing you.

Our second guest came, and when he I picked you up and put you down on your back, grabbing your legs and spreading them for him. I watched him to make sure he put a condom on, and as he climbed on the bed I watched him drive his cock into you hard.

I enjoyed the look in your eyes as your cum-filled cunt was filled with another cock, made even more sensitive by the lubrication of my semen. The sensation of him driving himself deep and hard into you was overwhelming. His hands, gripping your hips brushed against the scratches I left and reminded you of the feeling of those scratches before he pulled you onto him.

The sensations were intense. My hands on your legs, his hands on your hips, his huge cock thrusting deep into you, spreading the lips of your cunt, forcing my cum both deeper into you and pulling it out of you. Those hard, erratic thrusts filled you with more and more pleasure every time. The feeling of him driving himself into you through my cum made your pussy clamp down while you writhed and gasped and whimpered and shook all over the bed, digging your nails in.

Heat, pleasure, warmth forced it’s way into your mind as you came uncontrollably, clamping down on his cock as a scream was dragged from your throat. The man thrust even harder into you, pounding your pussy while it clamped down and pushed on him. Growls filled the air, mixing with your own screams, before almost without warning he gave you the hardest thrust he could, slamming you in the G-spot and forcing your entire body to quiver and tremble and shake as you felt his cock practically explode in his condom while he thrust again and again and again through his orgasm, grinding after each thrust.

Panting, moaning, shaking, you felt your skin completely sweaty. Your heart was pounding in your chest and your pussy was not just full of my cum, but aching, in the best way. Reaching up, you desperately scratched at his back and pulled him in close to pull him in for a kiss; a kiss of affection, and a message to me to invite this man back to use you like the toy you are again.

After the second man was done, I pulled the dress off and let you rest your head in my lap as I pet you. The feeling of being pet after being fucked, facefucked, then pounded again was overwhelmingly soft. I cooed for you, praising you.

“You’re doing so well, my little slut. You’ve gotten so much more outgoing since we started doing this. I’m proud of you, and I love you,” I praised and cooed softly as you nuzzled my thigh.

Our third guest arrived and you obediently got on all fours, facing me. Gently, I pet your head before pulling your hair up to lean in and give you a kiss as the man got behind you, grabbing your hips and rubbing the head of his cock up and down the lips of your vulva.

When a hard thrust stretched you out, our kiss broke.

The man’s thrusts were brutal, hard, and perfectly executed. He pulled his cock back and thrust forward with all his strength, pulling back on you like you were a fleshlight. Every time he thrust, it filled you with a stretching sensation, the slightest touch of pain, and a surge of overwhelming bliss.

As your moans grew louder and louder, I grabbed your hair again and forced my cock in your mouth. The taste of your own pussy and my semen mixed on your tongue while you took that powerful cock from behind.

Every thrust pushed you forward and I pulled forward on your hair to choke you on my cock for a moment before letting you go. Together, we executed a well timed brutalization of you, stretching you with cock and choking you with cock. Every thrust was a rhythm which stole more and more of your ability to think, leaving you with a lightheaded pleasure. The feeling of his cock throbbing inside of you, seemingly getting bigger made you dig your nails into the bed sheets. The feeling of my hard cock throbbing, tightening made you begin to swallow around my cock and suck harder, swirling your tongue around the head of my cock.

The man behind you started thrusting faster, more aggressively, less meticulously. Hungry, vicious growls escaped his lips as he pounded your pussy. As he pounded you harder, an orgasm ripped through you almost out of nowhere and the scream that would have filled the air was interrupted by my cock in your throat as I pulled you down harder on me.

I choked you with my cock all through your orgasm, as you shook helplessly and were fucked like you were a toy I was sharing. You felt like a toy that was being shared; a prized possession that was too loved to keep hidden away, that had to be shared with the men of the world.

Your pussy clamped down, and as you felt his cock fill the condom with cum all while he slammed himself into you, you came all over him again, feeling fulfilled in the role of being the perfect toy to be shared while sucking my cock, getting another load of your husband’s cum inside of you, this time in your mouth.

Instead of swallowing because you were forced to like with the first man you sucked off, you enjoyed the taste of my cum, savored it, swallowed some but treasured it like your favorite candy, and when I let your head go, you looked up at me and leaned in, whimpering.

Accepting your silent pleading, I leaned in and pressed my lips to yours and wrapped my arms around you, leaning back on the bed and pulling you on top of me as the man who was fucking you let you go be held and squeezed, shaking and moaning on top of the man who collared you with a mouthful of his cum.

When our kiss broke, I felt you collapse completely against me and I felt your breath grow slow and soft. Gently, I stroked your hair and enjoyed the feeling of you nuzzling into me, purring and moaning as your body, soaked in sweat and cum, shook and ached in your favorite way.