Canvas of Violence

Alicia wanted to be a canvas of pain and beauty. She had always enjoyed all sorts of sexual play and exhibitionism, always loved marks changing the color of her pale skin, and loved the feeling of being well used, beaten, and shown off for a crowd. For a moment, she wondered how to fulfill this urge, until a realization struck and, with a smile, she made calls, made appointments, and found several ‘artists’.

It took a month to set up, but once it was, she had chosen seven artists for their variety of talents, and at her favorite club, with her favorite photographer, throughout the night she allowed herself to be a canvas for every once of their desires. Between every artist, pictures would be taken by her favorite photographer, so she would be shown from every angle.

The first artist was a man who wished to see her consumed by sensations. He laid her down blindfolded and with 12 colored candles, dripped wax all along her breasts, her collarbone, her thighs, her belly. Wax streaked along her as she squirmed and moaned at the heat striking her with every drop of wax before it rapidly cooled as it streaked across her body, leaving a mosaic of colors. Before leaving her and moving on, he mixed the heat of this wax into teasing her with ice cubes along her thighs, along her breasts in a spiral from the outside all the way to the tips of her nipples, causing Alicia to whimper and moan, arching her back and bucking softly at the overwhelming sensations of cold.

The second artist was a fan of rope, and doing his best not to damage the beautiful formations of wax on her – an unfortunate impossibility in many cases, he wrapped her up in black rope, binding her arms behind her back, her legs spread wide. He tied her hair up and used that to keep her upright, using a spreader bar to keep her legs spread, leaving Alicia helpless, bound, and beautiful for the artists coming after her. As a final act of cruelty, the second artist tied a wand do her thighs and turned it on with the head against her pussy, nearly making her howl out and double over, held up by the rope when her knees grew weak and incapable of leaning forward by the rope pulling back hard on her scalp, forcing her to stay upright even as her legs shook while pleasure ripped through her.

The third artist was all about leaving his mark through bites, and when he bit her thigh she screamed and squirmed; although she knew what he was doing, she still reflexively kicked, but was rendered helpless by the spreader bar, incapable of moving due to the body rope and the hair rope binding her up. When he bit her other thigh, Alicia whimpered and groaned, shaking a bit as the man savagely bit her thighs, bit her hips, bit her shoulders and of course bit down hard on her breasts. Again and again he sunk his teeth into her, covering her in bite marks, leaving his final marks on her throat. Gasping, moaning, Alicia whimpered, shaking and groaning and shuddering in pain which mixed with pleasure as her pussy vibrated almost beyond her control.

The fourth artist was a vicious man with a cane and a paddle. His left hand swung the paddle, striking her ass with a wide crash. The blows made Alicia melt, and she whimpered softly, her head only held up by the rope as her whimpers stopped. Alicia’s head felt light, and every one-two combo felt less and less painful; instead the thuddy blows were replaced with nothing more than a hint of bliss spiking through her. He paddled her ass readily, and when he paddled her thighs, her eyes opened wide and Alicia screamed, the pain pushing so far over to pleasure mixing with the vibrator it forced an orgasm out of her and the helpless girl bucked and twisted and sobbed. Tears ran down her face, ruining her makeup, causing it to run as she shuddered, whimpering. He struck the bites on her thighs, and on her breasts, every combined strike forcing a pleasure nearing an orgasm out of her as she came all over the wand, dripping her cum on the ground.

The fifth artist was a cruel blue-haired domme who undid the hair rope, gave slack to the rope holding her body up and forced her to her knees in the spreader bar. After that, the woman roughly slapped Alicia again and again, left and right, insulting her before grabbing her hair and forcing Alicia’s face to her own pussy. The woman softly moaned as she called her slaves over to jerk off around Alicia, and as they did she forced Alicia to lick her pussy. Alicia’s pussy throbbed at the taste, and at the knowledge that there were many men jerking off all around her. Nails dug into Alicia’s scalp as she was forced to lick harder and harder, her own pussy aching and craving even more touch, although she was completely helpless, immobilized. The feeling of all the slaves cumming on her as the artist pulled away and kept a fistful of her hair satisfied Alicia in a way she couldn’t describe, embracing the feeling of cum on her face, running down her tits, covering her neck, a shower of semen that made Alicia feel whole in some way.

The sixth artist was literally an artist – a tattoo artist, although this time it wouldn’t be a tattoo. They had discussed the idea of doing a tattoo, but this would be a trial run of what he would eventually do. Still, she sat in excitement and nervousness as he turned the wand off and forced her to remain completely still. Teasingly, using a brush to tease all around her nipples, drawing in a flesh hue five-point stars around each and a dark outline, before calling over another artist to lift her breasts up and tease and squeeze them while he drew a heart between her breasts, and in the underbreast area. It was the plan for the tattoo she would later have.

The final artist turned the wand back on, and left her to cry out before he threw her front onto the ground as she shook and whimpered. Undoing the spreader bar, the final artist – her husband – pinned her down, at first tearing into her back with his nails hard enough to draw blood while forcing his cock into her cunt without mercy or hesitation. When – not out of true resistance but an instinct to protect herself – Alicia reached back, the final artist grabbing her arms and holding them back and fucking her pussy from behind bare. Alicia screamed, and screamed, clamping down hard on her husband’s cock, gushing all over him again and again as she shook, whimpering, bucking her hips and arching her back as she soaked him with cum before finally the feeling of her pussy being filled with hot, thick semen caused her mind to blank out. The final image was created when he ripped his cock from her and let his thick white cum dribble out of her.

Shaking, whimpering, collapsed on the floor on her side, Alicia panted hard, her eyes unfocused. Covered in wax and cum, covered in bite marks and welts from the paddle. Her ass bruised and her back bleeding every so slightly. Her nipples newly pierced and a tattoo right between her breasts. Alicia cried, sobbing, whimpering, and all the while, per her instructions, the photographer took video of the woman, used as a canvas of violence and left to shake and whimper.

Then, per the instructions, the cameraman took pictures and video of her with her head against her husband’s chest, sobbing and wailing, nails digging into his shoulders as every ounce of catharasis was released.

The next pictures were of her being touched, held, caressed by every one of those seven vicious artists.

The final pictures though, were after she was cleaned off, no longer covered in runny makeup, broken up wax and all sorts of cum, resting in a cuddle pile of the artists, naked save for the towel on her hair, eyes closed as she rested, her husband her pillow and every last one of those artists’ hands like blankets of kindness and warmth over her beaten and near-broken flesh.


The Protocol (Lily Lupine is a Slut Goddess)

When Mariah and Lily mentioned ‘The Protocol’ at parties when talking, most people assumed that they were talking about some sort of high protocol BDSM event. The two of them then had to explain it was something else, but ever name they gave it didn’t quite fit.

‘The Protocol’ was for when Violet’s bipolar swung hard in the manic direction, and was meant to keep her from getting tattoos she didn’t like, spending money, making reckless choices.

Step one was, of course, informing the law firm she worked at that she was going to need to take two-hour lunches for a few days; due to the nature of her work, her mental health status (as well as side hobby of being a pornstar and general slut) were known, if only in broad strokes rather than the minutae of what those two things meant. Violet was eternally thankful that nobody particularly wanted to know the particulars of the either.

Step two was letting her messenger group know that she was going to be seeing people for lunch meetings. She had a group of 4 men and 2 women who had been vetted; all of them had been cleared as being reliable, fun, and had their STI paperwork cleared. ‘The Goddess and Titan’s Quick Hookup Fuckbucket’ was a delight to post nudes in whenever she got bored while doing research for a client – or when she was having a depressed swing and needed a confidence boost.

Step three was telling Jessie that she was having a manic time and she would be needing rides. Jessie was, in her words, Violet’s Absolute Utter Bestie. She met the woman when she found out that one of her play partners wasn’t being honest with his wife Jessie about seeing Violet, and the women both dumped his ass and while Violet couldn’t represent the woman due to the conflict of interest, Jessie got some damn fine free legal advice for the divorce, and Violet got a pal that she could chat up and ask for rides when she didn’t want her car followed about.

Step four was making special arrangements with a certain hotel that let her rent a room by the hour on the cheap in exchange for all the business she referred to them – both as Violet Lewis, Family Lawyer extraordinaire and Lily Lupine, hyperactive superslut.

Step five, where they were now, was putting it all together.

Lance and Richard were going to be coming to the hotel room, and Violet was on her way. She was scrambling in the backseat of Jessie’s minivan, stripping down naked and looking at herself, lightly running her hands down between her breasts and noticing the empty spaces between the various tattoos along her collarbone. “I should get another tattoo,” she said, to which Jessie giggled a bit.

“Will you ever have enough tattoos?” her friend teased, to which Violet grinned.

“Never say ‘enough’! Who ever has ‘enough’,” she said, to which Jessie rolled her eyes as Violet began to get herself dressed. She wondered what she should wear, scrambling through her bag, looking at all sorts of outfits, pulling out a corset, lacy panties…

“Why don’t you just put your cloak and heels on? You’re gonna take it off in what, five minutes anyways?”

Jessie’s suggestion bounced through her brain and the idea of flinging her cloak open and showing her beautiful, gorgeous, tattooed, pierced and enhanced body to Lance and overwhelming him in one go made her nearly squeal with delight before she leaned forward, giving Jessie a hug from the backseat. “What an amazing idea!” she said as the minivan swerved from Violet startling Jessie.

“Careful, Violet!” Jessie said, a hint of upset in her voice as Violet grinned and reached into the back, grabbing her purple velvet cloak and wrapping it around herself before pulling out a mirror and applying her favorite lavender lipstick.

“Violet can’t hear you,” Lily told her best friend while beginning to apply her messy eyeliner that ran so easily for that freshly used fucktoy look. “It’s time for Lily to play”.


Lily wasted no time walking past the reception desk of the hotel, waving with a grin as her heels clicked. Heading up the elevator, she hummed to herself, reaching down and running her fingers up and down her body, along her tummy down to lightly touch her pussy while leaning back against the back of the elevator, shuddering quietly and letting out a soft murmur before the elevator opened. Strutting to her hotel room she casually tapped the door’s keycode before opening up the door, enjoying the sight of one of her toys looking up at her with a bit of surprise as she closed the door behind her, bowing softly and smiling. “Good Afternoon, Lance,” she said, looking at the tall, hispanic man as she slowly lowered the cloak to the ground, enjoying the sight of his eyes trailing all the way down her body as she sashayed closer.

Lily gently reached out and began to unbutton his shirt. “Well, Lance,” she said, looking up at him with a grin. “Are you gonna give me a good time?” He leaned down, kissing her roughly, wrapping his arms around her and biting down on her lip. Moaning, she bit back, pulled his shirt off and exposed his bare chest before trying to push him down.

Lance knew what she liked, though; rather than stumbling back onto the bed and let her straddle him, he grabbed her hair and pulled back as he stepped to her side, watching her as she moaned softly and growled at him. The hunger and violence in her eyes pulled a grin from Lance before he pushed her down half onto the bed and reached back, spanking her bare ass.

Lily let out soft moans as her hips gyrated and bucked softly, her damp pussy throbbing as he spanked her again and again. Ten strikes, eleven, twelve. The feeling of his large hands reaching down and tracing fingers along her wet, wanting pussy before a third blow to her ass as she wiggled it. Her nails grasping hard on the sheets before he pulled back to undo his pants.

At the sound of his pants unzipping, Lily turned around before he could react and grabbed his hips, sliding her lips around his cock and forcing it down her throat, sucking and swallowing around that hard cock. That hard, delicious cock was everything she wanted right now, and as he grabbed her hair and pulled back before forcing her down onto his cock as hard as he could, she reached down.

Pleasure and delight ran through Lily’s body as her lover roughly fucked her face as she rubbed her pussy, fingers caressing her clit as she relaxed her throat. Lily rubbed her clit quickly with the perfect amount of pressure, moaning as she tried to breath in and out through her nose while her face was being used as a fucktoy. Lily loved the lightheadedness, the terror that pounded in her chest when she was being facefucked and couldn’t breathe.

That cock throbbing harder, tightening in her mouth made her moan and swallow all around the cock.

A rush of heat and she was grabbed hard and pulled as deep onto his cock as she could go, and she began sucking with all her strength like a vacuum, swirling her tongue around the massive cock in her mouth as he shot load after load of cum into her mouth, down her throat.

After his orgasm ended and she was let go, the woman looked up at him and down before grinning and spitting his cum mixed with her spit all over her breasts, reaching up and rubbing it in and shuddering softly; Lily loved the feeling of hot cum all over her breasts. Taking his hand to help her stand up, the woman then turned around and bent over the bed, straightening her legs as she braced herself on her arms. She knew Lance could stay hard for a while after cumming.

Lily didn’t need long to feel his fist in her hair and feel him thrust his cock straight into her, nearly causing her to double over as his weight slammed into her from behind. Cries of pleasure were ripped from her lips as the man’s still-firm cock forced it’s way deep into her. The feeling of being pounded was what Lily craved, what Lily needed, and the way his other hand grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back onto him was just what she needed.

“Ah, yes, fuck me, fuck me like the slut I am!” she snarled as the sound of their bodies colliding filled the air. She braced herself on her arms and tried to push back onto him, but weakly she could barely hold on and her front collapsed onto the bed. Weakly, Lily tried to keep her legs straight, but the pleasure running through her made her knees weak.

Lightheadedly, Lily started to slump until her hair was let go so her hips could be grabbed. Rough hands on her hips jerked her back, holding her up and pulling her back to impale her on a far-too-massive cock.

Eyes rolling back as the feeling of throbbing inside of her became too intense, too overwhelming. Knees shaking and breath becoming ragged. The feeling of him fucking her so deep that after every thrust it felt like he was going to break her in half. Lily screamed as an orgasm tore into her and she completely collapsed – except for the fact that she was being held up.

Feeling her pussy clamp harder made Lance get even more aggressive, forcing his cock into the clenching pussy of the slut he was using like a toy. Pounding her nearly limp body, she moaned and cried out and whimpered, howling out ‘God yes’ and ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck’, again and again while digging her nails into the bed and howling with bliss despite being too helplessly exhausted to fuck back.

Finally, with a roar, Lance came for the second time; the familiar feeling of his heat filling her up with a thinner load of cum than the first tipped Lily over to her second orgasm for the day, her sensitive pussy well lubricated by the semen inside of her as he continued to thrust and pound and drive himself into her before he finally exhausted himself.

Letting her go, Lily slumped weakly onto the bed, panting and whimpering. She moaned, weakly grabbing onto the bed and trying to climb up until Lance grabbed her around her midsection and helped her up.

Her hips hurt from where Lance grabbed her, but the feeling of a cunt full of cum turned her on to an insane degree. Weakly, the woman desperately tried to look at herself in the mirror, and couldn’t help but smile at the sight; smeared lavender lipstick practically covered the lower half of her face, eyeshadow that ran all over the place, bloodshot red eyes from when she was having a hard time breathing while being facefucked.

Lance mentioned something about going ahead and showering, to which Lily weakly nodded, looking at herself in the mirror. Lily thought she was hot. She loved how her enhanced breasts looked, loved the tattoos dotting her body and the massive yggdrasil on her belly with roots which ensnared her breasts underneath. She loved the sight of her being a ruined filthy slut, and that thought made her reach down and rub her clit.

An achiness pulsed through her pussy as the poor, well-used cunt throbbed in protest to greater stimulation until she rubbed her clit a little lighter, finding that perfect sweet spot of pressure and softness to make her knees shake. Lily laid on her side, lifting one leg up to spread out slightly more, dipping her finger into her vulva only for a moment to get it lubed up with a mix of her and Lance’s cum before she continued to rub her clit.

Inhaling, she closed her eyes, focusing on the feeling. Her shoulder hurt ever so slightly from the harsh way he pulled down on her while fucking her from behind. Her body felt like it had handprints all over it, and both her throat and pussy were slightly sore.

Squeezing one of her nipples, made ever so sensitive by her piercing, Lily whimpered. The fingers to her clit rubbed faster and faster without applying more pressure and the woman began to breathe harder and harder. Her body felt like it was on a fire which gave pleasure instead of pain. Hands rubbed furiously as the muscles in her calves tightened and her whole body shook.

Lily rolled onto her front and humped the bed while aggressively pinching her nipple and rubbing her pussy. Desire spread through her whole body as a feeling built up like pressure at a dam.

The Slut Goddess let out a tiny scream as she felt her pussy gush again, covering her fingertips and the bed in copious amounts of hot, lubricating cum as she panted and groaned.

Without warning, hands grabbed her hard and flipped her over, forcing her to open her eyes. Richard was atop her, already naked, his muscular body ready as he grabbed her wrists and pulled them above her head before pinning them both with one hand, his firm cock pressed against her pussy.

The sound of Lance in the shower was ignored by the both of them as Richard’s massive hands held down both of Lily’s tiny wrists before he leaned in to give her a soft kiss, enjoying the taste of cum on her lips – obvious by the way his firm cock throbbed lightly against her thigh – before he pulled back.

With his free hand, Richard gave Lily’s right breast a hard slap and she screamed, jerking away. The feeling of her breast being slapped was a sharp pain which started out overwhelming and excrutiating, but within less than a second it melted down into a pain which left her high.

“Harder!” she snarled out after a moment, and in response her left breast was slapped. Lily bucked her hips up against Richard as she felt his cock harden even more. “Don’t fucking stop!”

Richard slapped the same spot on each of her massive tits each time, turning the skin from a pretty pale to a pink. Every slap felt more intense, and left her at first with a pain that made her buck and kick out and try to pull her wrists away before almost immediately cooling into a body high that tingled through her. Lily whimpered, cried out, and her squirming and struggling became weaker after the tenth slap on each breast.

Instead, she was panting like an animal, groaning at the feeling of his hard cock against her vulva as he grinded lightly to tease her. She was intoxicated by his hand slapping both of her breasts, the pain now consumed completely by the hint of a high from the last slap. Lily’s eyes were glazed over and her fingers twitched and clenched her palms but she couldn’t fight anymore.

Once Richard saw that he beat her tits until she submitted, the man let her wrists go to grab his cock and run it against the folds of her pussy, causing Lily to shudder and gasp as she was teased.

Without warning, Richard took his sloppy seconds by force, driving his cock into that cum-filled hole and slamming her as hard as he could with her on her back. Lily let out a cry and nearly came just from that… but rather than pulling back to thrust into her, he roughly grabbed both her thighs and lifted her legs high, putting them on her shoulders while bending over lightly.

Whimpering, Lily knew that this was gonna be deep.

The dominant black man grabbed her wrists again – this time one with each hand and pulled back hard on them to pull her arms straight while her legs rested on his shoulders… before he thrusted into her with all her might.

Lily thought he hit the bottom as that one thrust was enough to make her pussy squeeze his cock for dear life in the fourth orgasm of the night.

“Take it like a toy, slut!” Richard was not a quiet lover; every thrust he pulled back on her arms and pulled her body onto him, nearly tearing her in half as every single drive of his hips used the full power of his body. The sound of their bodies colliding echoed. The sound of Richard issuing roleplayed threats, the sound of him growling and Lily screaming all filled the air.

Richard pulled back on her as she tried to pull away, but didn’t have even an ounce of strength remaining. The feeling of her tits bouncing accentuated the sting from when they were being slapped, and slowly Lily’s ability to do anything other than obey and take cock were ripped from her.

That cock kept driving itself deeper into her and throbbing harder with his heartbeat, making it expand again and again. Low moans escaped Lily as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her; these no less intense than the others, but this time all she could do was arch her back and shake. Lily’s eyes watered as she felt his cock harden more and more.

Richard’s hands left her wrists and grasped her shoulders while he leaned in deeper, Lily’s eyes bulging as he drove himself so deep into her it hurt, even if that pain was the most pleasurable pain she felt all day.

As he drove himself down deep, deep into her and his cock exploded and filled Lily with cum, the slut’s mind was ripped away from her. Behind all she had was this satiated desire for every ounce of cum, and as his cock sprayed the inside of her pussy one spurt at a time, those spurts felt like they gave her mini-orgasms with nearly every thrust.

As Richard’s orgasm ended, he let her wrists and legs go and leaned in, wrapping his arms around her. Lily leaned in passionately, as aggressively as she could pressed her lips hard against his and moaned into his mouth as he pressed his tongue into hers and dominated even the kiss with his strength, his arms wrapping around her underneath and pulling her body against his as he continued to grind inside of her.

It hurt so bad but felt so right, like an addiction that Lily couldn’t tell him that she was done. Instead, she just ground against Richard, moaning as he continued to entertwine his tongue with hers, the kiss unrboken as their nails dug into one another’s backs, Richard’s cock continuing to pound her tight cunt.

Lily moaned into the kiss, her exhaustion holding back another orgasm even though her pussy was so sensitive. She could feel every single bit of the texture of the skin of his massive cock, could feel her pussy get slightly smaller when he pulled out and stretch as she thrusted. The feeling of that stretch made her heart pound harder and harder, and her aching pussy twitched.

Whimpering, Lily pulled away from the kiss to cry out and that cry turned into a scream as Richard bit into her shoulder; Lily’s pussy throbbed even harder, and as his teeth dug harder and harder into Lily and his thrusts became fast and deep but delayed with each one, the rush of sensations ripped another orgasm from Lily as she howled in Richard’s ear so loud it hurt him a little.

After that, Lily pushed on Richard, goaning and making it clear that she desperately needed him off. Respectfully, Richard obeyed, but instead of immediately going to the shower like Lance, Richard rolled onto his back panting, dark skin glistening with sweat.

Lily moaned softly, and twitched. She didn’t seem to be capable of thought, too exhausted and well used. Lily’s mind was truly blank, no longer drowning in her mania; the only things in her mind were the aches and bliss of her body. The feeling of Richard’s hand petting her hand as it started. The coolness of the air conditioned room on her bare skin causing the slightest hint of goosebumps to stand.

Violet Lewis hated being bipolar, but when it happened, she always made sure that she would be taken care of as Lily.

When Richard finally left the bed, bidding her goodbye and heading to the shower, Lily contently nuzzled the bed after setting up an alarm clock to wake her up after a short, 15 minute power nap.


The final step of The Protocol, of course was simple. A shower to wash off the sweat and cum and enjoy the feeling of hot water cascading all over her aching muscles; a trip back to Jessie’s minivan which had returned to pick her up, and the rapid reapplication of a more work-appropriate set of clothes.

“You know, I’m jealous of you,” Jessie admitted to Violet who grinned, albiet less maniacally than before.

“Cause I get fucked so hard you can already see the bruises forming?” she asked, finishing admiring the red marks on her breasts before covering them with her bra before immediately slipping back into the pantsuit she had actually worn to work.

“No, me and the hubby are getting there,” Jessie replied with a soft smile. “I just mean you can get your clothes and makeup done in the back of a moving car in 10 minutes. How do you ever pull that off?”

Violet just grinned, finishing brushing her hair and pulling it back into a bun. “Practice. Lots and lots of practice.”

Getting out of the car, Violet happily strutted back into work, waving to the firm’s receptionist. Her breasts still stung, her legs hurt from the shaking and tensing, and her pussy still throbbed, but every one of those sensations would help see her through the day as she got back to her office to get back to research and calls for Mr. Davidson’s case.

Friendly Blue Kitten (Little Beth)

Beth had to admit that her Adoption Day party was like a little slice of heaven. She had the way Daddy and her boyfriend had treated her, fucked her, cleaned her, ate her, and generally made her feel like the star of the party. For the moment, her partners had decided to leave her be to give her a chance to socialize a bit while they got themselves some food.

Having herself another ice cream bar – this one cotton candy flavored, she idly half-interacted, half-listened to another pair; a couple of her aquaintances from the club who she didn’t play with but whose company she enjoyed. Relaxing into the couch, Beth inhaled and exhaled in delight. She was achy, sore, and lightheaded, but all in the best ways. When she moved, she could feel just a little bit of her boyfriend’s cum inside of her, a feeling which delighted her.

Without stopping chatting with her friends, she glanced over at the sight of one of Azazel’s friends being spanked by his new girlfriend; the poor, pale boy jumped a bit every time his partner hit his ass, but the way his cock was hard, she figured it was a very welcome beating. Still, she couldn’t help but grin; there was a shortage of girly doms in the community for men, so Beth was sure she would be very popular.

The sight excited her a bit, and Beth decided that if it was her party, she was going to do what she wanted, so slowly Beth reached down and softly began to tease the slit of her pussy. Touching herself made tiny bits of pleasure run through her. Biting her lower lip, Beth slipped two fingers into her pussy and began to rub upwards, although frusturatedly she could never quite reach as deep as her husband and boyfriend could without toys.

“Nyaa~” someone made a sound like a cat, and she looked down to see a gorgeous tan girl with green eyes. The girl was dressed in a pair of blue panties that were crotchless, with a small toy buried in her ass that had a blue kitty tail coming out; a matching blue bra, and the most adorable cat ears and fuzzy paws over her hands. Her figure was definitely curvy; not as chubby as her own, but although she had a little bit of a belly, she mostly had a modest waist which spread to thick hips, leading down to a gorgeously round ass and thick, powerful thighs.

“H-hello,” Beth said, her breath catching as she continued to rub her pussy while this pretty girl looked at her and got into a position a lot like a cat sitting up.

“Hiya!” she said brightly, looking up at Beth. Although Beth didn’t know her too well, this girl knew her a little; she had seen her at a few public play parties, and after about three months of developing a crush on Beth, she approached Azazel to ask about her, to which Beth’s boyfriend invited her to play. “Do you mind if kitty has a lick of your milk?” she asked, tilting her head and holding her paws up.

“My… oh, my milk,” Beth realized, without stopping rubbing her pussy. She realized that she must have been talking about Azazel’s semen which was still deep inside of her. Beth nearly blushed at seeing how forward this girl was; was she one of Azzy’s friends or Daddy’s? Either way, she knew that the kittygirl was a friend of one of her partners, or she wouldn’t be here.

Biting her lip, Beth quietly nodded and stopped rubbing her pussy to put her fingers to either side of her vulva and spread the lips of her pussy.

Kittygirl slowly stripped off one of her paws and smiled brightly. “I’m Izeta!” she introduced herself properly before coming up and putting a hand on Beth’s thigh and softly kissing the surface of the larger girl’s pussy. Pleasure softly ran through Beth as her eyes closed, the feeling of her exhausted pussy being stimulated by someone else pulling a soft moan from her lips.

Izeta wasted no time, caressing Beth’s thighs as she ran her tongue up and down the slit of Beth’s cunt before slipping her tongue inbetween the folds. Beth’s breath caught in her chest as she reached up to squeeze one of her own nipples, grounding herself on that familiar feeling as heat ran through the entirety of her.

Two fingers slid deep into Beth’s pussy and tilted upwards, causing Beth’s eyes to shoot open and look down at the beautiful green eyes gazing up at her. Those fingers hit the spot inside her where she was trying so hard to reach, effortlessly rubbing gently at her G-spot before Izeta slowly let her tongue out to flick along Beth’s clit.

Whimpers, moans escaped the chubby girl’s lips as she squeezed one of her own nipples, reaching out and getting a fistful of Izeta’s hair and watching as the girl happily wiggled her backside like a kitty.

The sight of it all, those eyes locked on hers as that tongue flicked against her clit rapidly and those nimble fingers rubbed her clit pushed Beth higher and higher in nearly an instant and with a cry, Izeta had to stop licking Beth’s clit as her head was held in a vice by Beth’s thighs. Pleasure shot through Beth and she shook, bucking her hips and whimpering as she lightly dug nails into the kittygirl’s scalp while said girl’s fingers continued to rub inside her climaxing cunt, keeping the spray of squirting cum inside until Izeta pulled her fingers out and got her lips covered in a spray of Beth’s squirting cum.

Beth breathed hard on the couch, letting her head roll back as she moaned, groaning. “Oh gods…” Izeta made her cum in less than two minutes, and her already well-used pussy felt exhausted past what she thought was possible.

As Beth’s legs released Izeta’s face, the dark-skinned girl giggled and climbed up and practically curled up on Beth’s lap with her head along it. “Would you mind if kitty pet herself?” Izeta asked, looking up at Beth who nodded enthusiastically.

“Y-yes,” she barely managed to get out, weakly petting Izeta. “Y-you go ahead and do that for a minute before I pet kitty,” Beth said, causing Izeta to sit up with an expression of excitement.

“You’re gonna pet the kitty?!” Izeta declared, slightly dumbfounded, a blush on her cheeks. She had wanted to taste Beth with her crush, but the fact that the play was going to be reciprocal made her heart race with excitement.

The curvy little girl weakly pet the kittygirl. “Y-yeah. I just… just need a minute,” she said, smiling at Izeta who let out a delighted meow and started rubbing her own pussy and writhing while laid halfway across Beth, letting out a sound not unlike a purr.

Berserker Treatment (Lily Lupine is a Slut Goddess)

Violet could barely stop from chewing her perfectly manicured nails. She was barely holding back the urge to tap, to fidget, to tell the client in her office to get to the fucking point.

Grumpy and irritable, the purple-haired lawyer barely bit back her annoyance as the client in front of her explained his case; she’d heard it what seemed to be a thousand times: Boy meets girl, boy fucks girl without protection, babby is formed and girl thinks she has 100% claim to the kid that boy wants to help raise, courts think boy is a fuckhead who doesn’t have much of a case because of the meat and two potatoes swinging between his thighs.

Violet tried not to let her disdain for how trite and old this was leak into her expression when she forced a smile onto her face. “Mr. Davidson, I think we have a case,” she forced herself to say while trying desperately not to let the thoughts of adding to the tattoos on her covered arms distract her too much. Or maybe another piercing in her ear; she already hurled the idea of working at a more prestigious law firm at the wall with all her strength when she started down the body mod path so why not drag herself further down that road of sin.

Not that she actually *minded* the firm she worked at. She was endlessly proud of the work she was doing in family law. She was proud of helping people get the alimony they deserved and settle custody disputes fairly.  Violet’s heart swelled with pride when she won a case, and every single time a client went from seeing her as some purple haired bimbo to the genius of family law she was, Violet…

Well, these days she felt like she was hot shit and like she was pressing her heels a little harder to the boss that fired her when she got her sleeve tattoos done.

‘Oh goddammit’ she was broken from a thousand thoughts, a mass of exhilaration, and the memory of practically getting high off of new heels by the sight of her client waiting for her to reply.  ‘stop looking at me like that you asshole’ she almost wanted to snap, as he…. Looked dejected, waiting for her to reply.  Didn’t he know who the hell she was? She was Violet Lewis and even glancing at his case told her that it was gonna be a curb stomp in the courtroom and it would be her heels stomping down. Violet forced a smile.  “Why don’t we get started on the paperwork?”

Violet pulled out her phone to grab some information, and while doing so she sent out a desperate text to her partner. ‘HELP HELP HELP HELP’, read the text, before she got back to work, trying to ignore the clawing energy in her mind, the urge to tell Mr. Davidson his case was gonna be *too easy* from the facts she laid out and that she was *bored*, and just tried to focus purely on actually working and biting her tongue.


Violet intended to work late into the night – as she always did when her mind got this way, but at her partner’s insistence, she made sure to schedule a break in; her partner was furious when she didn’t take extra breaks when doing these 16 hour days. Waving ‘Good Evening’ to Donna as she was left alone in the office, Violet tapped lightly at her computer screen while looking up some of the statutes that she nearly knew by heart. Softly rubbing her temples, she sighed, finally taking off her glasses; she didn’t need them, but she found out that they made people take her a little more seriously. Tugging lightly, impatiently at her tie, Violet resisted the urge to strip down and do her research in the buff.

Before she had time to debate with herself though whether she should do it anyways since she was now alone in the office, someone stepped in through the door to said office, locking it behind her. Smiling, Violet pushed her laptop to the side of the desk and stood to approach her partner. “Hey, M-”

A hand on her neck and Vio-no, Lily shrieked as she was practically slammed onto her desk, a rush of satisfaction from the rough treatment before Mariah’s lips pressed hard against hers. Moaning, the purple haired submissive pushed back, resisted, struggled and tried to push Mariah away, which only made the other woman grab her by the hair the way she loved and throw her to the ground.

Squeaking, Lily tried to stand and fight, took a swing at the taller woman’s face but it was blocked – Mariah’s history as a hobbyist boxer making the difference quite clear as the other woman slid her fist into Lily’s solar plexus, knocking the wind out of her. To most people, this would look like a vicious assault, but to Lily and Mariah? Lily knew that Mariah’s cock had to be getting hard, and she herself was getting aroused. Slowly, Lily stumbled and smiled, licking her lips, putting her arms up like a boxer before swinging at her wife.

Lily’s attempts to actually hit Mariah were both genuine and fake. Genuine in that she really was swinging at her, getting all of her frustration out, screaming and throwing wild punches, but fake in that the chance of one of those blows actually landing was just the wild chance that occasionally comes from an expert getting complacent and sloppy. Mariah let her swing at her, let Lily’s weaker arms hit her in the arm or let her hit air. Mariah let Lily wail and scream and try to beat the shit out of her, and with every swing, Mariah proved just how much better of a fighter she was as she casually avoided any harm, all while repeatedly responding with body blows; never going for the face.

Mariah danced in and out of Lily’s range, enjoying as she slightly stumbled in her heels. A dancing step to the side and a slap to Lily’s face before she wobbled back, glaring as she breathed in and out hard. A step forward and a wide haymaker that was easily sidestepped earned a reply from Mariah; a reply in the form of a quick knee to the gut, one fist in Lily’s hair and the other spanking her ass four times before dropping her hair, letting Lily fall to the floor.

The other woman growled, looking up at her wife, before scrambling to her feet as Mariah returned to a boxing pose, protecting her face, giving Lily a chance to rise to her feet, face twisted into a berserk gaze of pure, cathartic frustration before Lily attacked again and was countered with more slaps in the face, more strikes to the ass, and more quick blows to the solar plexus to weaken and knock the wind from Lily.

Every hit turned the lawyer/slut goddess on a little more, Every blow reminded her how damn strong and fast Mariah was. While Mariah seemed to effortlessly dance around, Lily wobbled and moaned, exhausted, sweaty. The perfect makeup she wore to work had started running as her skin glistened. Glaring, Lily screamed and rushed Mariah, trying to tackle her and pin her, throw her down and choke her, knee her in the gut and fuck her senseless and take Mariah’s cum by force.

The taller woman grabbed Lily and threw her over her desk, grabbing her by the hair and pulling back on it while lightly kneeing Lily’s calf, causing her to stumble and whimper as she was pinned. Mercilessly, Mariah lifted up Lily’s tight pencil skirt and showed off the purple crotchless panties she had worn to work. Lily tried to struggle but that only got her pinned harder with the fist in her hair jerking down, making her feel like her hair was going to be torn out as her cheek was pinned to the desk. Lily growled and bucked and tired to struggle as Mariah slowly reached down and gently teased her wife’s wet pussy with her fingertips before reaching back and giving her ass a hard spanking.

The tattooed lawyer snarled. “You fucking bitch!” she screamed before she was spanked again. Squeals escaped her lips as Lily tried her hardest to not moan. “I’ll kill you!” she said as Mariah then just spanked her again and again, hitting her ass harder and harder. “I’ll fucking… kill…” Lily tried to scream cathartic threats at Mariah, tried to howl at her like she was the source of every irritation, tried to yell at Mariah like the woman was the ultimate scapegoat.

The brutality that Mariah showed her ass was divine; it felt like some sort of holy trial as she was brutalized. Every bit of frustration and annoyance, that unbearable hyperactive energy was focused on struggling and trying to fight but being overpowered, and the one moment she almost got up, she was pinned back against the desk, the feeling of Mariah’s cock hard in her skirt as the taller woman’s body towered over hers and the fist in her hair became an arm around her neck. Lily gagged, choking, squirming, snarling as she thrashed, putting her hands to the desk and trying to push off with all of her weight, but the Mariah’s strength, skill, and position made escape utterly impossible.

Lily gagged, choking and squirming, fighting and trying to escape before reaching up with both arms and digging them into Mariah’s arm. She felt weaker, more light-headed. She struggled against the taller woman’s incredible strength, trying to gain air as she was overwhelmed. She felt her pussy throbbing, felt her own heartbeat, felt herself weakening as she squirmed and struggled. Fear and excitement danced in her brain, and the futility of escaping forced itself into her mind.

Lily submitted. Fighting her instincts, forcing her body to obey, she reached over and grabbed the other end of her desk, allowing Mariah to choke her. After a moment longer, that arm around her neck abandoned it’s purchase, leaving Lily a moment to gasp for air – but only a moment, as without any further warning, Mariah lifted her own skirt, dropped her panties and forced her hard cock into Lily’s waiting, soaked, wet pussy.

The Slut Goddess screamed as every ounce of her energy was focused on that single point, where their bodies met.  The way Mariah forced her cock so deep into Lily was almost painful, stretching her out.  The way that Mariah once again laid over her, wrapping an arm around her neck, choking Lily while pounding her made the her pussy throb and squeeze and grab onto Mariah hard, her own body both submitting and laying claim to that amazing cock.

Mariah was merciless; a thrust with all the woman’s strength to stun Lily and make her scream and Mariah choking Lily with one arm, reaching under and pulling open the front of her suit with her other hand.  Nails dug hard into Lily’s breast as the smaller woman whimpered, weakly trying to push back against Mariah.

Lily stopped fighting and accepted it all.  Accepted being choked, accepted being clawed, accepted the way it felt like she was being used more as a toy than anything else, and Lily loved every second of it.  The feeling of Mariah’s cock throbbing harder and harder focused all that manic energy on the desire to be filled up.

Lily wanted that heat, that feeling of fullness.  She wanted to feel like a filthy whore as she sat in her fake leather chair and worked on the case as Mariah’s cum dribbled out of her

As Lily came, her scream cut off by Mariah’s arm tightening around her neck Lily imagined consulting a client while sitting on Mariah’s cock.

Mariah pulled her arm back to let the smaller woman gasp for air – only for Mariah to dig her nails into Lily’s hips with all her strength and *pull back*, covering her hips and ass in trails of red and sending a shock of overwhelming pain which tipped into pleasure as Lily howled like a beast, squirting, spraying Mariah’s thighs with cum.

“Did I tell you could cum you little fucking whore?” Mariah snarled and spanked Lily with all her might before using her nails dug into Lily’s hips to jerk back violently on her, Lily’s breasts pressed hard against the table.

“No ma’am, I’m sorry ma’am!” Lily squealed, whimpering, obedient, her resistance shattered and replaced with a subservient hunger as her entire body was rocked.

The desk shook and the air was filled with the sound of a heavy desk thumping and two bodies slamming together.  Lily’s pussy tightened and squeezed, another climax bubbling to the surface.  Breathing hard, Lily tried in all her lightheaded glory to fight her orgasm, to not let herself tip over the edge.

“May I cum madame?” she begged with a whimper.

A strike on her ass nearly tipped Lily over the edge for the third time.  “Not yet, slut!”

“Please let me cum, please, please, please!”

“Not yet!” an affected rage filled Mariah’s voice as she startled wailing on Lily’s ass with her right hand without pause.  Every blow hurt more against her reddened and slightly-bleeding-from-nails ass cheeks.  Every blow nearly tipped her over the edge.

“Your raunchy whore needs to cum, please Mistress let me cum!”

“Three”, Mariah said before stopping thrusting, pulling back slowly, only the head of her cock still in Lily.  “Two,” the woman said as Lily shuddered and trembled in fear and delight.  “One,” Mariah whispered as Lily braced herself, feeling Mariah’s swollen, tight, throbbing cock.  “Now cum!” the order came with a full power hard thrust that hit Lily square on the G-spot.

The orgasm nearly ripped Lily in half as Mariah pounded away viciously, mercilessly taking her pussy while Lily squeezed that girly cock.  The feeling of Mariah’s cock exploding and filling her with cum was enough to push Lily to another level as her ever-more-semen-lubricated cunt took more and more poundings and more and more pleasure tore through her.

Gasping, shuddering, collapsing, Lily couldn’t breathe as Mariah finished, pressing herself deep into Lily as she could, breathing in deep, growling softly.

“I…” Lily moaned and shuddered, aftershocks tearing through her as she tried to speak but failed.

Mariah decided to give no mercy,. Mariah quickly ripped herself from Lily’s body, the shorter woman whimpering at the sudden, unexpected feeling of her pussy being emptied. She tried to stand, tried to look back up at Mariah but a nailed hand grasped her scalp hard and forced her head down against the desk.

It only took a moment before Lily’s pussy was filled again, this time with a massive silicon cock that was kept in a lube-filled bag, one far bigger than any cock, nearly as big as a fist it felt like. Lily dug her nails into the edge of her desk, whimpering as Mariah forced the toy deep into her. Although it was huge, the lube and the cum made it slide right in. Lily had to brace herself; Mariah stretched her out, forced her forward, pounded her against the desk as her pussy squeezed hard around the toy.

Lily howled and screamed, back arching as she shook and cried and came all over the humongous toy. The way she came nearly pushed the toy back out as Mariah shoved it into her, and that unpermitted orgasm called down Mariah’s wrath, five vicious blows against her claw-covered ass.

Take it, slut! Take every fucking inch like the good slut you are!” Mariah snarled, driving the toy into her again and again. Lily howled, whimpered, cried, her cunt squeezing that toy as hard as she could as she came over and over again, until her throat was hoarse and her body was shaking, trembling. Lily’s eyes had rolled all the way back and her legs completely gave out as she limply laid down on the desk, body exhausted and immobilized.

Mariah pulled the toy out and unharmoniously tossed it on the ground so she could press her chest against Lily’s back and lay atop her, curled up close.

The two of them laid together for a moment, Lily softly letting her hands leave the edge of the desk and fall to the sides, where they were scooped up and held by Mariah’s hands as the taller woman gently planted kisses on the back of her neck. Exhaling, Lily focused on the feeling of Mariah’s hands and their long, elegant fingers, and Mariah’s weight on her, as well as her pussy, so full of cum. “I fucking love you, Mistress,” she finished softly, before being responded to with a kiss on her neck.

I love you too, Lily,” Mariah said, grinding inside of her, pulling a moan from her. The two laid there for a bit longer, before slowly, Mariah pulled out. Lily whimpered in protest, but as Mariah sat on the desk and pat her hair, the whimpering stopped. Lily closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of semen dripping down her thigh and fingers in her hair.

I know how important these cases are to you so I won’t demand you come back home, but I did order coffee and Chinese. Can I stick around and eat dinner with you before I head back?”

Of course, Mistress,” Lily replied softly, before squeezing Mariah’s hand; an act which was responded to by Mariah bringing their hands to her lips and giving them a kiss.

The next morning, Mr. Davidson had some of his fears alleviated. Despite his… misgivings about this lawyer who looked a bit more like a punk rocker someone forced into a suit than an actual lawyer, and the way she seemed ambivalent, apathetic, and irritable the whole time they had their first meeting, in this second one she was much calmer, focused, and her smiles seemed a lot more genuine as they went through the case.

If you don’t mind me saying so, Mrs Lewis, you seem a lot more… well, sharp today,” the single father complemented, to which Violet Lewis could only laugh off with a smile.

I try not to let it show, but even lawyers have bad days. I promise though,” she said, taking a stack of papers and straightening them with a smile. “I’m all here, and I’m ready to help you get half custody of your daughter.” Lily’s mind still buzzed with manic energy, but she felt renewed, recharged, and ready to take on every case.

Cipherless (Writing note)

So I’m thinking a bit about my writing and noticing something in some other erotica writers’ writing that a friend noted isn’t in mine.
I don’t really use blank slate protagonists, or ciphers, in my writing and I like it better that way.  It makes my audience a little more niche but I find my writing is more interesting in that way.

After all, when nobody really is a blank slate.  We can think of generic traits for characters; white skin, brown hair and brown eyes, short waifish women in their early 20s and tall, brooding dominant men in their early 30s, no mentap health issues.  These characters are all very generic, very much seen as ciphers, but even those are traits.  Those traits, when looked at as traits can be worked on but the fact that they are so omnipresent both makes other characters feel exotic and fetishized instead of like regular people, while also stealing the ability to really play with those traits and turn them into tropes.
I really love the fact that the hero of my DD/lg series is a chubby girl.

I enjoy occasionally writing the wife of the Lily Lupine series is unquestionably a woman and readily uses her dick with no fuss.

I find it fun to write that some of my characters are living with mental illness and quite functional; and some of them are written that way with me trying to call very little attention, but very intentionally.

I enjoy that the hero of my monster noncon series is an unyieldingly determined rogue married to a Paladin who remains Lawful Good yet with a hint of poison in his heart.
My stories are fun to write, and it’s fun to try to create characters who more people can identify with.  After all, I’m writing for the audience of Actually Kinky People.

And if there is a trait, be it physical, mental, a kink, job or age you haven’t seen in smut and want to, drop a line or leave a comment.  If it’s fun, I’ll do it.

Pick me up, Daddy! (Little Beth)

“Daddy?” Beth started as she kept her head resting against him as he gently brushed cake crumbs off her lips. She was finally recovered enough to continue playing around and giving a show to the guests; her loves were rough with her, but made sure that she was well-rested.

“Yes, sweetie?”

“Will you pick me up?” she asked, looking up and pouting.

Eligor nodded and reached over to pat Azazel’s shoulder, after which he stood up. Beth rose after him, smiling and standing up, offering her arms wide to him to get a great big hug and squeeze him as he lifted her up.

The dark smile on his face should have warned her that it wasn’t going to go as planned. Without warning, he crouched down and in a move far swifter than her giant of a husband had any right doing, he quickly rushed her, scooping her up with ease and practically tossing her up and over his shoulder.

After the exhilaration of the moment where she felt weightless. Beth squeaked and yelped, kicking her legs. “Not like that, Daddy~!” the naked girl squealed, kicking her legs and whimpering as he got a good grip on her with his over-the-shoulder carry, grinning. Beth pouted, but honestly, she loved it when Daddy picked her up. She was a more heavyset girl than many of the subs she saw, and the strength disparity which let her Daddy pick her up like a toy and throw her about like a rag doll was part of what helped her feel small.

“You wanted Daddy to pick you up, right?” he said with a slightly wicked smile, before he started carrying her around the party as she pouted. “Excuse me, sir?” he said to someone, before Beth tried to look back.

“Since it’s my little girl’s fifth adoption day, would you help me with making it a day to remember?” he asked.


His free hand spanked her ass, and she let out a squeal and a moan, a pleasurable pain running through her and cutting off her protests.

“I’d love to help,” said the voice, causing Beth to blush beet red. She recognized the voice as a man from an orgy that she and Azzy attended a few weeks ago. He wasn’t as good as a lover as Daddy or Azzy, but she certainly enjoyed having him up her ass.

“Just give her five good ol’ spankings,” Daddy instructed, before she was lowered slightly as he dropped to one knee.

That was all the warning she had before the first blow came to the left side of her ass. Squeaks escaped Beth as she took two, three, four strikes to her ass. The fifth was delayed, but when it came, she cried out, whimpering and gasping as the man hit her with every ounce of his strength, brightening up her ever reddening ass and making her legs kick involuntarily, thighs clamping together.

“And five from your ladyfriend?” Daddy asked.


She didn’t even get the first syllable out as the woman used smaller, quicker, stingier hands against the right side. Those blows came so quickly that Beth was squirming and whimpering and moaning by just the fifth blow.

Feeling lightheaded and slowly falling into subspace from the pain, Beth moaned and whimpered as Daddy carried her to the next guest. She felt like she was a tiny, lightweight doll the way he moved from person to person, holding her over one shoulder, showing not even the slightest bit of weakness or exhaustion.

Every guest made Beth feel even more wanted. Her ass felt more sensitive every time someone planted five hard blows on her ass. By the fifth guest, her toes were curling and her body was shuddering. By the tenth, she was whimpering and limp, moaning as her pussy was practically dripping with arousal. By the fifteenth, Beth was moaning.

“Daddy, fuck me,” she said, and in turn a powerful strike to her ass followed by nails running a trail of red along the pink skin caused her to cry out until they pulled out of her flesh.

It wasn’t long before everyone had a turn, and everyone took a turn. There were hard, powerful spankings. Light, gentler swats. The one time the spanking was off-center, Daddy stopped it and corrected the spanker so they would hit her ass in the right place.

When the whole party was done spanking Beth, Daddy set her down on the ground, and looked down at her, smiling. Looking around, Beth felt the soft carpet on her skin and trembled at the joyous feeling of it all, smiling and looking up at all the guests who surrounded her.

“Thank you….” she whimpered out to everyone.

“Come on Beth, get up. Daddy’s not done carrying you,” he said, to which she whimpered, and slowly tried to rise up, but failed, collapsing onto the floor. Daddy knelt down to her and leaned in to kiss her forehead, before he wrapped his arms around her and slowly pulled her to a standing position.

Beth moaned and leaned against Daddy, feeling and losing herself in the strength of his firm, muscular body. She put her head against his chest and closed her eyes, listening to the sound of his heartbeat as she reached up, resting her hands on his shoulders and squeezing them. His hands fell around her waist and squeezed her, and the girl gave a soft, delighted giggle.

After a moment though, Daddy moved around behind her, kneeling down under her and lifting her just under her ass. Squeaking, she whimpered and reached back, grabbing onto him.

“Good girl,” he complemented while he lifted her up, holding her off the ground with both hands, his arms raising up. Daddy pressed her butt against his chest lightly, his arms around her thighs which were forced into a folded position, spreading her legs and showing off her wet pussy to everyone who would see, before Azzy approached her, his cock ready, erect. Excited, she looked back slightly, a delighted look on her face.

“Daddy, is Azzy gonna fill me with cum too?” she said with excitement as he nodded and kissed her.

“Mmhmm. Azzy’s gonna fuck Daddy’s little girl for everyone while I hold you just the way you wanted to.”

She couldn’t really move too much, but she nuzzled his neck with her head while looking back, before turning and facing forward as Azzy wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned in to kiss her lips. The kiss was soft and sweet, and Beth enjoyed being between her two favorite people in the world, Daddy’s hard cock pressed against her ass while Azzy’s rubbed against her vulva while he kissed her.

A soft bite to her lower lip caused Beth to moan and pulled a throbbing sensation from her pussy, and Azzy finding the right angle and thrusting up into her caused her to cry out into the kiss and moan into it.

The feeling of Azzy’s arms around her, holding her torso tight while Daddy held her up made her feel even more weightless, more small. The way he thrusted into her, pressing her body back against Daddy as he braced himself drove her wild. The feeling of his cock throbbing inside of her pussy, forcing it’s way into her as she was held helplessly aloft made her let Daddy go to reach forward and dig her nails into Azzy’s back.

“Yes, yes, Azzy, right there!” she cried out as he hit her G-spot and she leaned her head back, moaning and groaning with a lewd hunger unfitting of an innocent girl. Daddy’s teeth sinking into her neck drove Beth to shake and whimper and cry out, trying to buck as she was held helpless, squirming and writhing.

Her orgasm came quickly, and shook through her whol ebody, making every muscle tense up in turn. Her legs tried desperately to spread but they were held apart by Daddy’s powerful arms. Her nails dug into and tore at Azzy’s back, but the violence just made him pull down harder on her body as he thrusted up, hitting her pussy deeper and deeper.

Beth moaaned and whimpered and screamed for everyone to see as her romantic partners worked together and held her up, fucking her viciously, mercilessly. She soaked Azzy’s cock with her cum while Daddy growled in her ear, bit her neck, dug his nails into her thighs.

The massive cock inside of her twitched harder and harder. Incapable of movement, she writhed and wriggled, whimpering and gasping, her body trying to thrust, trying to grind and trying to plead Azzy for his cum despite her predicament.

Her orgasm tipped over and sent a rush of ecstacy for her, causing her to clamp down hard on Azzy and rip the climax from him. His thrusts became almost demonic in their power, to the point where Daddy shifted his stance to avoid being bowled over by the power of him fucking the man’s wife throughout their near-simultanious orgasm.

At the end of his orgasm, Azzy gave one final hard, powerful thrust in time with the spurt of cum filling Beth up while pressing his lips hard to hers’ again, moaning and growling into their kiss as his hands left her midsection and wrapped themselves in her hair. Weakly, Beth kissed back, bit his lip, moaned as she felt the tiniest of movements of his firm cock still buried deep inside of her.

After breaking the kiss, Beth’s head rolled back and she closed her eyes. She was weightless, tired, sore, and loved every moment of it; loved the feeling of gravity being defied.

“Do you think you can hold her up a little longer?” Azzy asked in a ragged, tired voice.

“As long as you don’t keep trying to knock me down,” Daddy replied wryly. She couldn’t see him but she knew he had that smug grin he frequently did when sharing her.

The feeling of Azzy pulling out of her caused her to whimper like she was about to cry, a feeling of emptiness mixed with a soft happiness from feeling the warmth of Azzy’s cum starting to dribble from her.

That dribble was stopped though when she felt gentle hands on her thighs and her boyfriend’s tongue on her dripping pussy, the sensation of being eaten out mixed with the sensitivity and the feeling of hot, thick cum dribbling from her.


 After a long day, Abby headed straight from the front door to her bed, flopping down on it. Abby’s body hurt. Her legs were tired, her back ached, her muscles were exhausted from work; even her feet hurt from the too-tall heels she had decided to try wearing to work for the first time; a mistake to wear them for a full 8 hours. Collapsing on her bed, she exhales deeply, muttering and reaching back to try to remove the corset that she wore both for looks and support, but her weak hands fumbled at the drawstrings.

After several minutes of clumsy reaching, she eventually gave up and accepted her fate, before flopping and grumbling. She would just take the damn thing off in a few minutes once she felt up to moving. Instead, she rested, enjoying the softness of her bed. She could hear her partner, Will, in the other room, moving about; they didn’t live together, but he had a spare key to come in when he wanted. She figured she would greet him once she had a few moments to rest.

Before she greeted Will she heard him come into her room, and without a word, he silently climbed atop her, straddling her back. His weight on either side of her, she relaxed into the feeling of that gentle heaviness. Hands, strong but gentle, began to undo the corset. “Evening, lover,” Will said softly.

Evening,” Abby’s voice was muffled by the mattress before she felt Will move from atop her, his arms wrapping around her and pulling her up further onto the bed before he flipped her over. Abby looked up at him, smiling weakly, to which he responded with a smile tinged with concern.

Without a word, Will started to undo the clasps in the front of the corset. Her torso freed, Abby let out a deep exhale and breathed in deeply. After undoing her corset, Will moved down to her legs and pulled her heels off one at a time; first, the left was pulled from her foot before a tender kiss was placed atop her foot, then all the way up her leg. Looking down at him, Abby’s heart beat a little harder at the sight of his eyes meeting hers and the feeling of him practically worshiping her exhausted body. At the removal of her right shoe and the same treatment, her heart pounded even harder.

Her lover reached up afterwards, sliding hands up her dress to reach her garters and undo them. Sitting up on the bed, he slowly undid her thigh-highs, making sure to savor the moments of exposing her legs, letting his nails gently graze her thighs. When her thigh-highs were off, he leaned in, slowly lifting her dress to plant kisses up her left thigh. Abby’s back arched quietly as she felt him tease her come ever closer to her pussy, the warmth a telling show of how badly she wanted him to kiss her there despite her exhaustion.

A feeling of pleasure ran through her when his lips touched her pussy without removing the lacy panties, his hands finding their way onto her hips. Leaning in, he kissed her pussy again and again, breathing hot against her. Soft whimpers left her lips, although looking down she held fast onto her determination not to beg. Biting her lip, she saw a wicked little smile from her lover That little sensation was an utter tease; not enough to drive her wild but definitely enough to make her want more. Her sore, aching body didn’t protest as she reached down to place a hand on his head while he tenderly caressed her vulva with one finger, letting his tongue flick out against her clit.

After just one moment though, Will stopped teasing her with his mouth and grabbed her gently, flipping her over to unzip her dress in the back, before planting his hands on her hips. Giving them a soft squeeze, Will pulled up on her dress before pulling it all the way off, leaving Abby in nothing but her panties.


Once he finally had her nearly naked, she heard him moving behind her and the sound of clothes hitting the ground.


Be gentle tonight? At least the first time,” Abby said, before she felt his weight atop her body, his bare chest against her bare back. Lips caressed her neck and soft, tender lips nipped at her earlobe.


I will,” he whispered back in her ear tenderly, lovingly. The sound of his voice, his assurances made Abby squirm in delight, feeling her pussy throb as Will sat up to slowly pull her panties off, his fingers brushing down her hips before dropping her underwear on the floor.


Instead of grabbing her hair like normal, Abby felt him press his chest against her back and slide his arms around her from behind. She felt his solid, firm form against her curves, and the hardness of his cock against her round ass. The feeling of that cock reminded her of how wanted she was, and caused her to wonder if she was going to regret asking him to be gentle; she didn’t want him gentle, she wanted him inside her, despite the aches and pains she felt.


Using his strength, he pulled her up onto her knees with the arms around her, giving her a chance to brace herself up with her arms. Will teased her; holding her close while gently gyrating his hips, letting his cock press against her pussy and search for the right angle to slide into her. Abby whimpered and bit down, pressing her ass against Will, trying to get him to stop teasing and just fuck her.


Hey hey,” his voice teased, his arms around her reaching up and caressing one of her breasts before letting his nails softly scratch that breast, giving her nipple a soft pinch. The spike of sensation in that one moment took all of her attention away from her body aches and forced a moan from Abby’s lips. “If you do that then I might not be gentle…” he jokingly lied.


Then don’t be gentle,” Abby said in turn.


Teeth sunk into the side of her neck, ripping a cry from her lips while pain and pleasure shot through her, endorphins filling her while her ass pressed against his ever harder cock. Without warning, he sat up and put one of his hands on her hips, before-


The feeling of being filled with Will’s hard, thick cock wasn’t anything new or unfamiliar, but every time it forced it’s way into her soaked wet pussy, filling her up and stretching her out, her head filled with pleasure and heat like the first time. He buried himself as deep into her as he could go, both hands digging nails softly into her hips while he pulled back and up on her. Whimpering, Abby put her head down against the bed while her hips were pulled up and Will’s cock was driven deep into her.


Despite what he threatened, Will was gentle; gentle for him, at least. Every thrust was intense and focused, the sound of their bodies colliding filling the room. Every thrust was deliberate and filled her with a spike of pleasure, and after the first few, a huge spike of bliss ripped through her as her pussy clamped down hard. “Right there!” Abby cried out.


Will paused for the briefest of moment and pulled back slightly before pulling her back onto him, practically impaling her on his cock and hitting her g-spot again. Once he found that perfect angle and she told him, he kept at it, driving himself harder and harder into her. Abby’s body grew weak, legs shaking and thighs spreading on the bed. Will held her up with his overpowering strength, lowering himself to keep that angle perfect.


The feeling of him driving into her and holding her up with his strength was enough to overwhelm her senses. His cock felt huge as she came all over him, clamping down on him as her back arched and body shook. She didn’t need to fight or say anything, the feeling of her pussy clamping down telling him to pound her harder.


Abby’s breasts shook and her body trembled, another orgasm ripping through her barely after the first one ended. Screams escaped her as her nails dug into the bed sheets. Abby gave herself completely to her lover’s strength, letting him take her like a toy. She could feel his cock throbbing harder, feel his orgasm coming closer, and desperately, weakly she tried to grind back against him, but her strength was stolen and she was helpless.

The sound of Will growling and practically roaring as she felt her pussy fill with thick, hot, sticky cum pushed her over the edge again and filled her with a deep fulfillment and an intense feeling of connecting. Crying out, she shuddered, whimpering as Will let her hips go and grasped onto her hands.


Moaning, whimpering, panting, Abby weakly pressed her body back against Will and grabbed his hands firmly while he thrusted into her hard in time with the spurts of cum filling her from his orgasm. Turning to her side, she found her lips captured by his as he kissed her, leaning over her shoulder and moaning while grinding.


After his orgasm ended, the two collapsed together. His weight atop her was like a blanket of absolute comfort. His arms wrapped around her while he laid atop her, and his hands tenderly squeezed hers. The aching in her body was leaving, and instead she felt nothing but joy.


They laid that way for another minute. His cock softly throbbing inside of her, his sweaty chest against her back. She could feel his heartbeat, and she wrapped her consciousness in that feeling.


I’ll massage you,” Will said, murmuring, softly trying to sit up before she pulled hard on his hands; she couldn’t stop him, but she could communicate that way.


No,” she softly murmured, before pressing back against him and grinding against him. The feeling of her grinding with his firm cock still inside of her made him shudder. “Stay here a little longer,” she pleaded.

The feeling of him relaxing atop her again pulled a gentle sound of approval from Abby’s lips. Maybe she would take a massage a bit later too. And then round two when he wasn’t being gentle.