I want to overcome you (Frequent Filth)

I want to overcome you.

There are times I want to see you submit. Times I want you to get on your knees and happily look up at me and say ‘yes sir’. Times I want nothing more than your submission, proud and excited as you bend over and get on your knees, awaiting the feeling of my nails on your hips before you’re rewarded for your obedience with a thick, hard cock pushing into the folds of your pussy and filling you up entirely.

I love when I get to hear you say ‘Yes Sir,’ to my commands to suck my cock, or to bend over and take a friend’s cock. I love to look into your eyes and see you looking so happy to get pounded the way I order you to, and I feel honored when you give yourself to me.

Sometimes, though? Sometimes it’s more fun to take than be given.

Sometimes I want to feel your arms and legs thrashing and bucking. I want to feel you resisting against me as I pin you down. I want to feel you helplessly burning up your strength as your muscles grow weaker and your eyes grow both more frightful and more aroused.

I want to reach down into your panties by force and feel how wet your cunt is from the rough, vicious treatment you’re receiving from me. I want you to beg me to stop, and have you try to struggle and get away, and I want to overcome you.

I want to grab you by the hair and drag you over my lap, force your skirt up and as you kick as squrim, I want to spank your ass until it gets redder and redder. I want you to cry out, whimper, and I want to spank you until that pale skin of yours goes from white to pink to bright red, and your cries of pain become moans of pleasure. I want that moment where you stop fighting, not out of fear, but because you’re too turned on to struggle. I want that moment where your ass is bright red, and every time I run my fingertips along the area I spanked I feel your body tense just slightly.

I want your obedient pussy to throb and ache for my touch as I run my fingertips up and down your vulva.

I want to pin you down and get a grip on your panties and not just pull them off, but pull them apart. I want to see the look in your eyes when you feel just how primal I am, when you feel just how easily I can tear your thighs apart, see the look on your face as I drive my cock into you, and feel how you stop fighting after I force an orgasm on you while you desperately and failingly buck your hips and try to escape.

I want to force you to stop begging by forcing you to cum. I want your body to do the pleading for you, and as your mouth is too busy whimpering and your weak, tired, overcome flesh grinds back against me, I want your pussy to beg for my cum. I want your body to know who your Master is, and your body to choose to obey me. I want you not to give yourself to me, but to entrust in me the ability to take you by force, by passion, by lust.

I want you to be mine because you have given yourself to me.

I want you to be mine because you’ve entrusted me to take you.