Koneko’s Been Naughty (Frequent Filth)

It had been a while since Koneko had gotten a good beating.

Her Master had been out of town visiting his family, so she had been starting to miss having him around. The bruises on her breasts and on her ass had faded, the splotches of purple, red, and yellow returning to their natural pale color. She had been feeling antsy and bratty, teasing Master by sending him lewd pictures while he was too far away to do anything about it.

Now, though, he could do something about it. A couple days after returning from town, he ordered her to come over.

Koneko came over to Master’s place, wearing her favorite purple collar, adorned to look like a galaxy. The bell made her feel pretty, and she decided to wear a matching purple pair of panties and bra underneath her coat. Stepping into the empty apartment, Koneko bit her lip, seeing and hearing nobody. She knew that Master was home; he had specifically left the door unlocked for her, so she didn’t need to use her key. Stepping out of the entrance into the front room, she glanced to the left, before powerful arms grabbed her. She squealed, but was silenced by a hand in front of her mouth as she was dragged to Master’s bedroom.

In the mirror, she recognized that who was holding her wasn’t Master, but Master’s submissive boy, Caleb. Caleb and Master had an interesting relationship; it wasn’t romantic or directly sexual, but Master did beat Caleb fairly often, not to mention using him to fuck Koneko. Koneko struggled against the much larger man’s strength but was powerless as he ripped off her coat and flung her onto the bed without her coat next to Master, who sat with a patient, cruel smile.

“Master, I-” she tried to apologize for being a naughty girl and sending him pictures, but she wasn’t able to. A fist lashed out and caught her hair, before he dragged her forward. Involuntarily she lurched forward until she was bent over his lap. Pulling up on her hair, she gasped and tried to speak again but found a hand on her chin before a cock was forced down her throat by Caleb.
Koneko whimpered, enjoying the taste of Caleb’s cock even though she had to resist, squirming and fighting all the while as Caleb took hold of her hair. Without mercy, Master reached back and struck her ass once. Pleasure ran through Koneko as a soft moan escaped her, and almost involuntarily her hips wiggled. That crisp spanking feeling echoed through her body.

Mercilessly, Master grabbed her panties with both hands and with a quick tug, snapped the string in two. Widening her eyes, she trembled, trying to focus on making sure to swallow around Caleb’s cock. Closing her eyes, Koneko accepted her punishment for being naughty.

Master spanked her ass. Once on the left cheek, once on the right. Again and again, he spanked her bare ass as her snapped panties hung up around her hips. Whimpering, Koneko moaned as she began to grind her hips, murmuring against the cock in her mouth. Koneko began to suck on Caleb’s cock as she felt it start throbbing harder, and felt Master’s cock underneath her, pushing up against her through his pants.

Ten spankings. She felt her ass getting more and more sensitive. Fifteen. The pain was getting incredibly sharp; after each blow, Koneko jerked away softly, but that just made Master spank harder. Twenty.

Koneko felt light headed. Every bit of pain from the spankings was sending shock waves of bliss down to her pussy. Koneko grinded, moaning and shuddering all the while as Master spanked her.

More and more, Koneko’s pussy got wet. The spankings no longer hurt after fifty on each cheek. They felt so good. The cock in her mouth was just as wonderful; she sucked on it with every bit of vigor and passion, every ounce of wantonness she had in her. Moaning, Koneko begged for more.

After another spanking, Master slowly reached down and rubbed her pussy with his fingertips, and it was like lightning of bliss. Bucking her hips, Koneko tried to get Master to rub her pussy more, get his fingers in between the lips of her soaking vulva. That only made him pull his hand back and then strike her round ass with his large hand right in the middle, both cheeks stinging and sending shock waves into her.

Koneko whimpered on Caleb’s cock. Opening up her eyes she tried to look up at Caleb and plead. For the eye contact, Caleb dug his nails into her scalp and started thrusting, no longer just letting her suck at her pace.

Caleb facefucked her and Master began to spank her harder and harder. Choking on Caleb’s cock, Koneko helplessly groaned, shook, and trembled. Every blow seemed to knock her forward just a little bit, Master spanking her bright red ass harder and harder.

She knew it would leave a mark, she knew that Master was marking her again and loving every second of it. And she loved knowing that she would have his marks on her again. She loved knowing that Master was enjoying using her as a toy and sharing her like a toy. She wanted to feel his cock and the cock of the men he would share her with.

Koneko bucked her hips and squirmed, giving into her lust and sexuality and her want. She could feel Master getting worked up. She could feel Caleb’s cock getting harder, harder and feel his balls tightening up, knowing he was going to cum in her mouth. With absolute excitement, Koneko swallowed all around his cock.

Caleb let out a grunt and pulled down hard on her hair, forcing her to deep throat his cock as he came, all while Master spanked her one last time to punctuate it, forcing Koneko to shudder, her thighs clamping together. Koneko sucked hard, trying to drain every last drop out of Caleb’s cock, moaning and whimpering all the while as she furiously took to it.

Once Caleb’s cock stopped filling her mouth with cum though she didn’t have time to rest. Master’s hand grabbed her and threw her down onto her back. Without warning, his pants practically flew off and those rough hands dug into her thighs as he climbed up onto his knees and forced his cock into Koneko’s tight, wanting cunt.

Her nails dug into the bed as an orgasm ripped through Koneko, shaking her to her core, causing her to tremble, shake, cry out and moan, back arching as she was helpless to do anything other than take Master’s rough, vicious cock.
The beginning of the night was the beginning of so much of Master’s cock, and so much of Caleb’s, too.