Lily’s Charity Pornography (Lily Lupine is a Slut Goddess)

Technically, what Lily planned wasn’t quite prostitution, but did that really matter? Lily was happy to be a whore for a good cause. A good cause, or because it turned her and Mariah on.

At one of the parties she had been going to with Mariah, there was a charity lap dance auction to support a women’s’ shelter. Occasionally, there were men who took the stage and offered a lap dance, but for the most part that was as far as it went. At the end of the auction, when it was Lily’s turn, she sashayed up to the stage, grabbing the microphone with one hand and snapping in the air with her other, signaling for all lights to go off except for the ones on her.

Pointing out into the crowd, she gave a grin. “Today, I’m going to offer myself!” she said, before looking around. “But I’m not going to just offer a lap dance,” she said, before grabbing onto the pole and sliding down before finishing by spreading her legs and showing off her bare, shaved cunt. “To the lucky lady or gentleman, or gentlemen who win the auction, I’m going to offer a chance to make some porn with me!”

That got peoples attention. More than attention, it got bids. More than just that, the ‘gentlemen’ idea ended up getting groups to bid for her.

The bidding started at $200 for the women’s’ shelter, and only accelerated from there. 800, 900. 1200, 1300. 2500, 2600. The final bid was a $6,000 bid for the women’s’ shelter that nearly made Lily’s eyes bulge as three men had pooled their resources to win the right to fuck her and record it. She could barely hide the fact that she was absolutely stunned, but she made sure to thank them profusely with a lap dance before night’s end.

A lap dance and a blowjob each in the back of her car when nobody but Mariah was looking, anyways.


It took a couple weeks for Lily to get STI paperwork from them and find a good date, andevery single one of those days left Lily more wanting and more exciting. When it came to just exactly what kind of scene they would be shooting though, she decided to leave that up to Mariah. When Mariah pointed out ‘you know it’s gonna be something brutal that needs a safeword’, Lily just nodded with a smile as bright as the sun.

Finally, though, after weeks of waiting, the day arrived.

Lily had decided that, rather than going all purple like last time she would dye her hair flame-red and wear a black and red corset, black prosthetic horns, a devil-tail butt-plug, and black fishnets with 5-inch black heels. The outfit was completed by the fact that Mariah spanked her pale ass bright red after helping her get the plug in, and with that, the two of them waited for the men to arrive at her hotel room, where she had set up several HD cameras from various angles, including one from above and another that was just a smartphone she had rigged up to the wall.

When the men arrived, Lily grinned and invited them all in, before getting them all naked, stripping them down with her own two hands, giving each of their cocks a kiss on the way down before she took a step back, hands on her hips.
“So,” she said with a grin. “Who’s first?”

The three men looked at each other, then looked at Mariah in the corner who gave them a thumbs up, before turning to Lily and giving her a dark smile. Lily raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms, tilting her head up as if to say ‘Bring it’.

The three naked men lunged at her. Dodging to the side, she tried to escape for a moment; she knew she would fail but it seemed like they had planned things out with Mariah, and Lily trusted Mariah.

An arm on her arm, an arm on her leg. Forceful men throwing her onto the bed. Fighting, she swung at the head of one of the men with an open palm, and in response to her slap, two hands wrapped around her neck. Gasping, she squirmed and bucked and tried to clamp her legs closed before she was dragged further onto the bed, overpowered, and her legs pried apart by force.

Lily couldn’t breathe or fight with her arms pinned as the largest of the men got between her legs and drove his cock into her pussy. Lily’s vision flickered with the feeling of a hard cock invading her, gasping and moaning, hips bucking as she tried desperately, weakly to fight. The feeling of being small and weak and helpless filled her, but rather than being consumed by fear and dread, the helpless punk woman’s pussy clamped down harder. Looking at Mariah, she moaned as her pussy obeyed the man taking her by force and massaging him, and as her vision grew blurry, she let her body go limp.

The brutal fucking was everything she wanted, feeling her breasts bounce. Hands slapped her tits again and again, whimpers escaping her as the skin reddened. The feeling of that cock throbbing inside of her made her want cum deep inside of her. ‘Please, cum inside me,’ she thought while fighting with every ounce of her strength. Elbows against the bed, Lily pushed up and tried to escape, tried to grab the hands on her neck. Desperately, she tried to clamp down with her thighs but couldn’t get them apart; the arms holding them apart were like metal bars.

The sound of growling and moaning as a cock inside of her throbbed harder and harder forced Lily to cry out soundlessly as she felt her wet cunt filled with cum, Lily’s entire body shuddering as she whimpered, gasping once the hand around her neck let go, the well-used woman panting and moaning and whimpering. Glancing at Mariah for support, she smiled weakly while looking into her wife’s eyes before a blindfold covered her face.

The cock leaving her pussy made her feel empty, a whimper escaping Lily’s lips as a fist at the base of her neck got hold of her hair, forcing her to roll over onto her front, then dragging her up onto her knees. Being led like an animal by the leash, she obediently crawled over the body of one of the men, feeling his thick cock brush against her thigh as she did. The feeling of his cock rubbing against her vulva as he got ready for her to ride him made Lily moan out.

“Fuck me like the whore I am, sir,” the blindfolded woman said as her sensitive, tender pussy sent signals of pleasure, two blows across her face making Lily cry out and moan and her tight pussy clamp down. Her corseted hips were grabbed, and pulled down on.

Lily let out a guttural moan as she felt her lubricated, sensitive pussy get filled by an even bigger cock. Trembling, she desperately dug her nails onto the shoulders of the man she rode, until they were pulled away and held onto.
She was helpless, her hands held as she felt a hand softly pull on her devil’s tail, before pulling the plug out. Shaking, Lily cried and dug her nails in deeper, excitement and nervousness making her pussy clamp down as someone lubed up her asshole. Whimpering, she bit her lip as the man behind her slowly pressed the lubricated head of his cock into the pucker of her ass. Exhaling, trying hard not to tense, rather to relax, she was caught off guard as the man under her started to drive his cock into her upwards harder, lifting his hips upward and towards the front of his body, angling his cock up so he could hit her G-spot.

Lily’s cries were stifled as a fist in her hair forced her head forward and a cock was jammed down her throat. Desperate whimpers became even more ragged as her arms were pulled behind her by the man slowly pushing his cock into her ass. Deeply, he drove himself all the way into Lily as she shook and trembled.
Lily felt well-used. One cock in her pussy, pounding away, another down her throat, and a last had pushed as deep into her ass as it could go. Even more, she knew that it was being recorded from at least four different angles, and when it was all done, Mariah was going to edit it together and put it out for who-knows how many people to buy the clip and watch.

The thought made Lily groan, her pussy clamp down, and her entire body relax as she went lightheaded.

Almost at once the man in her ass started fucking her, pulling back and pushing into her. By itself that could have made her cum, but his hands on her upper arms – fingers digging in hard enough to leave bruises – was enough to make her body tremble. His cock felt even more massive as the one in her pussy kept pounding her harder and faster, their cocks practically rubbing together as her G-spot was stimulated.

Lily came all over the cock inside of her, gushing all over it as she shook helpless. She couldn’t push back or give in, she was a helpless toy to be pounded. She couldn’t even breathe, from the cock in her mouth, covered in the taste of semen and her own cum as the man used his fist in her hair to force her to deep throat him.

Lily tried to gasp for air but couldn’t do anything as she choked, fucked helplessly. All she could do was clamp down on the cock in her pussy, focus on the feeling of herself being filled up and the cock in her ass throbbing harder and harder. She could feel him getting ready to creampie her ass. ‘Please’, her mind begged. ‘Please cum in my ass,’ she begged to herself, helplessly hoping for the feeling of that heat.

Feeling her breasts shake from the force, her body get pounded, Lily came and came and came, clenching down on the cock in her pussy, that cock also getting harder and hotter. The one in her mouth just kept throbbing, mercilessly filling her throat.

Lily nearly whited out. Two rushes of heat, as almost simultaneously her ass was filled with cum and spurts of semen started striking her straight in the G-spot. Lily’s body shook as the little porn star was used, whimpering, moaning, her eyes burning and watering up from the way that she was being used.

For the briefest of moments, she was given respite when the men pulled out of her, one of them grabbing her hair and pinning her down, before moving right in front of her. Feeling a semen-covered cock on her lips, she obediently sucked the man who creampied her cunt, ignoring the sound of water in the background as the man in her ass was obviously washing off for round two.

Lily rested, because she knew that the three men weren’t done getting their 6 grand’s worth out of her ass, her mouth, and her cunt.


Christie and the Gloryhole (Daily Filth)

Christie had decided to give a glory hole a try.

Christie was pretty nervous, but with her husband Draco’s support, she hid those nerves. Although she wouldn’t be seen, she had made sure to dress herself up, wearing a slinky black dress and her favorite heels, as well as beautiful silk opera gloves up to her elbows. From there, she found herself in a rather dingy room at the sex shop. Looking around the room, she noticed a few holes on the wall, and right near them there was what looked to be a fuck machine; a simple leather straddling stool with a small rod coming out of it.

Pulling a dildo out of her purse, she attached it to the device and flicked a switch on the side. Satisfied to see the way it thrust up and pulled back, Christie pulled out her phone to text her husband and say she was ready.

She wasn’t quite ready, though. She was shaking with excitement and worry. The dingy room, with graffiti saying things like ‘Sluts here’ made her nervous, and for a moment she considered saying ‘Never mind’. But then, through one of the holes, a large, thick, black engorged cock slid through, and she licked her lips.

‘It’s now or never,’ she thought to herself before approaching the cock. Softly stroking the cock with her silken gloves, Christie had to admit she had a little bit of a smile while seeing it twitch and throb. The sight of the head of that cock glistening with just a drop of precum made her smile too.

Slowly, she traced her tongue against the slit of the cock, enjoying the flavor of the man’s precum and enjoying the way that it twitched. Getting a firm grip with her small hands, she began to jerk that cock off, enjoying the way that it throbbed in her hands. Lightly, Christie licked the head of the cock before slipping her lips around the cock and beginning to suck on it.

There was the slightest bit of thrusting as the man on the other side was probably moving involuntarily. Christie moaned softly on that cock as she moved her hand so she could push her face down harder on it, taking the big black cock a little further into her mouth.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw another, lighter cock slide through another hole in the wall, and the woman couldn’t help but grin a bit. Grabbing the stool from before, she pulled it close to the wall, before straddling it. Grabbing one cock in each hand, she positioned herself between them and continued to caress them while slowly rubbing her pussy against her dildo on the machine.

Without using her hands, she had to slowly move her body in small circles before she could find just the right angle. Once she felt that big toy spread the lips of her pussy, Christie knew it was time and she lowered herself hard onto that dildo with a moan, her hands grabbing the two cocks harder.

Letting one go to reach down and turn the machine on slightly, Christie whimpered and moaned as she felt her pussy get filled up with the thrusting power of a machine. Gasping and moaning, she reached out, grabbing the white cock with her right hand while leaning in to wrap her lips around the black cock.

The feeling of being fucked by a machine while she had a cock in her mouth was heaven to Christie. Moaning like a good slut, she sucked hard, taking the cock as deep into her mouth as she could, stretching out so even her lips went slightly into the hole.

The black cock throbbed inside her mouth as it was pushed a little further into her throat, the white cock in her hand covering her silken gloves in more precum. Christie swallowed around the cock in her mouth, breathing carefully with timing. Every time she swallowed, that cock got a little harder, and she found herself jerking off the one in her free hand a little harder.

And as she kept swallowing and jerking the cocks off, she felt the machine fucking her. It was hard to keep sitting up straight enough to keep sucking, the feeling of being pounded making her pussy clamp down. Christie was overwhelmed with cocks, one in her mouth, one in hand, the last deep in her cunt. The onslaught made her moan and whimper, made Christie cry out as her pussy clamped down harder on the machine as it pounded her.

She pulled her head back and thrust her face forward, fucking the cock in her face with every ounce of her energy and hunger. Christie moaned all over the cock as she felt it throbbing harder. Feeling it come closer to orgasm, she stopped sucking and grabbed it, jerking it off fast and hard before taking the white cock deep into her mouth.

That cock tasted different, but just as good. Vigorously, she sucked and swallowed all over it, the cock thrusting a little harder forward, a banging sound against the wall making it clear this cock’s owner was trying to facefuck her through the wall. The thought turned her on; she would have loved to be facefucked through the wall. But here, she was in control.

And she took control, pulling back to suck only on the head and swallow around it. The machine fucking her just made her hornier, made her voice vibrate all over the head of the white cock as it twitched and throbbed.

Christie screamed all over that cock and took it as deep as she could when the machine hit her G-spot, back arching and body grinding to keep it in position as an orgasm ripped through her, the woman moaning and whimpering as her pussy clamped down on the machine, the cock in hand and in mouth both getting harder and harder.

Right as she regained her composure, the black cock grew as hard as an iron rod, and quickly she stopped sucking the white cock (jerking it off all the while) to move her face over. That cock began to spasm and throb, shooting cum so hard that it would have flown across the room if Christie didn’t get her face in the way. Crying out, she shuddered, the feeling of thick, hot cum covering her face adding to the degradation as she was forcefucked by the machine.

Just before that orgasm stopped, she wrapped her lips around the black cock, taking the last few spurts of semen and sucking what was left out of that man’s hard cock with the desperation of a starving woman before he pulled back, and she returned her full attention to the white cock. Christie’s body shuddered and quivered as her pussy was mercilessly fucked by a machine. The cock she was sucking was getting harder and harder. The cum-drenched woman practically screamed out another orgasm as she lost her composure, pressing herself against the wall as the cock stopped simply sitting there and started thrusting in and out of the hole, and thus her mouth.

The taste of more cum on Christie’s tongue gave her satisfaction and joy, a low moan escaping her as she shook, her entire body seizing up as a thick silicon cock was driven up into her. Her pussy clamped down just as her mouth did, her entire body greedy for cock as she drained the white cock of every last drop of semen and clenched down on the machine as it drove itself deeper, deeper into her.

Gasping, Christie moaned and shuddered once the white cock was stolen from her, grinding down on the machine and trembling while leaning against the wall.

She whimpered, slowly reaching down to turn the machine off, before another cock pushed through, touching her cheek. Greedily, she gave that cock no chance to react before she stole it into her mouth, sucking the head hard with her lips before she abandoned the plan to turn the machine fucking her off.

There were still cocks for Christie to service.

Prism Moonlight (Aoife Cycle)

Aoife really enjoyed sleeping next to Sigurd. Her ‘humansized’ form was so much smaller that when he wrapped his arms around her, he could easily engulf her and let her feel completely wrapped in his warmth, and in his strength. And when he occasionally flopped onto his back when he was unconscious, she could put her head on his chest and listen to his heart beating and listen to him breathing. Aoife didn’t even really need to sleep, and she enjoyed sleeping on him.

Part of it, though, was the fact that sometimes when she woke up, she would find him still asleep, but his beautiful cock good and partly hard. That was her opportunity to enjoy sucking on it until she got her lover’s fist in her hair pushing down on her head until he would flip her over and fuck her. That had almost become something of a routine for the two of them since they came to visit her home in Tir Na Nog. They had been here a couple weeks now; of course, back home only a few hours would have passed, due to how…odd time could be.

Under the light of the moon of her world, she could see colors cascade over her lover’s face. The warm, night air was comfortable enough that they had no need for blankets, and so as he lay on his back, she could see his cock glisten in the prism light of their moon. Softly, the young fairy leaned in, getting ready to slip that beautiful cock between her lips like she had grown accustomed to doing every night, but she paused.

Grinning, she gave it a bit of thought and, giggling to herself, cast a small spell to bind Sigurd’s feet so they couldn’t leave the ground by more than a couple inches. This way, he couldn’t flip her over or pin her down the way he usually did. From there, she slowly straddled him, looking down at Sigurd.

She admired the fit human’s powerful body, but his seemingly innocent, almost adorable face. Leaning in, Aoife softly kissed Sigurd’s forehead.

“You make me happy,” she softly told his sleeping form, words that she was too shy to explicitly say right to his face, but were nonetheless true. Reaching down, she softly grasped his cock in hand and rubbed it against the slit of her pussy, up and down, very slightly. The feeling of his cock rubbing her made her pussy ache with excitement. Slowly, Aoife lifted herself up and then guided the head of his cock to her entrance before sliding herself down onto Sigurd.

The familiar feeling of her lover’s cock stretching her out drew a moan from Aoife’s lips, and made her wings twitch softly. Closing her eyes, she rested her hands on his shoulders and grinded against him, knowing that Sigurd would awaken in seconds. Opening his eyes, the man nearly shot up but found his feet pinned to the ground by magic.

Looking down at him, she mischievously grinned and grinded down hard against Sigurd, looking into his eyes. The feeling of him stretching her out, of pressing the head of his cock to the inside of her pussy filled her with pleasure, but almost as pleasurable was the look of surprise on Sigurd’s face; the look of surprise and the look of pleasure as his cock throbbed inside of her.

“Good morning, my Lord~” she said, almost teasingly, before slowly lifting herself up and lowering herself back down on Sigurd, enjoying the feeling of his cock slowly stretching her out. Letting herself moan, Aoife dug her nails softly into Sigurd’s shoulders as his hips played along and began to push up into her, lifting very softly off the ground to angle his cock deeper into her.

As he did, Aoife’s wings fluttered and her body shuddered, feeling his cock rubbing against her G-spot. Aoife loved riding Sigurd and the way that he tilted his cock up into her. His hands fell onto her hips and pulled her forward as she lowered herself, pulling her so his cock hit even deeper into her. Aoife gasped and squealed in delight, her pussy clamping down hard on Sigurd’s cock.

Sigurd grinded and thrust up into her harder, fucking her from underneath as she desperately tried to keep control. Moans escaped Aoife’s lips as she looked down at her Lord. Playfully, the fairy considered climbing off until he could obey like a good lord.

After driving herself down hard on Sigurd one last time and feeling his cock throb hard and his entire body shudder, Aoife looked down at him and with a look of sadistic playfulness, she started to slowly, millimeter by milometer lift herself off of her lover.

With just the head of his cock buried in her pussy, she suddenly felt his hands lash out and wrap around her neck. Looking down with a gasp, she felt helpless as he choked her hard, his arms like steel cords, unwilling to let her escape. Using that moment of hesitation, Sigurd pressed the flat of his feet to the ground and thrust deep into Aoife.

With a cry, her composure broke and she fell back down on his cock, trying to gasp, but not being allowed to. Sigurd held onto her neck tight, his massive hands each almost wrapping around her neck. With a whimper, she grabbed his arms, futily pulling at the hands around her neck as he thrusted up into her.

Aoife felt her entire body shudder as she was pounded hard, being pulled back down onto him by her neck as he choked her. Choking, whimpers failed to escape her lips as she felt herself get weaker, the hands pulling at his arms feeling even more futile. She tried desperately to cry out as she felt herself get lightheaded. Her head felt light and her pussy throbbed and massaged his cock. Feeling him twitching inside of her, Aoife whimpered and ground down against Sigurd with what was left of her strength.

Feeling his cock getting harder and harder, Aoife breathlessly panted. Feeling him drive himself up into her with more and more brutality, Aoife choked and gagged and whimpered.

Feeling his cock tip over the edge and fill her with cum, every thrust driving harder and harder into her all through his orgasm pushed her through. Aoife choked out through her orgasm, sputtering and gagging and whimpering, coating Sigurd with her cum. Trembling, shaking, whimpering, the only thing keeping her upright was the hands around her neck, holding her up.

Those hands weakened, relaxing, and finally let Aoife collapse. The fairy splayed herself all over Sigurd, panting and whimpering, letting her arms wrap around underneath his shoulders as his arms encircled her. Nuzzling into her neck, Aoife moaned, whimpered, and groaned.

“You make me happy,” she whispered softly in his ear, Sigurd’s hand reaching up and stroking her hair all the while, fingertips brushing through her hair.

“And you make me happy, and excited, and curious,” the Scholar whispered right back, grinding his hips up, his still-firm cock still throbbing inside of Aoife.

The fairy whimpered and kissed Sigurd’s neck, deciding that she would go right back to bed just like this.

Mariah’s Fucktoy, Part 2 (Lily Lupine is a Slut Goddess)

The party started with Lily being introduced as the toy of the party on a stage. It was in the basement of an old bar that had been converted into a dungeon, and she showed off by starting with a bit of a pole dance, before giving a lap dance. Once that was over, once everyone in the crowd was good and excited to see her, Lily submitted to putting her arms behind her back to be tied, humming softly, sashaying her hips and grinding her ass back against the man who was tying her arms. She got her already red cheek by Mariah for being such a tease, only making Lily grin even brighter and moan softly.

The entire crowd screamed and cheered as Mariah slapped Lily again and again. “Harder,” the bratty sub said with a grin, trying hard not to press her thighs together. The feeling of the hand stinging her face only made her pussy throb harder. She already had cock in her mouth, she was ready for it in her cunt.

As soon as her arms were tied, Mariah grabbed her by the hoop in the collar, dragging her forward a few inches, staring her down. Lily only smiled, as if to say ‘whatcha gonna do?’ before Mariah kissed her roughly. Lily kissed back, but this time Mariah was more aggressive, more dominating; biting her lower lip and making her moan, before pulling away and dragging her over to a bed.

Lily felt Mariah’s hands as a blindfold was pulled onto her. Wiggling, Lily tried to grind her ass back against her wife, only to be spanked for her troubles and forced forward a bit. Stumbling in her heels, Lily regained her composure as she felt her legs against the bed.

“Ride him,” was Mariah’s one and only order.

“Yes, Mistress,” Lily replied obediently. Well, as obediently as she ever could. Climbing onto the bed, Lily moved slowly, only to find that there was someone who had climbed on it since she was blindfolded, and was laying down. Reaching down, caressing the man’s leg, she reached up, finding his cock and his balls. It was a nice sized cock; not the biggest Lily ever rode, but still pretty nice. Hungrily, the cum-soaked sub leaned in to give the cock a kiss while grabbing it, wiggling her butt in defiance.

The feeling of Mariah spanking her already reddened and sore ass made Lily’s pussy tingle and throb. Sucking on that cock and feeling it twitch inside her mouth made Lily moan, embracing the taste and the feel of it throbbing in her mouth. Sometimes she thought there was no way she could ever get enough of having cock in her mouth.

But ultimately, cock in her mouth wasn’t enough. After getting a good suck and making sure that this anonymous man was as hard as he was going to get, slowly, she straddled him. She felt his hands, large and lithe rest on her hips as she reached down and grabbed his cock. Rubbing the head of his cock against her vulva, she could feel his precum and delight ran through her. Excited, she considered teasing him a little longer, seeing if he would grab her and force her down, or what Mariah would do to her if she didn’t obey, and ride him.

Her teasing him drove him to reach up, grabbing her breasts and squeeze and fondle them, kneading them with his two hands. Those long fingers were enough to get a handful of her enhanced bosoms, and definitely enough to give her the wonderful feeling of being, ever so slightly, manhandled. Soft moans escaped from Lily’s lips, and she felt her heart pounding even down in her cunt. She was barely able to resist the urge to lower herself onto him, and when he grabbed her nipples and pinched and teased them, she whimpered, failing to resist the urge to, just a little, lower herself onto him.

Familiar hands – those of her wife, roughly grabbed her corseted waist and forced her down. Lily let out a cry, back arching slightly as she felt heat and pleasure run her through from crotch to head, her pussy feeling stretched out already by the hard cock that she was forced onto.

Mariah’s hands didn’t give her time to get acclimated, though; almost as soon as she had the cock buried completely in her, those hands started pulling her back and forth, using her like a toy on the unknown man.

Lily gasped as she tried to lift herself up, but felt Mariah grab her harder and push her hips down harder. The man underneath her pushed his hips upwards, and the woman groans, squirming and jerking back and forth. Her fingers dug into her palms as she felt the hard cock inside of her throbbing hard.

Lily felt herself lifted by Mariah’s hands, before she was pushed back down. Trembling, the purple-haired woman gasped, and understood; when she was being told she was a fucktoy, Mariah meant it. Lily’s much stronger wife was using her body to fuck the man underneath her.

Feeling that cock throbbing inside of her, Lily tried to focus on how Mariah was moving her. Moving with her wife’s hands, she let herself be pulled back and forced down. Relaxing, she gave up on thinking, and just let herself be used like a toy. She just focused on the feeling of the hard cock being pushed up into her in time with her being pushed down onto it. Every thrust drove deep into her, forcing her to moan and cry out.

Lily’s pussy clamped down on the man who she was being used on. The feeling of his hands rising up before grabbing her breasts and almost roughly kneading them made her whimper. “Please,” she tried to gasp out, but in turn she found herself grabbed hard by the hair hard by Mariah before being gagged with a cloth. Screaming into the cloth, Lily moaned, squirming.

For a moment she considered spitting it out, but her ass was already bright red from what Mariah did, so obediently, Lily let herself be used.

Lily let her pussy be used as a toy, and enjoyed the feeling of being taken so roughly. Hands all over her; on her corseted waist and her round breasts. The sound of a man growling under her and driving his cock up into her with hard, powerful thrusts.

The way that her wife was forcing her to ride that hard cock. Lily’s cunt clenched down onto him and she felt herself beginning to shake and shudder. The man began to gasp, and started lifting his hips upwards, getting a good footing before he started pounding her harder and harder, putting his hands on her shoulders and pulling her down.

Lily screamed into the gag as her orgasm built, feeling the urge to lean down over the man she was being used on but held upright by Mariah. Her legs started shaking and her entire body seized up.

Her scream was muffled by the cloth in her mouth as helplessly, she nearly doubled up, held up by the man’s hands as he pounded her from underneath, until his growls nearly became a roar.

The feeling of her pussy full of cum tipped Lily over into a second orgasm before she was even completely done with her first. Whimpering, screaming, shuddering into the cloth gagging her, she stopped grinding and let herself be used as a toy, helpless.

As soon as the man filled her pussy with the final drops of cum, the familiar fist of Lily’s wife dragged her off and onto a futon on the floor, giving her no chance to recover, before her hips were forced upwards.

Lily leaned up as if to look up, even blindfolded, before Mariah’s hand roughly pressed itself to the side of her face and pinned her to the floor. Unfamiliar hands grabbed the lacing of her corset and without warning, drove another cock deep into her pussy. Lily groaned, shuddering as her front side was lifted off the futon by the hands pulling back on her.

The feeling of another cock twitching inside of her filled her with joy. The feeling of first being cum-filled and then being pounded while she was full and lubricated was almost like an intoxicating drug to her. This man was intense, wild, and passionate, brutal with his poundings. Then, without warning, her forced her legs together and she felt the angle of his thrusts deepen as her legs were forced together and kept bound together by the weight of his own.

At that angle he started striking something deep in her pussy, and Lily’s entire body tensed before she screamed. The sensation of having that spot struck again and again by his thrusts, hard, deep, and focused was overwhelming. Another orgasm built inside of Lily before she came, gushing all over him. Lily howled and moaned, her entire body shaking as she bit down on the gag. Tears burned in her eyes as she remained helpless while the man pulled back on the straps of her corset, pulling her onto his cock.

Lily screamed over and over, every single thrust feeling practically like it was pulling another orgasm. Her pussy clenched down on his cock, clinging to it and milking it. She felt like a good toy, there to pleasure this man, and do a good job for her wife.

The feeling of him filling her with even more cum, him thrusting into her made Lily gasp and groan. She felt like she was going to break, overwhelmed and overcome as he kept pounding her, merciless and pulling back even harder on her corset.

Lily felt helpless, every muscle in her body exhausted as she felt like she was seizing up. Whimpering, moaning, she barely even noticed the cold feeling of the flat of a blade press against her wrists as the rope was cut from her wrists. She didn’t have time to react though as the man who was inside of her just a moment ago helped Mariah to grab her by the hair, and flip her onto her back.

Hands were all over her. Hands on her wrists, pinning her down. A hand on her neck, choking her. Hands on her ankles, prying her legs apart. And hands caressing her thighs, rubbing her pussy and getting it ready to fill her cunt, with cum still dribbling out of it with yet another cock.

Mariah had plenty of use left for Lily as a fucktoy, after all, and she didn’t know how many men she was going to be used on, but Lily was going to be a good toy for her Mistress.

This was the last coherent thought she had before another cock forced it’s way into her.

Mariah’s Fucktoy, Part 1 (Lily Lupine is a Slut Goddess)

Lily didn’t really know what to expect when she agreed to be the fucktoy for her wife Mariah’s sex party. She just knew that she had never been a fucktoy, so when Mariah asked her to participate, Lily gave a grin and a ‘sure, why not?’ It was much more Mariah’s scene than hers’, but she felt like giving it a bit of a go.

Lily did like the outfit that Mariah prepared for her, though. Contrasting her own pale skin, she wore a purple underbust corset which matched her own hair; a long cascading violet with a bangs on the right and a side shave on the left; black garters with fishnets, and matching purple heels and collar. She had a favorite color and she was unashamed of it. She was happy enough with the outfit that this final state only had one small change.

Lily’s contribution to the outfit was, in fact, to remove the bra that Mariah planned to give her and put on a cloak for going out in public. Lily was proud of her breasts; after all, she had gotten them enhanced years ago, her nipples pierced, and had them almost encircled by her torso tattoo; an upside down black and white rendition of the World Tree from Norse Mythology.

Lily’s body was artwork, and as she stood straight and stood proud as she looked in the mirror. In the mirror, she even saw Mariah standing behind her.

Mariah contrasted Lily in many ways. She was tall and lithe, with small breasts, and a thin frame. She similarly was corseted, although in her case, the theme color of her outfit was a striking crimson that contrasted well with her olive skin. Red heels even taller than Lily’s, with thigh-highs and a matching pair of ruby-hued opera gloves. Mariah towered over Lily easily, and rather than being adorned with one large tattoo along her torso, she instead had many small tattoos on her collarbones, between her breasts, on her thighs, and on her arms – albeit most were covered up. One of the more striking differences between them though was the fact that Mariah had actually chosen to wear panties – and in those panties, Lily could tell that her wife’s cock was quite hard, and quite ready.

Just the thought of it made Lily lick her lips.

“You ready to go?” Lily asked her wife, turning back to the mirror and finishing up with her lipstick. Like most of the rest of her outfit it was a matching shade of purple – she had a theme going, after all.

“Whenever you are,” Mariah replied, looking down and smiling. Lily leaned her body back against Mariah, grinding her ass against the other woman’s body, enjoying the feeling of Mariah’s firm cock against her ass. “Careful,” the other woman’s voice purred into Lily’s ear. “You’re being bad,” she warned, before Lily turned around, a lock of false shock on her face.

“Me? Naughty? Would a naughty girl do this?” she asked while pouting, before, in a flash of practiced speed, dropping into a squat, tugging down on Mariah’s panties and sliding that beautiful cock into her mouth with a flash of practiced speed. The taste of a woman’s cock was her favorite thing in the world. Or just cock in general; Lily couldn’t get enough.

“A naughty girl would do that,” Mariah growled, before putting her hand on the back of Lily’s head and forcing her head down, forcing Lily to deep throat her cock. “A naughty, filthy whore would do just that, and not breathe,” she reprimanded.

Lily didn’t care; she could feel Mariah’s cock throbbing in her mouth, taste her precum. She could hear Mariah panting as Lily aggressively swallowed around her wife’s cock.

“Fine, you want it, take it!” Mariah said, grabbing hard onto Lily’s hair and pulling her hips back before thrusting. Lily gagged and choked, breathing whenever Mariah pulled back as she was facefucked. Her eyes burned as she choked, tears starting to run down her face as she gagged, her right hand grabbing Mariah’s hips, her left reaching down and starting to rub her bare clit.

Lily felt blood rushing down to her wet cunt and felt it throbbing and hungering. Lily moaned all over Mariah’s cock, desperately trying to breathe in between the vicious Domme’s thrusts, practically choking on her cock all the while. Whimpers, like sobs, escaped Lily’s lips as she rubbed herself furiously, feeling her pussy throb a little harder with every beating of her heart.

Excitement built inside of Lily and aggressively, she forced her head down hard as Mariah thrusted, screaming all over Mariah’s cock as she came. Heat and bliss ripped through her body as she dug her nails into Mariah’s hip and her own thigh, her pelvis thrusting involuntarily while she lost control as her face was fucked like a toy.

Mariah let out a growl, guttural and low as, with one final thrust she came, shooting the first spurt of her hot cum down Lily’s throat, which she swallowed greedily, before pulling her cock out and grabbing hard onto Lily’s neck. The purple woman’s orgasmic scream was choked as air was stolen from her, and her eyes closed. The feeling of Mariah’s hot, thick cum covering Lily’s face filled her with a degraded pleasure, a mix of cum and drool dribbling down her chin as Mariah made a mess of her.

Lily looked up at Mariah with a cheeky smile, before her entire body was shaken with a powerful slap. Looking back up, the brat gave a vicious smile, and was slapped again. Both slaps made her pussy throb. Looking up, Lily grinned, practically bearing fangs. “You hit like a girl.”

Lily was dragged to the ground by her hair, and her ass was struck once, the stinging ringing through her as she squealed.

“Hips up!” Mariah ordered, and Lily didn’t dare disobey.

Then came the spankings. Lily cried out again and again as, in a brutal rhythm, Mariah spanked her ass again and again. Each spanking felt harder and harder, even though they had the same amount of force; her ass was just getting more and more sensitive. When Lily tried to look up, her head was forced against the floor again and she Lily whimpered.

“Bad girl!” The next ten hits, Mariah twisted her body with the spanking, striking with even more force. Left cheek, right cheek. Lily screamed with every spanking. But after a while, she stopped screaming. Her screams became shudders and whimpers. She began sobbing, and moaning. The pain became pleasure, and each blow was nearly enough to make her cum. Lily’s knees shook as her face streamed with tears.

Mariah’s merciless treatment made Lily’s heart race and pound. The spankings got faster, harder, more aggressive. Lily stopped screaming, and was just moaning mixed with her crying.

Left cheek, right cheek. Lily felt like she was high, swimming in a sensation of pain and bliss. Every sound she made was lewd. Every sound she made was overwhelmed. “Now,” Mariah growled. “Cum for your Mistress!”

Lily didn’t even scream, but her back arched and a breathless non-sound escaped her lips as she trembled. Her pussy gushed on command, a little bit of her cum dripping down onto the ground as she dug her nails into the carpet, every muscle in her body seizing up.

Finally, she collapsed on the ground, panting, whimpering, moaning and sobbing softly. Her makeup was ruined; black streaks from her tears, lipstick a complete mess. Her face was covered in cooling semen and her cheeks were red from being slapped.

Mariah ran her hand up the back of Lily’s neck and got a firm grip on her hair, pulling her up into a standing position, grabbing her around the waist from behind and forcing her to look in the mirror to see what a wreck she was.

Lily felt as hot as a goddess.

“You’re going to the party like this, you bad little whore,” Mariah growled in her ear. Before leaning in to kiss the back of her neck tenderly. “Love you,” she whispered in her ear, before letting go of Lily’s hair.

Lily fell. She would have fallen onto the ground, her legs weakened from orgasms, but Mariah caught her. Mariah caught her, and held her softly, letting Lily’s head rest on her lap while the submissive recovered from Mariah’s brutal punishment for being a bad girl.

Lily was going to go, a hot mess and a goddess of being facefucked and beaten stupid, but Mariah was first going to give her aftercare and a chance to recover. Knowing this, Lily nuzzled, rubbing her cumstained face against her wife’s thigh and murmuring as fingers gently traced through her purple hair.

Potion Ingredients (Aoife Cycle)

Aoife did not really know what to expect when Sigurd asked for her help with some potions. When he got out the rope, she knew that it was going to be some kind of delightful nonsense. When he tied her legs to themselves to keep her from struggling them, she could only imagine what he would do.

She hadn’t expected him to tie her arms in front of her and use a rope to help him hold her up, before he held her up over a small cauldron. Obviously, if she was dropped, she wouldn’t fall in, or be hurt, but she was still wondering what he was going to do.

“Are you going to shake me and hope fairy dust comes out?” she asked as he held her from behind, pressing his naked body against hers’. “Nah,” he said, before reaching down with one hand to softly rub her pussy, the other around her waist. Squirming, she giggled softly and moaned, her wings fluttering in his face. Exhaling, she stretched out, but with her arms and legs bound, she was immobilized.

Sigurd teased her pussy, lightly running his fingers up and down her vulva. Softly, she whimpered, moaning, and squirming. She pressed her ass against his cock, feeling it already hard, and glanced back. “May I have your cock, my lord?” she asked, looking back at him with a pout.

He gently clasped her pussy with hand and gave a squeeze. “Not yet, my fae,” he whispered softly in her ear, his voice more a growl than anything else. Nodding, she tried her hardest to hold still, but it was hard.

His fingers traced up and down her vulva, teasing but never quite penetrating. He was careful not to let his fingers slide too deep into her. The tips of his fingers would touch her clit, barely flicking along them, sending a spike of joy through her before again they pulled away and kept rubbing her wet pussy. Whenever he did this, Aoife whimpered, listening to the sound of his voice.

Sigurd was enjoying tormenting her, teasing her. He was enjoying having her powerless and held aloft by rope and by his arm, and her completely helpless. The way his lips kissed her neck and down her shoulder only made Aoife feebly try to push her ass back against his cock again.

“Please, my lord,” she begged. Her pussy was already wet, and already aching. Sigurd was practically torturing her. She could feel the head of his cock against her ass, feel how close it was.

Aoife tried to squirm, tried to find a way to get his cock into her, whether her pussy or her ass, but that only made him stop fingering her pussy. Now she was tracing his finger along her thighs, away from her pussy, in a circle around her. Aoife let out a squeak and whimpered, nearly feeling like crying.

“I’ll be good, my Lord,” she said, pleadingly. “Just please, finger me, fuck me, make me cum,” she pleaded and begged, forcing herself to stop struggling. The stiller she was, the closer Sigurd’s fingers came back to her pussy.

Aoife focused on her breathing, focused on not trying to tease him. When she was still, she felt his fingers again on her pussy. Her head leaned back and moans escaped her lips. Biting her lip, she held in her begging, clamping her eyes tight shut.

As Aoife stopped fighting and pleading, slowly she felt one finger slip into her pussy, then two. Sigurd hooked his fingers up lightly and rubbed the inside of Aoife’s pussy, and instinctively, her hips bucked. Her hips bucked against his fingers, her pussy clamping down as joy and pleasure filled her mind. “Aaa… thank you, my lord,” she whimpered. Sigurd fingered her harder and faster, sliding his fingers deep into her pussy. Her cunt clamped down on his fingers, greedily taking them in. Moaning, she lost her composure. Her hands, pinned to her body, dug nails softly into her own skin. Hips bucking and her body squirming.

Aoife panted as she felt her pussy throbbing harder and harder. Heat rose through her as she helplessly bucked and arched. Quivering, Aoife bit down a scream as her entire body shook, an orgasm ensnaring her. Aoife’s entire body trembled as an orgasm took over her senses.

She failed to hold in her scream as her lover’s cock forced it’s way into her wet, throbbing, clamping pussy. That greedy cunt continued to clamp down, this time blissfully, hungrily massaging Sigurd’s cock.

The helpless fairy had nowhere to go, no way to get away; all she could do was helplessly moan and cry out as Sigurd fucked her like a toy. She felt his strength holding her up more than the rope, felt his powerful muscles against her body. Skin to skin, Aoife cried out again and again as she was bounced on his cock.

The feeling of being fucked like a toy was one Aoife loved. She loved the feeling of that cock, so big, tear it’s way into her, drive itself into her. Gravity made the thrusts feel all the deeper as he lowered her onto him as he thrusted up into her, timing the thrusts perfectly. Each thrust sent another spike of bliss through her. Her legs, tied up, tensed and relaxed. Screams ripped from her chest as Aoife’s heart pounded inside of her chest.

As he fucked her, her next orgasm rose inside of her, Higher and higher, she felt bliss overcoming her. This time, slowly, rather than all at once, she felt overtaken by the feeling of her orgasm, her body starting to shake and tremble before she reached the tipping point.

Aoife screamed, her cunt squeezing Sigurd with all it’s might, trying to make him cum. The tightness almost forced him out, but Sigurd fucked her even harder. Growling in her ear, biting her shoulder, Aoife felt Sigurd’s cock getting harder and harder. She knew the feeling of his approaching orgasm by now and her heart raced with excitement.

She had to bite her lip to keep from begging him to cum, knowing that if she did he would pull out and tease her for a while before fucking her. Whimpering, she kept from begging with all of her might. Squirming, bucking, screaming, Aoife’s orgasm ripped through her again, her pussy doing the begging for her.

When the familiar rush of heat filled her up, Aoife’s eyes shot open and her body shook. Each thrust drove more hot cum deep into her, and seemed to pull another miniature climax out of her. Every thrust was like heaven being forced into her. She felt her entire body relax and lost her composure, laying limp in Sigurd’s arms as he kept pounding her.

As his orgasm ended, she heard his voice in her ear, the panting of his breath, mixed with soft moans. She could still feel his spent cock throbbing. Slowly, he grinded, and a soft moan escaped her lips, before Sigurd pulled out of her.

The cold air rushing against her pussy made Aoife whimper and shake, shuddering. The feeling of his cum dribbling out of her… well, it was almost as intoxicating as the feeling of his cum first filling her up. And the feeling of his lips running up and down her neck, her shoulder, the back of her neck and her upper back made shivers of delight run through Aoife’s body, and pulled a giggle from her lips.

Sigurd turned her in the rope and leaned in, pressing his lips to hers’. Softly, Aoife moaned as she felt their mixed cum dribbling out of her and into the potion below, simply focusing on the feeling of his hands on her, his hands around her, his lips against her, and his warmth enveloping her.

Succubus’ New Prey (Daily Filth)

Helen didn’t really know what much to think of her time as Succubus. Having Leo pound her and fill her with cum, before riding him and making her cum inside her again. Inviting all sorts of anonymous over and after sucking their cocks and using her mouth to slide a condom on them, she took cock after cock. By the end of the night, her tits and ass were covered in cum, her pussy was throbbing and aching in the best way, and she was left trembling and moaning, nearly having to be carried out by her friends.

It as exhilarating, invigorating, and made her feel beautiful. It made her feel like a sex goddess, to the point where, for once, at school, she decided to dress in a sweater that hugged her body, and a long skirt that showed off her hips, rather than her usual, more concealing outfit.

Helen even noticed a few more eyes on her than usual, but after one day of that attention, she felt so self conscious that she retreated back into her usual way of dressing.

That was, of course, until Cassie brought her some mail. It was fan mail, from various men and women at the club that she went to. Including several not particularly well written, but not particularly appealing. Not particularly appealing except for one.

Unlike many of the letters, this one wasn’t by someone who couldn’t write worth a damn. A well written, eloquent letter about how he had thought about approaching her, of being one of the men to come over and give her a good pounding, but he wasn’t all that exhibitionistic, he just enjoyed the show. But he was asking if she would be interested in chatting a bit, and sent a picture.

Looking at his ginger hair and pale skin with freckles, she licked her lips. Those green eyes were damn fine, too. He was a bit on the bulky side; not quite what she would call fat, but definitely stout; a layer of fat over some nice, strong muscles. Helen only noticed how interested he was when she caught herself growling. When he included STI paperwork from his doctor that, after careful examination to make sure was real, she had made her decision.

‘Alright. I’ll give you a shot,’ she thought to herself, before sending a message to Cassie. “Hey, can you get me in touch with this Terry guy?”


Succubus’ rules.

You pay for the hotel.
You don’t record it.
One on one.
You don’t try to remove the mask.
Cassie knows where and when.

Terry got his date.


Succubus decided that she was going to dress to impress. Heading up to the hotel lobby, she exhaled, nerves slightly frayed. She had discussed this with Leo and Cassie, and nearly backed out several times, but they convinced her to go – if that was what she wanted. And she really, really wanted that cock when he sent a picture on her request, hard, and throbbing, a little shorter than Leo’s but quite a bit thicker. That cute little tracery of red hair just made her pussy throb a little harder. Sashaying her way up the stairs, she decided to give a bit more of a show.

Other than her mask, her outfit was completely different. A white cloak which concealed what she had underneath; a bright red bra which was less a bra and more than a bunch of straps around her breasts to accentuate them, with little threads over her nipples which didn’t really cover them all the way. Her white, matching panties, were lacy but crotchless, easy for him to slide his cock into her. Even her heels were a bit shorter; just an inch. As hot as tall heels were, she wanted to feel a little smaller. Just the thought excited her, and reaching down when nobody was in the stairwell, she rubbed between the lips of her vulva before getting her own taste on her finger. Licking her finger clean, Succubus let out a small moan.

“I taste good,” her alto voice said to nobody in particular.

Up to the hotel room, Succubus put her hand on the doorknob. Inside of her, ‘Helen’ wavered. ‘Helen’ wanted to run away again, wasn’t really up to this date. But ‘Helen’ wasn’t in charge now. Instead, Succubus was here, and Succubus’ lover and best friend told her to go for it if she wanted.

Succubus opened the doorknob, slowly walking into the room. It wasn’t the biggest hotel room, but it had a nice big bed, upon which the massive Irish man, with the slightest bit of chest hair sat up, grinning as Succubus closed the door behind her with her leg. Approaching the bed, she locked eyes with Terry as she slowly lowered her hood and pulled her cloak open, stepping out of it and leaving the cloak pooled on the floor. Terry’s eyes trailed down her body, and pride filled Succubus as he stood up to approach her, putting his hands on her hips.

Terry was massive. She knew he was stout, but she didn’t realize just how tall he was; he wasn’t just a foot taller than her. She knew he was stout, but this only made her hungrier as he pressed against her, and she felt his cock against her body. He leaned in, and their lips pressed together.

Terry’s kiss tasted good. His kiss tasted good and his cock felt great against her body. Grinding against him, she moaned as his hands reached down, grabbing her ass and squeezing. Pelvis pressing up against him and grinding instinctively, she moaned softly into Terry’s mouth as he pulled a hand back and gave her ass a single spanking.

That single spanking sent a tingling all the way through her body and made her back arch as she stood. Her arms wrapped around him, and nails ran down his back as she got lost in the feeling of his power, pressed against his body.

Succubus leaned up to kiss him again, and again, and again. They kissed more and more as their hands explored each other, his hands finding his ass and squeezing. His hands found their way between her and softly caressed the folds of her pussy, sending pleasure through Succubus. Soft moans found their way into her kisses, and aggressively she bit down on his lip.

That little bite nearly drove the man crazy with lust. Succubus was not a small woman, but still he practically hefted her up as if she was weightless and threw her on the bed, before grabbing her thighs and prying them apart before leaning in to kiss her pussy. To kiss one of the lips of her vulva, then the other, before running his tongue against her clit, sliding two fingers into her.

The sensation of her pussy being filled as her clit was caressed by a tongue was intense. Succubus’ back arched and a moan was forced from her lips as her nails dug momentarily into the bed before she grabbed onto his red hair with one of her hands. The man fingered her passionately, intensely while using the tip of his tongue, flicking it against her clit quickly, pulling moans and howls of joy from Succubus’ lips.

The two sensations were overwhelming. Desire, pleasure, lust ran through her all at once. Pussy clamping down on his fingers, bliss rushed through her, her orgasm building quickly, intensely, too fast for her. Succubus screamed as her legs shook, her back arching as she came all over Terry’s lips and Terry’s tongue.

She felt empty when he pulled his fingers from her, but that didn’t last long as Terry climbed up, getting up on his knees, grabbing her thighs and pulling her forward. It was a rush to practically be dragged along the bed, pulled so effortlessly like she was a pillow. The man’s hands roughly forced her legs open wide, and before Succubus’ orgasm was even finished, she felt her pussy stretched out by a wide, powerful, intense cock. Letting out a yell, Succubus howled, digging her nails into the bed as her entire body was rocked by his thrusts.

Terry did not fuck her as fast or as deep as she was used to, but it was a new feeling, such a thick cock filling her up. And every single thrust seemed to have every ounce of force that her lover was capable of putting into it. Her legs were pulled almost closed on his shoulders, his hands on her hips. She felt his fingertips digging into her hips, pulling hard on them, before he pulled down hard on her.

Each thrust made her feel like her whole body was being fucked. It was like the pounding of a drum, but the drum was pure pleasure. That cock throbbed inside of her, and obediently to Terry’s brutal pounding, her pussy clamped down. After every thrust, he grinded inside of her, only adding a crescendo to the rhythm of her pleasure.

Succubus shook. She felt her cunt milking his cock, begging that bulging, veiny, beautiful cock for it’s cum. She wanted it. She needed it.

“Cum inside me,” Succubus moaned. This wasn’t a request. Reaching down, Succubus grabbed onto his hands, locking eyes with him. “Cum inside me!” she ordered.

Obediently, Terry pulled harder on her, slamming her harder, faster. A whimper and a shudder and her eyes rolled back as he began to fuck her like a beast would, brutally pounding her pussy with every ounce of his strength. Whimpers, moans, screams escaped her lips as her orgasm built.

The feeling of her pussy full of hot, thick cum made Succubus scream silently, the sound refusing to leave her lips as her entire body seized up and started to shake. The way that he kept driving his cock into her, again and again, mercilessly, brutally only extended her orgasm. She couldn’t stop cumming until Terry stopped thrusting.

When he did stop thrusting, stop growling, he was panting, looking down at her. Satisfaction filled his eyes, but she still felt his cock throbbing deep inside of her.

Instinctively, Succubus grinded against his cock. “Let me taste it,” she ordered. “Give it to me,” she demanded. “Give it to me!” Succubus wasn’t waiting.

Obediently, Terry pulled out of her, and with the speed of a starving woman, she leaned in and forced that cock into her mouth, sucking hard on it, sucking every drop of cum out of it, and kept sucking.

‘Don’t you dare get soft’, Succubus thought. ‘I’m not done with you. You’re not done with my cunt.’

Helen was a shy girl, hesitant, but Succubus? She hunted, and her prey was men who could keep up with her. At the party, only the man she came with had met that standard, but now she had another beast to sink her fangs into.