Yellow Saffron Tea (Daily Filth)

It was, how to say, a peculiar party that Kayla came to. She was warned that it would be a BDSM tea party, but this wasn’t what she expected.

One of her coworkers, Bridget, mentioned having a tea party with some of her other ladyfriends, and Kayla wanted to come. The fact that Bridget gave a somewhat patronizing smile and said ‘Honey, this may be a bit too intense for you’ just inspired her to come.

Still, it did seem, in fact a bit too intense for her.

Opening the door to Bridget’s apartment was a young man with muscles – a bodybuilder type, with beautiful golden locks and bright blue eyes, wearing nothing but a collar, a bow-tie, and an extremely small pair of black boxers which showed off that he had a rather tight package. Looking over, Bridget saw her and instantly lit up, standing up and walking away from the other four ladies there.

Kayla was used to seeing Bridget in a suit-dress and glasses, with her long graying hair halfway down her back. What she saw now though was a woman clad in black PVC, with a corset showing off her curves and tall black boots with heels that caused the shorter woman to tower over Kayla. The other women there were similarly dressed, but she didn’t have time to react before Bridget grabbed her and pulled her into a hug before letting go and grasping her hands, giving her a bright smile.

“So wonderful to see you here,” she said, before inviting her in. “Everyone, I want to introduce my work sister, Kayla!”

The other women, clad in leather and PVC, with fishnets and elaborate outfits all smiled, and invited Kayla to join them. Here, the woman dressed in a simple red dress felt… under-dressed, and out of place. The men of the party were thoroughly under-dressed, too. All of them wore collars. All of them wore tight boxers. None of them wore anything else. Sitting down with the group, Kayla tried not to look at anyone in embarrassment. She hadn’t been expecting it to be so intense – and while part of her wanted to run away, she more so felt envious. Envious of Bridget’s confidence. Envious of one of the other women who was talking about her day while getting a massage from a young man who would go back and forth between massaging her feet, and running kisses up from her ankle to her knee.

Envious of the way that one man with brown eyes poured tea and then kissed the hand of Bridget, before… turning to her.

“Madame,” he said politely, holding a tray with several fine porcelain cups and a kettle balanced on one hand. “Would you care for some yellow saffron tea?” he asked. Kayla nearly jumped, having been eyeing him lewdly, admiring his muscles, admiring the poise and confidence that he showed, while remaining deferring. “Y-yes please,” she said, startled. Slowly, the man set the tray down and poured her some tea while kneeling. She found herself impressed by most of the men there, all of them well-built. All, except…

She was surprised to see one man who, rather than in boxers, was actually in nothing at all. He was on something akin to an extra wide massage bed, facing upwards. Black hair with a little bit of silver. A gag in his mouth, and blindfold over his eyes. He was well-built, strong, with just a little bit of a gut. Moreover, he was completely nude; his cock standing straight up, throbbing lightly. Other than the fact that one lady was using his chest as a chair, nobody seemed to really pay attention to the fact that there was a tied up man laying there, legs spread. In fact, when she focused on him, she could hear that under that gag, he was humming. Kayla couldn’t help but find it a bit funny that there was a man just laying there, hard as a rock without a care in the world, humming away.

“Are you eyeing my husband?” asked Bridget, who brought her back from her lack of focus in time for her to receive a cup of tea from a young man. Idly, her coworker sat up, and walked over to the man who was tied up, and shamelessly, wordlessly grabbed him by the cock. His entire body seized up a little, and she softly stroked it. “I brought him here in case anybody needed a ride. Just a warning, though, he may be tied down, but that’s because he’s a bit too intense for most girls,” Bridget said, almost challenging her.

“You can say that again,” said one woman, older and chubby who fanned herself theatrically before softly tilting a hand towards one of the submissive young men around them, drawing him to grab the cup of tea by her and bringing it to her lips. Kayla watched in envy as the submissive softly placed his fingers on her chin and lifted them and the cup in time, causing her to sip the tea. She also envied the woman’s guts and charisma when, afterwards, she softly pet the man’s head, before giving him a firm slap on the ass, causing him to turn back for brief moment with a grin.

Kayla sipped the tea; enjoying the taste of the expensive herbs. She was in a world unlike any that she had been in before; she didn’t know what it was like to be a dominant, didn’t know what it was like to admire the attention of all these men. Slowly, she stood up, approaching Bridget’s tied down husband.

“… May I?” she asked quietly to which Bridget gave a soft smile and nodded.

“You may,” was the woman’s reply, letting her husband go. Slowly, Kayla knelt down and looked at the man who her coworker married. Here he was, being shared. Looking close, she could see that her coworker’s husband wasn’t just hard, he was massive; a long, hard, girthy 8 inch cock, glistening with precum. It throbbed in time with what she imagined was his heartbeat. Looking up, she examined his body, to which the woman sitting on him politely got off so she could check the older man out. It was a powerful body, with broad shoulders and a little bit of a gut. His arms had been tied to the underside of the massage table, keeping him from squirming. Putting a hand on his chest, she could feel strong muscle. Looking at his arms and legs, they were huge.

Right here there was a nearly two-meter tall mountain of a man, with muscles, power, and a massive cock, and here he was; he had willingly submitted himself to be played with, or teased, or possibly even hurt – by the red welts she noted on his thighs – and he endured it all, not with his pride hurt, but even while humming playfully.

The thought of having such a strong, masculine creature under her touch and control turned her on a little bit, and suddenly she understood Bridget a little better. Reaching up, she caressed his chest, watching the way his cock moved, and his scrotum contracted, his balls tightening a bit. Reaching up, she took the base of his cock in her dainty hand and looked at Bridget, who gave her an approving look.

Without another word, she slipped that cock in between her lips, and enjoyed it. His precum tasted sweet; much like he had enjoyed a lot of fruit and pineapple. She could feel the warmth of his cock throbbing inside of her, although it was too big for her to get it too far down. His hips pushed upwards, forcing his cock a little deeper into her throat, and she dug her nails into his hips. She tried to push him all the way into her throat, but she just couldn’t; she couldn’t deep throat that massive cock. The way that his hips moved, thrusting up softly as best they could despite him being tied down told her that he wasn’t the type to just lay still. Slowly, she pulled her lips off, looking at him hesitantly. The feeling of a cock in her mouth was one she hadn’t had in a while, and it excited her. Without any warning, she then leaned in, taking him as deep as she could, admiring the low, growly moan that she heard muffled through the gag on him before she pulled back.

Looking again at Bridget, she asked “May I…” gesturing down to her crotch, not really knowing how to ask ‘can I fuck your tied up husband?’

Politely, the mature dominant smiled and bowed. “He’s a toy to be used as my guests want,” she said, without taking her eyes off her friend.

“Go for it!” one of the other dominants said, as several of them cheered her on. Kayla felt beet red, and while she considered changing her mind, having never had sex in front of anyone before, the thought was new, exciting, and fun. Just as it was a fun idea just to see why he needed to be tied down. Slowly, Kayla removed her panties, stepping out of them; she didn’t feel comfortable taking her dress off.

Carefully, she straddled him, rubbing her body against his. She pressed herself on his cock, letting it rub between the thighs of her vulva as she ground against him. Warmth and pleasure spiked through her as the head of his cock pressed up on her clit, and she rubbed it on him. She felt the man’s breath grew a little hitched, but he maintained his calm, desperately trying not to squirm.

Reaching down, Kayla grabbed that hard, thick cock and slowly lifted her hips, guiding it so the head would rub between the lips of her vulva, until she found the right angle and lowered herself on him.

Immediately, when she did she felt a rush of joy, the warmth that came from the first thrust. She felt him throbbing inside of her and her nails dug softly into his shoulders as a tiny, high pitched squeal of pleasure escaped her. Slowly, she began to lift herself up and lower herself on him, feeling her pussy stretch every time she let her body fall on his.

For his credit, he didn’t just stay still; despite not being the top, he began to thrust up into her, began grinding. He timed his movements so every time she fell onto him, he pushed upwards. The feeling of her falls driving him deeper drove Kayla to higher pleasure. Her breasts heaved and a soft moan escaped her lips. Her nails in his shoulders dug harder as she leaned forward on top of him. She began to grind harder and harder.

The man drove himself up into her, mercilessly, tirelessly. He seemed to get harder as he thrusted up into her, his cock getting hotter and harder with every thrust. Her knees felt weak and her body trembled, and she couldn’t keep herself upright.

Leaning against him, she realized what her mistake was. When he had more room to move, more room to take over, suddenly she wasn’t in control anymore. Even without his arms, his hips were powerful, and they immediately used their leverage, thrusting up and into her, harder and harder. He slammed her pussy almost violently, fucking her from underneath, causing her soft moans to become screams. She felt his cock seem to get bigger as she clamped down on him, felt a rush of pleasure and heat, before a scream was ripped from her mouth.

Her pussy gushed, sprayed the tied up bottom with cum while he pounded her, his breath ragged under the gag, her breath having moans forced. He hit her G-spot and kept pounding away at her, finding the right angle to drive himself up into her viciously. He took control by pounding her so hard she couldn’t think, she couldn’t move. Before she knew what he was doing, another orgasm ripped through her, Kayla’s entire body seizing up and shaking. He didn’t get her any reprieve though, he kept driving himself up into her.

Kayla could feel his cock getting harder. She knew his balls were tightening, and the sound that was barely muffled by the gag went from moans to growls. The sound of their bodies colliding ripped through the room, as all the dominants and submissives were quiet. She tried to sit up but couldn’t; when she pushed up, she felt another orgasm rip through her and weaken her. She laid atop the man as his orgasm was building, as his thrusts were more brutal, as he was about to fill her with cum.

And she wanted the feeling. Right now, she wanted his hot, thick, sticky cum deep inside her pussy. She wanted to feel just how hard his cock, already throbbing and pulsing so hard it was practically expanding inside of her, would beat as he came. She wanted to feel it as it grew rock hard. She knew it was coming. The thought of him cumming inside of her was nearly enough to make her cum again by itself.

So just before he could, at the last minute she forced herself off of him, rolling off of his body, off of the massage bed. Helplessly, he kept thrusting and bucking, trying to find her, but blindfolded, helpless, his growls and moans turned to whimpers, as Kayla let the aftershocks of an orgasm rip through her, leaving her trembling.

When Kayla came to, she found that she had her head in Bridget’s lap, the woman looking terrified and concerned. Kayla didn’t mind, though. Her head was full of bliss and pleasure, and she gave a soft grin as the man who was tied down had stopped struggling, but his humming had turned to whimpering.

Kayla knew she had to reassure her friend that everything was okay. “We shouldn’t let subs orgasm if they don’t ask for permission, right?” The entire room broke into laughter, as Bridget grabbed her and gave her a hug, pulling the younger woman’s head against her chest. “Does anyone have more tea?” Kayla asked, suddenly a lot more relaxed.

She got the feeling she would be enjoying Bridget’s parties, even if she had a lot more to learn.


Nancy’s New Toy (Daily Filth)

Note: This was meant to be part 1 of a multipart which wasn’t finished.  It could be seen as a story which is 100% foreplay.

In celebration of Nancy’s fiftieth winning case at the law firm, her husband Harold had decided that he was going to get her something special. He wondered just what he was going to get his wife for a while. He could take her out on a cruise; that was something he knew she would appreciate. He could suggest they get a new car; but that was a little blasé and plain. No, Harold wanted to get her something unique.

Unfortunately, though, the case ended sooner than he had expected, and he was still overseas on business when the case was won. Still, looking into his wife’s bright blue eyes as she smiled victoriously over their video chat made him long for her, long for her touch, long to see her form, thin-framed and gorgeous next to him, and be in bed with her. So a vacation, or any other present would have to wait.

Then, though, he smiled. “I think I’m going to get you a boy toy to celebrate,” he told her, a playful smile on his face.

Nancy couldn’t help but laugh, tilting her head back before looking at her husband and pausing. A grin found itself atop her lips. “You’re serious, aren’t you?” she asked.

Leaving it at that would be too easy, though. Sure, he could ask around, find someone to fuck his wife, and call it a day, but he knew neither of them would really be satisfied with that. Harold and Nancy were many things; law professionals, kinky, intelligent, but straightforward wasn’t one of them. So instead of just finding someone and introducing her to him, Harold instead sent her a box, and instructions to wear everything in the box to the nightclub on Saturday.

Idly, Nancy opened the box. Inside was a long blue dress which went all the way down to her ankles, but had a slit which went all the way up to her hip. A pair of heels which actually had a chain around the ankle, going down in front of the heel which could be locked, so the heels couldn’t be removed. A small vibrator connected to a pair of thigh-straps, although it seemed not to have any sort of button to turn it on; she recognized it as being something akin to one of those butterfly vibrators which could be used to play in public.

Finally, the last piece was a note. In Harold’s handwriting, it said ‘I’ve found you a man who has provided paperwork to show he’s a safe fuck. You are to find him, let him fill you with cum, then send me a picture” were Harold’s instructions. She couldn’t help but give a small, wry grin, shaking her head. And how am I supposed to find him? She texted her husband, but he didn’t respond. Likely ignoring her text on purpose to be coy.

Letting out a small sigh, she rolled her eyes, getting into the dress, clicking on the heels, and making sure to get the vibrator up against her clit. Nancy wanted to be annoyed, but the idea of having to figure this out herself was a lot of fun, if she was being honest. In the bathroom, she did up her makeup, making her lips bright red and combing her hair her hair – brunette, with streaks of gray that made her look distinguised and professional – to straighten it out. She didn’t know who it was she was going to be fucking, but the thought of doing just that and driving her happy husband up the wall made Nancy smile.

It made Nancy smile and it made her excited, her fingers idly reaching down to softly press on the vibrator against her clit. It was inactive, inert, but she knew it was going to be something of a hint, eventually.

At the club, Nancy decided to go dancing. There, she looked around; most of the men and women were ten or twenty years younger than her, but she still drew nearly everyones’ attention. Perhaps it was because through her blue dress, her nipples were visible slightly, or perhaps it was the curve of her ass, and the way that she moved and gyrated with reckless abandon, pressing herself to one of the tipsy men who had flirted with her.

She didn’t know just who was supposed to fuck her, but if she couldn’t find him, there was one man who she thought she wouldn’t mind let inside of her, feeling his hands on her hips, his body pressing against hers’, his semihard cock pressing up against her shamelessly.

Until her thoughts were interrupted by a feeling of vibration. Nancy jumped, pausing for a moment, looking back at the man she was dancing with. “Excuse me,” she said, trying to hide her startle, before going to the bar. Heading towards the bar, she felt the vibration slow down, before turning off.

Sitting down with a vodka martini, she paused, reaching down between her legs, pressing her fingertips against the vibrator Harld gave her. She thought it activated, but now it was still. Shaking her head, she figured she was just getting more and more excited by the potential plaything she found-

Until the vibration started again.

It was a soft vibration; nothing to drive her crazy, but it was enough to bring her senses to bear on her thighs. Sweaty from dancing, blood rushing through them from the excitement of the attention on her from men half her age. Tipsy from her drink, Nancy smiled, wondering just what the game she was playing was.

Standing up, Nancy began to walk through the nightclub. As she moved to the dance floor, the vibration got weaker. Moving, however, towards the booths, the vibration on her clit got a little stronger. Stronger, and pulsing a bit more often, a bit faster. It was as if it was a game of hot and cold, only in her case it was wet and more wet.

Nancy caught herself licking her lips, thinking about showing off her cum-filled pussy to Harold, thinking about what sort of toy he had found for her. What he would look like. Moving from booth to booth, the vibration got stronger, and Nancy’s knees trembled a little bit. Grabbing the edge of a booth, the cougar couldn’t help but let out a small gasp, moaning in pleasure, pressing her thighs together. She didn’t mind looking lewd; the pounding EDM covered any sounds she could have made.

Taking another step to one booth in the back, the vibration got stronger. Her pussy began to twitch, blood racing through her body, eyes full of excitement, before she locked eyes with a man who was sitting with two of his friends.

The man smiled. With skin like coffee that had just a touch of milk mixed in, eyes piercing and blue, and a smile that showed bright white teeth.

“Hey Leo, is that your date?” one of the man’s friends said, to which he looked back at them and then looked at Nancy and gave a smile. Idly, he – quite visibly – reached out to look at his phone, acting as if he was looking at a picture.

What ‘Leo’ was actually doing though was damn near flooring Nancy by turning the vibrator on nearly full force and making her double over. “Yes, this is Nancy,” he said, turning the vibrator down as she gave the young man a grin as if to say ‘oh you cheeky little fucker’. “Come on over,” he invited.

Sashaying over, she bit her lip and looked him in the eyes before slowly climbing into his lap, sitting on one of his legs. He had to be 6’6”, with incredibly thick arms, huge powerful legs, and a brilliant smile just as vicious as hers’ or her husband’s.

She already knew Harold chose well.

Pay Attention! (Daily Filth)

Examining herself in the bathroom mirror, Maria bit her lip nervously. It had been her boyfriend’s birthday, and she had considered just what she could get him. Ultimately, though, he had wanted her to come to his birthday party, a small party, dressed up the way he had chosen. It was to be her gift to him.

Still though, she was hesitant. On her tanned skin she had been adorned in sheer stockings, held up by garters. On her torso was a corset which compressed her form, accentuating her curves and wide hips, but almost more notably showing off her breasts, perky with pierced nipples. On her neck, a black choker, being worn like a collar, with her hair up in a bun. Finally, turning around, she wobbled, putting a hand on the counter; the four inch heels she wore weren’t something she was used to.

Maria couldn’t help but want to say ‘no’. Jacob was an understanding man, he would have been alright if she didn’t want to play this sexy game. She even had considered it. She knew that his beautiful brown eyes would have flashed with disappointment before quickly replacing the expression with a soft smile. She knew he would say it was okay, and he would have asked for something else, like a Steam gift card.

But the way that he looked at her with hunger when she got dressed up, and the way that he wanted to show her off…. it scared her, but excited her too. The thought made her pussy throb with excitement; something that was only enhanced by the freshly shaven feeling that she had given herself.

“Maria? You in there?” he called out from the living room they shared, causing her to stand straight – not that slouching was much of an option in her corset.

“I’m coming out!” she called back, before inhaling deeply, hand on the doorknob, leaving the bathroom.

The two of them had a nice apartment; recently cleaned, for Jake’s 26nd birthday. Slowly, she put one foot in front of the other, leaving the hallway to enter the living room. Before she knew it, all eyes were on her, conversations falling short and leaving only the sound of some of Jake’s favorite trance music in the background. Not that there were many eyes – only 3 of Jake’s male friends, and two of his lady friends were there, but she could feel them looking at her, just as she could see her boyfriend. She could see the lust and excitement as his eyes looked up and down her body.

She could feel everyone looking at her; admiring her. Mostly out of desire, seeing those pert, pierced nipples and those wide hips, but otherwise of admiration. Swallowing, she took one step in front of the other, capturing everyone’s’ eyes as she approached Jake, hips swaying as she gingerly dropped to her knees in front of her lover. His eyes looked down at her, before the man placed a hand gently under her chin and lifted her face.

“Good girl,” he said, before gently pulling her close, petting her hair idly. Maria’s heart raced. She was completely uncovered, her damp pussy exposed to the open air, her breasts displayed for the eyes of everyone who wanted to see her. The only thing keeping her safe was the feeling of her boyfriend’s fingers in her hair.

Maria had never done this. She had never shown herself off to so many people. Her thighs clamped together as her mind burst with feelings of embarrassment and humiliation mixed with excitement and exhibitionist thrill. She had all those eyes on her and she wanted them, even if they scared her. Every time she got caught in the feeling of fear, she focused on Jake’s hand.
Letting herself get lost in the feeling of his hand, she didn’t pay attention to others’ voices.


Her thighs clamped together as her pussy got wetter from nothing more than the thought of everyone seeing her, being turned on by her.


Before she had time to react to Jake barking, she felt the hand in her hair go from gentle fingers to nails softly at the base of her scalp, ending in a fist pulling hard her hair, pulling back on her head, forcing her to look back into his eyes.

“Pay attention when I’m talking to you,” he said, before pulling up hard on her hair. Maria couldn’t resist, her light frame pulled up by his power, only being able to rise with him before the man dragged her over his lap. She gasped as her ass stuck straight up in the air, before long his hand forcing it’s fingers between her thighs, making a fist and turning, so as to force her legs apart.

She felt the lips of her pussy spread lightly, felt the cold air against her wetness, and before she had a chance to react, she felt the sting of his palm shoot through the nerves coming from her ass, a red-hot sensation which twisted itself halfway into pleasure.

Maria’s cheeks burned as she realized that she had let herself get caught up in curling up to Jake’s hand so badly she wasn’t even paying attention anymore. “I’m sorry, sir,” she choked out in response to the pain. Another blow ran through her, this time on the other cheek of her ass. A small squeal escaped her lips as her hips thrusted and jerked away, her body reacting automatically to defend herself. As if on cue, she felt her pussy begin to throb.

“Then count out your spankings, if you’re sorry,” Jake said, both firmly but with affection, before he traced the palm of his hand along the curve of her bottom. That palm was all the warning and preparation she would have before Jake began to strike her ass with each cheek in turn, each spanking drawing out a small cry of pain and a heavy breath, before a count.

Five spankings, six spankings, seven spankings, and Maria stopped crying out after each blow.

Twelve, thirteen, fourteen. Maria had to close her eyes to try to block out the fact that everyone was trying to get a better look at her reddening ass, and the way it was turning her on.

Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three. Maria tried to keep to just counting, but she couldn’t help but moan. Her body betrayed her, and started obeying Jake, thrusting and grinding on his lap as her pussy got wetter and wetter.

Thirty-four, thirty-five, thirty-six. Maria’s body stopped resisting and squirming, her muscles relaxing as she began to moan, and slur her words softly. Her pussy ached, and her ass was bright red, sore, and tender.

Forty-two, forty-three, forty-four. Maria’s moans were replaced by a low noise of longing, of whimpering, of need. In the back of her mind she knew that she was being watched, but she didn’t care. Maria knew that people were watching her ass shake and jiggle with every blow, listening to her pant like a horny little slut, watching her grow more and more accustomed to being spanked and loving every second of it.

Fifty. At that, Jake’s palm lay flat on her ass, Maria trembling, hips bucking very softly as if she was trying desperately to fuck something. Jake stopped striking her ass, instead looking down and admiring how round it was and how red it was. When Jake traced a nail along part of her reddened cheek her entire body tensed and shook and softly tried to let out a moan, but found itself incapable of making sound.

Shamelessly, the man slid a finger between the lips of her vulva. Heat and excitement ran through her body and she tried to say ‘Please’, but instead a nondescript groan escaped her lips. Without another word, Jake slid two fingers into her pussy and began to finger her.

Pleasure shot through Maria’s body as she was fingered on her boyfriend’s lap for the viewing pleasure of five of his friends. She loved all the eyes on her, she loved the way that everyone was listening to her moan, but most importantly she loved Jake’s fingers; long, deft, and adept at finding her G-spot. Pressing two fingers down into her pussy and rubbing firmly, they quickly sent overwhelming pleasure through Maria’s body.

The woman’s breath grew even more ragged, her expression one of wanton desire. If someone put a cock in front of her that instant she would suck it. If someone grabbed her by the hair and put her lips to a pussy, she would lick it. Digging her nails into Jake’s leg, Maria trembled as she felt pressure, heat, pleasure building up inside of her.

Rubbing her G-spot, Jake continued to bring her closer and closer to climax, holding her just at the edge as his fingers skillfully drove themselves deep into Maria. Her world began to white out, her legs tensed and her toes tried to curl themselves inside her heels. She was so close, she could practically taste it.

“Now, cum!” he ordered, his voice more a primal growl than a human word.

That tipped her over the edge. Maria’s scream filled the apartment as her pussy clamped down on his fingers, making them feel even bigger as he fingered her through her orgasm, pushing it farther and farther, driving her to a second one nearly before the first finished. She thrashed and screamed and came all over him atop his lap, her entire body shaking as her scream became a noiseless howl, eyes rolling into the back of her head, senses overloaded.

After 25 seconds which felt more like an eternity, Maria’s orgasm began to subside, and her entire body collapsed, letting it’s weight lay limp across Jake’s lap. She could feel his hard cock inside her pants pushing up against her belly, even through the structure of her corset. She could feel his desire with the way he traced his nails along her outer thigh after pulling his fingers out of her pussy and licking them off. She could feel his affection from the way his free hand stroked her hair.

But after he gave her a minute to rest before having her climb off his lap, she secretly decided not to listen next time he called her name. She could see his hard cock through his pants every time she looked at his crotch, and she wondered if next time if he would just throw her on the ground and fuck her in front of all his friends, or maybe make her suck all their cocks and eat all their pussies out while she rode him.

She hoped that’s what being difficult would get her.