Birthday Theater

For Nora’s birthday, her boyfriend decided to take her somewhere special. They had been exploring a lot of sexual adventures for quite some time; at first it was just involving whips and ropes, but Nora had always wanted to suck as many cocks as she could in one night.

So for her birthday, Dale promised that he would take her to an adult theater.

She was nervous, of course; she had never been to one. She didn’t know what the environment would be like. But Dale helped her out, picking out her outfit. He had given her a black lacy bra to wear and a black thong, with garters worn under said panties to hold up her thighhighs and vermillion heels, and lastly, a pair of dark sunglasses and a longcoat to hide her outfit. The last bit was the lipstick she wore; bright cherry red.

Once they arrived by cab, Dale held onto her hand as they went in through the sex toy shop that acted as a front for the theater before heading inside. Down two flights of stairs, to where they were no longer surrounded by a bright, colorful atmosphere, but a dark environment of concrete, with red plush chairs to make it a little more comfortable.

Once they were there, Nora looked around, looking at a woman with humungous tits getting pounded on the screen. Biting her lower lip, hesitation filled her, but when she looked around, her eyebrow couldn’t help but raise. There were five men and a woman; two of them young black men with lean bodies, one of them an older, somewhat fat white man, and another white man, this one who had a six pack. The remaining man and woman, of course, were there, enjoying the show on the screen.

Dale gave her a squeeze, and then she looked around, choosing one of the fit black men to approach as he softly rubbed his halfway hard cock. Slipping off the trenchcoat, she sashayed her hips and walked over to him, standing before him and lightly dipping her sunglasses before reaching behind her.

“Excuse me, sir,” she said with nearly a purr. “May I please suck your cock?”

The young man seemed surprised, but he just grinned. “Sure you can,” he said.

That was her cue to drop to her knees, and slowly place a hand on that massive cock, letting her tits hang down. It was bigger, darker than her boyfriend’s, a single vein standing out. She was excited as she stroked it, getting her fingers damp with sticky precum before slipping that hard, thick cock into her mouth. It was almost too big to get in, and as she felt his hand on her head, she relaxed her throat and did her best to take it as much as possible.

Now she had nearly everyone’s eyes on her. As she moaned on that big, thick, hard cock, Dale moved around, wordlessly handing out condoms to the other men who weren’t already preoccupied. Wordlessly, Dale moved behind his girlfriend, lightly giving her ass a spank. She squealed, moaning on the stranger’s cock, feeling it throb in her mouth, turning her on.

When Dale lightly traced his nails along her hips and pulled her panties down, she felt her cunt positively burn with desire. Spreading her legs as much as she could without moving to get her panties the rest of the way off as they hung around her knees, she focused on the cock in front of her.

The feeling of unfamiliar hands on her hips excited her, as did the feeling of the head of a cock rubbing up and down her vulva. Her hips bucked and her back arched, her body practically begging to be fucked.

The young man with his cock in her mouth began to push down on her head and pull up by her hair, making her moan and her pussy grow hotter and hotter as the stranger behind her drove his cock into her pussy. She let out a cry, and nearly came all at once, trembling and groaning, sucking hard and whimpering, moaning. When she stopped focusing on sucking, the man in front of her grabbed her hair and began to fuck her face roughly, powerfully.

Rather than fight or try to push away to get her breath again, Nora grabbed the young man’s hips and dug her nails in softly for dear life.

The man behind her pounded her, grunting and groaning, slamming his cock into her. Almost immediately she felt it twitching, felt the his cock tighten, heard him groaning and growling. Before long, she felt his cock twitch and throb and explode, cumming hard and pushing her over the edge. The only thing keeping her from screaming was the fact that her mouth was full.

Nora collapsed, but was quickly picked up by Dale as another man moved behind her, this one having an even bigger cock that he forced into her immediately. Swallowing around the cock of the man in front of her, she felt it pulsing and aching in her mouth, and she knew she wanted to taste his cum.

This time she was being fucked expertly by someone with a nice long, thick cock that he would slowly pull back before driving hard into her. Every thrust was like the strike of an expert, nearly hitting her cervix. Every single thrust drove her into a miniature climax, making her pussy twitch and her entire body tremble, swallowing on the cock she sucked. With every stroke he brought her closed and closer until she was tipped over the edge.

Again her senses were overwhelmed as she swallowed hard around the powerful cock that she forced all the way down her throat, and felt it twitch and shudder, before his cock tipped over and shot hot, thick, juicy delicious semen all the way down her throat. She felt every last squirt and moaned, felt the way his cock contracted and throbbed, harder and harder before softer with the final squirts.

The young man didn’t stop, though; she kept sucking so he kept his hand on her head pushing down, keeping his huge cock in her throat while she was pounded from behind. She felt her third orgasm coming and felt her pussy clamping down, feeling the cock inside of her growing as hard as a steel rod, it’s owner’s previously precise motions becoming more erratic, more primal and passionate.

When he hit her cervix, pain and pleasure hit her in equal measure and she felt herself gush, her pussy spraying the man behind her with cum while he erupted in his orgasm, his twitching cock throbbing and pulsing inside of her.

Once the man behind her left, this time there was a final man; she could tell by his weight that this was the older, fatter gentleman. He didn’t waste any time either, thrusting into her, but this time rather than erratic or trying to strike like a piston, he thrust deep into her, applying his weight and grinding.

When the older man’s hard cock hit her G-spot, Nora gasped around the cock in her mouth and sucked it more furiously to keep from whimpering, already feeling her fourth orgasm coming.

When the older man reached under her and began to rub her clit, her knees gave out, as her senses whited out, feeling only the head of a cock pressing and grinding against her g-spot as she sturggled to breathe around the massive cock in her mouth.

Nora barely came to from her whited out state, still feeling the cock of the man inside of her pounding away, grinding and rubbing against her g-spot after every thrust, his deft fingers sending electric spikes of pleasure through her. She was held in position by familiar hands as Dale had moved beside her and grabbed her hips, holding her up, as the older man explored her back with his free hand. With two cocks inside of her and six hands exploring her, touching her, teasing her, Nora let her senses go numb.

Nora didn’t count it as the man inside of her kept rubbing her g-spot with his cock until she came again. She felt both cocks getting firmer and firmer, the young man having already begun to get hard enough to cum again as his throbbing practically caressed the inside of her throat, the old man’s thrusts getting firmer and firmer. She was seeing stars and trembling, moaning and gasping. Her pussy was pulsing and her entire body was overwhelmed.

When she felt her mouth get filled with hot sticky cum and the cock inside of her quiver and explode at the same time she dug her nails into the hips of the man who she was facefucked by, and Dale gently let her down, letting her collapse on the cold, hard floor after both men pulled their cocks from her.

Dale knelt down by her, softly reaching down and petting her hair affectionately, lovingly. Leaning in, he kissed her neck. “Happy birthday,” he whispered in her ear.

Without exchanging any more words, without exchanging any names, after getting Nora into a chair for five minutes to rest, the couple dressed her back up and left the same way they came.

( Also checkout the audiobook version by me, with a few different lines because I ad libbed a little when I vocally stumbled: )