Candy Floss

Since I was a little boy, I loved to have tea with the fairies.

My parents told me to stay away from the rings of flowers in the meadow not far from home. Naturally, that made me curious. So, I played with those rings of flowers, from the time I was a boy. At first, nothing happened. But then, after a week, a small woman approached me, and asked my name. Although I was a boy, and she a woman, we became friends, playing and dancing in the fields.

This continued for another week, until I decided to bring tea.

So for the past 15 years, every Friday, I’ve drank tea with the fae. Most days, there were three, or four of them, but today… well, only one of them showed up.


You’re the most beautiful of all the fae I met. I’ve only known you for a short while, compared to your sisters, but you’re the most striking of them all. With hair that burns with all the colors of flame and eyes that carry the sea in them. The size you take, of a human half a foot shorter than I, makes me look at you differently, and the fact that you insist only on being skyclad gives me perfect view of your beautiful breasts with your pert pink nipples. The folds of your pussy, covered by not a single hair, and your translucent wings.

You make me shy.

I can’t look directly at you, no matter how badly I want to, and when I manage to, I never see you looking at me. So it’s odd that it’s only you here, and none of your sisters.

Still, this is our ritual, and I love it. To pour tea for the fair folk, and to sip tea with the fair folk. Sitting down nervously on the grass, I pour you a cup, and hand it to you.

“Thank you, human,” your soprano voice sounds like music to me. Your face flashes a coy smile, before looking away. I hesitate, before looking at you. How your pale skin seems to shine in the light of the otherworldly sun. It makes my heart skip a beat, and the way your breasts rise and fall with your breath make my pants feel tight. The human form has human elements, like breathing.

“So,” I start, hesitatingly. “Why… do you look so much like a human?” I asked. The fair folk could take any form. So I was curious as to why you would always take the form of such a beauty.

“Because, I want to feel pleasure!” you say, as if it’s silly. “And I’m told that humans can experience the greatest of pleasures.”

When the idea of the greatest of pleasures is brought up, my heartbeat quickens. “The… greatest of pleasures?”

Your eyes catch me, looking down at your pussy. “Do you know what the greatest of pleasures is?” You ask, as I watch you reach down to touch the folds of your pussy, and watch you rub your clit softly. I nearly choke on my tea as I watch you begin to trace your fingertips in a small circle. “This is… very pleasurable,” you say, softly moaning. Your tight little fairy cunt must be so sensitive…

Suddenly a spike of courage reaches me. “…May I?” I ask, looking into your eyes. I see you pause, before nodding, laying down on the grass, your pert breasts having hard nipples pointed skyward as you continue to rub your clt.

I approach you, leaning in and grabbing your hand to put it on my head, before I gingerly touch the tip of my tongue to your clit.

You taste like candy floss. Overwhelmingly sweet, and delicious, but not cloyingly sweet. A soft giggle escapes your lips as I close my eyes, focusing on the task at hand. I engulf myself in your flavor. Flicking my tongue up and down along your clit.

Those giggles turn to soft moans, and the hand on my head finds purchase by getting fingers in my hair. I flick my tongue up and down along your clit, then in circles, before beginning to suck. I can hear your breath growing more intense.

As I lick, I use one finger to run up and down the slit of your pussy, covering it in your wetness. Before anything, I lick the finger off, enjoying the sugary flavor, before I slide it into you. A squeal escapes your lips and both your hands dig into my hair.

Using that one finger, I push it into you, thrusting and grinding inside, lifting up, pressing against where the g-spot of a human woman would be. I begin to finger you roughly, kissing, sucking, licking your clit as your back arches.

“Oh, yes, yes, keep doing that, don’t stop,” I hear you say. I let myself drown in sweetness, let the flavor of candy floss consume my world as I suck on your clit. A high pitched squeal escapes your lips as your tight pussy clamps around my finger, massaging and kneading it like a cock that it’s trying to force to cum, throbbing as your entire body shakes. Your back arches so hard you sit up, jerking on my hair and forcing me to look up at you before you press your lips hard and sloppy against mine, moaning as we share the flavor of candy floss.

When our kiss breaks, I’m staring into the ocean of your eyes. “More,” you say. I’m not sure if you’re ordering me to give you more, or begging, but my clothes are coming off either way.


It’s adorable watching you struggle

It’s adorable watching you struggle, Roger.

I can’t help but smile as I look down on you. You told me to ‘do whatever the hell I want to you’. I’m sure, then, that you figured that whatever I had in store would be much simpler than this. I’m sure you imagined that you would find yourself with a light spanking, maybe a bit of choking and a hard pounding.

I doubt you expected to be snuck up from behind, have a chloroform rag pressed to your mouth and thrown into the back of a truck. I imagine you didn’t expect to wake up blindfolded, gagged, your arms tied behind your back with your legs spread and chained to the ground. I don’t think you expected to find yourself in a cold basement, the only bit of respite from the brutality of this situation being a carpet underneath you. Surely, you didn’t expect to find yourself helplessly bound, the cold air hardening your nipples. The way you screamed yourself hoarse, could you have imagined that you would be gagged, helpless.

“Now, you said I could do ‘whatever’ I wanted to you, right?” I ask. It was the first thing I said the whole time since you woke up. Watching your spine straighten was is as adorable as watching you squirm and fight. “It’s okay, little one,” I mockingly say. You aren’t really all that little, I only an inch taller than you if you were standing up. But you aren’t standing up; right now all I would need to do would be to pull the gag out if I wanted to fuck your face; Just the right height.

Still, now that you know where you are, I imagine you’re relaxing. I imagine you’re calming down, no longer freaking out about having been kidnapped. Now that you know what the hell is going on, I’m sure you feel a little safer.

Let’s end that, shall we?

A fist in your hair, and one hand on your neck to steal your breath. “Well, I’m going to do what I want to you, and you’re going to enjoy it, aren’t you?” I asked. Is that muffled sound you’re making a ‘yes’, or a ‘no’? Is that struggling and squirming because you want air, or because you’re trying to obey me? Either way, seeing your pale face begin to change color from the lack of air, hearing the depth of your breath from your nose as you struggle to gain a little oxygen, and watching your cock go from a small, floppy bit of meat to something that’s nice, hard, and proper for a cock is enticing.

The veins on your face seem to bulge, as your struggling stops. Your face turns a bright red, and your cock stands at attention. Just as I can feel your heart beating in your neck, I can see your heart beating with every twitch of your dick, already so very hard. To be kind to you, I stand on one foot and tease you softly, rubbing the bottom of my soft, recently washed foot against your cock, gently grinding your flesh between my foot and your pelvis. I could feel how stiff you were from just that little bit of attention, so I kept at it.

I felt you leaning forward into my foot as surely, you were growing weak from the lack of air. “Don’t lean too far in any one direction now… If you knock me off my balance then I’ll have to leave the room for half an hour,” I said. That got you to sit straight up real fast. I could easily feel the precum from your cock as I continued to rub you with my foot as I felt your body weaken.

“That’s enough of that,” I announce, letting your throat go, standing on both of my feet again, and taking the gag from your mouth, in one swift series of movements.

I bet you were hoping that I would let you breathe, weren’t you? I bet you were hoping that I would give you mercy.

Pathetic slut.

You don’t get air. Instead, what you get is a cock in your mouth. You get the chance at one, maybe two breaths before the hand in my hair drags your head forward and forces you to take my cock in your mouth. I use your hair as a handle and fuck your mouth like it’s my toy, letting you feel all 7 inches of my hard, thick cock. When you resist, I pull forward hard on your hair, making you take the entire thing. I feel you gag on my cock, your entire body trembling and squirming as you desperately breathe through your nose.

A quick glance down tells me that your cock is just as hard, though; in fact you seem even harder, your flesh twitching while I make you take it all. “Stop fighting, I know you love it,” I practically purr cruelly, closing my eyes as I enjoy the feeling of my cock being engulfed by your mouth.

When you stop fighting is when I pull back on your hair and begin to fuck your mouth more slowly. “That’s it, that’s what I want. Good boy,” I say, running my nails down the back of your neck and upper back with my free hand. “If I let your head go, will you keep sucking?” I ask.

I pause, letting my grip slack enough for you to move your head.

A nod?

Excellent. I let your head go, and lean in, running my nails up and down your back. “You should see yourself,” I say, moaning softly. You can taste my salty-sweet pre-cum, you can feel my cock throbbing in your mouth as you suck on it, careful to never let the entire length of flesh leave your mouth. I’m sure you intrinsically know you’ll be punished if you do.

I admire the color of your skin as red marks begin to trace along your skin. I admire the feeling of warmth from your mouth as you take the whole length of my cock. I admire the way your back arches as I find a spot to dig my nails in which seems to fill you with pleasure; at least, I guess that based on the way that your cock seems to stiffen.

“Very good, slut. Now… don’t talk,” I say, before pulling back, grabbing your hair and… gently pulling your head back so your mouth is no longer on my cock.

“I-” you start, but I softly put one finger on your lips, stopping you from finishing that sentence, before pulling my hand back and slapping you hard. The way your body reels, and you seem a little disoriented, I must have knocked you slightly off balance. Before you, I kneel, so I can be on the same level as you, just inches from you. Briefly, our cocks touch, and I feel the warmth of your body in my own.

My fist finds itself on your hair again, and I press my lips to yours for the briefest of moments. I moan into your mouth, flicking my tongue between your lips, enjoying the taste of my precum on your tongue, before I pull away, replacing the gag.

I give you a moment to rest. After that wonderful blowjob, getting my cock nice and sloppy and wet with your saliva, you deserve a little rest. I can give you a moment. During that time, I walk away from you to get a toy, and some lube. “Don’t worry slut, I’ll take good care of you,” I say with a hint of both tenderness and cruelty in my voice, before I return to you, after about thirty seconds. Grabbing your hair again (Your short hair makes such a lovely handle), I slowly lower to to the floor, and let you press your cheek against the soft carpet I have you on. With your ass exposed, I kneel next to you.

Oh, if you could see the grin on my face.

Without warning comes the first blow; an open palm to your ass. Well… without much warning. I’m sure you had some, after all, from the way I positioned you. Then another, to your other cheek. So begins your spanking. The blows are firm, but not ferocious; and I give you a couple seconds between them. I’m warming you up, after all.

My eyes wander all over your body, which I admire, as I strike your ass. The way you jump a little bit with each spanking grows less pronounced with each blow, as you become accustomed to the harsh treatment. The erraticness in your breathing fades, as you seem to breathe almost in time with the strikes. It looks to me like you’re meditating in time with the spanking, relaxing into it. With every blow, the cheeks of your ass grow a little redder. With every blow, you begin to make soft sounds with your mouth. Moaning, perhaps. And surely, the way your cock is twitching, I can tell that you want more.

So I really put my arm into it. The sound of my hand clapping against your ass echoes in the acoustics of this basement. It’s like music to my ears, and surely yours as well. As my blows grow harsher, I can hear you begin to whimper, muffled by the gag, and I can see your breath growing more excited and faster. I stop for just a moment, pausing to watch how your body reacts.

The way you tremble tells me that it’s time to move onto the final phase. So I lean in to kiss your lower back, before I begin to apply lube to your ass. I’m sure the coldness of it is what makes you jump and begin to sit up, but that’s no excuse, so a hand on the back of your neck forces you down onto the carpet again. “Naughty boy,” I scold you, giving your ass a single hard slap, the impact of which causes you to let out a cry even through your gag. I get some of the lube on my fingers, and slide one finger into your anus, letting you feel me fingering your ass.

You moan as my finger fills you up, exploring your anus, teasing you with it’s size; certainly less than a cock, but more than enough to begin stimulating you. With that, I pull my finger from you and move behind you, lubing up my cock and a toy.

“Are you ready?” I ask, grabbing my cock and teasing your pucker for a moment, rubbing the head of my cock against it. I can tell how desperate you are for my cock from the excitement in your nodding. I chuckle, and continue to tease you.

“I’m sure you’re ready, but maybe I’ll just keep doing this,” I say, using one hand to manipulate my cock to tease your asshole, the other one reaching up again and scratching your back hard. The sight of your back arching sends tingles up my spine… And with that, I thrust into you.

I push into you slowly, but deeply. I watch your hands clench and twitch as I’m sure it must be a little painful, but also pleasurable. Grabbing your hip with my right hand, I slowly begin to fuck your ass, pulling back slowly before thrusting into you gently. You can feel my cock, hot, throbbing, twitching in your ass, and you can hear my breath growing excited.

“You feel good,” I say, grinning as I pull my cock back before giving you a single hard thrust, pulling back on your hip, slamming into you, the sound of our bodies colliding echoing. “But this isn’t really fair, is it?” I ask, before leaning in, pressing my chest to your arms that are tied behind your back and kissing your neck, sitting up afterwards.

“Don’t worry, slut,” I practically coo as I resume sliding into you slowly, gently. “I’ll take care of you.”

Before you know it, a high-grade fleshlight, well-lubricated, vibrating, and warmed is slid onto your cock. My deft left hand begins to pump the artificial pussy on you, jerking your hard, twitching cock off.

“Enjoying my ambidexterity?” I ask, practically growling as my right hand digs nails into your hips while I pound your ass. My thrusts grow firmer, harder, more rough, sliding into your well-lubricated asshole. My body slamming into you shakes your whole body, and if not for your legs being chained to the ground would surely move you. My soft sounds turn into grunting, growling, moaning as I pound you.

You feel my cock pulse harder inside of you as I pull back on you, my nails digging into your hip to nearly draw blood. You feel the hand manipulating the toy on your cock grow more rough, furiously pumping your cock with the hot toy, the vibrations surely sending pleasure through you.

“Nnn, this is a tight ass you have for such a horny little slut. You wanna feel me cum?” I ask rhetorically, but I’m pleased that you nod. “Alright, you fucktoy, you’re gonna feel me cum!” I practically howl while pounding your ass harder and harder, the hand on the toy pumping you furiously.

An instant later, you feel my cock tighten, and then explode, filling you with my hot, sticky cum. My movements become less erratic and fast, as with every last shot of cum, in time with the squirts I pull back and slam my cock into you as hard, and deep as I can. The force, the feeling of my hot cum feeling your ass, the pure power, and the artificial cunt overwhelm you, and as I watch you tremble and twitch and squirm, I know that you’re also cumming inside of the toy that I used to manipulate you.

After my orgasm ends, and I’m spent, rather than pull out, I allow myself to collapse on top of you, pressing the weight of my body to yours. You hear my breaths, deep but rugged in your ear, as I gasp, moaning softly. You feel my cock, still twitching inside of you, as I let go of the fleshlight, letting it fall onto the carpet.

“You were a good boy, slut,” I would say, kissing the back of your neck, before slowly pulling out of you, and beginning to undo your rope, before pausing, shaking my head and laughing softly.

As soon as your hands are free, and I begin working on the chains holding your legs, I speak once more.

“You were a wonderful man, Roger.”


As I drag you up onto your knees from laying on the ground, I can’t help but notice how beautiful you are are.

Your long hair, normally well brushed and tidy, was completely wrecked. Frayed, going in every direction. When this night started, you had applied your makeup carefully, the mascara making your eyes stand out, striking and bright as your lips were drawn in crimson. Now, your eyes were burning red from crying, surrounded by puffy blackness with streaks from crying; your lips no longer the hue of blood, but a sloppy pink as your lipstick was spread when I fucked your face.

You shudder as I run my fingertips through your hair, your body shuddering and gasping. I allowed myelf a moment to stop and admire my handiwork. All that adorned your body was a black and red collar and a length of burgandy rope which bound your arms to your back, keeping your hands facing away from eachother to keep you from fighting or struggling. Your alabaster skin had a flush to it, having turned pink from the exhausing work I had put you through, glistening with sweat like I had glazed you with oil.

Your breasts were adorned with bite marks, each of my teeth being visible in each of those bites. The sight of those bites reminded me of the sounds of pain and pleasure you made, and the way you dug your hands into my back before I bound your arms to keep you from doing that. They would become bruises as they healed, and surely you would be able to admire them for a week.

Although now your arms were in the way of many of them, your back had been marked with deep red lines by my nails. I remembered when you were choking on my cock, I used my left hand in your hair to keep you from pulling too far back, and my right hand to dig gouges in your back whenever you fought, nearly breaking the skin, until you accepted your fate and stopped struggling against me.

Your ass glowed cherry red; your round bottom marked up so beautifully when I bent you over my knee and spanked each cheek. You could have gotten away with merely a pinking, as I only was going to strike each cheek 10 times, but every time you made a sound of pain I added 5 more strikes. It took about a hundred blows on each cheek, but eventually the cries and whimpers gave way to a low moaning and soft purring of pleasure with each blow, before a gasping and groaning; your pussy was so wet I couldn’t help but spread your thighs softly and push two fingers into you and make you cum while you were across my lap right then and there.

Coincidentally, that was why your thighs were red; having reached such a powerful climax that you covered my hand and your own thighs in cum, they glistened so beautifully, I couldn’t help but slap those milky, soft thighs too. The way you moaned only drove me to strike them harder.

But I think my favorite part of how you look, other than your well-fucked expression, has to be the five bruises on each of your hips. If I were to bend you over onto your knees and grab you by the hips, they would line up perfectly with my hands. That’s because you got them after I had tied your hands behind your back, after I had spanked you, after I had choked you on my cock, and after I threw you onto the bed grabbed your hips, and fucked you like a toy. The way you covered me in your cum before I filled you with mine left me trembling.

And so, the last part of this aftermath was not on your body, but mine; the way my cock was glistening, soaked with the mix of our cum. I move softly to the left, your eyes move to the left. I move to the right, your eyes follow. Your eyes hunger, begging for more. So I oblige you, leaning my hips forward and petting your hair as you lean forward on your knees, eagerly engulfing my cock with your pink lips, sucking and licking and enjoying our mixed flavor, those ruined eyes of yours closing.

I pet your hair, feeling my cock throb in your mouth.

We aren’t done yet, are we?