Stacy’s Alarm Cock

Thomas couldn’t believe his dormmate, Stacy.

After he’d come home from his evening job, rather than seeing her in bed, he saw her curled up on the couch, heavy-lidded eyes locked on some stupid movie on Netflix. He reminded her that they had a test in their one shared class, but she nodded, barely acknowledging him.

This was no surprise.

What was annoying was the fact though that their test was in an hour, and here she was, curled up in bed under the thickest comforter in the apartment, arms around that silly stuffed giraffe of hers like it was keeping her alive. A cursory glance around the room let him take note of her phone across the room, popped open with the battery out, the result of being tossed across the room. The night owl’s snooze button.

“Stacy, get up,” he barked, grabbing the top cover and tugging, which she pulled back groggily, unconciously denying the chill of the morning. “Stacy!” he barked this time, jerking the covers off, exposing her bare body to the morning air. In an instant, she whimpered, curling deeper into her bed, clinging to her stuffed giraffe.

“Nooooooo,” she whimpered. Thomas rolled his eyes. “Get the fuck up,” he said, putting his hand on a goosebump covered thigh and pushing, to which she rolled over. “Mmfhgh..” she grumbled,hiding her face in her pillow.
Thomas rolled his eyes and knew he would have to wake her up the way she always asked him to. He would just have to make it quick.

She wouldn’t hear anything more than the rufling of cloth, and the softest of grumbling. She shivered, rolling over, reaching out for the comforter that he removed from her, before she felt hard hands grab onto her hips and jerk them up into the air, forcing her up onto her knees.

What shocked her awake though was the feeling of her pussy being forced open by a hard, throbbing , lubricated cock. Her entire body stiffened and she nearly screamed, but a large, familiar hand clamped over her mouth. Rather than pull back, the owner of that cock held himself deep inside her, grinding against her inner walls. She softly moaned and sucked on one of the fingers which found it’s way between her lips, feeling her pussy quickly grow wet as Thomas pressed deep against her G-spot.

Slowly, he pulled back, his cock sliding halfway out of her before he pushed himself into her, slowly picking up a rhythm. Small moans began to escape her lips as the hand moved from her mouth to her hair, getting a tight grip and pulling back hard, forcing her to arch her back.

“Oh, god, yes, thank you sir,” she nearly yelled as she began to buck on his cock with her hips, leaning into her bed, clinging to her stuffed toy while he pounded her viciously.

“When I tell you to get up you fucking get up!” he growled between panting. Pleasure and pain intertwined as her cunt throbbed and her body ached for more, so she squirmed and fought, struggling against his strength; when she tried to pull to the side, the hand on her hair moved to her cheek and forced the side of her head against the bed, forcing two fingers into her mouth. Instead, she moaned and practically fellated his fingers.

The softer, almost massaging thrusts were replace by powerful, forceful driving motions, his cock nearly hitting bottom as the sound of his hips slamming into her , feeling her cunt gripping him tighter as he forced his way through. She felt herself burn hotter and hotter, almost to a tipping point, feeling his cock pulse harder and harder.

The sound of his guttural growl, the feeling of his cock exploding and filling her with cum took her over the edge. Nails dug into her giraffe, her back arched as she nearly screamed on his fingers, and she felt her soaking pussy practically gush as she drenched his cock and his thighs. Shuddering, she felt nothing but pleasure, her head feeling light before he pulled out of her, leaving her pussy warm and dripping with his hot, sticky cum.

While she would have loved to lay there, cuddle up to her brutal dominating roomate, there wasn’t time. Thomas once again wrapped his fist around her hair and forced her onto her side. Weakly, she looked up at him with idle eyes, soft moans escaping her chest. Her breasts rose and fell with every ragged breath, and her cunt twitched with aftershocks. Rather than just let her lay there in bliss, he used the fist in her hair to force her mouth down on his cock, nearly choking her as he fucked her face.

“Suck it, get my cock clean right now,” Thomas ordered as she reveled in the taste of their cum combined, before he pulled the cock out of her mouth, before slapping her hard.

Reeling, dizzy, she knew nothing but her own lightheadedness and joy, before a hand on her neck forced her close, and she was interrupted from her thoughts by the feel of his rough, aggressive lips, a kiss which was nearly as violent and aggressive as it was passionate and intense.

“Get up, we have class,” he ordered her, before grabbing her hair and putting an arm around her waist, forcing her to stand and marching her straight toward the shower. When she wobbled, he supported her, so she leaned her weight back onto his body, letting herself rest on his strength and enjoying the feeling of his still-hard cock pressed against her ass.

As vicious and impatient as he was, it was mornings like these that were glad she picked Thomas as her roommate.