Your hands are beautiful.

Skinny fingers which carry both dexterity and strength, like steel wrapped in thousand-colored silk.

Pale skin, like that of a sweet doll, the tiny scar between your fingers being the beautiful proof of the battles you’ve survived.

Soft lines and blue veins which carry lifeblood which each pulse of your heart.

Sculpted nails which carry femininity and color, showing the subtlest flash of your heart with every show of your hands.


But more than the beauty they hold on their own, is he beauty when those fingers are intertwined with mine.  When your the pale of your fingers contrasts to the tan of mine.  When our scars lay together in the light, unhidden.  When the lines between our hands, and the lines between our lives, intersect, meet, and become one.


Showers which pass in the morning

Miranda and Jake didn’t get to spend much time together. Their work schedules didn’t allow it.
Jake was a night owl; working at the factory until the day broke, and Miranda’s classes started at 10 and ran nearly all day. Because of their frustrating schedule, they only saw each other for an hour or two every morning.
They made it count, though.

When Jake arrived, he put his bags down and peeled his clothes off. As if on cue, the sound of the shower running could faintly be heard over his shuffling. A small smile came across his lips. No matter how tired he was after work, the mornings with Miranda were worth the grueling shifts.

In the bathroom, Miranda waited, nude, for her husband. It only took a couple minutes for her love to join her, wrapping his arms around her from behind, planting a tiny kiss atop her head. Although he had a thin layer of grime, she didn’t care, reaching back and putting her hand on his head as his lips touched her neck and his hands reached all over her, exploring her body softly. Only when they tried to sneak between her legs did she slap his hand, letting out an exaggerated sigh. “Shower first,” she said, to which he chuckled.

Interlacing their fingers, Jake stepped into the water, and let out a soft shudder as the water heated his skin and almost immediately soothed his weary muscles. Just a second later, Miranda joined him from behind, wrapping her arms around him. Taking soap in hand, she ran her hands over her husband’s body, wiping away the exhaustion and grime of the day. She could have used a loofa, but for now, she wanted to touch him. As her fingers ran over his legs, she noticed him shift, as his breath relaxed.

Grasping his cock after rinsing her hands, she noticed that it was already firm. Slowly, under the falling water, she began to stroke him while he put a hand back on her hip.

“Oh, Miranda,” he whispered softly as she continued to stroke him, a little bit faster, a little firmer. Squeezing his cock expertly, she felt him grow harder for her, before with a pull on his hips, she got him to turn around. Kneeling, she slid his cock between her lips, squeezing his balls gently as his hand found itself running fingers through her hair. A feeling of excitement and pride ran through her and ran a spark of warmth to her pussy when she heart his breath pause and a low moan escape his lips.

Slowly, teasing the base of his shaft with one hand and balls with the other, she began to take his cock deeper into her mouth with each thrust, as his fingernails ran along her scalp. Pulling her hand from the shaft and pushing herself further until she felt him in the back of his throat, and felt his gentle machinations transform into a firm grip on her hair.

Many mornings, this was where he facefucked her, but this time he let her keep control. She began to suck hard, swallowing with him inside her mouth, taking him as deep as she could, her previously gentle touches and sensuality becoming a hunger for his cum. The nails in her scalp dug in without hurting her as she mixed an almost primal hunger for his cock with gentle squeezes to his scrotum

His cock throbbed harder and faster, excitement and anticipation making her pussy grow warmer and more excited, feeling him coming closer. She knew his body, she knew this cock that had painted the inside of her cunt with sticky cum hundreds of times, and filled her mouth hundreds more. The instant before she knew he would cum, she pushed him all the way into her mouth, determined to feel Jake’s hot cum run down her throat.

Just before she could take his seed Jake’s grip went from nails running on her scalp to a firm fist grabbing her hair, and he pulled back on her to face up at him, his eyes filled with desire and hers’ with primal hunger. Using his grip on her hair, he forced her to stand, grabbing her and and pushing her against the wall of the shower, hot water running over both their bodies as his front pressed into her back, his throbbing cock hard against her ass.

She grabbed one of the handles they installed, as she felt him lift her leg for a moment and drive his cock deep into her soaking pussy. The feeling of his heat, pulsing inside of her mixed with the heat of the shower as she let out a small cry.

“Mine,” he growled as he ground inside of her before pulling back, filling her up again, pleasure running up his spine. “You’re mine,” he whispered in her ear as he began to pound her cunt.

“Yours,” she moaned and shuddered. She would back into him, but she could barely move with her leg lifted. She was helpless as he fucked her. “I’m yours,” she moaned as he took her from behind, pressing her to the wall. Her short nails pressed against the tile with one hand, and her other hand squeezed the handle hard as he slammed her into the wall. Her legs trembled, but she didn’t fall, held up by the force of his body pressing her to the side of their shower wall.

“Yes, yes, oh god, yes,” she felt her body welling up with pleasure as she was pinned, feeling his cock throbbing violently inside of her. “Cum in me, please, I beg you,” she begged and moaned, her tight pussy clamping down on him, milking his cock and demanding his seed.

It didn’t take even a second longer, and as he pushed all the way into her, she felt herself fill with his hot, sticky cum, triggering her own orgasm as she began to clamp down on him and nearly scream at the very first shot. Through his orgasm he pounded away even harder, the leg she was standing on losing all it’s strength as he held her up while he remained buried in her.

Their breath wild and pitched, after one final gush of cum, he stopped thrusting, and held her, buried deep inside of her. The hot water rained down on their skin, letting them feel cleansed as they filled with bliss and relaxation. Slowly, he pulled away and as his cum began to dribble from her, she dropped to her knees, panting. Her body was weary, but not at all sore. Slowly, she let herself relaxand leaned her head against his thigh.

Closing her eyes, she focused on the feeling of the water falling down on her and the feeling of his hand beginning to pet her head, softly and affectionately. She wrapped her arms around his leg and remained in bliss as he placed his hand on her head, and left her arms there when her began to wash her hair.