Without sight

She knocked on his door. He’d had a special surprise for her, but had refused to tell her; every time she texted him to ask what they would be getting up to, he would just send a :3, which of course she responded to with a smug prick.

But he didn’t answer the door. Instead, the vibration of her phone told her Door’s open. This only fanned the flames of her curiosity; why didn’t he come to the door? After entering his apartment, she was met with a sign and a bin, instructing her to remove all of her clothes – all of them – and put on the blindfold hanging on a hook before coming to his room. “Okay, what’s his game…?” she asked, curious, a bit nervous, and a bit excited. After a moment of deliberating with herself, she stripped, sliding the blindfold onto her eyes.

Fortunately, his room was close to the entryway, so she didn’t have to bumble about his house without being able to see. Gingerly placing her hand on the doorknob and pushing through, she slowly walked in, cautious not to run into anything in her blinded state. Her breath seized up just a little, heart racing as her nipples hardened with delight at the thoughts of what he would do to her while she was blindfolded, helpless, incapable of escape….

As soon as she stepped in, she felt him pull her close to him from the front. She jumped slightly, feeling his body pressing against hers’, his strong, firm muscles wrapping around her. The skin on his chest touched hers, and she felt his legs, slightly hairy but by no means uncomfortably, brush against her legs. A hand fell to her hair as she slowly reached out, placing a hand on his back and one around her waist. The feeling of his naked skin against hers’ was like a spark of fire or lightning, and relaxed her nerves while her heart raced ever faster.

“How do I look?” she asked, self-conciously. Although he’d seen her naked before, this was a new circumstance. She felt his shoulders raise slightly, as if he shrugged.

“I wouldn’t know. I can’t see shit,” he playfully grasped one of her hands and, after giving her fingers a tender squeeze of affection, brought her hand up. Her fingertips touched soft velvet across his eyes before his fingers interlaced with hers and she felt his body over hers, pressing his lips to hers. Moaning into the lips of her tall lover, her body bristled with goosebumps as she felt heat between her legs with just a single kiss.

The nervousness of being blinded caused her legs to tremble and weakened her balance, but he held her strong; an arm around her waist keeping her standing strong as his skin pressed against hers. She felt his cock, growing from being firm to a hard, pulsing mass the more he kissed her. She tasted his lips, the minty aftertaste of toothpaste on his breath. She felt his arms, with taut muscles pulling her in and embracing him in his scent, an almost indescribable savory that made her melt like chocolate between the lips.

Reaching down for this pulsing member, just before she touched his cock, he grasped her hand. “No,” he said, kissing her neck softly under her ear, causing pleasure to run through her body starting at the top of her spine. “Not yet,” he said, slowly pulling away, before sliding next to her and lifting her into the air.

She let out a squeal as she was separated from the ground, and clung to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. She normally didn’t like being lifted off the ground, nervous that she would be dropped, and now, having been separated from the ground while blindfolded, she was terrified, but exhilarated with the ease at which he hoisted her into the air. Her heart raced as he carried her, before he gently knelt down, placing her on his bed and crawling in after her, slipping his arms around her.

From there, he felt his hands begin to explore. Fingertips, grazing over her skin, slowly running along her arms. A single fingertip ran down her spine, sending a shiver through her body as the lightest of touches sent a hungry feeling through her and pulled a gasp from her lips. She pulled in close, feeling her pussy begin to pulse softly as his hand ran down the curve of her ass, noot squeezing, not digging in, just touching her.

Her hand wrapped around him, squeezing the back of his neck and running down his shoulders. While his long arms let him trace fingertips along the back of her legs, her hands squeezed the musculature of his shoulders, feel the strong but relaxed form of his back. Softly, she ran her nails up his hips, and felt the way he reacted, acutely aware of the slight trembling and the slightest of hitches in his breath as his cock throbbed firmly against her crotch.

Abandoning sight, she embraced his scent and explored his body. Leaning up, she kissed him, biting his lower lip before his tongue slipped against hers. His arms pulled her against him, and she grew intimately familiar with the shape of his form, focusing on every inch of him and exploring him without sight.

His lips pressed to her neck, before sucking and even sinking his teeth softly into her neck, and her nails dug deeper into him. “Just a little more,” she asked and his teeth sunk in just barely deeper; an almost imperceptible amount, but enough to make her hips buck softly and grind against him. Leaning in, she kissed his lips hard, before rolling over on top of him, slowly pulling her arms from under his weight.

Her hands rested on his shoulders as his hands fell on her waist and squeezed her, pressing her body down, her pussy grinding hard against his cock without letting it slide in. She felt weightless, his hands falling to her waist and lifting her just barely; not even all the way off his body, but negating her weight. Leaning in, she kissed him with an understated hunger, a need and a lust without any sense of vulgarity, slipping her tongue into his mouth, pushing back once his tongue pressed against hers, feeling his hard flesh throbbing in time with his accelerating heart between the lips of her slit, driving her crazy.

She could have grabbed his cock and pulled her into him in an instant, but instead in the brief moment where she considered taking her lover, he rolled over, softly pinning her to the bed. His hands pressed against her wrists, holding her to the bed, before she felt his hands softly rise up her wrists. Back arching, she felt his skin sliding against hers’ as his fingers interlaced with hers and held her down.

One moment later, he leaned in and kissed her chest. Between her breasts. She anticipated him sucking on her nipple, nibbling it, blowing on it, but he kept kissing her chest while his cock throbbed against her thigh. She pushed back, but could not budge him, she couldn’t move him as she saw nothing, but felt his strength completely, restraining her helplessly without hurting her even a little.

Incapable of fighting, incapable of forcing more, she bucked her hips as he kissed her breasts, slowly kissing in a circle around each nipple. Teasing, he slowly kept building her up, higher and higher, exploring her body more as she gasped, listening to his breath, feeling a pleasurable flame burn through her, feeling his weight holding her down without crushing her.

Eventually, she stopped squirming, she stopped shaking, she stopped trying to get his cock into her, and she listened to his body, listened to her body, and gave herself to a feeling of overwhelming passion as she began to quiver.

She felt him let go of one hand, which she then placed on the back of his neck, and then the next feeling was the lips of her pussy being spread by the firm head of his cock, her precum soaking it and dribbling down between her legs for the briefest of moments.

 She let out a scream of bliss as he slid into her without resistance.