Lucy’s Turn

Huh. Coulda swore I posted this one earlier… well, I wrote it back in 2011,, sometime in the summer; don’t exactly remember when. Either way, I enjoyed writing it, and here it is for you all to read.


Robert was a simple man who ordered his lemonade cloyingly sweet, his thai food spiceless, and the cheapest beer in the most themeless bars.  A plain car, a plain job working in a plain office with plain friends who parroted plain gossip.

It wasn’t that he hated excitement.  Let it be known that Robert loved excitement as much as any man whose blood flows scarlet, but hated having to be in command.  So Robert lived a plain life with his plain wife, Lucy.

Most nights, Robert came home, ate dinner that Lucy prepared, watched some cable television, and went to bed, having a quick fifteen minute round of sex with his wife.

Except Sundays.  Sundays, Robert always, always, ALWAYS took Lucy out to keep the flame burning, choosing their date with the help of a set of dice and a chart that his little brother made for him before rambling about the ‘burden of the game master’.  Whatever that means.  Though indecisive, Robert was a man of his word, although his insistance to keep to their dinner plans that week he had the stomach flu was, in hindsight, a bit of a folly.

Lucy seemed to know all the good remedies for foul stomachs.  All of them.

But that is a tale for another time.  This is a tale of Lucy’s turn to decide their date.

When Lucy came up with the idea, it intrigued him.  Lucy had been from a family where the girls were expected to never take initiative, so it was a request without precedent.  But if she would help decide their date, Robert would go along with her plan.  It was an odd plan, though.

She wanted to have their date at home.  At home!  What kind of date could they have at home?  But she was insistant that she wanted to have such a date, so Robert aquiesed, and she booted him out of the house for half the day.

“It’ll be more exciting this way!” She reasoned before telling him to go hang out with his brother across town for a few hours.  Watching Jake roll dice with four other nerds while cackling madly and wearing an oversized hat was a…unique experience, truth be told.

Now, he returned home.  Slowly, the man opened his door, wondering what he would come home to.

What he saw was completely unexpected.

Chestnut hair, normally worn in a bun was let drape down her back with vibrant volume and color that was far from plain.

Her body, normally dressed in a manner best described as modest showed far more skin than usual – a black, frilly outfit, remeniscent of a french maid who wore her tight-laced corset on the outside.  A maid whose skirt was far too short…or perhaps just the right length to give a titillating glimpse of the curve of her pale, shapely ass while she bent down, legs spread wide, idly dusting a vace that sat low.

Alabaster legs were given a touch of color by black fishnets held up by black garters, and given a magnificent shape by black heels, taller than any Robert knew were in her closet.

Standing up straight, slowly Lucy turned around.  Her face, normally accessorized with slightly oversized glasses were bare.  Her chest, normally just above ‘small’ seemed ‘ample’, surely assisted by the corset which surely bound her breathing.

Robert had one thought.  His wife certainly wasn’t plain tonight.

Slowly, she sashayed over delicately, grabbing the sides of the costume before curtseying.  The skirt was so short, Robert had a glance below; his heart thumped when he could see even from several feet away that his wife’s pussy was covered by a white thong which was only semi-opaque.  “Merci, master.  I thought you would not be home for… some time,” she purred, lifting her head

His eyes fell upon her neck.  A leather black collar that shone as new as the full moon.

Lucy led her husband, her most beloved person through their house by his cock, figuratively, and to an extent literally, when she led him to dinner.  His eyes traced her every movement, and his cock throbbed in his slacks, awaiting the moment he could strip the translucent barrier from her crotch.

Dinner came, and if he had grabbed her by the hair and fucked her when she bent over the table to set it, he would have, too.  But he didn’t.  Even when she deepthroated a banana at the dinnertable, he restrained himself.  He hesitated.

Robert wanted to see what his secret little sexpot had in mind next.

Robert’s secret little sexpot wanted to be bent over and fucked until her name stopped being ‘Lucy’ and could be ordered by a court of law to be changed to “Robert’s secret little sexpot” on all of her paperwork.

Lucy understood, though.  Her husband was not the type to act hastily or quickly.  So she didn’t show sorrow, focusing on teasing him.  While she cleaned the dishes, she felt precum soak through his briefs and slacks as she reached down to give him a squeeze.  Robert’s face was the shape of pleasure, and Lucy’s face was the shape of satisfaction.


Lucy commanded her husband’s attention with every movement, with every swing of her hips, every time she bent over to show herself off.  She’d planned this for over a month, returning items she bought with her allowance credit card to convert them to cash, so she could catch him off guard with this outfit.

When the teasing was all he could stand, when she was sitting on his lap and grinding her almost bare pussy against his slacks, he swallowed.  “Why don’t we… go to our room?” he asked softly, reaching out.  His fingers traced her arms, giving her a case of shudders as his touches were light traces.

“Pardon me, Master?” She asked, playing dumb.  Oh, Robert.  Your inability to get ‘in character’ is both adorable and infuriating.

“I mean…” he sat up straight.  “Come into the back.  I’ve got something you can do for a little bonus,” he said more confidently, as Lucy beamed.  Robert was getting into it!  Her heart nearly fluttered right out of her chest as she slowly climbed off the ‘master’s’ lap, standing straight.  “Oui,” was all she said, guiding his hand to the ring on her collar where a leash would be looped.

He didn’t need to tug her to get her to come along as he kept one finger in the loop, going to their room, looking around with some surprise.  Upon their bedstands, Lucy decorated their room with toys that Lucy aquired over the years.

A variety of vibrators, including one of the remote-controlled, wearable kind.  A butt plug with a decorative cat tail, and kitty ears to go with.  Lengths of rope, nipple clamps, an electric toy, and candles which melted comparatively cool, but with an undeniable intensity regardless.

Robert was hard, so hard you could rest a plate on him, but did not eye the parts.  Instead, he crawled onto the bed, laying down and undoing his pants.  Lucy was a little disappointed.  She hoped he’d be more imaginative.  Well, at the very least, he wasn’t a small man… after all the blowjobs in all their years, she was just barely unable to deepthroat her love.  Not that she had given up.

Lucy reached up, squeezing her breasts and looking down, wide-eyed.  “Master… what are you doing?” She asked with faux shock and awe, eying the flesh that made her body pulse and throb and dribble.

“I want you to suck me off, Lucy,” he said as sternly as possible.  She blushed and turned away, her breath hitched.

“I… I couldn’t,” she whimpered, before her husband sat up.

“Why not?  I’m your husband.”

Lucy’s heart sank.  “…Yes, of course,” she said, before climbing on the bed.  She didn’t bother to move as seductively as she could, not that Robert would notice it.  He never noticed it.  At least he noticed when she put her lips on the tip of his cock and lightly stroked her fingers up the shift.

The quiver that ran through his body restored her spirits.  She always felt a little better when she made Robert quiver, and when he put his hand on her head like he did now.

She didn’t mind that he pushed down inelegantly, that she couldn’t completely breathe when she sucked his cock, and she actually loved that.  She loved that it left her breathless and helpless, that just a little bit, for once, he took command.

And he did take command.  His previous lack of confidence left him and he pushed her down viciously almost, his hips rising to bang the head of his cock against her throat.  She gagged slightly, noisily to spur him on, putting her hands to his thighs; too much and she could push off… possibly.  It was good if she couldn’t, too.  Secretly, she longed for the day she passed out on his cock.  She worshipped it.

As she sucked, as she felt his balls tighten and his cock throb harder, she was aware of how wet she was, so she began to tease herself through her sheer panties.  She was aware of how they hadn’t used any of their toys, but they’d gotten a good start in, so she was happy.

She was aware her husband was about to cum, and knew him to have a refractory period of an hour or so, but at least she could swallow his sweet semen.

Even if she didn’t get fucked.

Even if she didn’t get to cum.

Even if


No.  No, no, no.  This is completely, unmistakably, undeniably, unforgivably unacceptable.

As she sucked Robert’s long, hard cock, as it throbbed in warning, something inside of her snapped.  Something shattered, like glass.


nothing broke


Something that she had held down by binding whatever called it forward, something sealed away stood up.  Something that remained with her through her whole life that she barred away like a serial killer.  But like a button rendered useless by rust could be smashed into usability like the megaton force of a hammerblow, this part of her had been torn up to the surface, and would not lay back down.

And it was incarnated in her right hand, grabbing the hand in her hair, refusing to let that hand push her down, refusing to let that mouth make him cum.

Her eyes opened slowly, and met his confused expression.  He tried to press, but she wouldn’t budge, keeping the head in her mouth, sucking hard on it.  He moaned as pleasure spiked through him, but alone it wouldn’t make him cum.  He thrusted his hips, but that barely did anything.

Eyes locked on his, she pried his hand off her head and pinned it to the bed.  His other hand was also quickly pinned.  She sucked hard, swallowing around his cock, sending spikes of desire through him, slowly bobbing her head as his flesh throbbed harder and harder.

Then she stopped.  His hands squirmed and struggled, desperately trying to break her grip, but it was no use.  Robert was twice her size!  It was impossible for her to be stronger than him.  But she was.  Robert began bucking, pushing his hips up, fucking her mouth, pleading for release with his movements. 


He stopped to reel and recover as his face stung.  He didn’t see what happened, Lucy was so quick, but he soon realized she slapped him and repinned his hand.

He didn’t have time to complain or get angry, as he gasped, fingers digging into the sheets as once again, he approached climax.  Once again, it was stolen as Lucy’s whole mouth came off his cock, and she blew air coolly against the saliva-dampened organ, driving him to squirm again through the torture.

This continued again and again, until Robert, normally the ‘man of the house’, began begging and pleading.  His poor cock throbbed so hard it ached, but secretly the torture felt so good he didn’t want it to ever stop, if he could only stand it!

It wasn’t about revenge, but Lucy wanted him to understand what it felt like to be going crazy with lust and not be able to do anything about it.

Lucy sat up, grabbing his hands and pulling them up to her chest, giving them a squeeze and a silent command.  Robert understood, beginning to knead and massage her breasts through the maid uniform.  Lucy’s eyes closed and a soft moan escaped her lips.  The soft material felt so good against her engorged nipples, sending waves of small bliss fluttering althrough her body, the ones that reached her clit bouncing back with messages of want and need.

Robert tried to sit up.  Lucy caught him in the chest and forced him back down, looking down at his cock.  To his embarassment and subtle shame, it just throbbed harder when she pinned him.

Reaching up behind herself, she undid the collar.  Reaching aside, she prepared to sit in on the bedstand.

“Put it on me.”

Lucy’s whole body went rigid as she looked down at him.  He sat up, looking into her eyes.  Shame filled him.  He was a man!  He was born to lead and be in command and she was born to serve him and give him children.  This was what he was taught his whole life, but no part of it felt right.  Not even a little.

This… this felt right.

“Are you sure?” She asked, not completely sure of herself.  Robert nodded.

“Yes,” he said, before sitting up slightly.

Lucy was Robert’s partner.  This would not change.

The collar was wrapped around Robert’s neck.  The weight was firm and slightly uncomfortable, and choked him a little, given his larger neck, but he couldn’t make his cock stop twitching if he tried.

Lucy moved up on her husband’s lap after chucking her panties across the room almost violently.  Seeing that collar on Robert’s neck flipped that switch again and locked it into it’s new position.  Sitting up on her knees, she pushed the head of his flesh against her vulva, gripping the shaft with one hand and pulling his face close to hers by the collarloop with the other.

“You’re going to cum inside of me.  Then we’re going to watch a movie,” she said commandingly, receiving a “Yes, Madame,” after each order.  She paused, and smiled.

“Then you’re going to fuck me in the ass,” she said.  His eyes opened wide, but after a small hesitation, he spoke up.  “y-yes. Madame.”

That was all it took for her to kiss him with a passion so hot it nearly burnt them up, dropping her hips and driving his cock deeper into her pussy than he’d ever gotten it himself.

Lucy gasped, feeling her husband throbbing, heat and pleasure rushing through her.  Her hands dug into his dress shirt, nails digging into his chest through even his garment.  His hips rose to meet her, pushing him deeper as he nearly lifted her off the bed.

Gasping for air, she grabbed his shoulders as his hands continued to knead and rub her breasts.  Shudders ran through her body and she began to lift herself and drive herself down, impaling her pussy on his flesh, moaning as every throb of his flesh made his already sizable penis feel gigantic in it’s expansion.

“Gods, yes, yes, yes, oh, fuck, yes!” She began screaming, howling in a way Robert never imagined she could howl.  His balls tightened as his cock grew even more hard somehow, the flesh losing more and more of it’s give as Lucy gripped him like a vice.

“Not yet,” she panted out, driving herself harder on him and harder, moaning as spasms ripped through her.  “Don’t cum yet, sweetheart.  Give it to me, more, yes, yes!”

Robert lifted his hips to meet hers.  His hands moved from her breasts, reaching down and ripping open his dress shirt, sending buttons flying everywhere.  His bare chest glistening with sweat, Lucy leaned in and sunk her lips around a nipple as she ground down, moaning as Robert’s nails dug into her ass under her skirt, his cock crying out, his testicles aching so much he couldn’t stand it, but determined to follow his wife’s order not to


Robert couldn’t help himself, slamming up into Lucy’s flesh like he never had before as she ground down on him, stimulating even her clit with the grinding as he wildly bucked up harder and harder, his cock erupting with white hot semen, painting the walls of her pussy with his seed as she drove herself down.

Her entire body quivered like an earthquake started in her pussy.  She tried to scream as heat and pleasure short-circuited her senses, but no sound came out.  She was aware of how she was being filled up, but that was all she was aware of, not even that her nails dug into her husband’s chest so deep they drew blood as her body went rigid and she found herself upright, the angle driving his cock so deep the painfully pleasurable sensation of the striking of her cervix overcame her.

She was out.  Her wits and thoughts were gone, and all she could do was keep grinding.  She kept grinding, and every few seconds another shockwave would come from her body and overtake her, another climax.  Lucy had never had this many orgasms in one session, in one day, in one week, and in most months!

Slowly, she came to, still grinding, still feeling Robert’s hard, pulsing cock inside of her, feeling his hands roughly manhandling her small breasts, feeling him pounding her.  He’d never been able to keep fucking her after cumming!  Slowly, Lucy stopped grinding and rose herself up again, dropping her body on Robert’s, driving his still-hard flesh that was now covered in a mixture of their fluids deep into her.

Grabbing his shoulders, she gained leverage and dropped every last pound of her body onto him, growling as he drove up into her, lifting his hips up so strongly he lifted her off the bed.  Each drop sent shockwaves of pleasure up her spine, sent waves of heat through his body, sent his cock ramming into her cervix.

He pulsed and throbbed as she pulled him up by the remains of his shirt, forcing her lips onto his, screaming into his mouth as she came, gripping him so tight it made the taking of virginity seem like a joke.

Her body glistened and dripped with sweat as she rose and fell, her breath growing hotter and hotter, grinding after every thrust, rubbing her clit against his pelvic bone, feeling another heat stirring in her, building slower but boiling higher, commanding her to grind, to pull him against her, to scream, to curl her toes.

Driving her to cum more violently, more intensely, to cum so hard as to literally pass out as for the second time tonight, Robert filled her pussy with seed.

Minutes passed, and slowly, shuddering, Lucy woke up.  Robert wasn’t moving.  Exausted and ecstatic, why would he move?  His erection finally calmed down, though it likely wouldn’t have if Lucy hadn’t stopped moving.

When she clung to him, moaning all the while, he clung to her.  “Thank you, Lucy,” he almost sobbed.  “Thank you, Madame.  Thank you…” he hesitated and swallowed.  “My mistress.”


The best part?

They STILL hadn’t watched their movie…

And Lucy was still going to make him fuck her ass when that was done with.

Elisha, as a blogger

My new erotica pseudonym is Elisha W. Bradley.  I know, I know, it’s similar to the old one, however the only reason I felt the need to abandon the old one is also the name of a marvel character, because apparently I thought it was a good idea to write filthy stories before doing a google check.




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