A Lost Cup

For a long time, Samantha wanted to lose weight. Although she had many admirers who considered her beautiful, friends who admired her hips and ass, and a boyfriend who only grinned when he saw her breasts, she didn’t really feel satisfied. She had an image she wanted, even though Jake, said boyfriend, only frowned when she mentioned losing weight.
Coming home from work one day, though, Jake noticed her moping on the couch. Her tall and lean but muscular lover frowned whenever he saw her in despair, so he sighed. While she stared at the TV in front of you her eyes dead, listless, she was roused from her gloom by a large thump of papers in front of her. Shaken from her thoughts, she saw a rather thick diet book. For a moment, it cut through her; now even Jake thought she was fa-
“You know,” he said, sitting on the couch next to her, one leg crossed over the other, a grin on his face. “I don’t think you need to lose weight,” he said, causing her rage to stop building. “But if it’ll make you happy, I’m in a relationship with you,” he said, leaning in and pressing his lips softly to hers. “Not these,” he said before grabbing her large breasts and giving them a soft squeeze, lightly running his thumb over where one of the nipples was.
An electric spark of desire ran through her body, a squeak rising from her lips as she shuddered. She tried to glare, but it was half grin. “But Jake, I’m always going to be busty,” she said before leaning in to kiss him… and having her hair jerked to the side so Jake could bite down on her neck. She let out a moan, her entire body tensing as her toes curled and he began to play with one of her nipples, even through her blouse and bra. No fair that he could always find them.

Months passed.
Diets passed.
Frusturation mounted. Three pounds down. Three pounds up. Ten pounds down. Twelve pounds up. Nothing seemed to work.
Jake simply shrugged and remained supportive. He didn’t try to get her to stop, nor did he particularly speak words of encouragement. He just listened when she needed to speak. Held her when she cried. Occasionally when she got into too big a rant he cut her off by dropping her to the ground and filling her mouth with his cock.
Five pounds down. Ten pounds down. Another five. Another ten. Bit by bit, the big, beautiful, curvy Samantha of 250 pounds… remained beautiful and curvy, and still large, but certainly smaller. Most people said she looked better. Jake just smiled and said he was proud of her, and told her that she was beautiful.
Ten more pounds down. Five more.
One day over dinner she asked if she looked more sexy, he only gave a coy smile and said “You’re more confident. That’s very sexy.”
Clothes were replaced. Lingerie was replaced. She was happy.
Except for one small, tiny thing.
Her breasts, previously humongus and one are of pride were… Well, they were still really damn big. But less so. After her shower, she pouted as one of her old bras just didn’t fit; when her body shrunk in ways she wanted, her breasts just weren’t as huge. Squeezing them and examining them from various angles in the bathroom mirror, she couldn’t help but frown.
Was it vain to miss being able to count on being the bustiest person in the room? Yes, but everyone was allowed a little vanity.
Facing the mirror, she took in a sigh and a frown as she saw Jake approach her from behind, slipping his hands around her and placing them on her breasts. She inhaled sharply, expecting him to touch her on the nipples like he usually did.
But this time his fingers stayed wide, avoiding her aereola and gave a soft squeeze. “What’s the matter, hun?” he asked in his usual dopey tone as he began to massage her breasts. A little bit of heat rose through her as she inhaled.
“N-nothing,” she said and was rewarded with the pain of a bite on her neck.
“Liar,” he said in a tone which held no anger but threatened punishment. She fidgetted as his fingers lightly ran their nails into the flesh of her bosoms.
“I just noticed my breasts getting smaller,” she said. It was like he had prophesized, and she felt disappointed and embarassed. He didn’t say a thing, he just kissed her on the neck as she tilted her head to stretch it and expose more area to kisses.
“Yeah,” he said, running one of his nails in a circle around her aereola, causing her heart to race. Just touch them, dammit! she thought as she slowly grow more anxiously aroused, feeling the blood pumping in her heart and between her thighs. Her frusturation began to fall away, but she clung to it for some spiteful reason.
“You were right,” she said as he let her breasts go, and felt his hands grasp her hips and turn her around.
“I know,” he said, looking her in the eyes with the same dopey grin, his nails tracing up and down her sides before he leaned in, looking up at her as he slowly let his tongue come out and come closer to her right nipple. She inhaled deeply. Her heart raced in her chest. She wanted to grab his hair and push him in, but she knew what would follow that would be punishment. And Jake liked punishing her.
Slowly, he brought his tongue closer before pulling it in his mouth and blowing on her nipple. She let out a yelp as hot air ran a spike of desire through her and her thighs clenched together. She stomped on the ground a little bit, hands resting on her boyfriend’s shoulders as he blew on the other nipple and then began to fondle them, grope them.
He kissed her breasts above the aereola, suckling on the wide flesh and making it clear there was plenty of surface area for him to touch, kiss, scratch. Her hands slipped around his neck and fingers interlaced themselves in his curly hair for support as she tried to hold onto her frusturation.
She tried to lament that her breasts were getting smaller, but Jake was happily making both his admiration of them and the area he had to admire clear. And he wasn’t even pressing the instant win button of her nipples the way he often did! She wished he would, though.
“A-ahh,” she moaned as he sucked on her underbreast, feeling her pussy clench. “Jake,” she moaned his name. “Jake, Jake,” she said before whining. “Please, Jake, kiss my nipples. Please, please, please sir,” she moaned, becoming vocal as he ignored her request and kept teasing them. Nails on the underbreasts, lips on the side. Teethmarks that would fade quickly surrounded her nipples but never touched them. Her knees went weak and she found herself holding tighter to him for support.
When one of his fingernails lightly scratched against her aereola she screamed and clenched, holding tight to her lover as he suddenly sucked on one nipple while squeezing the other.
She screamed as Jake sucked on her nipple and she clung to him like he was a liferaft, moans escaping her lips as he squeezed the other nipple, twisting just slightly and applying a little bit of pleasure as her pussy burned for more.
Within an instant, he had her bent over the bathroom counter. Just moments later pain and pleasure united inside her as he clamped both of her nipples, putting the long cord that connected them behind her and putting it between his teeth and tugging, sending spikes of pleasure. Then she came for a second time the moment he pulled back hard on it with his mouth while penetrating her.
Jake fucked her mercilessly. He pounded her pussy like it was everything she needed in order to stay alive. He pulled back on her hips while she watched the body she worked so hard to achieve get fucked like an animal and watched her still large breasts swing and sway. She came all over his cock many times, clamping down on it like a vice, only making the normally dopey-smiled man grow more and more primal and ferocious, jerking back on her hips to pull her onto his cock as he filled her up with it and jerked back on the cord. Every time he pulled back, he pulled back with his whole body. Her nipples sent spikes of joy through her, then her cunt was filled to the bottom with his flesh. Lust and warmth came from all over her body and consumed her mind.
She felt his cock twitching and pulsing, harder and harder. She felt him feeling close, and she awaited his release. She wanted to be filled with his cum.
Before she was, though, she felt him pull out, leaving her pussy feeling empty before he grabbed her hair and threw her down. Grabbing her by the hair and forcing her to her knees, after ripping her nipple clamps off roughly he thrust his cock into her mouth and began to throatfuck her. Hard, fast, violent, she felt his cock twitch as she got ready.
“Don’t swallow,” he ordered. “Don’t fucking swallow,” he growled before he pulled thrust into her mouth for one last time before she tasted him, tasted the salty and sweet flavor of his semen and came one more time from just the taste. Though her pussy was empty it twitched just like he had been fucking it and her scream vibrated his cock and made it pulse even harder, shoot even thicker cum into her mouth.
“Don’t swallow,” he ordered, so she didn’t swallow, just letting his delicious cum mix with her saliva. “Look down and open your mouth,” She obeyed his command, without spitting letting his thick cum dribble out of her mouth, down her chin. She shuddered, feeling it’s warmth run down her neck and her chest, run down her breasts. She shuddered as the stream touched her abused right nipple.
“Look up,” he ordered and she looked up, seeing their favorite camera. Her pussy pulsed at the sight of it if not the thought; right now she was incapable of thinking. A few picturesnaps and he put his hand on her head and let her lean into his leg and moan softly before he knelt down and picked her up, carrying her to bed without effort for aftercare. She could take another shower later.

The next day, she had to admit that she had gained an appreciation for her old body that she didn’t have before learning that losing weight meant losing a cup size. But she also had an appreciation for her new body; she gained it through hard work and she was proud of it. Jake could pick her up more easily. And even one cup down, the wallpaper on her phone, showing her with disheavaled hair, a look of lust in her eyes and cum dribbling out of her mouth, and huge tits covered in semen, bite marks, and clamp marks told her that her breasts were still hot and she could be proud of every part of her body.


 “Like this?” she asked nervously, touching her thigh as she focused on the camera. Her Master, separated from her for work across the country nodded as he beheld his beloved pet.


“Tease yourself,” was His order.  Without hesitation, she began to trace her fingers closer to her pussy, closer to the pulsing heat from inside of her. Slowly, spreading the lips, she began to slide one finger into her most intimate-


“Stop.” A single, crisp word from Him caused her body to halt. “Don’t penetrate yourself,” He clarified, gazing up and down at her beautiful form. “Tease yourself.  Don’t fuck yourself.”


“Yes, sir.” This was their first time on camera together, so she was unaccustomed to this, but she would still please Him. Tracing her sensitive fingertips over her skin, she brushed up and down her body, from just above her clit to up along her throat, grazing between her breasts on their path.


At His command, she brought a melting ice cube above each nipple, sending cold shivers and spikes of desire through her as her nipples stood up and grew hard.


At His command, she grazed the edge of her shaved pussy, just barely grazing her vulva with the slightest of touches, but never directly placing her finger atop the sensitive lips that hungered for a kiss from her fingers.


At His command, she used a very small electrical fan, blowing cool air onto her clit that pulsed hot and throbbed, and she imagined that the air was His breath.  Pushed nearly to her limit already, she struggled to resist the urge to slide her fingers into her pussy, or to flick her clit directly.  It took willpower, but she obeyed His desires as she resisted the urge to clamp her legs while her muscles throbbed in need.


“Master,” she asked, beginning to pant. “May I cum for you?” she asked, beginning to feel herself wanting more.


He shook his head. “You may not,” He said, His breath growing ragged with an indescribable need.


She whimpered and for a moment of weakness her legs clamped closed.  Only the force of her will and depth of her submission let her spread them open again to continue the torture she inflicted on her flesh. The ice cube traced lines of cool against her skin that contrasted and burnt hot, bringing her to greater levels of sensitivity and sharpening her awareness. The fan was a cruel toy that blew against her nipples and her clit, blew against her sensitive zones and made them burn for more, never enough but always appetizing.


At His command, she kissed her vibrator and slid it into her mouth, giving him a deepthroat show when she wanted it so badly inside her pussy; her sex ached and throbbed in time with her heartbeat, dripping with lubrication like a waterfall.


At His command, she traced red lines in her skin, dragging her own nails along her thighs, creating circling, spiraling patterns of red, turning even her own fingernails into a toy that she could be tormented with.


“Master,” she practically moaned out. “May I cum for you now?”


“You may not,” He said with a predatory smile, his voice rumbling with the flavor of a primal growl seasoning the words.


She began to pant and moan, her composure breaking, her hunger and need beginning to take over her. Her skin was on fire; every little touch felt ten times deeper than it ever had. Her eyes felt unfocused and her mind swam as her willpower gently floated away from her, replaced by only acceptance and surrender. Time had no meaning, only the feelings that ran through her like beautiful gifts from her Master.


She stopped asking if she could cum for Him. She only gazed into the camera, gazed at her Master, letting the image of her body, the sounds escaping her lips, the complete abandonment of all dignity and pride be her gift. She abandoned her humanity, letting only animalistic, hungry, guttural sounds escape from her throat as she teased herself more and more cruelly.


“Now, my pet,” Her master began. “Cum for us!”


She didn’t even need to touch her clit or penetrate herself; her body obeyed on it’s own.  She screamed out, arching her back and moaning, grinding hard against her hand as she slid two fingers into her soaking and spasming pussy, crying out as her entire body tightened up. Pleasure ripped through her as her orgasm tore the gates down like a hammer smashing the wall, her climax drowning out all her senses, leaving her with only pleasure, erasing all sight and sound.


When she came to, she found herself moaning on the floor, writhing. Her fingers still in her pussy, grinding away, bringing her closer to another orgasm. Before she could even stand, it hit, and she let out another howl, arching her back and rolling onto her side, quivering as her body clenched around her hand. Shuddering, she gasped, shaking and groaning. Even then, it took her a few moments for her fingers to stop exploring her cunt and bringing her closer to another earthshaking orgasm.


“Thank you, my pet,” her master spoke in a soft, tender voice over the microphone; even though she’d fallen from her chair and was no longer on camera, He hadn’t left her.


No matter how far He was, He was still with her and would stay with her.

Bitten, Bleeding; An Instant in Eroticism

My nails bite at my palms as I suck down a gasp of pain.

I don’t ignore the feeling of your teeth in my neck, the pain of you sinking into me like some hungry animal.  I don’t ignore the feeling of your arms wrapping themselves around me, of nails digging into my skin and tearing away at flesh.  My instincts command me to resist, to fight, to run from the pain.

Your teeth just grow harder, more violent as my body quivers and my blood burns.  Blood flows between my legs and I clamp down.  The pain grows ever more intense, ever harder to resist, as it gives way to another feeling, a swimming feeling; the feeling of your hunger begins to fill my head and cloud my thoughts.

My palms bleed as my trembling fists clench tighter than they ever have.

Your nails tear skin and spread flecks of blood around us.  The power of your fangs and nails, the power of you begins to overwhelm me.

“Nn…ah~” a moan escapes my lips as your teeth sink in so deep that the iron taste of my blood fills your mouth.  Surrendering to the pain, to the passion of sensation, my body stirs and my hips buck softly, my eyes fluttering closed

My fists break into open hands, gentle and calm.  Instinctually, automatically, naturally, my arms fall around your shoulders, and pull you ever closer.

As I’m enveloped by your hunger, I wrap you in acceptance.

I accept this pain, because it is born of passion and hunger.

What I see and what you see

After a shower, in the mirror, we stand, together.

No clothes. Your body to mine, my arms around you.

You see a face with wrinkles and signs of age.
I see a beautiful face that wears experience.

You see a chubby body which could lose weight.
I see a gorgeous, curvy, feminine form.

You see a short woman who is nothing like the tall models of magazines.
I see a lady who fits just right in my arms.

And when I squeeze your body and pull you close, when you feel my skin against yours, my warm skin against yours, feel my growing erection pressed against your ass, you look again.

Then you see a beautiful face that wears experience.
Then you see a gorgeous, curvy, feminine form.
Then you see a lady who fits just right in my arms.

Hesitation; An instant in eroticism

He hesitated.

Looking down at her, beautiful bare ass red and raised to the air, he hesitated when he saw the wince in her eyes, the pain in her expression. He paused as he saw the tears stained across her cheeks, burning with pain. In that moment, his hand was still.

And in that moment she sprung. Her body, small but strong, took him to the floor and pinned his nude form. Her hands pinned his wrists as she looked down at him. Her beautiful, teary cheeks were strong and fierce, and her body lifted, preparing to envelop him, to turn the tables and to take him.

In a show of strength and flexibility, he knocked her off balance before turning the tables again, pressing a foot to her back as he pinned her onto the floor, reaching down and grabbing her hair as she let out a pained cry and he responded only with a growl.

Lifting her up and throwing her over his lap, he pulled back on her hair, leaning in to whisper in her ear. “I won’t underestimate you again,” he said before jerking her hair to force her to face him as he kissed her with hunger, ferocity, forcing his lips on hers and tearing the gasps and the moans from her mouth, sucking the air from her and drinking in the hunger of her body. He bit at the very lust that made her body quiver and made her pussy throb, and only drove that lust to burn hotter.

After that one kiss that felt like a buffet, he forced her head down and kept spanking her. He wouldn’t hold back any longer. He knew she could take it.

In the end, I’ll burn you out

“In the end, I’ll burn you out,” she warned him, pressing her skin against his, grinding her silken panties against his bare, hard, pulsing crotch. It was a warning filled with hunger, passion, and sorrow.

“Oh? I’m not the type of man to be burnt out, I’m the type to burn hotter and hotter,” he said, tracing her shoulderblade with his fingertips before undoing her bra.

She held him down and kissed him, pulling him to kiss her back. She bit his neck, kissed his skin, pulled his hair and forced him to look into her eyes. Not that she needed to use force; what she saw in those eyes was ferocity, hunger that matched her own. Playfully, she couldn’t help but smile as her hand touched his thigh.

He was hungry now, but she would wear him out, burn him out. That thought made a bit of pain flash through her eyes for the briefest of moments. A brief flash of a moment which was cut off when she was no longer pinning him, but underneath his form, his eyes meeting hers’ with hunger and desire and a playful smile. And he replaced her confusion with the pleasure of a kiss as his thigh pressed against her crotch, and sucked the moan from her lips.


So she would give him a chance, and she would burn him out. She would bite and kiss him, accept his kisses; she would hold him down and ride his cock and scream as he sucked her breast. She would bend over and take his flesh into hers’ and scream in time with the rhythm of their bodies colliding. She would look at his flesh, laying on the bed, glistening with sweat, chest rising and falling as her pussy throbbed, wondering when he would be burnt to ash.

Every time she looked at him and feared that it would be the time when she’d tired him out, he would lean up and kiss her, or make contact with her eyes. He would wrap an arm around her and kiss her before taking a swig of a water

When they rested, he would spoon her and put an arm over her breast and atop her stomach. She would wrap herself in his heartbeat and enshroud herself in his scent, and her heart would pulse a little faster. Her soul would sing to that beat and her body would press against him. And when she awoke from her rest, for a moment she would fear that he would tire of their play, that he would say it was time for him to go home and she would never hear from him again.

Each time, she would try to prove herself right by pressing her ass back into his crotch, and each time he would press his firming flesh against her and hold her tighter to him, and the sound of his voice cooing in her ear would slowly melt the barrier between lust and something more, something immutable, indescribable, and infinite.

Their weekend would end. The days of their lives would come, and he would go back to her work and she would go back to hers’. The two day weekend that seemed to stretch into eternity also seemed to come and go as quickly as the flame of a single candle went out.


Her eyes watched his back as he opened the door to leave her home. Softly, she reached out, and grabbed his hand as his foot crossed the threshold. His movement paused, and he seemed to hesitate, so she let his hand go.

Well, it was a fun weeke

Her lips found his pressed hot against hers’, an unsated hunger that had been appetized and whet burning in his body as he held her close, pressing his chest to hers’ as a small moan was pulled from her lips; A moan he drank up just the same as he drank the sounds from their previous kisses.

When the kiss broke, he pulled her close, putting a hand on her head and listened to her breathe. “I’ll be back,” he whispered in her ear. “I mean, I have to see if you really can burn me out,” he teased.

For a few more precious, priceless seconds he held her.

Giving this another try

Well… I tried this blog some time ago (About a year), but failed at it mostly because not long after I started it, my muse and I began to have some troubles.


It drained me of my creativity and sort of broke my eroticism.


Well, I’m trying again.  I don’t have a single muse anymore, but I need to do this for the sake of my creativity, because I want to be a novelist one of these days, and I need to hone my craft.


Besides; it’s good to try to find shards of inspiration from the world around me and make art like stained glass, right?