Shaving Around Vampires Is Kinda Tricky; An instant in eroticism

A missed lunge and the wind is ripped from my lungs as you coolly twist me in the air before pressing your heel to my chest.

You always put me in my place.  Whimpering, I look up at the small nick on your cheek.  The crimson life that dribbles out is so appetizing.  I can smell it, smell you in that life, and I want you so bad.

You take notice of my need and glance in the mirror.  “Dammit, I hate shaving,” you mumble.  You grab a bit of toilet paper to wipe the blood, but you stop when I whine.


“No,” you say, your expression showing exasperation… but amusement flickers in your eyes.

“I want it, Master,” I whine, before you roll your eyes.  After a moment you let your heel up.  Jumping up I squeal with delight, wrapping you in a hug that nearly crushes your bones.

Ignoring your protests, I lick the cut… and moan at your taste.  Instantly my body shudders, and I press my lips to your cheek.  You taste like candy and like the finest meat all in one.  Wrapped in your your taste, my knees buckle.

The energy flows through my body and as it runs down between my legs my pussy pulses with life as I begin to suck harder, my nails digging into your back.  I hear you moan quietly.

But a cheek cut doesn’t bleed for long, and my lips pull away and I look into your eyes.  “Please…” ‘fuck me’ are the next words, but I’m too shy to say them out loud.

You look down at me and smile, patting my head… before getting a fistful of my hair as I squeal joyously.


Hot Shower

The hot water runs down my body, massaging my sore muscles, pulling gasps and moans from my body.

I touch myself, running the cloth along my form, between my breasts, down my arms, along my body down-

The pressure shifts, and strong arms wrap around me.  One hand places itself upon my navel, the other steals my cloth and washes me as the hot water runs over me.

Your touch is sensual, like fire and candy all at once, turning this shower into a sauna!  The way one hand strokes me while the other washes me causes me to shiver and moan.

The way one hand begins to gently finger my clit while the other washes me forces me to groan and lean back against you, arcing my back and giving the water angle to strike my breasts.

I feel light-headed, like I’m swimming in your clean scent, the force and heat of the water giving me awareness of every muscle in my body to my clamped eyelids to my quivering calves to my unsteady toes.

The way you grab the showerhead and focus the massager on my pussy makes me squeak and squirm and give a false struggle, but you hold me close, pin me to you as I’m wrapped in the hot, wet intensity of the shower.

I feel like I’m melting in your passion, like my shaking body is melting all away, leaving only steam and light in the wake of my tired body.

When the heat overtakes me and my entire body loses all sight, all sound, leaving behind only pleasure and the beating rhythms of the massager and of my heart, you gently lower me to my knees so I don’t fall.

Then you begin to shampoo my hair.

Night Queen; An instant in eroticism

Wrap my in your scent, Night Queen.  Drown me in your kaleidoscope eyes.  Hypnotize me with your curves.  Capture me with your soft touch.

But I wonder, as you push me down and gaze into my eyes, can you take me? Can you take my soul as you’ve taken the souls of hundreds of men?

When I roll you over and pin you down, I have to ask if maybe, just maybe I’ll come out of this alive.  I may burn too hot and too bright for even you to completely eat, Night Queen.

As I penetrate you, sink my flesh into you, you seem surprised as you gasp in pleasure; have all these men, all these centuries merely been food?  Has nobody ever treated you with the passion to be more than rations?  I will.

I’ll make you moan and I’ll make you cry.  I’ll feel those demon’s nails raking my flesh and I’ll tear moans from your body.  I’ll lap up your orgasms and engulf you in my scent, drown you in my almond eyes, hypnotize you with my hard muscles, and capture you with my firm touch.

I am more than a meal to you, Night Queen.  I am a match.

Anorgasmia; An instant in eroticism

“I… I’m going,” I say, biting my lip, blushing. It was wonderful, but…

I can’t orgasm. And it’s uncomfortable to think about. So I climb out of bed, pussy still full of your cum, and move towards my clothes.

I felt your strong arms around me, above my breasts, holding me tight before pulling me back onto your lap. Your other hand wraps around my waist, planting itself between my legs. I let out a yelp and a moan as one of your fingers runs along my drenched vulva.

“H-hey,” I say as you slip your finger into my pussy. My eyes roll back as a feeling of pleasure washes over me; As always I instinctively resist the pleasure. I try to break free, but I don’t tell you to stop.

You pause, to see if I’m afraid or just fighting because that’s my way. A shiver runs down my spine when you kiss up and down my neck and continue fingering me.

My legs spread open as warmth spreads through my body… warmth spreads from my pussy to my whole body, like when we made love, but it’s different now, more intense. Slowly your cum-soaked finger begins to run along my clit, turning the warmth from my crotch to an inferno.

In your strength, I buck, thrash, moan, shudder, and my entire body is taken over by pleasure. Before I understand it, An explosion of energy rips through my body and I cry out, shaking and moaning and leaning back into you, every muscle tensing up as my vision goes white.

I lean back into you as you lay back down on the bed, spooning me. My body snuggles close into and I enjoy the tower-like safety of your arms. “I’m staying,” I whisper.

Elijah, as a blogger.

So I’m actually completely new at this whole blogging thing.

And part of the reason for this, is, well, I would kind of like to possibly one day make something of a name for myself as an erotic writer.  (Ironic since I’m not using my legal name for this blog, eh?)

So I guess what I’m saying… um… well, I’m sorta shy at times, so I’m not that good at saying stuff like this, heh.

Does anyone have any advice for getting my name out there and getting more of a readership?  I would really like to make this a successful project and knowing that people are reading and enjoying the tales that I weave will make me all the more motivated and give me all the more inspiration, and sometimes we all need a little extra inspiration.

Bite Me; An instant in eroticism

“What was that?” you asked, raising an eyebrow at me while I smirked.

“My skin is too dark,” I said, referring to my olive complexion. “You can’t mark me,” I gloated as you crossed your arms.

“Is that so…?”

Stepping forward and tilting my head to expose my neck, I made my challenge.

That was all it took for you to lean up and sink your teeth into my neck’s flesh.

“Nn…” a sound escapes my lips as my eyes close. The pain is sharp, but not too bad. I feel your teeth sink in deeper as your jaw constricts the side of my neck, sending surges of pain through my body.

As the seconds pass, my entire body trembles as I fight the urge to struggle or pull away. The pain rips through me, flooding my senses and making me more aware of my heartbeat, raising something primal in me.

The pain is unbearable. It pushes past my limit and I start to quiver, my hands reaching up and holding your hips, trying to find a focus for my pain. I almost jerk away. But that would be to give up on this challange. Slowly I calm myself.

My mind clears. The pleasurable pain flows through me. There are no sounds around me. There’s nothing around me but this sensation, this pain which grows deeper, but I flow into the pain rather than enduring it.

When your mouth leave my necks, my eyes open, primal and wild, matching your own gaze.


The next day I send you a picture message from my phone, showing my unmarked neck. I laugh when you respond with “Son of a bitch!”

Then, I tie my scarf and head to work. After all, the ‘rotate picture’ function isn’t going to fool my co-workers.

Study Harder; An instant in eroticism

You can’t move.

Bound up.  Tied, in a pleated plaid skirt, white overshirt, and bright red tie.

I thrust a paper in your face.   “Do you know what this is?” I ask.  You whimper.


Your skirt rises, showing your bare, damp pussy, large, round ass, and suddenly your ass becomes a little redder on each side from the quick motions of a riding crop, and your painful cries fill the air.

“It’s a B on my test!  I’m sorry, professor!” You cry out.

“Why isn’t it an A?” I ask.  You fidget.  “Well?”

“I…” Another two strokes opens your tight lips. “I was partying and forgot to study!” You cry out with a sob as I begin to rub your wet pussy while you shudder, moan, and sob.

“I thought so,” I say as I continue to punish you as you squirm and cry out, howling with apologies, only stopping after your ass is a canvas of red.

“I’m sorry, professor…” you say, shuddering and sobbing.  “I’ll do better next time I promise…” you say, moaning as I finger your clit, before I reach up with my free hand and gently ruffle your hair.

“I believe you.  I’ll let you off light this time,” I say softly “Next time do better or I’ll have to get serious,” I say; not a threat, but a true warning given out of affection.

“Thank you, Professor… now… will you fuck me before you undo me?” You plead hopefully.

I smile and begin to undo my pants.  “Yes, I can do that.”